Testimonials on Gratitude

Testimonials on Gratitude

“WOW! I’m amazed how I feel empowered, clear, open, and ready for MORE amazement at how God is working through you for me!!! I really NEED this!”

“I was very distressed but feel so much better now, calmer, at peace, with much gratitude.”

“You are a true light-worker. I’m so grateful you’ll be praying for us for the next 21 days. Listening to your recordings brought a sense of peace and optimism.”

“I woke up with a smile and the intention to have a great day! I’m happy and relaxed, and an overall feeling of gratitude is flowing through me.”

“WOW! I’m amazed how I feel empowered, clear, open, and ready for MORE amazement at how God is working through you for me!!! I really NEED this!”

“I was very distressed but feel so much better now, calmer, at peace, with much gratitude.”

“You are a true light-worker. I’m so grateful you’ll be praying for us for the next 21 days. Listening to your recordings brought a sense of peace and optimism.”

“I woke up with a smile and the intention to have a great day! I’m happy and relaxed, and an overall feeling of gratitude is flowing through me.”

WOW! I’m amazed how I feel empowered, clear, open, and ready for MORE amazement at how God is working through you for me!!! I really NEED this!


I was very distressed but feel so much better now, calmer, at peace, with much gratitude.


You are a true light-worker. I’m so grateful you’ll be praying for us for the next 21 days. Listening to your recordings brought a sense of peace and optimism.


I woke up with a smile and the intention to have a great day! I’m happy and relaxed, and an overall feeling of gratitude is flowing through me.


It just keeps getting better! The miraculous contact offered to look at two other projects and three additional funding sources, one at an even higher budget!


I had SAD (Seasonal affective disorder)—low energy, negative mood, pessimism. It was really challenging to work. But writing in a gratitude journal everyday has changed that. I feel great, back to my old happy self.


I feel the Peace beyond my understanding is present within me and radiating through me like NEVER BEFORE! WOW!


I am grateful for all you do and on my part, I am grateful to be able to listen and surrender.


My experience from being on a healing path since 1989, is that your work is like no other! The healing work has freed me in the densest, most hidden places of my heart. I AM Truly grateful, and feel more True Hope than ever!


Your prayers show up, even in the little things of life. Earlier today someone bought my groceries for me! Grateful to be part of the 21 Days.


As I said my prayers, I thanked God for the wondrous miracle that was sure to appear soon in my life simply because I want, and deserve it …and saw in your email that you prayed that I deserve God’s help!


All my cells burst with energy every day! An issue I had with my neighbors for over a year, completely resolved yesterday. I’m at peace and so grateful for your prayers.


Ann starts her recordings with, “Thank you God!” Now I catch myself in that refrain. I see the beauty in nature and people, feel more present, and finally get to experience what other people seem to be describing!


Your healing work cleared a big piece for me. I am freer, can do more things–kind of a resurrection. I am in awe of God.


More than ever before, I have peace, trust and faith in God. I surrender all to God and receive my desires.
I’m at peace and filled with love, gratitude, and positive thoughts. It’s a beautiful cycle.


The healing work is so powerful. I now expect miracles.


Thanks to your healing work, I felt great kindness at my class reunion.


I experience calmness, inner joy, and a knowing that my life will be better than I imagine. My thoughts are positive, and it’s hard to bring up the very ugliness of the past. I am very grateful for Ann’s work.


The changes in my son are unbelievable! He is kind, hugs me and says, “I love you.” I am so grateful for his progress.


My life has changed because of your healing work.


My story has become a distant memory that no longer has a hold on me. Thanks to God I found you. I’m optimistic that my life will keep getting better!


The work you do is so miraculous through God, it actually defies description.


It’s an honor to be in your program and receive God’s love through your help and love. You’re a bright star bringing light to our planet. I’ve great admiration for your courage, you’re one of our brave women.


I struggled with congested lungs so I’m grateful God wanted me to have 5 positive beliefs about my health. God bless you Ann for being so in touch with God.


The 21 Days keeps me “up and running.” Your healing work enables me to inspire others.


I am so grateful that Ann prays for me. I will be part of the 21 Days forever.


Ann’s Surrender prayer opened my heart. I had tears of gratitude and became consciously connected to God. I surrendered my life, my resistance, and myself to God.


It has only been a matter of weeks, but everything about me is changing so fast. The “shield” recording is so powerful. I use it each day. Other people’s negative emotions and thoughts don’t affect me. And, I recognize when I’m initiating negative thoughts and counter them immediately. Being grateful for all the wonderful things happening in my life helps greatly. My list of things to be grateful for is very long.


I enjoy your calls. Your healing work is the most beneficial of any I’ve had.


I sang your praises as soon as my bike hit the street. It’s always a beautiful day in the neighborhood since I found you all.


I’ve been on a spiritual path for over thirty years. The 21 days helped me more than anything else to heal from a traumatic event that robbed me of self-esteem and self-confidence. My confidence is 100 times better than when I started!


I am so grateful for confidence. I’m ready to take charge of my life again and begin it with a fresh heart and spirit!


After many months, I had the day off! I read your email and know it’s due to your prayer work! There can be no other reason. I’ve tried everything else I could do, and they never gave me a day off.


Thank you for all you are doing to help me get my life together, so I can be all the things I want to be, and enjoy my life free of pain.


Ann helped me get through at a time when I needed be the best person I could be.


Grateful for your prayer-showers of love. I feel like a babe all over again


Life has been easier for me these past several days and I know there are more wonderful things to come!


Thank you for the ‘Eliminating Anxiety and Panic” Recording, I feel my anxiety settling down.


The changes for me are subtle. But things are different in a very good way. I’m very grateful to you and God!


I feel beliefs and attitudes lift off of me, especially when Ann goes back and clears my ancestors. I no longer react like I used to. My health is improving as well and I look forward to getting completely well. There is much in my life to be grateful for. My defective heart from birth has improved so much I no longer need a valve replacement operation. I am walking more and more each day. I’m feeling better about myself and more confident.


I’m becoming a new person thanks to this 21 days. There is power in Ann’s prayers. I have hope things are going to turn out alright and that I will be just fine.


I feel inspired. My connection with God is greater, and my sense of autonomy and well-being is healthy and open. I’m able to navigate hardship with grace. If I have a moment, I go to my Gratitude routine and recordings—especially Eliminating Negative Thoughts and Memories, Meditation, Shield, to name my favorites.


My fears settled into calm well-being. I’ve learned something very important to center my spirit. I have gratitude now for my family and friends, and the surety of being supported in the universe.


I’ve been a 24 incher all my life and just never knew it. The funny thing is that if you don’t know how ‘joy’ and ‘peace’ feels, you never really know what you’re missing. I’m in such Gratitude for what is taking place in my life right now.


The healing work is unbelievable—just knowing someone is praying for me made me start each day empowered.


The healing work is unbelievable—just knowing someone is praying for me made me start each day empowered.


It’s helpful to be grateful when I don’t like the way I feel. I’ve been listening to the recording on self-confidence in making good decisions and that helps too.


I feel your love and goodness. It really make a difference.


After an emotional roller coaster, I listened to HEAL RELATIONSHIPS. It helped to resolve my personal issues!


Your healing work is unbelievable… now my life is unbelievable!


I feel much less stress, and I’m not upset. This is awesome!


I awakened to so much peace—like I never experienced before. I feel happy to be alive.


I feel guided and PROTECTED all the time. It changed my attitude. Things keep happening like ‘signs’ so I know which way I have to go in my life. I feel support all the time coming from unexpected ways! I am listening to my intuition much more and IT IS so much stronger… I truly have no words for the GIFT you gave me because there are not enough words to describe this.


I can feel the healing work. I see the difference it is making in my life – with relationships, finances…everything!


Thank you for providing your 21 Days. I am feeling many shifts. Some are great and others are uncomfortable—but knowing it means things are brought up for healing makes it all okay.


I really appreciate all you are doing to help me to heal my body.


I feel fantastic! It is like the magic pill! I tried everything! God is the deal! And I am so blessed to be on your program…what a gift and a blessing.


Thanks again for the wonderful energy and prayers. Thanks for following your guidance!


I’m more “go-forward” with my goals now! Thanks giving us ways to change our thinking and attitudes. Positive self-talk is a lot easier with your energetic healing work making changes in me.


For 30 minutes, a huge amount of negative energy exited my energy body. I work on this every day with small results, so the fact that so much stuff exited at once is a big, big deal—it’s all due to Ann’s healing work.


My life is better with the 21 days of healing and prayer. I feel I’m becoming love itself instead of any particular struggle. I know all is well, even if it doesn’t appear that way.


The changes in my life are remarkable. I’m not overreacting! Also, I’ve been feeling joy and deep gratitude every day. Life gifts are literally falling into my lap in beautiful ways.


You are making a difference in my life. Thank you.


I’ve noticed an improvement in how I feel these days, considering all that I’m going through. I don’t want to miss a day of your healing work.


Thanks for your daily intervention.


You do beautiful work with God each and every day. Trauma is surfacing in layers—some even from WWII. All is being healed.


I felt amazing peace. It feels like paradise. It’s a sense of fullness, of softness, of depth in everything, and I’m surrounded by Love itself…appreciate the healing work that allowed me to experience this miracle.


This program has been truly life transforming. I can literally write pages upon pages of amazing transformations and miracles that have occurred for me as a result.


The 21 Days of healing and prayer:

– renewed my faith in myself
– helped me to be stronger in myself and not so sensitive to others
– helped me to forgive (huge!)
– helped me feel connected to the light world
– allowed me to feel a calm and peace……I haven’t felt this in years!
– gives me courage when I just want to curl up and disappear


I listen to your recordings every day. I’m so grateful to experience peace and calmness beyond words.


