Testimonials on Happiness & Joy

Testimonials on Grief

I was normally depressed, but now I’m happy. I feel excited and motivated—on top of things! I’m less stressed about everything in general. It’s wonderful!


I woke up with a smile and the intention to have a great day! I’m happy and relaxed, and an overall feeling of gratitude is flowing through me.


Wow — I’m getting so much from your amazing healing work. I’m feeling peace and oneness and my meditations are beautiful! I’m sleeping well and waking happy.


I’m very happy and my days are fulfilling and productive. It’s amazing how these prayers work. My neck pain is gone and my eye is like new. I’m more focused, centered and peaceful.


Yes! I feel joy and happiness like I haven’t felt in years. I AM SO BLESSED BY YOUR PRAYERS!!!


I’m feeling a shift in the way I see myself. This is huge! I’m overjoyed! Ann’s program is bringing me the clarity to see what has been blurred until now…. it is very powerful. And those jobs I didn’t get… they were not at all right for me and I knew it, but I had not accepted who I really am… until now. I was stuck going in a vicious circle.


I’m feeling less stressed and happier. Things that bothered me a lot are no longer getting on my nerves. I’ve been able to bounce back from upsetting moments. I’m in control of my emotions!


I’m on a cloud because a big weight lifted from me. I feel different about everything. I’m motivated, happy and active. I would like to be part of your next group!


I noticed changes in my awareness, thoughts, and happiness. Ann’s healing work has enabled me to feel more energized and motivated to reach my goals.


I felt that whole curtain of negative energy lift, and for the first time I feel happiness, I feel “it’s a wonderful life!”


Ann was right—either you fall back in love or you get an amicable divorce. My husband is back and better than ever! Thank you God! The anger is gone. He’s so much nicer and happier since he’s been on the 21 Days!


I am so grateful for these 21 days. I’m a different person now, so calm and happy. I am so excited about my life every morning when I wake up.


Yesterday I played tennis and felt a major shift of unconditional love in my life. I felt more at ease and played with confidence. There’s a joy and excitement in life again. I was not sure why until I read your email that you had done the healing work.


The work that God does through you has taken away anger and all the other negative feelings in my body, mind and soul. I handle things differently now and I know how wonderful life is.


After a traumatic event a year ago, I never thought I’d feel this good, at peace, or beginning to look forward to life again. I actually felt joy. I read the daily email and saw that Ann worked through God in the area of Joy in my life. It’s amazing!


My life has changed into a happy, fulfilled state of being and it affects everyone around me! I see results in my sister’s family—I know it’s because I’m on the program—it’s like pure magic!


Within 3 days of signing up for the 21 days, I won more than enough money to pay for the program! Plus, I sold items on the internet that sat there for months.

I’ve been feeling more joy, happiness, sleeping better, and more commutative. That’s huge after experiencing a family murder and suicide.


I was in a terrible mind state—couldn’t get out of my own way. The self-doubt, worry, fear and extreme fear of lack held me prisoner. On the 21 Days, my fears began to lessen and now they’re gone. If one pops up, they melt away as I listen to a recording.

I live a balanced and abundant life. The balance wasn’t easy. At first I gave myself guilt over having more “me time” to grow, create and expand my ideas for business and home life. But Ann’s continuous healing work has shed that guilt. I wake up joyful and grateful! My life is aligned with my beliefs. I have no worries, I know everything works out for me.


I experience calmness, inner joy, and a knowing that my life will be better than I imagine. My thoughts are positive, and it’s hard to bring up the very ugliness of the past. I am very grateful for Ann’s work.


My life is full of the peace, love, happiness and good will. It all poured into my life, along with protection! You demonstrate God’s power! It has deepened my relationship with God.


I listen to a variety of the recordings 3 times a day, spending about 15-30 minutes on each session. I’ve noticed an increase in my overall joy and gratitude, as well as obvious positive effects on my friends—their moods, inspiration and over all happiness.


I never had any intuition, but now it seems effortless. Also, relationship with my Mom has improved steadily and it’s easy to let go of the issues that once plagued us. I feel incredible peace and happiness with my life.


I feel I’m truly loved by God. I feel free and light. I also feel joy and peace because of the healing work. I have gained a lot of self-confidence.


‘Focus on the Positive’—it energetically jumpstarted me. I’m so much happier.


When I listen to the daily recording, I feel a sudden ease and lightness come over me. Often I smile from connecting with source….and what I love is that it is without having to do anything!


The shield has made such a huge difference in my life! I’m walking in a pink cloud of heaven—it’s astonishing!


I’ve been alone 5 years and I just fell madly in love. I thought it would never happen again in my life time! I feel like I’m living in the miraculous!


The Gift…I’m being moved from a job I hate to another position located across the hall. My days are just awesome now. I look forward to coming to work and I can handle the stress beautifully.


