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I had my first 4 figure day online! I stayed happy and focused and the money came in! 21 Days of Healing & Prayer is the best investment I ever made! Now I know that I can make, receive, or attract as much money as I choose. I’m living in my personal power. Thank you Ann for empowering me so profoundly!


Ann changed my life!!! I’m in TV and Radio, and participated in every 21 Days of Healing and Prayer. I heard Ann on webinar on money. I was so impressed that I bought the package. And then I participated in the 21 Days. Prior to webinar, I had million dollar deals happening around me, but not with me. The first week I closed on $300,000 business deal and put $30,000 in my pocket in a week!!! Then when FaceBook went public, I closed on several million dollars of FB stock!!! I didn’t have time for a relationship, but a few months ago I started dating a woman who is a “95% fit into my life.” Thank You!


This is my 9th or 10th time in the program and it just keeps getting better. I have been eating much healthier. I broke a Starbucks addiction without batting an eye… so awesome! I am so grateful to and for Ann!


…went from the frustration of part-time jobs and interning for two years, to my first salaried professional position in my field since completing my MA 3.5 years ago.


More Testimonials