I experienced inner peace and happiness that came from my soul at unexpected times. Ann’s surrender prayer taught me to calmly let things go so God could do something better. My relationship with God is so much stronger. I believe that God wants 20 times more than I want for myself.


I’m so very happy to be on the 21 Days! This afternoon I qualified for COPES care with NO COPAY, and 125 hours of respite care for my husband. It gives me some sleep time and the ability to finally get things done that I’ve been putting aside for months because I simply did not have the energy to do them. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

I had so many changes from being in this program…I could not have made them without you – I’ve tried.


I had a HUGE miracle! I listened to your prayers for a couple of weeks. It felt like all of my pain, fear, shame and depression was rising up. It felt so overwhelming. I went to some mineral hot springs; prayed, surrendered, and allowed your healing work to wash over me. I know that God answered and I received healing miracles. I am renewed and filled with LOVE and GRATITUDE!


Thank you Ann, for your sincere care in relating how and what you have been praying for us in your daily emails. It’s very meaningful to us.


Wow – I noticed that Ann’s healing work was working from the start. I received an email from my biz partner that normally would send me reeling, but I didn’t take on that energy at all!!


I am enjoying the 21 Days of Healing & Prayer. This is my 5th month and it just gets better and better. Ann is incredibly generous in gifting us the recordings. 3 of my issues are no longer there! Thank you!


I started the affirmations a week ago. I cannot believe the warmth of love I’ve experienced. People come in person, on the phone and in emails with such loving thoughts. This is the work of God with Ann.


Little by little there is more ease in my life that’s so good a great relief. There’s a feeling of being protected that comes with your program. I love your emailing us all every day to let us know what you’re up to with the 21 days for us. The details blow me away. The unconditional love in all our cells feels magical.


I love your healing work. I daily immerse in it, and become ‘charged’ by it.


Wonderful, just what I need, love in all my body cells and beliefs for $$$ abundance!!!


I use the “Surrender Prayer” religiously. When I’m unable to sleep, I surrender “the insomnia” or “whatever is causing my insomnia,” saying the prayer that I’ve memorized, over and over until I fall asleep.

I’ve been eating a HUGE amount of chocolate ice-cream. I ate an entire container in one day! I surrendered my “my craving for sweets” and also “whatever is causing my craving for sweets.” No more urges to over-eat sweets!


The 21 Days of prayer is so good. I had a manicure, pedicure, and reflexology, which was so good. I normally don’t treat myself like this. I opened your email to see that you requested that we be kinder to ourselves and others. So this is really working for me in a profound way!


Miracles …I came into the 21 Days with a BIG plate of Karma …and VERY important Spiritual Curriculum. Because of Ann’s prayers for my ancestors, I know my mom loves me in every WAY! I’m SO blessed to find you!


Without your healing work, I would have gone into a meltdown. One electrical tool after another has stopped working. But I never got upset. I knew it would all work out, and it has in miraculous ways!


I am grateful for the emails, for my improved energy level, the added warmth with my boss, and more grateful about the simpler gifts in life.


Despite being extremely busy, my inner peace has deepened into greater well-being. I’m also grateful for your inclusion of our past lives and ancestors. I’m feeling lightness of spirit and inner joy.


I feel calmer. I’m working on myself to improve my financial situation. The daily emails and the calls combined with the many recordings is excellent.


I had an unhappy life; abuse, lack of respect, disowning, and years of therapy. My parent have been gone 10 years. Thanks to your prayer work, I came to a peace with them that could acknowledge the good things they did for me—even put them on my Gratitude List!


I feel so clear in my head now and physically strong. What a difference! I don’t have mind fog and can recall things I learned years ago. It’s remarkable, and a boost for self-confidence.


I’ve been part of your group for 4 months. I had a glorious feeling that “I know,” so clear and present that it filled me with joy. I felt the Being of who I truly am. I also knew why certain things happened in my life and there was no resistance to it. It all made sense…it is what it is. This is God’s GIFT to me.

I’m glad to experience life as it comes into each moment. Your guidance, caring, and support is what made me continue month after month. You facilitated my path into Oneness. It’s an honor to continue in the program.


This is the 2nd time on the 21 Days and I’m different. I’m no longer overcome with negativity. When I’m at home alone I’m no longer lonely, so I make better use of my time instead of wishing I could be with someone all the time. I also have a better and more balanced attitude toward money.


This is 6 months in the 21 Days. I can feel peace all the time. Also, I don’t know if my crown chakra opened, but I feel the space above my head all of the time. It feels like my connection is much stronger and in a permanent way. I can also tell that my vibration is higher—that was my biggest desire. I’ve been working on that for the last 2 years. Thank you Ann. It only gets better from here!


I noticed that I’m more grateful and that I’m relaxed, happy and kind – compassionate to me as well as to others. I’m so grateful that I’m in your life …that I’m on the 21 Days program!

I think I’m lucky to be born again, to come alive. New people who see me, recognize my new me and smile. My happiness multiplies. It’s not all in place yet… but I’m encouraged by what could/will be. And I really appreciate the negative charges being healed from my negative memories. Thank You.


I’m so grateful for the 21 days of healing and prayer –it’s my third time. Things keep getting better! I’m most grateful for the calmness, peacefulness and stress-free state of mind. I don’t worry about things as much as I used to. I believe things will work out smoothly and perfectly. It’s incredible how fast the changes occur during Ann’s program! This creates such ease for myself, my days at work, as well as towards dear ones around me. Thank you!

Also, a psychic/intuitive friend wanted to know what I was doing differently—she could tell that my vibration had risen much higher. Wonderful news!


An update on my changes on the 21 days: I called an agency to follow up with a potential speaking opportunity. The person unexpectedly asked how much I charged. Given this is a state agency, I expected to speak for free. It took some courage, but I said I charge $300. Clearly, I am responding to the new beliefs that were installed. Thanks!


I was at my granddaughter’s birthday party and my ex-husband and his wife were there. It was the first time in over 30 years that I had no energy or emotion about my negative past with him. When he was leaving he put out his hand, but I gave him a hug and his wife a hug. I feel good and so grateful to you!


OHhhhhhhh…I love the new Quiet Mind . . . I hear more on the other audios now that my mind is quiet and not racing against me. Thank you, Ann.


Thank you for your Love and for helping me to connect to God! You are an angel. I am very grateful for you.


Today, my ipad was stolen, but I was not anxious, mad, dramatically disappointed or revengeful. Woohoo! I kept reminding myself that I am making a choice not to emotionally go overboard, and to just be thankful.

Thanks for all of your prayers and requests to God to remove the old, false, and deficient and replace with the new, correct, and abundant beliefs. This is the real deal! I love being involved in such an outstandingly transformative experience and so grateful to God and to you for the healings and the blessings!


I went to family reunion and was astounded… I knew that the 21 Day program had everything to do with the profound and beautiful changes I experienced.

My mother and I had a rough relationship. But this visit… I have never before in my life felt so calm and at peace with her, enjoying her, and radiating unconditional love towards her! I felt so appreciative and blessed for having her as my mom.

She had just returned from an overseas trip and bought me a lavish amount of gifts, and was so incredibly hospitable to me. I whispered to my partner, “I’m certain Ann Taylor has something to do with this!” 😉

Interacting with the other family members also felt incredible and so light; not an ounce of heaviness or angst within my being. I got an amazing sense of how all these relatives were blessed and their lives affected through their generations from my being on the 21 Days!!! I saw the bigger picture… wow!


I had an urge to go bowling. But no one has ANY interest in bowling! It was a confirmation from the universe that I relaxed enough to let the Law of Attraction operate again in my life. My pet sitter said, “I’m taking my teenage son and his friends bowling later. Want to join us?”

The prayers for God to work on what we need most have helped me the most. I’m so grateful to be part of the 21 Day program. I really needed this support at this time. I feel at peace.


I’ve been on five 21 Days. I listen to your recordings every day while I’m getting ready for work in the morning. The one that helps me the most right now is the miracle recordings. Thank you for making these recordings. If I need help getting through the day—the miracle recordings really make a difference. Thanks!


Thank You so much. I can feel Your Love flying across the ocean …straight into my life. Thank you.


I just had a money issue come up in my relationship with my husband. What normally would be a stressful interaction between us went smoothly; we even ended up laughing. It is a miracle!

I credit it to your 21 Days. Thank you so much for being such a gift in my life.


I kept running into your offers for the 21 Days. And when I heard God say, “Do this” in my heart, I got a little excited and put it on my credit card! Little things started to change: I make my bed every morning, threw old stuff out and cleaned up clutter, feelings about my family didn’t trigger me to cry or get upset anymore, and I had the courage to send you this email. My income is still the same, but I am certain that it too will change… I have HOPE and it feels good!

• Thank you for the ‘Quiet Mind’ recording—I use it every day.
• Thank you for letting me know the healing work are still effective in your recordings, no matter how old they are.
• Thanks for your prayers. I look forward to seeing who I really am once I clear all these things that are not me.


I had a vision of a man’s brain—looked like his body was a hologram. I did healing work and surrounded it with blue light and kept asking for more energy because I didn’t know if it was completed. I asked God, “How will I know if it’s healed?” And on my palm the words ‘healed’ showed up. Then I heard a woman’s voice say, “You healed my husband!”

I teach Gigong and EFT and have had good results, but nothing this deep. Thank you!


I’m finally healed of lupus (with medications) because of the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer—part of the 21 Days from the beginning. At times I couldn’t listen to the recordings, but I still benefited from your program.

My entire life has changed for the better. I am so grateful. I see daily miracles, and people changing around me. A problem employee suddenly found another job and the right person replaced her. Our business is back on track, my marriage is getting even better, and for the first time I am able to go thru extremely stressful times without vividly picturing the worst.

I am very empathetic and soak up other people’s feelings like a sponge. This damaged my health. The shield recording has helped so much with this. The meditation recording is also helpful, and the Quiet Mind is excellent. It really helps with sleep and the physical healing elements are extremely helpful.


