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Now I no longer have panic attacks. I’m optimistic about life, and not worried about money or finances. I have an inner sense that everything is going to work out. I am clear minded and not taking things personally. I am virtually unaffected by negativity…Your healing work changed my life. Thank you!


I am getting so many more clients and feeling so much more connected with them all. It’s wonderful. The phone is just reeling out text messages and calls from new people every day! I am feeling a real sense of being in my community with the service I provide, healing and birth support, a sense of being valued. All fear around time, commitment, lack of funds is all gone, I am just giving and giving, and the money is taking care of itself!!!!


I can’t imagine what my life would be if I hadn’t been led to you…My business has picked up, the confidence in myself to really step out of my comfort zone is tremendous.


I had a head/neck injury six months ago. It has been three days now since I had any major pain or high anxiety in that head/neck area.


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