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My shoulder pain is almost gone! God guided me to someone who can help me reach my life-purpose. My trust and faith in God has increased.


I’m very happy and my days are fulfilling and productive. It’s amazing how these prayers work. My neck pain is gone and my eye is like new. I’m more focused, centered and peaceful.


Yes! I feel joy and happiness like I haven’t felt in years. I AM SO BLESSED BY YOUR PRAYERS!!!


I’m so happy that you go to the Source of life to help us. What a fantastic program! Four days after I started my refund came—I was ready to hire an attorney. Also, my hip is healed! This is so good!


On my first day of prosperity I found a small purse with my mother’s diamonds that had been lost for months. Also, my tumor markers for my metastatic breast cancer has gone way down!


You’ve helped me become closer to God. You prayed to God on my behalf and I prayed along with you every day … I felt better. Now I am healed! – Your help and prayer blessed me.


The very first day of your prayers, my boyfriend poured his heart out to me. Massive healing.


I’d been a disabled nurse for 8 years. I also had a type of dementia. My back and mind improved 90%. But something shifted and now I’m completely healed! I’m able to take initiative and follow through on projects. I’m no longer in a fog. I feel present and engaged in life—and I can work again!


I’ve been sick with stress, waking up with unbelievable stomach pains. Nausea every morning. Lost 25 lbs in 7 months…then my mom gifted me with your 21 Days of Healing and Prayer.

After the first call I had an amazing transformation! That next morning I woke up with no symptoms at all. I woke up refreshed and ready to go. I have never experienced anything like this before. I am a new person thanks to you and your amazing gift. My health is slowly coming back. My stress at work is significantly less.

• Biggest work change: I don’t worry or dread the next day anymore.
• Biggest personal change: things don’t get to me—no lingering negative emotions or frustrations.

I purchased your program for myself this month. You bring happiness into my life.


I burned my fingers on a pan. I prayed for a sweet healing. The pain left immediately… even the blisters disappeared! Then I read the email of your healing work, “to empower you to know that you’re worthy and you deserve to have excellent health!” The prayers are working!


Each day you ask GOD to work on us, it feel like I’m wearing GOD’s invisible cloak full of love, peace, joy, or gratitude—like I’m granted immunity and invincibility for 24 hours on whatever you’re praying.


Listening to the recordings caused my fear to dissolve and my mood changed. I was a professional musician—a miracle healing restored my ability to play the piano. I feel so good.


This is fantastic healing work! I listen to the recordings an hour a day! LOVING this 21 days! It’s even affecting my son—he just passed a kidney stone without going to the hospital!


Your healing work helped me send healing energy to people. It feels amazing to do this. I feel like a 50 year depression has lifted, gone, poof… I also forgave my dad, something that only happened because of your healing work.


The healing work and divine guidance are changing my life! I love God with so much heartfelt emotion.


I had a really bad outbreak of shingles. But right in the midst of the outbreak, it all disappeared! I feel very blessed and look forward to more Miracles!


The 21 Days of Healing and Prayer continues to amaze me, even after fourteen months. I love getting an email each day that lets me know what Ann’s working on. There’s NO Limit to the healing effects of these prayers!


I read Ann’s message about digestive issues being healed and I’m blown away! I had a chronic condition, but it’s completely gone! I’m well, energetic and completely at peace.


I was diagnosed with HIV 30 years ago. The last visit, I was shocked, as was my doctor, that my t-cell count was significantly better this time than any other blood test! I’ve never been able to get the count over a very specific number. I changed nothing in my daily life recently except listening to Ann’s prayers. I told my doc about Ann and she said to keep it up since it was obviously working.


I enjoy your calls. Your healing work is the most beneficial of any I’ve had.


Our son is kind and friendly now. This is a miracle. Your healing work makes life wonderful. Also, people are acting very kind to me. They respect me more, so I don’t worry about what to say or do.


Every day, I can identify the benefits from what Ann worked on the day before. It’s clearly a connection to Ann’s healing work.

Mary Anne

I developed pancreatic cancer in December 2003 and survived. But, it triggered some serious health issues that scared me. I listened to the 21 Days recordings and immediately became calmer and the anxiety and panic attacks disappeared.




I am very grateful for all the supportive energy flowing into my life. Also, I had positive changes to my eyesight. I feel very full and happy, it really is a great shift.


I feel beliefs and attitudes lift off of me, especially when Ann goes back and clears my ancestors. I no longer react like I used to. My health is improving as well and I look forward to getting completely well. There is much in my life to be grateful for. My defective heart from birth has improved so much I no longer need a valve replacement operation. I am walking more and more each day. I’m feeling better about myself and more confident.