Along with the valuable wisdom and technologies shared, the Weekly Calls help me find new orientation and perspectives. I am elated and joyful in feeling satisfied for completely healed past relationships.


Thank you for sending the daily emails. I find the sweet energy and the positive messages very supportive and loving–I appreciate you and the messages very much.

I am grateful for everything that is happening and the wonderful support in my life. I am gaining more insight into how I need to handle things I want healed in my life. Old memories came up, but I realize much of the pain I hung unto was not even mine to begin with.


This is my 6th 21 Days. I chose to release my ‘old story’ and make room for a better life. I’m ready for a new wonderful story. Removing the negative beliefs is working. I feel lighter. It’s the best I have felt in a long time. I am truly grateful. Thank you Ann.


Thank you for all this wonderful work! I can really feel it shifting and changing – lots of deep energies moving.


What an amazing message: “God also eliminated the stress and trauma that you have in the arteries, veins and capillaries of your brain.” I felt the importance of your words because of my health situation; that eliminating trauma would affect my arteries, veins and capillaries of my brain. Your healing work amazes me. I am eternally grateful for these blessings and healings.

Thank you for your daily messages and the healing work you are doing. It is changing the world one person at a time.


I appreciate what you have shared on the weekly bonus calls. It is so helpful to hear Ann’s support. I can see things in myself that I hadn’t noticed until I heard it mentioned. I feel inspired to use the “Quiet Mind” recording on a daily basis…and also the Surrender Prayer.

I plan to sign up for the next 21 Days Healing and Prayer program (will be the 4th one now!). It’s made such a difference in my stress level—allowing me to experience a level of peace that I never imagined. Ann’s healing work has assisted me to hold it together, even with everything that’s going on in my life. It’s making a huge impact on my life—mentally, emotionally & financially! I will be signing up forever!


Thank you so much for your fantastic healing work. I had a challenge with my husband on the day you and God did the healing work to eliminate stress and trauma. The stress disappeared as quickly as it came. It is wonderful to experience your healing work with God. I feel wonderful. I feel so grateful.


This healing work is very empowering. I can feel it everywhere in my life…for myself and the others I forgive. This is wonderful peace. I am grateful that I choose what I want in my life.


Thank you for making such an enormous difference in my life, and those around me. I see miracles. My 15 year old son never was consistently on time for school, but has been a whole month; and his attitude improved so much that I received a congratulatory email from his teacher…Yeahhhhh!

This is the second month living with my husband again, after a long and painful separation. I see miracles every day…he mopped the kitchen floor today!! yeahhhhh 🙂

I know that God is working on increasing money and it will happen with His Divine Timing. I no longer struggle with a fear of leaving the safety of my home, and I’m raising my vibration.

I cannot imagine starting a day without the Shield and Daily Recording. I faced the challenge of old injuries resurfacing (in my arm) and have managed to heal to the point of being able to once again use it. I listen 3 x daily to “A Quiet Mind” recording. Thank you for the miracles.


I went to a Masquerade ball that wouldn’t have been so pleasant before I started the healing work. I loved my creativity in making my costume, and everyone that wasn’t at the event did too….those I met on my way up to the top floor thought I looked fantastic. Once I got upstairs to the actual ball and the 900 guests…different story!

I tell you this because it shows how much healing has taken place. People were cruel, whispered about me, and laughed. But I was able to smile at them—not cry and go home, or get mad and tell them off! This is Huge! And when I was just about to give up, God showed up! I met a woman who smiled at me; and her husband took our picture.

I “danced like nobody was watching.” I was just thinking…my tribe is not at this party but if they were we would really have a ball!!!!

My mom told one of her clients, and this woman has never met me, but is blessing me with a free ticket to a Great Gatsby themed fundraiser. She promised an EPIC evening with wealthy people, and nothing like the one I experienced last week.

I write every day in my gratitude journal and the night of the ball I wrote way more than usual—pages of gratitude for that day!! TOTALLY a healing there!!!!


I did lots of energy work on my hand with the help of a Reiki Team, people praying for me, and being in Ann’s program. The healing on the X-ray showed that I’m healing twice as fast as expected! Gratitude helps a lot too! Thanks Ann!


It’s such a joy to hear Ann’s voice. There’s healing in her voice. I’m grateful that the miracles happen all the time… so many good things have happened, and the only explanation is Ann’s prayers for me.

• No WORRY over money anymore; not since Ann’s first 21 Days. The sense of PEACE is phenomenal. The EMOTIONAL charge on painful things are all gone. I don’t defend myself or my decisions anymore.

• I’m into salads, and not as a side plate. My taste buds changed so my choices are healthy. I’m juicing and I don’t want heavy deserts either. I’m slim again. I lost one and a half stone and it feels amazing. And it’s from Ann’s healing work.

• I am taking better care of myself too and not feeling guilty about it. I recovered easily and quickly from surgery, it’s all from Ann’s healing work! Thank you!


Many miracles are happening in my life. My husband is communicating in a loving way, which he hasn’t done for years. Also, people are responding differently to me—they are very kind and take time to talk with me. I feel light and free from the release of so many negative beliefs that had ruled my life. Life is full of miracles. Thank you Ann


Yes, today a miracle happened. The money I needed to join you on another program came in the mail!

I am grateful for all that you have done, taught, and your guidance.


I had some financial and legal issues hanging over my head for the last several years with little to no resolution. During the 2 months I have been in the program, the issues completely resolved themselves in a very benign and gentle way.

At the same time, an overwhelming crippling fear has been replaced with a feeling of hope and peacefulness. In fact, I can only describe it as a delicious spaciousness inside of me. I feel like I can handle whatever comes, and this is a wonderful change. The changes didn’t come with a lot of fanfare –they sort of snuck up on me. I am looking forward to future changes unfolding because I don’t think the process is complete.

Perhaps most amazing of all is how this process has changed my relationship with God. I use your ‘Surrender Prayer’ multiple times during the day and I listen to ‘The Quiet Mind’ at least once a day. The result has been an increase in my faith in God and a greater willingness to allow God to choose for me what is best in any situation, rather than me dictating what I think is best. It is all good, Ann, and many thanks and blessings to you for your wonderful work!


I wanted to share with you is the difference in the WAY I’m handing our latest challenge. In the past, I think I would have freaked out totally…this very scary diagnosis for my husband, who does not have a job … debt and unpaid bills. The beautiful part right now, I am keeping it together! Sure, I have my moments that I am frightened to my core and I have shed many tears in the past few days. However, inside I feel this amazing strength and lovely sense of peace. I attribute this to your prayers, your healing and your amazing connection with the God. You have strengthened my faith, that despite all that is happening in my life right now, “all is well”.

Heartfelt thanks to you and your staff for all the ways you have already helped me, by strengthening my faith, my hope and my unconditional love. By the end of the 21 days, I know that everything will have shifted in miraculous ways for me, my husband, and all those I love. Thank you!


I had a tendency to remember negative memories, but today I discovered that I’m only remembering lots of positive memories. God is eliminating the Negative charges. Thank you!


This is the fourth time that I have signed up for this program and this one seems the most powerful to me.

I had a head/neck injury six months ago. It has been three days now since I had any major pain or high anxiety in that head/neck area. There is much anger and sadness that has been released. Thank you for your healing prayer.

I love that each session you work on a variety of issues; health, relationships, financial and this time I am really grateful that you are working on releasing negative future emotions and the Chakras.


Testimonial not found. Please make sure you enter a valid ID.

This is my second 21 days of healing and I have to say that daily emails helps me “stay connected.” It makes the whole process more personal, and also helps me to know what exactly is going on. When the healing on self-esteem was done, I went through a major “release” of the past emotions and knowing what exactly was going on made the process a little smoother.

I would like to personally thank you all for such beautiful and meaningful work you do! Thank you!


Ann, you really are remarkable! I am coming into even greater reverence and appreciation for you, and now that I say that I realize that it will be good to bring that feeling to myself.

Yes I am having more peace and insights with love and compassion. As negatives are moving out, I am remembering to easily release all unloving thoughts.

I had felt guilt for not living my highest potential and not using my great gifts …always telling God I’m sorry. I felt ashamed that I let people down because I wasn’t as good as I thought I should be. The constant self-judgment is being cleared from my lineage. Thank you, it all feels very good. It is working!

You are a great gift and I am taking it all in to enjoy being more of my own great gift, for myself and always for others!


I just wanted to tell you how I am relating to my parents now. They are both deceased, but when I picture them in my mind’s eye, I see them standing close to each other with big smiles on their faces. They are very happy and peaceful. I can only imagine how grateful they are that you are working on them as you are working on me.

I knew that they always did the best they could towards me, and that they were not perfect, but now I feel a deep compassion for them. It is as though the blocks and filters have been taken away so that I can really love and appreciate them fully for the role they played in my life.

As for the new beliefs—sometimes I wake up and feel like a helium balloon ready to take off. It’s so uplifting that I need to ground myself every day. Sometimes I wake up feeling devoid of angst that I wonder if it is really me. I am gradually getting accustomed to the new me ……and I like who I am.

Thanks for this month of “rebirthing “into the image of God.


This is my second 21 Days of Healing and Prayer. I am so grateful and happy for your work. God has lowered my stress levels—I noticed how I now handle situations bravely without my heart jumping into my throat. I stay calm and happy. Wow, I am no longer stuck in a previous state of being! I’m making amazing progress! I have so much confidence for similar situations in the future!

I listen to the daily recording & shield recording once a day, the meditation 2-3 times a day, and other recordings vary according to what I feel necessary.

I feel inner peace. I don’t worry as much, and my work seems to go very smoothly. I’m happy and in a positive shift towards calm and peace.

