Testimonials on Guilt & Shame

Testimonials on Guilt & Shame

The ‘Empowered with Passion’ recording infused me with joy. Especially the long recording where you and God work at changing family programming. It transformed feelings of being unwanted I got lingering in my cellular make up. I’m thankful the lineage gets healed back into sacred functionality without fear, shame or blame.


I was in a terrible mind state—couldn’t get out of my own way. The self-doubt, worry, fear and extreme fear of lack held me prisoner. On the 21 Days, my fears began to lessen and now they’re gone. If one pops up, they melt away as I listen to a recording.

I live a balanced and abundant life. The balance wasn’t easy. At first I gave myself guilt over having more “me time” to grow, create and expand my ideas for business and home life. But Ann’s continuous healing work has shed that guilt. I wake up joyful and grateful! My life is aligned with my beliefs. I have no worries, I know everything works out for me.


I was suddenly overwhelmed with thoughts of kindness and forgiveness about things that happened in my youth. The sadness and guilt lifted. I felt free! Then I read your email that you prayed for kindness.


I had a HUGE miracle! I listened to your prayers for a couple of weeks. It felt like all of my pain, fear, shame and depression was rising up. It felt so overwhelming. I went to some mineral hot springs; prayed, surrendered, and allowed your healing work to wash over me. I know that God answered and I received healing miracles. I am renewed and filled with LOVE and GRATITUDE!


The 21 Days of Healing and Prayer are especially powerful. Each time I go deeper and woweee! I am ready to receive what God has for me. Thank you.

What has been unfolding for me:
1) Greater peace
2) Joy
3) A real healing of past hurts and shame about past failures
4) A knowing that things are working out for me.

My hours have been cut, creating some financial challenges. But a big blessing has been knowing that things are working out — even if I don’t know how.

Thank you for the daily emails, the weekly calls and all the extra goodies. They are helping me to stay motivated and focused.


It’s such a joy to hear Ann’s voice. There’s healing in her voice. I’m grateful that the miracles happen all the time… so many good things have happened, and the only explanation is Ann’s prayers for me.

• No WORRY over money anymore; not since Ann’s first 21 Days. The sense of PEACE is phenomenal. The EMOTIONAL charge on painful things are all gone. I don’t defend myself or my decisions anymore.

• I’m into salads, and not as a side plate. My taste buds changed so my choices are healthy. I’m juicing and I don’t want heavy deserts either. I’m slim again. I lost one and a half stone and it feels amazing. And it’s from Ann’s healing work.

• I am taking better care of myself too and not feeling guilty about it. I recovered easily and quickly from surgery, it’s all from Ann’s healing work! Thank you!


Ann, you really are remarkable! I am coming into even greater reverence and appreciation for you, and now that I say that I realize that it will be good to bring that feeling to myself.

Yes I am having more peace and insights with love and compassion. As negatives are moving out, I am remembering to easily release all unloving thoughts.

I had felt guilt for not living my highest potential and not using my great gifts …always telling God I’m sorry. I felt ashamed that I let people down because I wasn’t as good as I thought I should be. The constant self-judgment is being cleared from my lineage. Thank you, it all feels very good. It is working!

You are a great gift and I am taking it all in to enjoy being more of my own great gift, for myself and always for others!


I have kept a very detailed daily journal and will edit and condense it quite a bit and tell you all the wonderful things unfolding in my life. The first 2 days I was generally happy and feeling lighter and brighter. I was constantly humming, whistling and singing little nonsense songs. I am normally a positive person but always very quiet!

On days 3, 4, and 5 I felt down again and had two restless nights. On each of the three days something small and very minor happened to make me suddenly cry. On day 5, I was able to stop in the middle of crying and realize I was feeling helpless and powerless, and why. I slept deeply that night. On Day 6, The Gift was given and I enjoyed the first bonus call. I was calm during the day, not lighter or happier, but not crying.