I consider Ann and her work as one of the miracles in my life, and I tell God every night for several years. Love Ann, not just for her healing work, but because of the person she is.


I’m moving forward…and healed. I broke break free from the results of an accident 2 years ago.


After listening to Ann’s recording, a negative belief surfaced—but it left me and I could feel it being replaced with positive energy.


My brother had surgery yesterday on his heart. Tests indicated a big problem. The surgeon was shocked to find NOTHING wrong! I knew it was your healing work.


Felt like I was missing something the two months I didn’t participate. It’s so wonderful to feel the healing presence again and the richness it brings. The reconnection with my friends and family has been healing after feeling all alone.


My brother had surgery yesterday on his heart. Tests indicated a big problem. The surgeon was shocked to find NOTHING wrong! I knew it was your healing work.


I really appreciate all you are doing to help me to heal my body.


Thanks to your healing work, I felt a release and knew God eliminated the trauma from a head injury.


You act as a catalyst for our healing. It’s working!


My 83 year old housemate underwent a heart procedure in the morning—and that evening was sitting up in bed and doing ok. I spoke “empowerment” prayers that everything would be okay, and it was. Ann’s healing work and God’s grace continues rolling along.


Something wonderful happened in our household thanks to you!! My husband who has been angry for several months has acknowledged it and his behavior changed as he released the stress.


I do the negative thought clearing and wow, is it working! I’ve been working on myself for years, but your healing work is clearly speeding things up.


I’ve noticed an improvement in how I feel these days, considering all that I’m going through. I don’t want to miss a day of your healing work.


You do beautiful work with God each and every day. Trauma is surfacing in layers—some even from WWII. All is being healed.


Your email confirmed why my back felt so strange yesterday—‘stuff’ was released. It’s thrilling to learn that God guided you to pray for cell trauma from old injuries. I had 6 serious injuries.


The biggest blessing is channels opened and blocks cleared. Also, my father has dementia, but God guided me to someone who knew what supplements he should take. In 12 hours he became responsive and interacted in conversation again! My father is back!!! It’s a miracle!


I listen to daily recording, shield, and at least 3 other recordings every day. It’s a source of comfort. Sometimes all I have to do is remember your words and repeat them to myself. Even my lineage is affected by the healing work. My daughter is healed from her dad’s emotional abuse. Your healing work helped us through this difficult time.



God blessed me with your healing work for healthy relationships. Just when I felt out of touch and unconnected with my friends, I received a letter from one; another called; and another friend emailed. You help me to keep my focus on God and aware of God’s responses. I’m healed of past wounds so I’m able to connect and enjoy healthy relationships.


My yellow lab had a sore on her back leg for a year. The vet had no success. She’s old and getting into the car was so difficult. I asked God to send help… and then overheard a man talking about a vet making house calls! The vet took care of the wound. My dog also sits next to me when I play the recordings. I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES! She’s 13 and her limp is gone, her leg is healing and she’s playing with her toys again!


I found my voice. I’m standing up and not taking any more abuse. Good for my self-esteem. Yeah! I am also overcoming “bipolar.”


My hay fever has disappeared!


I am enjoying the 21 Days of Healing & Prayer. This is my 5th month and it just gets better and better. Ann is incredibly generous in gifting us the recordings. 3 of my issues are no longer there! Thank you!


Good news about my father-in-law who suffers from Alzheimer’s. I put him on the 21 Day. My husband spent time with him and saw positive changes: put on weight, more of his old sparkle in his eyes, and when he held his father’s hand to talk/sing to him—he responded. He answered a question in context! Although in a wheel chair for months, he’s now walking around, and up and down the stairs.


I’ve loved sweets all of my life. I’d eat desserts two-three times a week and enjoyed sugary treats like donuts and pastries. About two weeks into the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer, I realized that I not only no longer craved sweets, but I actually didn’t want them anymore. This is the first time this has happened in my life!

Not only that, I started enjoying juicing so much that I decided to replace one meal with a green smoothie or juice every day. Even though it wasn’t my goal, I’ve lost weight and I have more energy throughout the day. And my knee, which has been bothering over the past two years, feels so much better. I’m able to go up and down the steps with no pain. It is wonderful.

I feel in my heart that my new way of eating is a permanent lifestyle change. I am so thankful for the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer. I can’t think of any change that would be more important to me than eating a plant-based, whole food diet. Thank you!


