Testimonials on The Gift

Testimonials on The Gift

I’m struck by the palpable change in my body and thought processes. My anxiety is no longer an issue. My special gift: a profound change in my hearing! I look forward to the next 21 days!


My Gift: I received a divine ‘message’ that my parents asked for my forgiveness. I really needed this. It’s been decades since they died…but now all is resolved.


I felt a shift in my work life; things getting better. I also recognized things that I could do to be more aligned and passionate about my life. But, today I received my gift: a new job! I can’t wait to sign up the next 21 Days of Healing and Pray!


The Gift…I’m being moved from a job I hate to another position located across the hall. My days are just awesome now. I look forward to coming to work and I can handle the stress beautifully.


I feel guided and PROTECTED all the time. It changed my attitude. Things keep happening like ‘signs’ so I know which way I have to go in my life. I feel support all the time coming from unexpected ways! I am listening to my intuition much more and IT IS so much stronger… I truly have no words for the GIFT you gave me because there are not enough words to describe this.


The changes in my life are remarkable. I’m not overreacting! Also, I’ve been feeling joy and deep gratitude every day. Life gifts are literally falling into my lap in beautiful ways.


Seven years ago I had an operation for eye cancer. But there was a constant redness on the scar tissue; an irritation that felt like something scratching my eye. God gave me the best gift ever. Today I removed something from the corner of eye and miraculously my eye felt better! Even the acute redness went away. I can’t wait to find out what new and marvelous change will occur in your next session.


The passion in your voice together with the Gift I received from you while ill, with no hope—inspired me to write a new chapter in my book, long turned to dust. I wrote about a little girl who lost hope, got ill, and gave up on her dreams (thinking there is no solution for her). She meets a fairy who stays in her life for 21 days to create a miracle in her life…. So happy, I cried like a little girl…I’m In the process of becoming a new creation.


I had a fear of too much financial abundance. The healing work is transforming our lives. After losing my job and reliant on my husband’s business success—last night he got a huge unexpected order. What a gift!


Things are improving with my son since the 21 Days. It’s a Gift to hang out with him and have peace; enjoying his company instead of fighting!


Halfway into the 21 Days, I can no longer relate to the 10+ that I rated my life. Rather than doom and gloom—I’ve shifted to Optimism and a sense of hope now feels like the predominant sensation within!

The 21 Days is the Divine solution to what God called, “trying too hard.” It’s bliss to relax and be graced with such incredible gifts every day! And, your daily emails confirm what I sense God is speaking to me.


I’ve had a fast recovery from asthmatic bronchitis, and a huge feeling of peace! I lacked funding to take a course, but your healing work brought the gift of a full scholarship!


I’ve been part of your group for 4 months. I had a glorious feeling that “I know,” so clear and present that it filled me with joy. I felt the Being of who I truly am. I also knew why certain things happened in my life and there was no resistance to it. It all made sense…it is what it is. This is God’s GIFT to me.

I’m glad to experience life as it comes into each moment. Your guidance, caring, and support is what made me continue month after month. You facilitated my path into Oneness. It’s an honor to continue in the program.


This is my third month as a member of the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer. I’ve had amazing shifts and miracles.

Just before my first program was the darkest night of my soul. My ex-fiancé attempted to break my neck. I moved back from across the country to my parent’s home. I tried to kill myself two times. But starting the 21 Days became an incredible force on my path. Now I no longer have panic attacks … I’m optimistic about life, and not worried about money or finances. I have an inner sense that everything is going to work out … I am clear minded and not taking things personally. I am virtually unaffected by negativity.

I love, believe, accept, and even adore my being more and more every day. This brings me to tears for I find it to be one of the greatest gifts to go from despising oneself, longing for death to truly loving myself and this life more and more each moment.

Your recordings and calls continue to move me into miraculous breakthroughs. Your healing work changed my life. Thank you!


It is my 4th 21 Days of Healing and Prayer, and it is very powerful. I feel peace, happiness and relaxation—I’m so relaxed that my body now easily does all the yoga positions with grace. Suddenly my arms and legs were very flexible, thus difficult positions were not difficult anymore. Thank you for the Gift!

It was a very good idea to send a daily e-mail informing about the healing work just done. In this way I feel a closer connection to what happens, which I feel support the healing work.


Ann, you really are remarkable! I am coming into even greater reverence and appreciation for you, and now that I say that I realize that it will be good to bring that feeling to myself.

