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Your work is healing my life, and healing my heart. I am sooo grateful to you! Being in your 21 days group (6 times now) has been the best thing I ever did for myself! I feel different about myself. My foundations are restored—I feel supported, much more balanced, resilient, and at peace. My heart is opening more and more, and there is a renewed interest in, and love for life and the future!


Since I started the 21 days I had to leave my job… And I ended up with a job more suited to me, making about $15,000 more per year… The opportunities will keep coming!


I am so happy because my fear, anxiety and worry has now gone… It is absolutely wonderful to feel so peaceful and to know that everything will work out. I am so grateful for all your help.


I wanted a shift in my finances. I am overjoyed to report that I was hired for a new job with a compensation structure of nearly $9,000 more a year than my current job. What an incredible blessing this new job is.


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