I had an unhappy life; abuse, lack of respect, disowning, and years of therapy. My parent have been gone 10 years. Thanks to your prayer work, I came to a peace with them that could acknowledge the good things they did for me—even put them on my Gratitude List!


I’ve had a fast recovery from asthmatic bronchitis, and a huge feeling of peace! I lacked funding to take a course, but your healing work brought the gift of a full scholarship!


I feel so clear in my head now and physically strong. What a difference! I don’t have mind fog and can recall things I learned years ago. It’s remarkable, and a boost for self-confidence.


I feel so much more peaceful inside! Also, my body memory from a serious accident 3 1/2 years ago is changing. I’m less restricted in movement, have less pain, and I stand straighter. I now have more energy and more clear thinking to get things done more easily. It is very exciting to witness all of these changes. Thank you.


I had a vision of a man’s brain—looked like his body was a hologram. I did healing work and surrounded it with blue light and kept asking for more energy because I didn’t know if it was completed. I asked God, “How will I know if it’s healed?” And on my palm the words ‘healed’ showed up. Then I heard a woman’s voice say, “You healed my husband!”

I teach Gigong and EFT and have had good results, but nothing this deep. Thank you!


I’m finally healed of lupus (with medications) because of the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer—part of the 21 Days from the beginning. At times I couldn’t listen to the recordings, but I still benefited from your program.

My entire life has changed for the better. I am so grateful. I see daily miracles, and people changing around me. A problem employee suddenly found another job and the right person replaced her. Our business is back on track, my marriage is getting even better, and for the first time I am able to go thru extremely stressful times without vividly picturing the worst.

I am very empathetic and soak up other people’s feelings like a sponge. This damaged my health. The shield recording has helped so much with this. The meditation recording is also helpful, and the Quiet Mind is excellent. It really helps with sleep and the physical healing elements are extremely helpful.


What an amazing message: “God also eliminated the stress and trauma that you have in the arteries, veins and capillaries of your brain.” I felt the importance of your words because of my health situation; that eliminating trauma would affect my arteries, veins and capillaries of my brain. Your healing work amazes me. I am eternally grateful for these blessings and healings.

Thank you for your daily messages and the healing work you are doing. It is changing the world one person at a time.


Thank you for making such an enormous difference in my life, and those around me. I see miracles. My 15 year old son never was consistently on time for school, but has been a whole month; and his attitude improved so much that I received a congratulatory email from his teacher…Yeahhhhh!

This is the second month living with my husband again, after a long and painful separation. I see miracles every day…he mopped the kitchen floor today!! yeahhhhh 🙂

I know that God is working on increasing money and it will happen with His Divine Timing. I no longer struggle with a fear of leaving the safety of my home, and I’m raising my vibration.

I cannot imagine starting a day without the Shield and Daily Recording. I faced the challenge of old injuries resurfacing (in my arm) and have managed to heal to the point of being able to once again use it. I listen 3 x daily to “A Quiet Mind” recording. Thank you for the miracles.


I went to a Masquerade ball that wouldn’t have been so pleasant before I started the healing work. I loved my creativity in making my costume, and everyone that wasn’t at the event did too….those I met on my way up to the top floor thought I looked fantastic. Once I got upstairs to the actual ball and the 900 guests…different story!

I tell you this because it shows how much healing has taken place. People were cruel, whispered about me, and laughed. But I was able to smile at them—not cry and go home, or get mad and tell them off! This is Huge! And when I was just about to give up, God showed up! I met a woman who smiled at me; and her husband took our picture.

I “danced like nobody was watching.” I was just thinking…my tribe is not at this party but if they were we would really have a ball!!!!

My mom told one of her clients, and this woman has never met me, but is blessing me with a free ticket to a Great Gatsby themed fundraiser. She promised an EPIC evening with wealthy people, and nothing like the one I experienced last week.

I write every day in my gratitude journal and the night of the ball I wrote way more than usual—pages of gratitude for that day!! TOTALLY a healing there!!!!


I did lots of energy work on my hand with the help of a Reiki Team, people praying for me, and being in Ann’s program. The healing on the X-ray showed that I’m healing twice as fast as expected! Gratitude helps a lot too! Thanks Ann!


It’s such a joy to hear Ann’s voice. There’s healing in her voice. I’m grateful that the miracles happen all the time… so many good things have happened, and the only explanation is Ann’s prayers for me.