I am very grateful for all the supportive energy flowing into my life. Also, I had positive changes to my eyesight. I feel very full and happy, it really is a great shift.


I’m looking forward to the next 21 days. My life is very peaceful and I am happy and content with my life.


I’m so blessed by Ann’s healing work. The 21 Days create opportunities for happiness and fulfillment!! That’s why my life is mostly comprised of Love, Peace, Health and Abundance! What else is there?


1. My attitude and stress level is so much better than those around me. I feel hopeful, and experience peace in times of chaos.
2. My faith has been renewed once again. I feel hopeful that everything will be ok and money will pour into my life again.
3. I’m so grateful for the relationship I now have with my mom, which had been a negative most of my life. I actually feel love and gratitude now and not the anger and angst I once felt.
4. Since that healing I’ve attracted more live into my life. Good things happen to me all day, every day. People say I shine and radiate. I have an incredible life of joy and happiness.
5. My passion for fitness and nutrition returned and I’m seeing changes both physically and mentally. I’m truly experiencing a mind, body and spiritual transformation.
6. I’ve recently run into past positive friendships on my flights. Crazy!!! To run into old friends while working the flight. Good people are coming back into my life, as well as meeting knew great people.
7. I was offered a very well-paying job the other day that I am able to do part time. So many positive changes are occurring all around me with in this past year as part of the 21 days.


I had many serendipitous experiences, such as a miracle of awareness that my brakes were leaking! Greatest of all—my heart opened to love in a way never experienced. I’m more intuitive and visioning. Spiritual people came into my life in a supportive way, and I was able to help others. I’m happier right now than I have ever been in my life.


I’ve been a 24 incher all my life and just never knew it. The funny thing is that if you don’t know how ‘joy’ and ‘peace’ feels, you never really know what you’re missing. I’m in such Gratitude for what is taking place in my life right now.


I’m so happy. My life and health is improving. I want to sign up again and be further aligned with God and the Universe.


I awakened to so much peace—like I never experienced before. I feel happy to be alive.


I addressed many issues of an old relationship and let it go without anxiety. My anxiety about elevators changed also! I feel free and smiling more! Your healing work rekindled a desire to use my creative ability for employment.


I feel incredible! I have more energy and am happier than I have ever been!


There’s been a dramatic change for the better. My stalled business finally took off; I found the perfect assistant; and I’m feeling more positive and happy. Also, the surrender prayer helped resolve an issue I carried for years.


Big changes! Before I had lot of anxiety and panic attacks—but now I’m peaceful and calm! I listen to the Meditation recording several times a day—and my cells rejoice every time! The feelings of peace, serenity, calm, and joy fill every cell of my body. It’s incredible!


The changes in my life are remarkable. I’m not overreacting! Also, I’ve been feeling joy and deep gratitude every day. Life gifts are literally falling into my lap in beautiful ways.


I feel calmer, more peaceful and I sense more wonder around me. I feel like I have a secret to smile about.


I’ve begun to take action by teaching a class. I’m ready to take hold of opportunities. I feel forward movement and feel really happy, an inner joy.


Things are shifting. I’m more aware of how I hold on to the past. You’re helping me in this process of letting go. I’m excited about just being me and smiling every moment


I’m thrilled about the Optimism and the Passion recordings. Listening lifts my mood. These recordings, plus the daily one and the shield are helping me to focus on what’s important to me.


I experienced inner peace and happiness that came from my soul at unexpected times. Ann’s surrender prayer taught me to calmly let things go so God could do something better. My relationship with God is so much stronger. I believe that God wants 20 times more than I want for myself.


I feel so positive, and have so much joy within. I’m in awe at how powerful your work is, and the impact it has on my life. Everything gets better and better.


The passion in your voice together with the Gift I received from you while ill, with no hope—inspired me to write a new chapter in my book, long turned to dust. I wrote about a little girl who lost hope, got ill, and gave up on her dreams (thinking there is no solution for her). She meets a fairy who stays in her life for 21 days to create a miracle in her life…. So happy, I cried like a little girl…I’m In the process of becoming a new creation.


I feel like a plant and you’re putting fertilizer on my soul. I’m growing. I feel a quiet, deep happiness and peace…and truly supported so I can dedicate myself completely to the things that are important. I don’t worry about anything.


My walk with God has gotten stronger because the unbelief and doubt lost its strong grip on my psyche. I’m more hopeful and I don’t wake up every day discouraged. What I read in the Bible now sticks to my heart, my prayer life is more honest, and I experience joy, rest, and confidence.


I got a free reading from a psychic. She told me to have faith in my spiritual gifts and go for it professionally, so I did. A group of readers and healers surrounded me with unconditional love like a family. I said, “There are no problems,” and I felt it deep in my heart and soul. I feel safe, powerful, happy, and blessed. My business is booming.