I also want to send my deepest gratitude for Ann for offering the healing work for 21 days. The calls and emails are always so very positive and inspiring. The daily emails of the work God has done, helps me to understand the precious things that are happening, making the “invisible” more concrete. I appreciate that, thank you!


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I have been doing the 21 days of healing program for several months now. I really appreciate the new format with an email update of the daily work. The daily updates let me check in with how I’m feeling and helps me to be more conscience of what changes are happening. It also allows me to know why I sometimes feel more tired on certain days. I feel like am absorbing more of the work in smaller “bites” this way. Thank you for this change.

When I first started the program, I was only going to do one month – that was 5 months ago. Each month I continue to get better and healthier mentally. I look at the world differently and my thinking has changed as well. One of the biggest changes has been that I don’t worry about things like I used to so and my stress level is much lower. My negative self-talk is lessoning—I’m much more aware of my thoughts towards myself and others. I know I am a much better person for joining your program. I look forward to the continued self-exploration and all the positive changes that are happening in my life.


I had an operation and my recovery has been amazing. No one could believe how quickly I bounced back. I also have been in a couple of very difficult situations that have not affected me at all. I found more compassion for others, along with patience in trying times. The messages from Ann each day are so uplifting—like a huge wave or tsunami washing over me.

I felt love and kindness to myself and then the next day read how Ann had given us 50 gifts of feeling unconditional love to ourselves. These 50 gifts each day have been tremendous to receive. Ann’s prayers are getting more and more powerful and raise vibration like nothing else. Knowing how much she genuinely cares and wants the best for us makes me feel so loved and nurtured. This vibration has taught me to believe in myself and it has brought so many wonderful gifts and surprises. I have had unexpected gifts, love and support. It is so good to embrace each day with hope and inspiration.

I have sons but not a daughter. During Ann’s 21 Days, a lovely girl (by a miracle situation) came into my life. She lost her mother when she was 13. We fulfill that role for each other. We are so close, it is as if she were my own. On Mother’s Day she sent me a wonderful card and homemade chocolates. She wrote, “I know you aren’t my real Mum but you are to me and I love you.” There is a million more things I could say but for now, thank you Ann and thank you all at Inner healing.


The 21 Days program this time has been lighter with more ease than the previous two times – and your info about the frequency level of this group is all the more reason to feel privileged and honored to continue!

The times that seem rocky are fewer and seem to contain a message to check out old beliefs and choose again. Knowing that the energy from ancestors is so powerful has also helped me to feel that energy can be lifted and transmuted.

Also want to let you know that the surrender prayer to God and for God was the highest value for me. After a long eight year journey with my life partner, who was maligned by the medical and legal system passed away two years ago, I experienced a new appreciation for the unconditional love we shared. Within the 21 Days I surrendered my fears about how and when the estate will settle—the resulting peace is a gift of grace.

Thank you Ann, your team and other members for being so dedicated to raising the frequency on the planet.


I really have enjoyed getting the daily e-mails and I am looking forward to the next 21 days. I am grateful for all the good in my life and the good yet to come. Thanks to you and God for all that you are doing for me. Life gets better each and every day.

• I received another un-expected check in the mail for overpayment of my escrow account.
• They lowered my monthly payment.

Wow I am grateful and appreciative, thank you GOD!!!


This is my 9th or 10th time in the program and it just keeps getting better. I have been eating much healthier. I broke a Starbucks addiction without batting an eye… so awesome! I am so grateful to and for Ann!


I am so grateful that you have come into my life. This is my 6th 21 Days of Healing and Prayer. I have enjoyed all of them, but this is the best.

I love the daily emails. Every time I read one, I can relate it back to what has been happening in my life. The emails also make me feel so connected to the process.

There have been a lot of changes in my life, most notably in my health and my relationship with my husband. In the past, we stressed about money and now we handle it without getting upset. We know everything will be fine. My family and I are happier and more at peace with life.

I just signed up for the next 21 Days and am looking forward to your daily emails and the weekly calls.


A week into the 21 Days, I noticed no change and thought maybe I should ask for a refund. But by the middle of the second week, I saw things shifting in my life. One of the biggest changes was being open and responsive to my intuition. WOW! I’ve already made some outward changes that I wouldn’t have expected. Letting go of some things from my past allowed me to look more to my future. One delightful surprise was being asked to participate on an Admin Team in a program—it’s a big step in fulfilling my life purpose of helping others. Also, I feel like I am finally being led to a specific healing modality—something I would not have been completely open to previously.

So, Ann, I won’t be asking me for a refund … instead, I’ve signed up for the April sessions. Yahoo!


About a month ago I got sick. I could not work because of building renovations (increased use of chemical fragrances) and feared losing my job, becoming homeless again or worse . . . If I had not been in the 21 Days, I don’t know that I would have had the emotional courage to advocate for myself at work, and remain calm and compassionate toward myself and my work situation. I felt loved and supported . . . and had a peace about it.

Here’s the good news . . . my company agreed to allow me to work from home due to my illness–no change in pay or benefits and they moved all the computer equipment into my little apartment so I could continue to work and survive!!!

Now I’m not so afraid. I have hope and a feeling of happiness coming through–feel safer. It feels like the sun is starting to shine again.

This is a miracle and a gift, and I am so grateful . . . surely, this is God’s grace in my life. I have a new-found feeling like I am coming home to myself . . .

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Words are not enough to express the gratitude I feel for your help and this sudden turn of events. I feel as though I am being given a second chance in life and will be able to heal.


I feel at peace, and clear, and yes—empowered because I feel good about myself now. I know I will have strange days when I am opening to big shifts but now I understand them even better and actively get through them faster and with more self-love.

I am definitely looking forward to my next 21 days!


I am a big fan of yours and so grateful to you! My life has been on the up and up since I found you two years ago. I am so calm and peaceful. My old ‘monkey mind’ habits are a thing of the past. Little miracles have been happening all the while, including nice new friends and fun experiences coming into my life, when before my life was stagnant! (I think I was a twelve incher!)


I love your healing work! I am deeply changed from the 21 Days. I also purchased almost all of your recordings and they are like magic! You do such amazing work. Thank you Ann!


“Thank you!” for the truly phenomenal work you did during the 21Days. Thank you also for “The Gift”– I went from the frustration of part-time jobs and interning for two years, to my first salaried professional position in my field since completing my MA 3.5 years ago. I experienced the biggest shifts this time … occurring on all levels. I look forward to joining again.


I want to express gratitude for the work and love you send all of us thru your prayers. I’m in a very grateful space today. I have gone thru extremely difficult situations since 2009, but I am coming out as a more grown and evolved person with more self-worth thru these experiences. My health has improved; started exercising more; more regimented; handling grief from the loss of my father better; and I’m working with a zeal to buy my new home.


I can’t thank you enough for the beauty of these 21 Days. My children and my twin sister’s children barely know each other. All of a sudden, all 5 of them have started chatting at length on Facebook. My daughter said, “Wow, I have cousins.” I have so much happening. I know there are no coincidences.


During the 21 Days I have experienced a subtle change in my life – not a change in my circumstances, but a change in my state of mind. I am much more aware of how I react to a situation or rather don´t re-enact in the situation. I create a new situation by thanking God for His Divine Guidance and Grace, and by giving my fear over into His hands.

This means, instead of experiencing all that happens to me as a threat, something that has the potential to annihilate me (and this is how it has always felt in my life), I now see it as an opportunity to change my mind. I am so ready and willing to change my mind, to see things in a different way, and the 21 Days has been of great help in this. For example, it has really helped me keep my focus. I have used my gratitude book every day, seeing this as a way of thanking God for working with me. Knowing He works WITH me and not FOR me has been really helpful.

I have also kept a journal during this time and have experienced, that every time I have ended with a question, this question gets answered almost immediately – through something I read, through listening to the recordings, or through praying to God and thanking Him for His Divine Guidance, Divine Grace and for the fact, that everything is happening in a Divine Order. Thank you, Ann for reminding me of this.
So all in all, a very positive time. My fears are in the process of being transformed into love.


The miracle I wanted to report is Wonderful and I am so grateful! I ran into a person from my past that was very influential in my life… In a bad way. It was my ex-husband’s mistress. Their relationship broke up our marriage, family and closed down our family restaurant. I always thought about what I would say to her when I saw her in person.

That opportunity came when I saw her on Valentine’s Day at a coffee shop. I had absolutely no emotions when I saw her! I said to myself, this is my chance. Yet there was nothing I felt that I needed to say to her! I had no animosity and really the story had no hold on me!!

I didn’t even tell my sister until days later and just told my mom today. I mentioned it as a “matter of fact” and couldn’t access any feelings… They just weren’t there! I had forgiveness in my heart. Wow! God is so good and so is Ann Taylor’s 21 day Program! I pray the miracles just keep on coming!


I just want to say I am SO GRATEFUL. My heart is filled with joy as I look forward to another 21 days with you. I still send love every day to the January group. There is such a bond with us and I just know so many from this group have signed up again.

I continue every day to count my blessings. I am just so grateful and every day, blessings come to me which blow me away.

In the last live session Ann talked of Believing and Belief. During the 21 days I became so aware of Belief, Believe it is so and it is. Faith and Belief is the answer. I learnt during that time not to question, not to figure out how, stop the internal dialogue—just know it is already done. If it is asked from the heart and it is for your highest good, it is so. It is the way it is. God wants what’s best for us and even more than we want for ourselves. You tell us this Ann and it is TRUE.

God has always been a part of my life and I have always studied theology. But it is only since you, Ann—that I fully understand. I now truly feel at one with God and the God within me. This more than anything, more than all the rewards I have had. It means the most.

My diet suddenly changed, my body told me I had food intolerances and what it wanted. I listened and together we (me and my body) well, we’ve got it sorted.