• No WORRY over money anymore; not since Ann’s first 21 Days. The sense of PEACE is phenomenal. The EMOTIONAL charge on painful things are all gone. I don’t defend myself or my decisions anymore.

• I’m into salads, and not as a side plate. My taste buds changed so my choices are healthy. I’m juicing and I don’t want heavy deserts either. I’m slim again. I lost one and a half stone and it feels amazing. And it’s from Ann’s healing work.

• I am taking better care of myself too and not feeling guilty about it. I recovered easily and quickly from surgery, it’s all from Ann’s healing work! Thank you!


This is my second 21 days. The first gave me such a surge in energy. I started doing yoga again, walking on the treadmill or outside, and also doing more Spring Forest Qigong. I can’t believe the difference.

I listen to your recordings on my mp3 player every day. I have more peace and calmness, but I’m amazed at the peace I’m seeing in my husband who has health issues and beginning dementia. He seems better. Also, my grandson who has had much of his brain removed. He’s 14. He seems to be calmer and more normal. I listen to your “miracle” belief recordings. I never knew the 21 days would reach to my dear ones. I thought it was just to make me a better person.

God’s love is beyond our comprehension sometimes. I am learning to give unconditional love to myself and accept everything about me as being wonderful and perfect just as God wishes it at this time. Thank you for all you are doing. I feel your prayers and love.


For years I had a gut-wrenching fear that I was going to crash every time I was in a car, but suddenly it was tamed. What a relief! Thanks for the 21 Days!

I also was in a state of internal frustration and stuck because I was in a job that was easy for me on many levels, and was OK money without any challenge–except to my patience. I was trapped in the job. It felt worse the more spiritual work I did. I have been asking for inspiration to figure out my next steps in a practical way. And, I was fired due to very odd political reasons.

It was a surprise, but I felt relief, and calm. In the past I would have felt a strong degree of anxiety, that things were “up in the air”, or not in a good way. But now I feel comfortable spending some time working on myself. I feel everything will be OK, that the Universe is regrouping for my next best step when the time is right.

I KNOW my vibrant internal trip has been initiated and smoothed along by your prayer work. Learning that you were in the “infantry” at Silent Unity, I am not surprised at your prayer power. I have told many people about SU through the years, and I always say, “These people really know how to pray!”


I signed up for my third “21 Days.” Thank you for the love and support. I feel more confident than ever that I can meet my challenges. One thing that I noticed is that when I need information or some healing / balancing, the information arrives so quickly — it’s amazing –it just suddenly appears. The fact that my family is getting healed (without even knowing what I’m involved in) is icing on the cake.


Your work is healing my life, and healing my heart. I am sooo grateful to you!

Being in your 21 days group (6 times now) has been the best thing I ever did for myself! I feel different about myself.

My foundations are restored—I feel supported, much more balanced, resilient, and at peace. My heart is opening more and more, and there is a renewed interest in, and love for life and the future!

My husband is also in the program for quite some time now. He is doing well. I see him growing stronger, and much more at peace with himself. We love to listen to your bonus calls together. We feel a heart connection with you. Thank you so much!


The last 21 days was very powerful. I laughed a lot and could feel the healing take place. Thank you for the healing and kindness you have shown. I will continue to listen to the recordings and thank you so much for the prayers for guidance.


My Miracle – Last week I was sick for TWO DAYS with the FLU. Not Two Weeks, Two Days!

God healed my allergies that I’ve had since childhood, using the prayer you taught us. Also, I lost belly fat from an open heart surgery 8 yrs. ago.

Thank you for reminding us about the Meditation. I did it every day, and looking forward to making great use of getting my apt., life, debts in order. Also, using the Eliminate the Negative Charges from Memory


I am changing so much. So many good things are happening! …now things are changing really fast. Lots of new opportunities, knowledge and universal energy starting to twirl in my life….

I suffered from a thyroid disease for years… and suffered the side effects until I started the 21 Days… slowly things changed….

And now? I have it under control…. I completely changed my way of thinking and eating and…. I feel so energetic… happy… driven…and free…I am starting my own company and soon I will have a website-launch…. I am a holistic health food therapist now and losing more than 1 kilo a week on weight!!! Which is normally impossible with no sports or diet. I have not had sooo much energy for since 16 years! God is healing what doctors are not able to do with all their meds. And I have not been so happy… and it all started with taking your 21 Days.

My life changed so much since I started … My whole life shifted. Even my relationship with my spouse is better than in years!!!! And we were kind of stuck…but we are totally falling in love again all over…..