Today I experienced a wonderful feeling of love for my husband, my parents, and my relations and myself. Even my students tell me they feel very good and happy after my lesson and coaching. This is all your wonderful healing work in me. I am a different person; so full of joy and fun. Also, I’m not worrying about money.


My eating changed and I’m releasing pounds; I laugh out loud a lot; look for happy movies; released all my stress from my daughter and send her LOVE! The “icing on the cake”—my sense of peace and calm! I want to sign up for the next 21 Days.


I feel things are shifting. Anything is possible in my life! I’m so happy! I’m looking forward to the next 21 Days!


I’m joyful, calm, stuff is just rolling off me. I push myself to do what needs to get done! Wow! … wonder what my vibration hit today?


Life is getting lighter and I’m happier and more peaceful, and so is my family. And the most joy comes from what Ann describes as the feeling of ‘walking with God’…a blessing beyond price.

The Gift I received from your healing work: a book accepted for publication!


Despite being extremely busy, my inner peace has deepened into greater well-being. I’m also grateful for your inclusion of our past lives and ancestors. I’m feeling lightness of spirit and inner joy.


The 21 Days of Healing and Prayer are especially powerful. Each time I go deeper and woweee! I am ready to receive what God has for me. Thank you.

What has been unfolding for me:
1) Greater peace
2) Joy
3) A real healing of past hurts and shame about past failures
4) A knowing that things are working out for me.

My hours have been cut, creating some financial challenges. But a big blessing has been knowing that things are working out — even if I don’t know how.

Thank you for the daily emails, the weekly calls and all the extra goodies. They are helping me to stay motivated and focused.


Your phone calls are so encouraging and helpful. Not only do you intercede for us, you cheer us on for 21 days! Your motto of “Never tired of doing good” is so very inspiring.

A couple of days ago the feelings of unworthiness came bubbling up to the surface again and the confrontation left me feeling vulnerable and tired. God and you worked on beliefs for good mental health, inner strength, healthy relationships and healed negative memories. You also worked on healing fears from our ancestors and their negative thoughts and memories. My ancestors are happy …and I feel cheerful and at peace again.


It is my 4th 21 Days of Healing and Prayer, and it is very powerful. I feel peace, happiness and relaxation—I’m so relaxed that my body now easily does all the yoga positions with grace. Suddenly my arms and legs were very flexible, thus difficult positions were not difficult anymore. Thank you for the Gift!

It was a very good idea to send a daily e-mail informing about the healing work just done. In this way I feel a closer connection to what happens, which I feel support the healing work.


I LOVE getting the daily emails on the work being done!!! The 21 Days of Healing and prayer is powerful. I feel more peaceful & confident. I have been showered with abundance in the past week that far surpasses anything I could have planned. It is such a joy & pleasure to participate in your program.


I just wanted to tell you how I am relating to my parents now. They are both deceased, but when I picture them in my mind’s eye, I see them standing close to each other with big smiles on their faces. They are very happy and peaceful. I can only imagine how grateful they are that you are working on them as you are working on me.

I knew that they always did the best they could towards me, and that they were not perfect, but now I feel a deep compassion for them. It is as though the blocks and filters have been taken away so that I can really love and appreciate them fully for the role they played in my life.

As for the new beliefs—sometimes I wake up and feel like a helium balloon ready to take off. It’s so uplifting that I need to ground myself every day. Sometimes I wake up feeling devoid of angst that I wonder if it is really me. I am gradually getting accustomed to the new me ……and I like who I am.

Thanks for this month of “rebirthing “into the image of God.


This is my second 21 Days of Healing and Prayer. I am so grateful and happy for your work. God has lowered my stress levels—I noticed how I now handle situations bravely without my heart jumping into my throat. I stay calm and happy. Wow, I am no longer stuck in a previous state of being! I’m making amazing progress! I have so much confidence for similar situations in the future!

I listen to the daily recording & shield recording once a day, the meditation 2-3 times a day, and other recordings vary according to what I feel necessary.

I feel inner peace. I don’t worry as much, and my work seems to go very smoothly. I’m happy and in a positive shift towards calm and peace.

I also want to send my deepest gratitude for Ann for offering the healing work for 21 days. The calls and emails are always so very positive and inspiring. The daily emails of the work God has done, helps me to understand the precious things that are happening, making the “invisible” more concrete. I appreciate that, thank you!


This is my 4th month with you. I was an 8-incher up until a year ago when my life started changing dramatically for the better.

During your program, God released my major fears, taught me to forgive myself and others, and taught me how to more effectively release my traumas and beliefs that no longer serve me as well as those of my clients. God has shown me happiness and peace. I am laughing and enjoying so many more things. I just know that all is well and the people around me are responding the same way. My monthly income has gone from $0 as a student to $2,200 with two new jobs.

God has given me two surprise trips – to Peru and Aruba. Very powerful and unexpected things happened during each trip.

THANK YOU, Ann, for being my teacher and mentor.