That evening, something amazing happened while listening to one recording included with the 21-Day program… on forgiving yourself for making bad decisions. I had previously bought that recording and had worked on a particularly upsetting issue with little improvement. That night, while using the recording I suddenly felt the energy shift and saw the entire situation from a different point of view. Before, I often remembered and replayed the situation in my head and felt a lot of guilt and pain in my stomach each time. Now, after the shift, I can hardly remember the situation. It feels like it is being pulled off to the left side of my mind. It is hard to think about it, and when I am able to, I feel no guilt, shame, remorse, or even anger. It is a neutral feeling, and after 10 years, such a beautiful change!
On Day 7 I felt happy and light even though the weather was not. I listened to the same recording on forgiving yourself for making bad decisions and I had trouble remembering that situation. I felt such peace over it all. So I am now working on another situation with less emotion attached. On Days 8, 9 and 10 I was upbeat and yet calm! I found myself humming tunes throughout the day. Day 11 arrived and with it a major incident (to me at least). Normally, I would have gone into tears and perhaps followed it with anger and felt very stupid but, surprisingly, this time; I just found it funny and laughed about it all evening.

On Day 12, the Shield recording was used. I then realized that no money had yet arrived at my doorstep but I remained positive all day and later listened to the second bonus call, which answered my earlier questions around money. I am receiving all sorts of abundance in my life! Day 13, Valentine’s Day, was another happy day for me. I was very pleasantly surprised with an invitation from my husband to go out for dinner. There are subtle but very positive changes in the way he is behaving towards me, and how I am reacting to him and his comments. Day 14 arrived and I was optimistic and calm. I was pleasantly surprised to find no weight gain after eating a huge meal last night. I then remembered that I had stumbled across yet another eating plan several days ago and had made a few easy changes to my diet hoping that this might be “the one” that helps me take off those stubborn pounds. I had forgotten to connect them until I was entering the day’s events in my journal.

As I was finishing this abbreviated version of my journal, I reviewed my answers to the three questions that we were to answer before the 21 days began. Another surprise! One of the things I had written for question #3 was to be more helpful. Yesterday and again today, I was given the opportunity to very easily and yet massively help someone much more than I ever expected. I had not made the connection until just now as I read my answers to the questions. What a wonderful idea to write the answers down to review later. I am realizing more and more the wonderful and huge impact that this is having in so many areas of my life. Thank you, Ann, from the depths of my heart!


I had to make the horrible decision of having my 18 and a half year old Staffie pass over the Rainbow Bridge. He’s been my absolute soul buddy for sooo long, and had always hoped he’d have a peaceful transition, preferably not by “my choosing”. He was getting old and weaker … in a nutshell, his “marbles” were all there, but his body was going kaput.

Finally, he stopped eating. I could have shoved pills down his throat “for me to feel good” but I knew that this was his sign of letting me know, that this was it, the end of his line … so I followed through with his wishes. The guilt started coming in with; “Is this my ego?’, “Is this my heart talking?”, “Am I doing the right thing?”. All these humanly, yucky thoughts … so I had to keep getting back to “what Brutus wanted”. Usually with this amount of stress, I would have a huge outbreak of cold sores, but I have not even had ONE! Not one, Ann … do you know how WOW that is for me?

So anyways, what I’m really trying to tell you, is that because of your prayer work; I stayed calm, I stayed positive, I “had” to trust my instincts, I talked to angels/God, and kept thinking of good times, and letting Brutus know he was going to a happy place. I really had unbelievable courage and strength to go through all this, especially having to phone the vet to help him go.

The most amazing of this wonderful story is this; I kept asking him, “Brutus, show me a rainbow so that I know I’ve made the right decision”. No rainbow, no rainbow, so I start to feel guilty as expected. On his last morning, I go to his bed to give him another cuddle, and low and behold, the sun shone on the angel crystal I have hanging outside, which ricocheted on to the indoor mirror, which ricocheted right smack in the middle of his forehead between his eyes. A RAINBOW!!! OMG, how beautifully amazing is that? After that Ann, all I could do was say a zillion thanks for my confirmation, and giving me the 100% knowing that everything was going how it was meant to be.

The vet came to the house, and Brutus was already sleeping in my lap, and didn’t even open his eyes when the needle was put in. It was the most beautiful experience, and he has the most amazing red flowering Hibiscus on his grave. When we all sat down there were heaps of monarch butterflies and one dragonfly that just kept circling, and circling, and circling in front of us. There were birds, and calm, and my husband, so supportive and loving. It was just fantastic.

For something so dreadful, it ended up so beautiful, so thank you God and thank you Ann. I know within my beautiful dear heart, you helped me/us with all of it, and I am so grateful. I’m so calm, and I still go for my daily walks with my Brutus next to me in spirit, and I sing along, glowing with pure love for everything I see, feel, and hear.