These 21 days of healing and prayer, connects us to God and God’s miracles for us. I have seen how it has progressed and it just gets better and better. This is because of you Ann, and your trust and faith in what God called you to do—which you do unconditionally to the benefit of us all. It is phenomenal now. I know it will snowball even more. This is the beginning of what God will give you to do and what you will accomplish. You are wonderful, above ego and true love. I wish you luck and good health to sustain you as I know God will give more to you. Thank you so very much.


I am very excited and I feel honored to be with you again. My life has changed immensely miracles are happening every day.

Money is beginning to come in more and more which is a miracle. Thank you dear Ann and dear God for making my life so wonderful.

People are making me aware of my gift which I can give to the people. I am good at emotional life coaching. This dream of mine was nearly gone, but now others recognize the gift in me.

I feel calm and peace when a challenge turns up. After a short time I have forgotten about it. Which is wonderful for me and also very important.


I am on my second 21 Day journey. In listening to the weekly calls (which I LOVE), I completely relate to Judy. Sometimes I feel like she is telling part of my story. Last week I even listened to the call twice because listening to her journey gives me hope that there healing for me.

The reason I signed up is because I suffer from depression and sometimes anxiety. In fact, I really think I am a 16 incher (or more) and wish I were only a 12!

Over years of therapy I have learned my “life issue” is a deep underlying belief that I am not “good enough.” I know intellectually it’s not true, but in my dark moments I question and think, “Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am not good enough, or lovable, or deserving, etc.”

There has been no therapy or medication that has been able to relieve me of this so far. But, I’ve noticed since starting my first 21 days that my “dark” times are shorter and that I am bouncing back a little quicker – which gives me hope for the future! I am really making an effort to be mindful of the “baby steps” of healing.

I really want to express my gratitude to you for the healing work that you are doing for us daily, and for the hope it gives me of being able to put my demons to rest eventually, once and for all.


I LOVE getting the daily emails on the work being done!!! The 21 Days of Healing and prayer is powerful. I feel more peaceful & confident. I have been showered with abundance in the past week that far surpasses anything I could have planned. It is such a joy & pleasure to participate in your program.


My experiences have been wonderful with your programs. This will be the fourth 21 Days I am participating in.

I am so glad I found you. Have been looking for a way to dissolve negative emotional charges, trauma and this is working very well. Do get tired, but feeling better able to deal with issues. Generally happier.


Thank you so much for your healing work. My life has shifted so dramatically since I started signing up for your 21 days of healing and prayer. The miracles just keep getting better and better. I am so grateful for all that you do!


Just wanted to thank you for your amazing work. I resigned from my current work a few weeks ago and I will be starting at another company soon which I am so pleased about. My notice period here was three months and my boss allowed me to leave after one month. She is going to pay me for December too, knowing that I will start at the other place in December so I will be paid twice in December! I think this is quite something. This will allow me to pay for another 21 day course with you.

Today I feel as light as a feather. I feel I am walking on clouds!! …a bit dreamy!!

Thank you, you are wonderful. I feel so lucky to have found you. I love you and your work.


I just want you to know I have been listening to most recordings daily. Thank you. I am grateful. You have helped me so much. The scale of consciousness is wonderful. It is nice to know my father thinks I’m wonderful because I never had that. Thank you for believing in me.


I’m experiencing a growing sense of calm, peace and well-being.

And I experience soooo much gratitude.


I want to thank you and your staff from the bottom of my heart for the truly miraculous healing that I have experienced so far during your current 21-day program.

I have somehow let go of the tremendous anger that I’d been feeling in my current situation. Now I can view it from a detached perspective, without all of the upset. There is nothing that I can do to change the situation, so it really is pointless to get so angry. As you might imagine, that level of anger was really hurting me on a daily basis and causing all kinds of difficulties. Well not anymore! Thank you!!!

Also, I really love the letting go of negativity recording. It’s amazing how God just transforms it instantaneously so that I can’t even think of what it was that had been bothering me just moments before! Truly miraculous!

In addition, I believe that my gift is a new job opportunity. My future employer is also willing to wait for me to heal from a broken foot (which is likely to be several more weeks still), assuring me that they will have meaningful work for me when I am ready, even though I will likely not meet their ideal scheduling needs. I’m truly honored! People really do like me for my many gifts and talents! I guess I am wonderful!


I am about to complete my second 21 days and I wanted to express my gratitude.

I find what is happening here, profound. I hear and understand what you say/teach/transmit at an intellectual level, and there is no question about the tangible benefits, and yet when I try to think about what is really going on here, it is so marvelous, so wondrous, so completely uplifting that the mind can hardly grasp it. Yet on the other hand, it is so completely Real and Practical that all I have to do is to let go and release (more like flop actually!) into a questionless, trusting place, and there is not a shadow of doubt that, no matter what is going on (good, bad or indifferent), all is simply as it is, and as such, all is well.

One of the things you talked about last week was the group energy – there’s no question (as in my first 21 Days) I am strongly aware of this, as well as the self-selecting nature of the group and its intention as described by Judy on the broadcast. I wrote in my notes at that time “there is the group cohesion, almost like an invisible membrane that surrounds us, that by saying Yes, I/we have stepped into a circle of love and support that IS the 21 Days. I have the strong sense that individually and collectively this Grace-filled event supports all our efforts with total kindness and caring (and absolutely no judgment!) It’s pretty extraordinary. The experience of being connected to the Divine is so alive I am moved again and again.

I wanted particularly to thank you for the recordings. My habit is to play them in the early mornings as they are a great way to start the day. Having said that, some of them, like the Miracle recordings, I also find work well in the evenings.

The meditation recording is particularly powerful and being able to tap into it at will during the day has been hugely beneficial for me. How, one might ask? Well, I am in the final stages of preparing for my divorce (after 42 years of marriage). It’s been quite a journey and I’ve been lucky enough to be repeatedly buoyed and lifted by faith, my family and friends, and, too, my practice of yoga and meditation. Having said that, I have been struggling with the meditation practice. Ann, I have been meditating for over two decades and teaching it widely for years, but over the recent past, I have been finding it difficult to release into the meditative state, that is, until I purchased your recording. It is been so completely fantastic. I listen to it, and boom, I’m there, emerging with the “alpha” state intact and then continuing to do whatever it is that’s needed in the day, no matter what’s going on. Last week, I even used it to smooth the way before a particularly difficult meeting. What a boon!! It is literally, as well as metaphorically, helping to reinforce not only my practice, but me as a whole! (I have been meditating for about 21 years, and, until taking hiatus at the time of the separation, teaching it widely for years).

Ann, thank you again and again for being the vehicle for this incredibly work. I am so grateful to be able to be one of the participants in it, and am looking forward to do so many more times.


I would like to say how grateful and blessed I feel since starting your monthly 21 days 6 months ago – my life has been transformed and continues to transform!

Highlights were:
• I survived (along with all other passengers and crew) a plane emergency where there were problems on take off and the engine went on fire (I was in the seat watching it) as we came in to make an emergency landing. 24 May is now my “lucky to alive day” and I plan to do something special for me each year on that date.

• I received a wonderful two-week holiday as compensation. Four of us fly from Scotland to California on 7 February for two weeks in business class with all 5 star accommodation paid for by the airline.

• I was successful in gaining a new contract for work (I’m self employed) after 15 months not working. I love my new contract and the people I work with

• My husband Graham went to work in Norway which is the first job he has had in his life that he has loved doing (He’s now 50)

• Graham organized an amazing surprise weekend away in Bergen, Norway, booking flights, a wonderful hotel and a day trip round the fjords. He’s never organized anything before!

• My family is closer to me and invited me for meals and to stay weekends (something that has never happened before with two of my brothers).

• I won a bottle of champagne in a raffle and was given a bottle of champagne as a STAR employee of the quarter.

• Money is flowing more freely into my life (I won £50 in a charity bonus ball competition and received £200 compensation from an airline delay last month)

I’ve started to exercise and to cut down on my chocolate and sugar consumption (this one is
early days – I’ll keep you posted)

Thank you Ann for your amazing work – I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings.


I felt compelled to write you just a brief note of gratitude for being a part of the 21 days of prayer for the past 2 years. I learned a lot about prayer, being thankful, and the power of a group to raise consciousness. Especially with the guidance of a Master teacher like Ann.

It has been quite a ride to watch how the group has grown and gets better and more improved with each offering. Thank you for including me. I listen each day to Ann’s recordings: especially Meditation, Serenity and Peace, Daily Prayer, Removing Negativity, and Shield.


The work she’s doing is so deep and helpful. So grateful she’s thought of every possible angle.

My mother who’s 90, depressed for years and a total recluse, went outside (to the beauty parlor)!! If that’s not another miracle what is??


In this past week, I recognize I have forgotten what had been upsetting me on deep or sensitive levels. I considered not returning to an activity I usually enjoy because I felt a little uncertainty. I went to bed feeling uneasy but decided to put the thoughts and feelings aside and wait until after work to make a decision.

Later the next morning, I realized I had no recollection to the negative thoughts or feelings that had caused me to consider not returning to the activity. I am forgetting the negativity!

I have also taken the suggestion and write about my gratitude every day on my computer. The 21-Days have been greatly beneficial and the energy is so healing. Thank you all at Inner Healing!


I’m now starting to feel quite a bit better. I notice that my relationship with my elderly mother has improved. Also, that other opportunities are starting to open up. Please pass on my thanks to Ann.


Just had to tell you I woke up feeling really happy and peaceful, then read your email. Living proof that it works. And I had a lovely conversation with my daughter. I also feel free of pain which I had just gotten uses to. Kind of a low grade pain always present, that has disappeared and I am so relaxed, I feel that everywhere in my body I’m letting down tension, even in my head, literally. If I could have known, this is the gift I would have asked for. Pretty amazing.

Also people all around me showing love and caring, in very significant ways. It’s like I’ve taken the perfect drug and I’m cured of all physical and emotional pain. I just feel perfectly content. Who knew it was possible.