I am so grateful that you have come into my life. This is my 6th 21 Days of Healing and Prayer. I have enjoyed all of them, but this is the best.

I love the daily emails. Every time I read one, I can relate it back to what has been happening in my life. The emails also make me feel so connected to the process.

There have been a lot of changes in my life, most notably in my health and my relationship with my husband. In the past, we stressed about money and now we handle it without getting upset. We know everything will be fine. My family and I are happier and more at peace with life.

I just signed up for the next 21 Days and am looking forward to your daily emails and the weekly calls.


About a month ago I got sick. I could not work because of building renovations (increased use of chemical fragrances) and feared losing my job, becoming homeless again or worse . . . If I had not been in the 21 Days, I don’t know that I would have had the emotional courage to advocate for myself at work, and remain calm and compassionate toward myself and my work situation. I felt loved and supported . . . and had a peace about it.

Here’s the good news . . . my company agreed to allow me to work from home due to my illness–no change in pay or benefits and they moved all the computer equipment into my little apartment so I could continue to work and survive!!!

Now I’m not so afraid. I have hope and a feeling of happiness coming through–feel safer. It feels like the sun is starting to shine again.

This is a miracle and a gift, and I am so grateful . . . surely, this is God’s grace in my life. I have a new-found feeling like I am coming home to myself . . .

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Words are not enough to express the gratitude I feel for your help and this sudden turn of events. I feel as though I am being given a second chance in life and will be able to heal.


The last 21 days was very powerful. I laughed a lot and could feel the healing take place. Thank you for the healing and kindness you have shown. I will continue to listen to the recordings and thank you so much for the prayers for guidance.


I am changing so much. So many good things are happening! …now things are changing really fast. Lots of new opportunities, knowledge and universal energy starting to twirl in my life….

I suffered from a thyroid disease for years… and suffered the side effects until I started the 21 Days… slowly things changed….

And now? I have it under control…. I completely changed my way of thinking and eating and…. I feel so energetic… happy… driven…and free…I am starting my own company and soon I will have a website-launch…. I am a holistic health food therapist now and losing more than 1 kilo a week on weight!!! Which is normally impossible with no sports or diet. I have not had sooo much energy for since 16 years! God is healing what doctors are not able to do with all their meds. And I have not been so happy… and it all started with taking your 21 Days.

My life changed so much since I started … My whole life shifted. Even my relationship with my spouse is better than in years!!!! And we were kind of stuck…but we are totally falling in love again all over…..

Your work is amazing! Ever since I joined my life changed… and things are changing really fast and I love it!!!!!


It has been a wonderful 21 days. I have been so well and so loved and cared for. The offers of love, help and support I have received have been amazing beyond anything I could imagine and from the least expected people as well. I don’t think I have ever felt so loved.

I was scheduled to have an operation today but it was postponed 2 weeks because there are others in the unit so sick that their operations are a matter of life and death. I am well, beyond words and can easily wait for mine. I also know everything happens for a reason and that the timing is for my highest good.

I wanted to tell you that after Ann’s request for us as a group to send unconditional love to us all, I woke the next morning filled with an overflowing of love and healing, it continued all morning. It has given me such joy and happiness to send this back to everyone and I will continue this. It is a special group as Ann said, there are no coincidences in life—only divine planning and order.

Other good things have happened to me too, my house had legality problems from a builder and there did not seem any end to the worry. The complications were enormous without much hope. The most amazing break though happened. Out of nowhere, from a source that never would have been thought of, the final and legalizing paperwork is granted, and will be finalized in 8 to 10 weeks. This in itself is beyond words.

I hear the stories of peace and calm and of things that worried us no longer do so—that is so, so true. It is such a good feeling to not have that pain, that little stab—there is nothing there other than a feeling of standing on the outside and simply observing the situation. This is priceless, things just don’t hurt anymore.

Ann’s prayers work, all the recordings. I am filled with passion for my future and I know it will all happen, I am so excited and so optimistic.


How difference my life is since I’ve been in the 21 Days? It’s like magic. I’m happier and people respond to me with smiles which makes a difference in my life.


My experiences have been wonderful with your programs. This will be the fourth 21 Days I am participating in.

I am so glad I found you. Have been looking for a way to dissolve negative emotional charges, trauma and this is working very well. Do get tired, but feeling better able to deal with issues. Generally happier.


This is the 5th time I’ve done the healing. I feel unnerved and uneasy the first few days to week of the program. At that point, everything shifts and I feel much lighter and more peaceful. The healing deepens each time. I am definitely handling everything in my life with more joy and ease. I am finding my voice and am excited to see how this is manifesting. I know I will be able to bring this into the world and be of service. I am so grateful for Ann’s gift. It has helped open my heart and allow me to believe in miracles.


Thank you so much for my amazing journey Ann. I really feel the big shift. I am experiencing miracles happening to me.