Even though it was such a tough time I went through, I feel OK! I feel better than OK, I feel great! You’re never getting rid of me Ann; I’m going to have you in my life always … You ROCK! You are THE BEST! Your Prayers WORK…to which I want to say a gazillion thank yous to you and God. Together we’re making a difference!


I am sooooo excited to share all the yummy changes I have welcomed to my life since Ann started praying for me and my co-receivers in the first 21-day prayer group! This new divine technology is HUGE!! Really powerful!

1) My happiness levels have increased exponentially! I live in Greece with the economic doom and gloom growing bigger every moment and I am as happy as a baby! People want to be around me all the time (family members, friends, people from work and even TOTAL STRANGERS start talking to me) as they find that they experience a sense of relaxation, comfort and ease in my presence! My phone is ringing a lot more frequently and I get invitations from friends all the time! I am very busy but I love this level of interaction!

2) I find it easy and completely natural to say NO when something doesn’t resonate with my truth. This is a HUGE transformation for me! I found it almost impossible till now. I mean, I couldn’t say the word NO! Now, it just flows out of my mouth in the most gentle and natural way, without me feeling guilty for making this choice. It feels great now to say NO when I choose it, as I am more truthful and authentic to myself and others. I feel like I’m able to RESPECT myself and others more! Feelings like guilt, obligation, feeling sorry for others and even myself, have disappeared!

3) I used to sleep with the television switched on during the last few years. It is in a different room, but still the noise would reach my bedroom. The reason I did this was a feeling of insecurity whenever I was alone at home. Now, I NEVER leave my television on when I go to sleep. In fact, I can’t stand it any longer! What freedom and what bliss to feel fully loved and protected! I go to sleep now with a big smile on my face and gorgeous thoughts dancing freely in my head! Delicious!

4) My beauty is shining through! I have been trying to hide my beauty and my femininity for years. I had been sexually attacked at school about 20 years ago, and since then I have been abusing my body and trying to be as ugly as I could! I was blaming and punishing myself for what had happened. Almost a year and a half ago I went raw (on a raw food diet) and I started reconnecting with my body. Yet, the progress I have made since Ann started praying for me is TEN TIMES bigger than all the progress that I have made during the last year and a half! People are impressed by my increased confidence, the glow of my skin. They find that my eyes are shining like stars, and that I move in a more feminine way, and a lot more! They all want to know what I breathe in my air and drink in my water!

5) I have been working on a business project with a partner of mine for the last 10 months and things were completely stuck. It was pretty frustrating and I felt a great deal of resistance on my part, as I did not particularly like the subject of the project. I wanted to go for something different and definitely bigger! And guess what! The project we have recorded was LOST and we got together last week and did it again! This time we chose a broader subject and we approached it in a way I absolutely LOVE! Things are running smoothly now and we are about to start profiting within the next ten days or so. Whooo Hoooo!

6) I am a journalist and I host a radio show for the cultural, public radio on weekends. My show was stopped a couple of months ago, due to the terrible economic situation my country (Greece) is going through. I was told that it would not be back until the end of May. Yet, out of the blue, my radio show was back on air about 3 weeks ago and I don’t even know how! All I know is that it feels amazing to have it back in my life so much earlier! Yippee!

7) I used to sleep for 4-6 hours at night. Now, I sleep a good 7 hours like a baby!

8) I love writing and during the last 2 to 3 weeks my muse visits me much more often! I get beautiful ideas and wonderful inspirations almost on demand! What a blessing!

I am ready for some more yumminess! I KNOW it’s coming my way! I FEEL it!
Oh, and I can’t wait for the next 21-day prayer program to start! Ann can do MAGIC!


During these 21 plus days I have noticed so many wonderful changes to my life. Besides being happier and more positive, I have been able to resolve several emotional issues around feeling helpless, abandoned, lonely, guilty and even angry. Wow! I find myself reacting to emotionally charged memories and daily situations in a whole new way and with humor instead of self-criticism or anger.

My husband also has changed. He has become much more caring and attentive. He surprised me with a dinner out on Valentine’s Day and more recently he is telling me he loves me again. I haven’t heard that in decades! Things and events that I desire seem to just appear. Even little stuff that I had forgotten from years past is gently coming into my life. This energy work has had a huge impact in so many areas of my life.


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