I am so grateful! I will savor every moment of this. Thank you Ann, as you continue to work your wonders, God bless you.


Thank you so much for my amazing journey Ann. I really feel the big shift. I am experiencing miracles happening to me.

Today my husband said sorry for the first time in many years. I was so surprised that I was shaking.

I feel that my life is unfolding into a wonderful life.

My husband says more ‘yes’ to invitations than ever before. He is a lot friendlier and happy with himself and the family. I am very self-confident and I feel that money is easy and effortlessly coming to me.

I am not being blamed so often nowadays as in the past. That is great for me. I feel very happy and grateful that I have made such a big shift in my life.


Infinite Thank You’s for this treasured gift of the 21 Days of Healing & Prayer! Wow! My husband and I both signed up for this and the shift for us has really kicked in this past week! We’ve been experiencing incredible Miracles of Love, Joy & Passion that I’ve dreamed of us having together! Laughing, Dancing, growing deeper & deeper in love & respect for each other; sharing the deep Love that’s been there all along!

We both feel so lucky and blessed that we have been able to experience these 21 Days together! Such a treasured Gift in our lives for us, individually and together, for our families and our Circle of Love, and for the Universe!


I just got offered a contract to sell my condo at fair price, as was my hope for last 21 days. Thank you.


I am so happy because my fear, anxiety and worry has now gone – it finally went. It is absolutely wonderful to feel so peaceful and to know that everything will work out. I am so grateful for all your help.


Thank you for this wonderful gift! I have always longed to know God’s love. For the first time in my life, I really feel what it feels like to love purely and unconditionally. I am so grateful!

If one focuses on the impact of love and its capacity to bring miracles into being, then miracles become an expected part of life.


I really feel healed and relieved now. I found inner peace, calmness and serenity. Thank you.

The recording, which “helped” me most, was your recording “eliminating anxiety.” I listened to it lots of times! It really eliminated my anxiety.

I feel that I am myself again! I live my life to the full! Full of energy, ideas, confidence, faith, happiness, laughter, gratitude, love and good health. The sun is in my heart and soul!


I’m feeling really good. I feel much calmer and more peaceful, and everything seems to be going very well. I feel really supported, so I don’t feel anxious, and I have a sense of trust that things will go well….I’m so grateful for Ann’s work.


I didn’t know what my life was going to be like, but I just kept running in my head the words from the daily meditations and shield, etc. I would have a thought of being absolutely homeless but it was replaced with all those phrases …”you have abundance, you have no fear or worry about money” etc. So I just gave up the fear! I kept thinking, “God wants more for me than I want for myself”….well that absolutely what came true!

Something I could never have known would happen, happened. I got a windfall as they say, and now I really NEVER need to worry about money! I never saw it coming, but I surrendered absolutely, saying to myself “God really loves me, He won’t let me down, I just turn it over to Him….people will think I’m a fool but I will”… I had no job, no source of income! But now I am so blessed, I am sooo happy…and I want to thank you.

The work you did on me for three sessions kept me in this higher state that helped me and my whole family through a very difficult and emotional time. I will be signing up again! I want to see what else God has in store for me!


Since you came into my life, my life has improved in many ways: more money, more love, more peace and calm, more clarity, better meditations, really cool people coming into my life, new and awesome life management tools to add to my ‘life management tool kit,’ improved relationships with myself and others.


I had an issue that has been difficult to let go of for months. I have tried everything and it was only short term relief. Through your prayer work I had relief. Suddenly all the pieces fit to bring back my sanity. Thank Ann.


Ann’s 21 Days of Healing and Prayer is deeper than anything I have ever come across. I have used every single modality and learnt and taught many. This is really going to the core of me and I am forever grateful.


Before starting this very beautiful journey I was skeptical. I felt a lot of the symptoms of depression. But things have started to change. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My life has improved dramatically with my children. The relationship with my mother has gotten better. I have acquired a different understanding and things that would normally bother me don’t.

The 21 Days has given new meaning to my life. I have found my spark again!! I am eternally grateful for this!!!


Thank you for your amazing prayer work and support during these 21 days of healing.
I have experienced incredible results: much less worry and anxiety, more joyous moments, I achieve things more easily, and feel much happier!

I am coming out of this inner healing session with renewed hope and anticipation. Good things will happen to me and I will reach my goals! I also experienced a sense of community that was lacking in my life and I am really grateful for that.

I truly enjoyed all the conference calls, and particularly the lesson on effective prayer.
Indeed I have prayed a lot but never heard from God and now I know why.

I am now very committed to continue the work by listening every day to the recordings and flushing out any accumulating negativity. Again, many thanks for your work, your dedication and your kindness.


I am so happy to have done the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer. I feel good every day. I am very happy. People are glad to have me in their life! The people on the roads are very polite and respectful.

I don’t worry about anything anymore. I feel light and serenity. When a challenge comes up, it doesn’t bother me anymore—I stay calm and peaceful. It’s wonderful.

I make clear boundaries for myself. I speak up for fairness and kindness at the right moment. I feel so grateful for all you have done. Life is so much easier for me now.

My authenticity and natural talents are coming more to the surface now, because the blockages are being healed.


I wanted to pass along my deepest thanks and gratitude for Ann’s work.

I’ve had issues stemming from a unlovely family environment and poverty, and I cannot emphasize how much the recordings are helping after many years of work, time and money on therapy and a wide range of modalities-yoga, meditation, theta, affirmations, etc. Geez, I do wish I would have had this long ago, but very grateful to have found this now.

The recordings are definitely triggering an evolution that I did not know would ever be possible. Nothing in the world has really helped me before you.


Last week my father was hit by a car while riding his bike, and died. The news was devastating. Yet, while my family was screaming and falling apart, I experienced peace and calmness. God brought you into my life during this difficult time and I am so grateful. Thank you for the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer.


I am so grateful for the 21 days. I didn’t realize it was possible for my life to be this much better! Some of the things that improved weren’t even on my list!

1. New, positive people came into my life.
2. My relationship with my daughter, her friends, my friends, and my sister improved.
3. I made more money.
4. My health improved. The dark circles under my eyes are almost totally gone. Even the hair stylist marveled at how much healthier and thicker my hair was this month.
5. I look and feel 10 years younger!
6. I feel at peace almost all the time. If I get hurt or angry, I just listen to your recordings, and I am back on track in no time.

This might be the best money I ever spent!


Thank you for the 21 day journey. I love being prayed for every day. I feel ‘supported’ by your prayer work. It’s given me new confidence and peace. You are a role model and I truly appreciate the care, honesty, effort and commitment that you put forth in this program.


I appreciate all the prayers you sent to my son and grandson in their near tragic situation. My grandson now says, “I am high on life.”

Ann, your prayers worked in many more ways in my family. My other son was penniless. Now he has a good job that looks promising.


I am so grateful for your prayer work. I had deep major shifts happened in me:

1) I am so much more peaceful and calm inside.
2) The biggest shift: divorced, alone, neglected, and yearning for love for a long time before your healing session started…and now feeling my heart filled with unconditional love for me, my family and the world.
3) People respond to me in new ways. My son asked how I was feeling…He just doesn’t do that!
4) The Gift: I’ve fooled around for years on the piano, but never got anywhere. Suddenly, I’m playing and singing simple songs. It delights me. It’s in my consciousness that I’ll be playing to give happiness to others, and that’s new.
5) My painting seems more inspired—looking at it lifts my spirits.
6) I’ve been thinking ‘abundantly.’ I can feel a difference.


I just completed my first 21 Days. The great gift I received is that I feel so much HAPPIER with so much more PEACE. This feeling of peace and calmness stays with me all the time! This is huge, because in the past I’d been challenged with recurrent episodes of minor depression. It’s all gone!

It’s an amazing gift Ann offers to the world. It is so invaluable!


A miracle just happened. My eldest son and family immigrated to Canada 5 years ago. He visited us in England once and said he won’t be back, except for an emergency. It hurt all of us. He’s missed my wedding, and 60th birthday celebration.

But your prayer work caused a shift! My son called to say he’s coming home for a week for his brother’s 40th birthday, and sending my granddaughters over for the summer holidays. It is truly a miracle!


For 61 years I’ve had a deep inner sadness. But I listened to Ann’s Call and I cannot access the sad feeling anymore… not an inkling of it! In its place are inner feelings of kindness, peace, compassion and joy–and I noticed a lively twinkle in my eyes. This is a Miracle!


The healing work Ann does is just incredible! Worry and fear left me! Wow! Now I feel confident, at peace and joyful most of the time!

When Ann asks us to bring up any negative memories in our life—I couldn’t find any! That’s miraculous!


During the 21 Days I was calm while driving home in a snow storm—not nervous at all! I knew it was Ann’s work.

Also, my money blocks were cleared! First, I won $500, and the next day a basket of organic groceries! Thank you for changing my entire life.


I had my first 4 figure day online! I stayed happy and focused and the money came in!

21 Days of Healing & Prayer is the best investment I ever made! Now I know that I can make, receive, or attract as much money as I choose. I’m living in my personal power. Thank you Ann for empowering me so profoundly!


While doing the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer I was changed in so many wonderful ways on the inside, and now I actually see things happening on the outside.

– A relative contacted me again after many years and we plan to meet.

– An ex-friend contacted me to attend classes with her—that’s years after going separate ways because of a difficult situation. We have a lot of fun together.

– A serious relationship shifted into place after 3 years.

– Worked years at a job I didn’t like—now I’m working at a better job and loving what I do.

I love the Daily Recordings! Every morning before listening, I thank God for wonderful Ann. Her prayer work is phenomenal!