Yes I am having more peace and insights with love and compassion. As negatives are moving out, I am remembering to easily release all unloving thoughts.

I had felt guilt for not living my highest potential and not using my great gifts …always telling God I’m sorry. I felt ashamed that I let people down because I wasn’t as good as I thought I should be. The constant self-judgment is being cleared from my lineage. Thank you, it all feels very good. It is working!

You are a great gift and I am taking it all in to enjoy being more of my own great gift, for myself and always for others!


I had an operation and my recovery has been amazing. No one could believe how quickly I bounced back. I also have been in a couple of very difficult situations that have not affected me at all. I found more compassion for others, along with patience in trying times. The messages from Ann each day are so uplifting—like a huge wave or tsunami washing over me.

I felt love and kindness to myself and then the next day read how Ann had given us 50 gifts of feeling unconditional love to ourselves. These 50 gifts each day have been tremendous to receive. Ann’s prayers are getting more and more powerful and raise vibration like nothing else. Knowing how much she genuinely cares and wants the best for us makes me feel so loved and nurtured. This vibration has taught me to believe in myself and it has brought so many wonderful gifts and surprises. I have had unexpected gifts, love and support. It is so good to embrace each day with hope and inspiration.

I have sons but not a daughter. During Ann’s 21 Days, a lovely girl (by a miracle situation) came into my life. She lost her mother when she was 13. We fulfill that role for each other. We are so close, it is as if she were my own. On Mother’s Day she sent me a wonderful card and homemade chocolates. She wrote, “I know you aren’t my real Mum but you are to me and I love you.” There is a million more things I could say but for now, thank you Ann and thank you all at Inner healing.


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My intuition has hugely increased in the last 7 days! I am dead on with knowing who is calling or texting, for example!! This allows me to trust my intuition more on “bigger things”!!! SO amazing!!! It’s another gift from God!!

I am so amazed at the David Hawkins’ #530 that our group was at; how we increased 5 points. I loved the 3rd call in March. So filled with LOVE! Thank you all so very much!! Can’t wait for the next 21 days!!


“Thank you!” for the truly phenomenal work you did during the 21Days. Thank you also for “The Gift”– I went from the frustration of part-time jobs and interning for two years, to my first salaried professional position in my field since completing my MA 3.5 years ago. I experienced the biggest shifts this time … occurring on all levels. I look forward to joining again.


I am very excited and I feel honored to be with you again. My life has changed immensely miracles are happening every day.

Money is beginning to come in more and more which is a miracle. Thank you dear Ann and dear God for making my life so wonderful.

People are making me aware of my gift which I can give to the people. I am good at emotional life coaching. This dream of mine was nearly gone, but now others recognize the gift in me.

I feel calm and peace when a challenge turns up. After a short time I have forgotten about it. Which is wonderful for me and also very important.


I experienced significant changes during the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer and had to let you know and express my gratitude.

On the day that Ann said God was going to give us a special gift, I stopped being worried about money. I realized “possibilities are open for income that I had not considered.” Also, that same evening, I learned of a new source of spiritual knowledge that is significant and helpful to me.

There were other positive changes too. One was that the exercise Ann gave us of sending love to the group was like a revelation to me. I have a technical job and am tend to be excessively mental most of the time. I have been told many times, “you get what you give out,” but I didn’t understand I could apply this principle in this way.

Much gratitude and appreciation. May God support and bless you all.


Well I have had a true miracle today, so I feel my Gift came today. I will make this short. My brother has not spoken to me for 2 years. I was left out of Xmas dinners and seeing my nieces, mainly my mother who triggered the fall out and she did not encourage us to make up.

I dreamt the other day that he was hugging me and saying sorry and kissing my cheek. As you can imagine, I was touched but could not imagine it happening. Today he turned up at my parent’s house. I was outside talking to two of my dad’s staff and feeding our pony Monty when my brother walked around the corner. He spoke first and we looked at each other and he said, “It’s been a long time.” I said, “Too long.” We hugged and said we had missed each other. We went inside and carried on talking over tea. I don’t think we have ever hugged as much. He’s 44 and I’m nearly 40. So even though I could not see results before today, I did today. So thank you. I felt so much love for my brother.


I want to thank you and your staff from the bottom of my heart for the truly miraculous healing that I have experienced so far during your current 21-day program.