Today my husband said sorry for the first time in many years. I was so surprised that I was shaking.

I feel that my life is unfolding into a wonderful life.

My husband says more ‘yes’ to invitations than ever before. He is a lot friendlier and happy with himself and the family. I am very self-confident and I feel that money is easy and effortlessly coming to me.

I am not being blamed so often nowadays as in the past. That is great for me. I feel very happy and grateful that I have made such a big shift in my life.


Thank you for the recordings. I have listened to them every day – almost always when I awake. They are centering, grounding, uplifting, and such a joy to look forward to.


Infinite Thank You’s for this treasured gift of the 21 Days of Healing & Prayer! Wow! My husband and I both signed up for this and the shift for us has really kicked in this past week! We’ve been experiencing incredible Miracles of Love, Joy & Passion that I’ve dreamed of us having together! Laughing, Dancing, growing deeper & deeper in love & respect for each other; sharing the deep Love that’s been there all along!

We both feel so lucky and blessed that we have been able to experience these 21 Days together! Such a treasured Gift in our lives for us, individually and together, for our families and our Circle of Love, and for the Universe!


Thank you for your fantastic Healing work on Passion.

I feel very happy and I am experiencing Miracles. People treat me with great respect they give me compliments. I give them a good feeling. I feel very happy when I see they enjoy talking to me.

My son was offered a land property in the area they’d like to build their own house. Isn’t that wonderful. I see this as a miracle.


I really feel healed and relieved now. I found inner peace, calmness and serenity. Thank you.

The recording, which “helped” me most, was your recording “eliminating anxiety.” I listened to it lots of times! It really eliminated my anxiety.

I feel that I am myself again! I live my life to the full! Full of energy, ideas, confidence, faith, happiness, laughter, gratitude, love and good health. The sun is in my heart and soul!


I feel so much happier and resilient, even with many difficulties happening around me. My family is doing remarkably well after years of strain.


I feel so Free, fearless, joy, peace and better than I have in a long time. I am in the NOW and see my future with bright eyes and open heart. My sense of self-worth is so strong. I am confident in myself and ready to take on new and exciting projects.

I have been receiving so many gifts: little ones, big ones, material ones, energetic ones, invitations, opportunities, meeting new people, etc. The abundance and money issues are working in a positive way.


Since you came into my life, my life has improved in many ways: more money, more love, more peace and calm, more clarity, better meditations, really cool people coming into my life, new and awesome life management tools to add to my ‘life management tool kit,’ improved relationships with myself and others.


I was at the airport waiting for my flight while listening to the 21 Days Bonus Call. It felt like I was having a private session with you. It felt really good.

Since listening to your recordings and because of your prayers, I have been more intuitive, happier, more peaceful, confident and creative. I listen to your recordings every day, 2 to 4 times most days.


This week I had a situation with a close friend that was very abusive towards me and for the first time in my life, I responded calmly and clearly. I did not take on any of their energy, by way of stomach ache, guilt and anxiety. I stood calmly in my power and spoke my truth kindly and left it at that. It is amazing! Normally I would go on about it for days and suffer, not sleep, etc. and I did none of it. I saw clearly that it really had nothing to do with me. Hallelujah ……

I am happier than I have been in years and my husband and I are laughing instead of arguing.

I feel that someone has my back and it’s really wonderful. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I love the 21 days! I listen to the wisdom & discernment regularly and love it. I use the shield & daily bonus every day. I also love the recording about worry. Now I barely notice any. Something comes up and I wow myself by my response. Normally I’d be going nuts, but not now. This is great! I am finding peace, joy, happiness and so many other wonderful things, too many to list.

Thank you for gifting me this and I absolutely love it. I’m so grateful. Thank you again.


Thank you for your amazing prayer work and support during these 21 days of healing.
I have experienced incredible results: much less worry and anxiety, more joyous moments, I achieve things more easily, and feel much happier!

I am coming out of this inner healing session with renewed hope and anticipation. Good things will happen to me and I will reach my goals! I also experienced a sense of community that was lacking in my life and I am really grateful for that.

I truly enjoyed all the conference calls, and particularly the lesson on effective prayer.
Indeed I have prayed a lot but never heard from God and now I know why.

I am now very committed to continue the work by listening every day to the recordings and flushing out any accumulating negativity. Again, many thanks for your work, your dedication and your kindness.


I am so happy to have done the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer. I feel good every day. I am very happy. People are glad to have me in their life! The people on the roads are very polite and respectful.

I don’t worry about anything anymore. I feel light and serenity. When a challenge comes up, it doesn’t bother me anymore—I stay calm and peaceful. It’s wonderful.

I make clear boundaries for myself. I speak up for fairness and kindness at the right moment. I feel so grateful for all you have done. Life is so much easier for me now.

My authenticity and natural talents are coming more to the surface now, because the blockages are being healed.