Because of the 21 Days, problems are easier to deal with and unexpected blessings are cropping up! I remained relaxed during a long dental surgery. Three days later I performed (I’m a singer). Instead of worrying and panicking because of my puffy face and considerable discomfort, it was one of my best performances ever! I was INSIDE the music rather than criticizing myself constantly. I really enjoyed myself! I got lots of great feedback and more work from that performance.

I received an unexpected e-mail from a television produce to do a short film! I had thought about returning to my acting career, and this was an unexpected boost! A few weeks ago I might have found excuses not to do it, or been afraid I wasn’t good enough… all that’s gone, vanished, wooosh!!!

I have been having SO many business ideas it’s ridiculous – I carry a notepad everywhere now, because inspiration strikes at all times! I write songs and found a songwriting partner (something I’ve been seeking for years). I feel brave and courageous in a way I’ve never felt before.

Good things are happening every day, my relationship with my family is improving (and it was already good!) and I am attracting new people and situations… I am slowly regaining my lost self-confidence and it feels wonderful.

Natalia from London

Listened to your recording on “not jumping to conclusions” and it is making a big difference for me. I am not only making less assumptions, but I also recognize it in others, and no longer influenced by it.

Also, thank you for the prayer work you did for my daughter. She got into some trouble in school that could have turned toxic. It just went away with your prayer work! And, my wife and daughter became closer through the experience.


I participated in the 21 Days of Healing & Prayer and want to report some results.

1) Lost 9 lbs in less than a month!
2) Job responsibilities changed and lightened
3) Restored relationship with my son
4) Feel 100% more confident and happier at work

You mean so much to me, and I appreciate your prayer work.


The 21 Days have been a great journey! Knowing Ann is interceding on my behalf is tremendous. My world has been changing and I am just peacefully looking on. I am so excited!


At the beginning of the 21 Days, I was at a very low point and felt lost, excluded and unworthy. I had been looking for a job for several months. Had no idea how to pay my bills or survive.

Just a few days into the 21 Days, I applied for a job. They hired me. I’m so happy, relieved and amazed that I finally turned the corner on my life!

I also met the man of my dreams. I have been praying for, meditating on, and actively asking the universe for the love of my life to please show up for a few years. Miraculously, I met him and he feels the same way about me! Wow! A new job and a new love, all at once!

My life has completely turned around. I am as happy now as I could possibly be, and just 3 weeks ago I was nearly suicidal. I am so amazed that the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer worked so well! Thank you Ann.


Just completed 21 Days of Healing and Prayer. You mentioned measuring our emotional stuff on a 12” ruler and I guess I had around 10 inches! I can feel an incredible shift!

In the last 20 years I tried lots of other ways to heal my depression and anxiety. I am so grateful to you Ann, because I feel lighter and calmer.

I know there are more layers to heal, so I am signing up for another powerful 21 Days as soon as possible! It’s right for me!


I just noticed something huge since starting the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer program. My husband and I work together. When we have to solve a problem, he gets stressed and angry, and it lands on me a lot. His communication at work can be very painful. But now when he stops, the hurt leaves and that is huge. In the past I would have felt hurt a lot longer.


When I started the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer, I couldn’t wait for changes to occur in me! Well, I had changes! My kitty avoided sitting on my lap … but the past 2 weeks he hasn’t left me alone when I sit down. He’s always right there on my lap!!

Also, after my mom passed away in 2008, drinking became a regular habit for me, but now I stopped having a desire for alcohol!

Thank you, Ann. I am so grateful for your prayer work on my behalf.


I’ve never been this engaged and committed with business as I am now.

I’m finding all the RESOURCES are a blessing from God! THANK YOU! Your recordings help me a lot in making decisions. I’m much more confident and trusting in myself.

Your inspiration and motivation caused a SHIFTING in me!!! I have a new ATTITUDE! No more procrastination or self-sabotage! And, I’m HAPPY FOR NO REASON!!

I love you for helping me to see and to be the best of my true self.

I’m so deeply grateful for having God operating in my life through you in really unexpected and MIRACULOUS ways.


I had an incredible healing very early this morning after listening to many of your recordings, listening daily to the shield, the everyday meditation, and the miracle prayer. It was as though this heavy negative dark energy lifted out and around me. I was half asleep and awake, and my body was trembling with ease, grace and pure light. I feel whole this morning and in deep gratitude. Thank You.


I am so excited to begin the next 21 days of prayer and healing. I think you are just a breath of fresh air, as you are truly one of the most genuine healers I’ve worked with. Thank you for working so hard for us, it really is so appreciated.


I signed up last week for your 21-day program. I heard your call mid-January when you sent out an e-mail to join you for one hour. I knew when you gave me the website that I had to get on that program, and that I had to ask the universe for help to buy the package. The universe did just that. My mom gave me some of the money for my birthday to purchase the package.

I have been counting the days till you start. I have purchased probably 90% of your products, basically everything I could find that you have for sale, and I have done a few personal appointments with you as well.

Your work is on my mp3 player, and when I leave my house at 5am, the first thing I listen to on my one-hour drive is Ann’s Prayer, often followed by the body healing processes. You have helped me in amazing ways I can’t even begin to express, so thank you and God. I’m so excited for the next program to start.


I LOVE ANN!!!!!! It was a life changing experience in December and I don’t want to miss this one!!! THANKS!!!


A month ago I had a ski accident, where my spine and spinal cord got a bit shaken. My major hope for the next 21 days (even before the relationship and business issues) was a little miracle in this area. Already this morning (even though I’m in Europe and there is a time difference), I felt a bit better and stronger! Thank you so much for all the miracles which have already happened in my life, and all the miracles still to come!


I’m all excited about my gifts, and I had a great singing workout yesterday. I also decided this time to just go about my day, and work. I’m not going to sit on the couch thinking I should slow down, or be specifically lazy, just so far that it feels good. Thank you all so much; it is incredible how much care and love I feel. I feel so blessed.


My husband have BOTH signed up! YAY! Thank you for generously providing the “Magic Bullet” which serves to cleanse, purify and raise, to the optimum frequency, the “Soul Light” on Mother Earth! We are most grateful!

We are so impressed by how much better we feel having just listened to your interview! WOW! Thank you for also including the recording of that powerful program as a Bonus Offering. We’ll joyfully step into our new and/or better “Best Days Are Ahead” shoes.


I wanted to let you know that I’ve been having a great week. I’ve been listening to the special bonus recording first thing in the morning and in the evening as well and my days have been full and productive.

I went to the gym after work for a good workout. In the tanning room, and upon looking at my body with all the dimples and jiggly bits in the full length mirror, “You are beautiful,” just popped into my head and made me giggle and think of the movie ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’. Then after my shower when I was blow-drying my hair, “You are magnificent” made me smile at myself in the mirror, and this time it sounded like your voice, Ann. At home washing up a few dishes before making dinner and before my son arrived, “You are dynamic, taking care of so much,” came into my consciousness and I felt such a deep feeling of thankfulness and gratitude for the beautiful life I have. I get to do a few dishes in the quiet of my home in the late afternoon…just me and the dog in the house. I feel so blessed at 54 years old and really treasure my solitude. I’ve always known that my 50’s would be a great decade. I really do feel that my best days are ahead and I look forward with excitement and a real sense of place in the world.

Your healing work, Ann, is permeating my whole being and affecting out into my life. My son is a very balanced, calm young man. He’s always been such a blessing in my life and I’ve raised him as a single mom.

Thank you Ann for your prayers. They are acting on me in a very positive, substantive way as a catalyst to zoom me forward in my evolvement. I know the future holds unlimited possibilities for me, only limited by my own beliefs. Thank you for amping up my vibration and my everyday energy. No one can dampen my happiness and sense of belonging these days.

Bless you for the gifts you bestow through your healing work and letting yourself be God’s instrument. Your sunny personality and wonderful lighthearted laughs are just what a lot of people need these days, including me!


I work in health care and I am part of a very difficult and stressful project to build a new computer system for an entire health department. The day before the program started I had such a stressful day, probably the worst I’ve had in years. Everything went wrong; I found all kinds of mistakes that were made, we were behind with our deadlines, people were upset and pointing fingers, and I felt like I wanted to run. I did not want to go to work the next day.

So the next day I went into the office and I just had a calm, peaceful feeling. Everything I was worried about was dissipating. I met with my team, calm and stress free, and went over what we needed to do. It was a great day.

The following day I woke up full of joy, my husband in amazement at how I was laughing and being silly at 6 am. I was singing, giggling, and worry free. I went into the office and had a team of people who offered to help solve my issues. We had such a productive day, all stress free.

This was so amazing to me because in the past, in a similar situation I would be stressed beyond belief, would not sleep, and would end up getting sick and so on. Your prayers shifted me already and I am so grateful.


I had to make the horrible decision of having my 18 and a half year old Staffie pass over the Rainbow Bridge. He’s been my absolute soul buddy for sooo long, and had always hoped he’d have a peaceful transition, preferably not by “my choosing”. He was getting old and weaker … in a nutshell, his “marbles” were all there, but his body was going kaput.

Finally, he stopped eating. I could have shoved pills down his throat “for me to feel good” but I knew that this was his sign of letting me know, that this was it, the end of his line … so I followed through with his wishes. The guilt started coming in with; “Is this my ego?’, “Is this my heart talking?”, “Am I doing the right thing?”. All these humanly, yucky thoughts … so I had to keep getting back to “what Brutus wanted”. Usually with this amount of stress, I would have a huge outbreak of cold sores, but I have not even had ONE! Not one, Ann … do you know how WOW that is for me?

So anyways, what I’m really trying to tell you, is that because of your prayer work; I stayed calm, I stayed positive, I “had” to trust my instincts, I talked to angels/God, and kept thinking of good times, and letting Brutus know he was going to a happy place. I really had unbelievable courage and strength to go through all this, especially having to phone the vet to help him go.