I have somehow let go of the tremendous anger that I’d been feeling in my current situation. Now I can view it from a detached perspective, without all of the upset. There is nothing that I can do to change the situation, so it really is pointless to get so angry. As you might imagine, that level of anger was really hurting me on a daily basis and causing all kinds of difficulties. Well not anymore! Thank you!!!

Also, I really love the letting go of negativity recording. It’s amazing how God just transforms it instantaneously so that I can’t even think of what it was that had been bothering me just moments before! Truly miraculous!

In addition, I believe that my gift is a new job opportunity. My future employer is also willing to wait for me to heal from a broken foot (which is likely to be several more weeks still), assuring me that they will have meaningful work for me when I am ready, even though I will likely not meet their ideal scheduling needs. I’m truly honored! People really do like me for my many gifts and talents! I guess I am wonderful!


Just had to tell you I woke up feeling really happy and peaceful, then read your email. Living proof that it works. And I had a lovely conversation with my daughter. I also feel free of pain which I had just gotten uses to. Kind of a low grade pain always present, that has disappeared and I am so relaxed, I feel that everywhere in my body I’m letting down tension, even in my head, literally. If I could have known, this is the gift I would have asked for. Pretty amazing.

Also people all around me showing love and caring, in very significant ways. It’s like I’ve taken the perfect drug and I’m cured of all physical and emotional pain. I just feel perfectly content. Who knew it was possible.

I am so grateful! I will savor every moment of this. Thank you Ann, as you continue to work your wonders, God bless you.


I was having a conversation with a problematic, it’s ‘all about me’ housemate. He was pushing all of my buttons but there was no negative charge anymore! Instead of fuming or calling someone, I went to my part of the house and sat on the bed AMAZED at how peaceful I felt. Have I changed!

I used to be a news JUNKIE. Start with 5:00p local news, roll into 6:00p … then the World News. These days I go to the computer and watch u-tube, journal, pick up a book and study my craft or go for a walk and I am so happy and content. I never thought I’d get over that addiction, but it’s gone! I feel so much lighter and freer not getting wrapped up in all that fear and negativity. Thank you God


It is has been an amazing journey. I am so grateful to you and the universe for this feeling of freedom. I feel a brightness and lightness. It is pure bliss and I am ecstatic to wake up each morning because this is not what I am used to be… In the past I have asked when will I feel better and why do I feel like I’m moving through mud with a stack of hay bales on my head….that heavy. But now the weight is lifted and I love you for this gift.


I love the 21 days! I listen to the wisdom & discernment regularly and love it. I use the shield & daily bonus every day. I also love the recording about worry. Now I barely notice any. Something comes up and I wow myself by my response. Normally I’d be going nuts, but not now. This is great! I am finding peace, joy, happiness and so many other wonderful things, too many to list.

Thank you for gifting me this and I absolutely love it. I’m so grateful. Thank you again.


I am so grateful for your prayer work. I had deep major shifts happened in me:

1) I am so much more peaceful and calm inside.
2) The biggest shift: divorced, alone, neglected, and yearning for love for a long time before your healing session started…and now feeling my heart filled with unconditional love for me, my family and the world.
3) People respond to me in new ways. My son asked how I was feeling…He just doesn’t do that!
4) The Gift: I’ve fooled around for years on the piano, but never got anywhere. Suddenly, I’m playing and singing simple songs. It delights me. It’s in my consciousness that I’ll be playing to give happiness to others, and that’s new.
5) My painting seems more inspired—looking at it lifts my spirits.
6) I’ve been thinking ‘abundantly.’ I can feel a difference.


I just completed my first 21 Days. The great gift I received is that I feel so much HAPPIER with so much more PEACE. This feeling of peace and calmness stays with me all the time! This is huge, because in the past I’d been challenged with recurrent episodes of minor depression. It’s all gone!

It’s an amazing gift Ann offers to the world. It is so invaluable!


I first encountered you on a teleseminar. You shared your work and I immediately felt a shift. The negative thoughts dissolved from my consciousness. It was exhilarating!

The 21 Days of Healing and Prayer program has enhanced my life in tangible ways:
• First, it is now effortless for me to engage with people (I once had trust issues). Now, I love being with people and I truly trust and care for all. My relationships with my family, friends, store clerks, people on the street, everybody—are harmonious and joyful. It is so beautiful!!
• Second, I am self-confident now and believe the best for my life and my future.
• Third, I am experiencing great success at school and in my career advancement. I declared a new major, and a job opportunity (which is of great pay and of great interest to me), effortlessly floated into my life. I was also recognized for my academic achievement.
• However, the most important gift you have given is the comfort of daily inner peace. Even when things appear less than rosy, I know all is well—I know that God is working through my life according to my greatest and highest good. I thoroughly enjoy life now and am able to spread and share this joy with others.