I first encountered you on a teleseminar. You shared your work and I immediately felt a shift. The negative thoughts dissolved from my consciousness. It was exhilarating!

The 21 Days of Healing and Prayer program has enhanced my life in tangible ways:
• First, it is now effortless for me to engage with people (I once had trust issues). Now, I love being with people and I truly trust and care for all. My relationships with my family, friends, store clerks, people on the street, everybody—are harmonious and joyful. It is so beautiful!!
• Second, I am self-confident now and believe the best for my life and my future.
• Third, I am experiencing great success at school and in my career advancement. I declared a new major, and a job opportunity (which is of great pay and of great interest to me), effortlessly floated into my life. I was also recognized for my academic achievement.
• However, the most important gift you have given is the comfort of daily inner peace. Even when things appear less than rosy, I know all is well—I know that God is working through my life according to my greatest and highest good. I thoroughly enjoy life now and am able to spread and share this joy with others.

Your work is a blessing from God. Thank you for being a channel of peace.


For 61 years I’ve had a deep inner sadness. But I listened to Ann’s Call and I cannot access the sad feeling anymore… not an inkling of it! In its place are inner feelings of kindness, peace, compassion and joy–and I noticed a lively twinkle in my eyes. This is a Miracle!


The healing work Ann does is just incredible! Worry and fear left me! Wow! Now I feel confident, at peace and joyful most of the time!

When Ann asks us to bring up any negative memories in our life—I couldn’t find any! That’s miraculous!


I participated in the 21 Days of Healing & Prayer and want to report some results.

1) Lost 9 lbs in less than a month!
2) Job responsibilities changed and lightened
3) Restored relationship with my son
4) Feel 100% more confident and happier at work

You mean so much to me, and I appreciate your prayer work.


At the beginning of the 21 Days, I was at a very low point and felt lost, excluded and unworthy. I had been looking for a job for several months. Had no idea how to pay my bills or survive.

Just a few days into the 21 Days, I applied for a job. They hired me. I’m so happy, relieved and amazed that I finally turned the corner on my life!

I also met the man of my dreams. I have been praying for, meditating on, and actively asking the universe for the love of my life to please show up for a few years. Miraculously, I met him and he feels the same way about me! Wow! A new job and a new love, all at once!

My life has completely turned around. I am as happy now as I could possibly be, and just 3 weeks ago I was nearly suicidal. I am so amazed that the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer worked so well! Thank you Ann.


WOW! What a gift you bring to me! The inner quietude and feeling of “ahhhhh” is a meditator’s dream come true! I feel a general sense of well-being, feeling safe in the world!

Any issues with others are either not there, or have zero charge—they just don’t stick! Now my interactions with others are filled with laughter. My mind doesn’t get stuck on issues, which frees me up for better action, more fun, and a greater ease of being!
My intuition is a stronger voice, and accurate. More gets done with much less effort…. my actions are more deliberate and successful!
Even my finances improved, with the potential to earn much more.


I am having many different experiences, so it’s hard to keep up, but here are some highlights.

I had a spontaneous healing of all this mistreatment I experienced in my whole life in 5 minutes as I was going to sleep.

Then, I was counseling a couple after listening to your recording on not jumping to conclusions, and had a miraculous healing of this couple as I did nothing.

I see my daughter and people around me shifting in positive ways.

Sometimes I feel the joy of teen years; moments of peace and happiness.


I found you more than a year ago through one of the teleseminars I was listening to. I remember you were talking very fast, and because English is not my mother tongue, I had difficulty trying to understand and follow you. But I was glad I did, because after that I felt so light! Actually, it was not a big surprise for me. I have been doing healing for people and working with energy for about 10 years, and studying cosmology and different healing modalities for years as well. But for the first time, I felt such long lasting LIGHT and JOYFUL energy. Thank you!

Now I am working with your recordings and they are supporting not only me personally, but in many different levels my energy work as well.

This program is a big Gift to myself. I decided to give this Gift to myself (for me this is something unusual, all my life I have been more a giver than a receiver). Maybe I am going to be ready to start receiving now. Who know?

Every day I am feeling that the Gift in me is unfolding more and more, and I am sooo grateful for this!!!


I am receiving the 21-day healings and prayers. I was working at my computer and suddenly the thought in my head was, “I’m really happy and very content. Oh, wow, I’m genuinely happy”. I was startled by this thought, I’m still quite happy. It replaces sort of a dogged, get through the day attitude, without possible joy or elation.

Secondly, my 31-year-old daughter, who is once again living with me due to some mental instability, was making bad decisions about an upcoming event. I was anxious about it, and anxious about talking to her about it and trying to change her mind. However, she did it all on her own (Thank you, God), which lifted all my worries and floated them out the window.