Your work is amazing! Ever since I joined my life changed… and things are changing really fast and I love it!!!!!


The Gift: I felt a physical shift. Let me explain… I recently had abdominal surgery and had my bowel resected due to adhesions. I had trouble recovering as this was my third operation.

I was worried about going back to work soon and not feeling normal, especially when eating … appetite not quite there… but mostly feeling ‘odd’ when I eat.

Suddenly I had a huge supper and I have been eating well and hungry ever since! I commented to my husband that I haven’t felt this “normal” in a long time!!

To eat and feel it go down normally is a miracle for me!! My worry about going back to work has decreased considerably as I know I will continue to heal fully.

God knew this was so important to me!! To feel whole! … God knew what I needed!

Can’t wait to do more of the 21 days!


Just had to tell you I woke up feeling really happy and peaceful, then read your email. Living proof that it works. And I had a lovely conversation with my daughter. I also feel free of pain which I had just gotten uses to. Kind of a low grade pain always present, that has disappeared and I am so relaxed, I feel that everywhere in my body I’m letting down tension, even in my head, literally. If I could have known, this is the gift I would have asked for. Pretty amazing.

Also people all around me showing love and caring, in very significant ways. It’s like I’ve taken the perfect drug and I’m cured of all physical and emotional pain. I just feel perfectly content. Who knew it was possible.

I am so grateful! I will savor every moment of this. Thank you Ann, as you continue to work your wonders, God bless you.


I cannot tell you how UNSHACKLED I FEEL, how free I feel. The whole optimism/pessimism/past life/lineage healing thing is working for me – I’m feeling a real shift.

I’ve been on my path for a long time, and wanted to feel “safe” in the world—my personal and family world. That was where it was NEVER safe. A fog has lifted. The LIGHT has shone inward and something has been REMOVED! WOOHOO!


I feel I made a positive choice by choosing to do the 21 days healings. I am doing the daily recording and shield recording each morning. I just added the bonus call of last week to my computer so I can do that as well. I am really feeling the possibilities of healing in places I have worked on for YEARS!

Also, I appreciate your guidance to take good care of our health and providing resources as well.

One of my issues has been safety and anxiety on planet earth and it is so powerful that you often address this.


I continue to listen to your prayers during the 21 Days and want to let you know of a miracle. I have been slumping into adrenal exhaustion for many years and have taken supplements. This morning I was totally exhausted, even after sleeping all night. I tested myself and needed 7 of the supplements. I was listening to the Daily Prayer and the Peace and Serenity prayer. By the time I got to the kitchen, I felt much better, tested and needed no supplements. I tested again, it is a miracle! Your prayers that did it. Thank you so much.


Listened to your recording on “not jumping to conclusions” and it is making a big difference for me. I am not only making less assumptions, but I also recognize it in others, and no longer influenced by it.

Also, thank you for the prayer work you did for my daughter. She got into some trouble in school that could have turned toxic. It just went away with your prayer work! And, my wife and daughter became closer through the experience.


Just completed 21 Days of Healing and Prayer. You mentioned measuring our emotional stuff on a 12” ruler and I guess I had around 10 inches! I can feel an incredible shift!

In the last 20 years I tried lots of other ways to heal my depression and anxiety. I am so grateful to you Ann, because I feel lighter and calmer.

I know there are more layers to heal, so I am signing up for another powerful 21 Days as soon as possible! It’s right for me!


When I started the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer, I couldn’t wait for changes to occur in me! Well, I had changes! My kitty avoided sitting on my lap … but the past 2 weeks he hasn’t left me alone when I sit down. He’s always right there on my lap!!

Also, after my mom passed away in 2008, drinking became a regular habit for me, but now I stopped having a desire for alcohol!

Thank you, Ann. I am so grateful for your prayer work on my behalf.


I am having many different experiences, so it’s hard to keep up, but here are some highlights.

I had a spontaneous healing of all this mistreatment I experienced in my whole life in 5 minutes as I was going to sleep.

Then, I was counseling a couple after listening to your recording on not jumping to conclusions, and had a miraculous healing of this couple as I did nothing.

I see my daughter and people around me shifting in positive ways.

Sometimes I feel the joy of teen years; moments of peace and happiness.


Your work is healing my life, and healing my heart. I am sooo grateful to you! Being in your 21 days group (6 times now) has been the best thing I ever did for myself! I feel different about myself. My foundations are restored—I feel supported, much more balanced, resilient, and at peace. My heart is opening more and more, and there is a renewed interest in, and love for life and the future!


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