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After the first week of being in your 21 days of healing and prayer, I had a job.


Before this 21 days my business was sluggish. Now my business is booming!!! Clients are coming out of the woodwork and new people keep showing up.


This is my second 21 days. The first gave me such a surge in energy. I started doing yoga again, walking on the treadmill or outside, and also doing more Spring Forest Qigong. I can’t believe the difference.

I listen to your recordings on my mp3 player every day. I have more peace and calmness, but I’m amazed at the peace I’m seeing in my husband who has health issues and beginning dementia. He seems better. Also, my grandson who has had much of his brain removed. He’s 14. He seems to be calmer and more normal. I listen to your “miracle” belief recordings. I never knew the 21 days would reach to my dear ones. I thought it was just to make me a better person.

God’s love is beyond our comprehension sometimes. I am learning to give unconditional love to myself and accept everything about me as being wonderful and perfect just as God wishes it at this time. Thank you for all you are doing. I feel your prayers and love.


I suffered from a thyroid disease for years, and suffered the side effects until I started the 21 Days. Slowly, things changed.
And now? I have it under control. I completely changed my way of thinking and eating. I feel so energetic, happy, driven, and free. God is healing what doctors are not able to do with all their meds.

Your work is amazing! Ever since I joined my life changed.


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