Your work is a blessing from God. Thank you for being a channel of peace.


WOW! What a gift you bring to me! The inner quietude and feeling of “ahhhhh” is a meditator’s dream come true! I feel a general sense of well-being, feeling safe in the world!

Any issues with others are either not there, or have zero charge—they just don’t stick! Now my interactions with others are filled with laughter. My mind doesn’t get stuck on issues, which frees me up for better action, more fun, and a greater ease of being!
My intuition is a stronger voice, and accurate. More gets done with much less effort…. my actions are more deliberate and successful!
Even my finances improved, with the potential to earn much more.


I have kept a very detailed daily journal and will edit and condense it quite a bit and tell you all the wonderful things unfolding in my life. The first 2 days I was generally happy and feeling lighter and brighter. I was constantly humming, whistling and singing little nonsense songs. I am normally a positive person but always very quiet!

On days 3, 4, and 5 I felt down again and had two restless nights. On each of the three days something small and very minor happened to make me suddenly cry. On day 5, I was able to stop in the middle of crying and realize I was feeling helpless and powerless, and why. I slept deeply that night. On Day 6, The Gift was given and I enjoyed the first bonus call. I was calm during the day, not lighter or happier, but not crying.

That evening, something amazing happened while listening to one recording included with the 21-Day program… on forgiving yourself for making bad decisions. I had previously bought that recording and had worked on a particularly upsetting issue with little improvement. That night, while using the recording I suddenly felt the energy shift and saw the entire situation from a different point of view. Before, I often remembered and replayed the situation in my head and felt a lot of guilt and pain in my stomach each time. Now, after the shift, I can hardly remember the situation. It feels like it is being pulled off to the left side of my mind. It is hard to think about it, and when I am able to, I feel no guilt, shame, remorse, or even anger. It is a neutral feeling, and after 10 years, such a beautiful change!
On Day 7 I felt happy and light even though the weather was not. I listened to the same recording on forgiving yourself for making bad decisions and I had trouble remembering that situation. I felt such peace over it all. So I am now working on another situation with less emotion attached. On Days 8, 9 and 10 I was upbeat and yet calm! I found myself humming tunes throughout the day. Day 11 arrived and with it a major incident (to me at least). Normally, I would have gone into tears and perhaps followed it with anger and felt very stupid but, surprisingly, this time; I just found it funny and laughed about it all evening.

On Day 12, the Shield recording was used. I then realized that no money had yet arrived at my doorstep but I remained positive all day and later listened to the second bonus call, which answered my earlier questions around money. I am receiving all sorts of abundance in my life! Day 13, Valentine’s Day, was another happy day for me. I was very pleasantly surprised with an invitation from my husband to go out for dinner. There are subtle but very positive changes in the way he is behaving towards me, and how I am reacting to him and his comments. Day 14 arrived and I was optimistic and calm. I was pleasantly surprised to find no weight gain after eating a huge meal last night. I then remembered that I had stumbled across yet another eating plan several days ago and had made a few easy changes to my diet hoping that this might be “the one” that helps me take off those stubborn pounds. I had forgotten to connect them until I was entering the day’s events in my journal.

As I was finishing this abbreviated version of my journal, I reviewed my answers to the three questions that we were to answer before the 21 days began. Another surprise! One of the things I had written for question #3 was to be more helpful. Yesterday and again today, I was given the opportunity to very easily and yet massively help someone much more than I ever expected. I had not made the connection until just now as I read my answers to the questions. What a wonderful idea to write the answers down to review later. I am realizing more and more the wonderful and huge impact that this is having in so many areas of my life. Thank you, Ann, from the depths of my heart!


Just wanted to let you know my HAPPY heart center is still as big as it can get! You have been healing me with your gift from God for a few years now, but this has been miraculous. It is continuing to change my life in many ways.

The blessings continue all around me for my friends and family. Yes, they are still jaw dropping! They continue to be things that are simply unexplainable, as they are things we know aren’t possible in the natural world. Thank you really isn’t enough for all the gifts and blessings you ask for us. You are a gift from God to us!


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