In addition, Ann, a recording you did regarding ‘money’ worries, ‘not enough’ worries, and ‘lack of money’ worries, really did a number on me. Every once in a while, I stop and wonder where the money worry has gone. At times when I would ordinarily have been frantic with that worry, nothing, it’s not even in my consciousness. Thank you, God, and Thank you, Ann.

I am looking forward to the rest of the program. I don’t have questions because I am trusting that God brought you into my life and is using you in ways that help heal what it is I need to be healed. I am consciously trying to remain as open as I can to receiving your God-guided thoughts for my well-being.


Okay…that was some call. So super, really big, huge and powerful. In tears of release; letting go, joy, compassion, just loving everyone and feeling no separation. Really, a “yippee do da humdinger of a call”! My cat is feeling it too. It’s a beautiful ride!


I work in health care and I am part of a very difficult and stressful project to build a new computer system for an entire health department. The day before the program started I had such a stressful day, probably the worst I’ve had in years. Everything went wrong; I found all kinds of mistakes that were made, we were behind with our deadlines, people were upset and pointing fingers, and I felt like I wanted to run. I did not want to go to work the next day.

So the next day I went into the office and I just had a calm, peaceful feeling. Everything I was worried about was dissipating. I met with my team, calm and stress free, and went over what we needed to do. It was a great day.

The following day I woke up full of joy, my husband in amazement at how I was laughing and being silly at 6 am. I was singing, giggling, and worry free. I went into the office and had a team of people who offered to help solve my issues. We had such a productive day, all stress free.

This was so amazing to me because in the past, in a similar situation I would be stressed beyond belief, would not sleep, and would end up getting sick and so on. Your prayers shifted me already and I am so grateful.


For the last several years I’ve had many different energy workers tell me I have a “very sad heart”. I was puzzled by this, but eventually really felt it myself once I really tuned into my heart. For one week now I’ve had a very HAPPY, open heart center. I could tell my heart center opened bigger every day. I believe this is the first time in my life I’ve ever had a happy heart!

The miracles continue to happen all around me. As my friends and family tell me their stories with excitement I smile and then explain how it’s happening for them. Yes, many of these stories are jaw dropping.


I am so much more relaxed and having a good time. Suddenly I just start laughing at nothing, just because I want to. I love it. I feel that I am more integrated in myself, and have a deeper connection than before, with no worries at all. When a little thing comes up I listen to the prayer, and it’s gone.

I have a completely new life because of your prayers. I am more grateful and thankful than I can express in words, the words haven’t been invented yet.


I listened to Ann’s interview to pass the time while doing the families ironing, or so I thought. I was immediately blown away by Ann and just sat in a chair and listened since I knew something special was happening. Ann did three money clearings and do you know it was instant for me. Straight away I knew on a soul level that I no longer had these worries. It was like the best thing that ever happened to me and I knew my next step in my development was to go forward with the 30 days of prayers which I instantly put on my credit card without even thinking or worrying. I found myself so at peace and being in such a state of gratitude that I just knew it was the right thing to do.

I started to find Ann everywhere from then on, and I listened to, and read everything I could about her. I must add that at 64years old I have been on my spiritual path since I was 21, after a near death experience. So, it’s been a long time and I have searched far and wide and completed many studies and healing works. I have never come across anyone who has affected me so profoundly before and so instantly.

I began with having no more money worries. My finances from my retirement pension, naturally remained the same, but try as I might, I have no issues or worries or fear of not having enough and seem to just be at peace that everything will always work out, and it does.

During the 30 days of prayer I started changing so many things about myself that used to bother me, just like Ann said we would. It is true that you need to write these things down to remember

I passed an exam easily and I have been on a roller coaster of learning like never before. I am much more at peace with myself and life in general and for the first time, I am actually living in the now, going with the flow and totally accepting everything just the way that it is. You have no idea how good this feels. I wake up each day so excited to embrace a new day. I started a gratitude journal and I have become so positive. I stand by my decision not to watch the news or have to endure loud and violent TV programmes and the war films my husband so loves. It is unbelievable because he has bought wireless headphones so that I no longer hear these things, his own suggestion. That is divine intervention for sure let me tell you.

I have successfully taken control of my weight too. I have been trying to lose the same 1 stone for over 4 years and I have now lost it, amazingly. A situation that always caused real heartache and pain no longer affects me. There was no reaction just acceptance, calmness and even joy!!!!

Another real problem, and try as hard, I could not avoid it and loathed myself for it. I used to wake up with my first thoughts over the nitty gritty daily selfish demands of my husband’s daughter. Always being at her beck and call, putting her first in every way and always dumping any commitment with me at the drop of a hat, should she ask. Knowing a phone call would come in any minute from her, early or late and throughout the day wound me up so much. He totally spoiled her and gave her all our savings and retirement pension funds to finance an even bigger house last year, leaving us with no savings.

