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I am happier than I have been in years and my husband and I are laughing instead of arguing.


Today is my first day at my fabulous new job… I know your healing work brought this opportunity to me.


Just a few days into the 21 Days, I applied for a job. They hired me. I’m so happy, relieved and amazed that I finally turned the corner on my life!

I also met the man of my dreams. I have been praying for, meditating on, and actively asking the universe for the love of my life to please show up for a few years. Miraculously, I met him and he feels the same way about me! Wow! A new job and a new love, all at once!

My life has completely turned around. I am as happy now as I could possibly be, and just 3 weeks ago I was nearly suicidal. I am so amazed that the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer worked so well! Thank you Ann.


Ann could charge $147,000 for this program and it would be underpriced! God truly guides her in her prayer work!