It became a problem between us and he only saw this as my being jealous of their closeness and affection. He has never been able to show me any affection, which he admitted, and didn’t know why. I tried to explain that I just wanted the same respect. I started to get obsessed with these thoughts and I knew it could destroy us and I asked God, through Ann’s prayers, to help me. I wrote it in my memory sheet. Do you know, this no longer bothers me either? I woke up a couple of weeks ago and realized that she wasn’t the first thing I thought of, that the whole thing just washed over me. The most unbelievable thing is my husband has started to take off his blinkers and there have been a couple of instances where he has even put me first for the first time ever. He has become more affectionate and bought me red roses for Valentine’s Day and a new car!!!!!! Well, not brand new, but a lot newer than my other one. I was just speechless. He took me out for a Valentines meal instead of babysitting, as we normally do, so that his daughter could go out, and they ended up with a take away instead. He has never, ever, been like this before.

I have had a miracle healing too. I have waited before reporting this but it is now 2 weeks and my hips have been healed. This is the first time I have told anyone, and it is true. So a physical healing has taken place as well. I have arthritis in my hips, have always been a walker, and I have been in pain and trouble for a couple of years, knowing I will soon have to face hip replacement surgery…I had asked God to heal my hips in my Ann’s 21 days memory sheet. I am waiting for corrective surgery to my feet for arthritis, which I accept, and I only asked God if he could arrange the timing for me to see my way clear for my families visit from Canada. I have not told my family about his healing, as I don’t think they will be able to accept it, but soon it will be obvious to them.

I am just so happy and positive, and I know my vibration has risen considerably. I can’t wait for each day, have great expectations for the future, feel deserving like never before, and I am being kind to myself, going forward in who I am with a new confidence. I have always been an artist, put on hold, now I even see myself surrounded by canvases and feel on top of the world.

I want to thank Ann for the extra days of prayer work and for the extra call with her. I was so humbled to listen to the other people from the group. The healing Ann did on the lady who lost her son was amazing and the lovely sweet lady waiting for breast surgery. It is though we have become a family and the group feels very special indeed. I know this is only the beginning of much more to come and I hope that we will continue on from here in some way.

You have changed my life for the better in the most miraculous ways and you are such a genuinely nice person who really does care. No wonder God chose you as the one to give this special prayer gift to, and chose you to help us all in this way. Ann, you are an earth Angel.


I’m so grateful for all the work you’ve been doing for me. I am a totally different person now. I’m full of patience, which is really important for me because I work in a school. I have never been so happy in my whole life. I’m full of joy and happiness. My life is much easier now. I have much more confidence in myself and my life is getting better and better every day. I see my life from a different perspective. I have much more gratitude for everything I receive in my life. I had lots of trauma in my life but now I think I’ve been cured.

People are treating me in different way now, they are much more polite to me and more helpful.

I have the impression that it’s a turning point in my life and it’s like total rebirth and I have a feeling that everything will work out for me. I’m feeling such gratitude for all your work! I want to mention my eating routine–everything has changed for me. I’m eating only green stuff, and my body doesn’t want to eat sugary food or drink alcohol. I know I have a problem with candida in my body, but now I’m feeling much better. I’m full of joy, and I have more energy than ever before. Everything is much easier for me, and I’m much more focused and creative, and I’m really, really happy.


During these 21 plus days I have noticed so many wonderful changes to my life. Besides being happier and more positive, I have been able to resolve several emotional issues around feeling helpless, abandoned, lonely, guilty and even angry. Wow! I find myself reacting to emotionally charged memories and daily situations in a whole new way and with humor instead of self-criticism or anger.

My husband also has changed. He has become much more caring and attentive. He surprised me with a dinner out on Valentine’s Day and more recently he is telling me he loves me again. I haven’t heard that in decades! Things and events that I desire seem to just appear. Even little stuff that I had forgotten from years past is gently coming into my life. This energy work has had a huge impact in so many areas of my life.


I am happier than I have been in years and my husband and I are laughing instead of arguing.


I suffered from a thyroid disease for years, and suffered the side effects until I started the 21 Days. Slowly, things changed.
And now? I have it under control. I completely changed my way of thinking and eating. I feel so energetic, happy, driven, and free. God is healing what doctors are not able to do with all their meds.

Your work is amazing! Ever since I joined my life changed.


During your program, God released my major fears, taught me to forgive myself and others, and taught me how to more effectively release my traumas and beliefs that no longer serve me as well as those of my clients. God has shown me happiness and peace. I am laughing and enjoying so many more things. I just know that all is well and the people around me are responding the same way. My monthly income has gone from $0 as a student to $2,200 with two new jobs. THANK YOU, Ann, for being my teacher and mentor.


Your work is healing my life, and healing my heart. I am sooo grateful to you! Being in your 21 days group (6 times now) has been the best thing I ever did for myself! I feel different about myself. My foundations are restored—I feel supported, much more balanced, resilient, and at peace. My heart is opening more and more, and there is a renewed interest in, and love for life and the future!


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