The most amazing of this wonderful story is this; I kept asking him, “Brutus, show me a rainbow so that I know I’ve made the right decision”. No rainbow, no rainbow, so I start to feel guilty as expected. On his last morning, I go to his bed to give him another cuddle, and low and behold, the sun shone on the angel crystal I have hanging outside, which ricocheted on to the indoor mirror, which ricocheted right smack in the middle of his forehead between his eyes. A RAINBOW!!! OMG, how beautifully amazing is that? After that Ann, all I could do was say a zillion thanks for my confirmation, and giving me the 100% knowing that everything was going how it was meant to be.

The vet came to the house, and Brutus was already sleeping in my lap, and didn’t even open his eyes when the needle was put in. It was the most beautiful experience, and he has the most amazing red flowering Hibiscus on his grave. When we all sat down there were heaps of monarch butterflies and one dragonfly that just kept circling, and circling, and circling in front of us. There were birds, and calm, and my husband, so supportive and loving. It was just fantastic.

For something so dreadful, it ended up so beautiful, so thank you God and thank you Ann. I know within my beautiful dear heart, you helped me/us with all of it, and I am so grateful. I’m so calm, and I still go for my daily walks with my Brutus next to me in spirit, and I sing along, glowing with pure love for everything I see, feel, and hear.

Even though it was such a tough time I went through, I feel OK! I feel better than OK, I feel great! You’re never getting rid of me Ann; I’m going to have you in my life always … You ROCK! You are THE BEST! Your Prayers WORK…to which I want to say a gazillion thank yous to you and God. Together we’re making a difference!


On a physical level, my nasal passages are now fully open. The passages have been partially blocked all my life. I can breathe through both nostrils easily now. Thank you God!!!


I listened to Ann’s interview to pass the time while doing the families ironing, or so I thought. I was immediately blown away by Ann and just sat in a chair and listened since I knew something special was happening. Ann did three money clearings and do you know it was instant for me. Straight away I knew on a soul level that I no longer had these worries. It was like the best thing that ever happened to me and I knew my next step in my development was to go forward with the 30 days of prayers which I instantly put on my credit card without even thinking or worrying. I found myself so at peace and being in such a state of gratitude that I just knew it was the right thing to do.

I started to find Ann everywhere from then on, and I listened to, and read everything I could about her. I must add that at 64years old I have been on my spiritual path since I was 21, after a near death experience. So, it’s been a long time and I have searched far and wide and completed many studies and healing works. I have never come across anyone who has affected me so profoundly before and so instantly.

I began with having no more money worries. My finances from my retirement pension, naturally remained the same, but try as I might, I have no issues or worries or fear of not having enough and seem to just be at peace that everything will always work out, and it does.

During the 30 days of prayer I started changing so many things about myself that used to bother me, just like Ann said we would. It is true that you need to write these things down to remember

I passed an exam easily and I have been on a roller coaster of learning like never before. I am much more at peace with myself and life in general and for the first time, I am actually living in the now, going with the flow and totally accepting everything just the way that it is. You have no idea how good this feels. I wake up each day so excited to embrace a new day. I started a gratitude journal and I have become so positive. I stand by my decision not to watch the news or have to endure loud and violent TV programmes and the war films my husband so loves. It is unbelievable because he has bought wireless headphones so that I no longer hear these things, his own suggestion. That is divine intervention for sure let me tell you.

I have successfully taken control of my weight too. I have been trying to lose the same 1 stone for over 4 years and I have now lost it, amazingly. A situation that always caused real heartache and pain no longer affects me. There was no reaction just acceptance, calmness and even joy!!!!

Another real problem, and try as hard, I could not avoid it and loathed myself for it. I used to wake up with my first thoughts over the nitty gritty daily selfish demands of my husband’s daughter. Always being at her beck and call, putting her first in every way and always dumping any commitment with me at the drop of a hat, should she ask. Knowing a phone call would come in any minute from her, early or late and throughout the day wound me up so much. He totally spoiled her and gave her all our savings and retirement pension funds to finance an even bigger house last year, leaving us with no savings.

It became a problem between us and he only saw this as my being jealous of their closeness and affection. He has never been able to show me any affection, which he admitted, and didn’t know why. I tried to explain that I just wanted the same respect. I started to get obsessed with these thoughts and I knew it could destroy us and I asked God, through Ann’s prayers, to help me. I wrote it in my memory sheet. Do you know, this no longer bothers me either? I woke up a couple of weeks ago and realized that she wasn’t the first thing I thought of, that the whole thing just washed over me. The most unbelievable thing is my husband has started to take off his blinkers and there have been a couple of instances where he has even put me first for the first time ever. He has become more affectionate and bought me red roses for Valentine’s Day and a new car!!!!!! Well, not brand new, but a lot newer than my other one. I was just speechless. He took me out for a Valentines meal instead of babysitting, as we normally do, so that his daughter could go out, and they ended up with a take away instead. He has never, ever, been like this before.

I have had a miracle healing too. I have waited before reporting this but it is now 2 weeks and my hips have been healed. This is the first time I have told anyone, and it is true. So a physical healing has taken place as well. I have arthritis in my hips, have always been a walker, and I have been in pain and trouble for a couple of years, knowing I will soon have to face hip replacement surgery…I had asked God to heal my hips in my Ann’s 21 days memory sheet. I am waiting for corrective surgery to my feet for arthritis, which I accept, and I only asked God if he could arrange the timing for me to see my way clear for my families visit from Canada. I have not told my family about his healing, as I don’t think they will be able to accept it, but soon it will be obvious to them.

I am just so happy and positive, and I know my vibration has risen considerably. I can’t wait for each day, have great expectations for the future, feel deserving like never before, and I am being kind to myself, going forward in who I am with a new confidence. I have always been an artist, put on hold, now I even see myself surrounded by canvases and feel on top of the world.

I want to thank Ann for the extra days of prayer work and for the extra call with her. I was so humbled to listen to the other people from the group. The healing Ann did on the lady who lost her son was amazing and the lovely sweet lady waiting for breast surgery. It is though we have become a family and the group feels very special indeed. I know this is only the beginning of much more to come and I hope that we will continue on from here in some way.

You have changed my life for the better in the most miraculous ways and you are such a genuinely nice person who really does care. No wonder God chose you as the one to give this special prayer gift to, and chose you to help us all in this way. Ann, you are an earth Angel.


I am sooooo excited to share all the yummy changes I have welcomed to my life since Ann started praying for me and my co-receivers in the first 21-day prayer group! This new divine technology is HUGE!! Really powerful!

1) My happiness levels have increased exponentially! I live in Greece with the economic doom and gloom growing bigger every moment and I am as happy as a baby! People want to be around me all the time (family members, friends, people from work and even TOTAL STRANGERS start talking to me) as they find that they experience a sense of relaxation, comfort and ease in my presence! My phone is ringing a lot more frequently and I get invitations from friends all the time! I am very busy but I love this level of interaction!

2) I find it easy and completely natural to say NO when something doesn’t resonate with my truth. This is a HUGE transformation for me! I found it almost impossible till now. I mean, I couldn’t say the word NO! Now, it just flows out of my mouth in the most gentle and natural way, without me feeling guilty for making this choice. It feels great now to say NO when I choose it, as I am more truthful and authentic to myself and others. I feel like I’m able to RESPECT myself and others more! Feelings like guilt, obligation, feeling sorry for others and even myself, have disappeared!

3) I used to sleep with the television switched on during the last few years. It is in a different room, but still the noise would reach my bedroom. The reason I did this was a feeling of insecurity whenever I was alone at home. Now, I NEVER leave my television on when I go to sleep. In fact, I can’t stand it any longer! What freedom and what bliss to feel fully loved and protected! I go to sleep now with a big smile on my face and gorgeous thoughts dancing freely in my head! Delicious!

4) My beauty is shining through! I have been trying to hide my beauty and my femininity for years. I had been sexually attacked at school about 20 years ago, and since then I have been abusing my body and trying to be as ugly as I could! I was blaming and punishing myself for what had happened. Almost a year and a half ago I went raw (on a raw food diet) and I started reconnecting with my body. Yet, the progress I have made since Ann started praying for me is TEN TIMES bigger than all the progress that I have made during the last year and a half! People are impressed by my increased confidence, the glow of my skin. They find that my eyes are shining like stars, and that I move in a more feminine way, and a lot more! They all want to know what I breathe in my air and drink in my water!

5) I have been working on a business project with a partner of mine for the last 10 months and things were completely stuck. It was pretty frustrating and I felt a great deal of resistance on my part, as I did not particularly like the subject of the project. I wanted to go for something different and definitely bigger! And guess what! The project we have recorded was LOST and we got together last week and did it again! This time we chose a broader subject and we approached it in a way I absolutely LOVE! Things are running smoothly now and we are about to start profiting within the next ten days or so. Whooo Hoooo!

6) I am a journalist and I host a radio show for the cultural, public radio on weekends. My show was stopped a couple of months ago, due to the terrible economic situation my country (Greece) is going through. I was told that it would not be back until the end of May. Yet, out of the blue, my radio show was back on air about 3 weeks ago and I don’t even know how! All I know is that it feels amazing to have it back in my life so much earlier! Yippee!

7) I used to sleep for 4-6 hours at night. Now, I sleep a good 7 hours like a baby!

8) I love writing and during the last 2 to 3 weeks my muse visits me much more often! I get beautiful ideas and wonderful inspirations almost on demand! What a blessing!

I am ready for some more yumminess! I KNOW it’s coming my way! I FEEL it!
Oh, and I can’t wait for the next 21-day prayer program to start! Ann can do MAGIC!


My life has had much pain. I have spent several years deleting and reprogramming. Still I was wondering why I had not shifted out of this. I was tired, not from the call, as I did feel somewhat better and relieved, but just drained from being sick, work and processing. I noticed a huge shift today when I woke up. The negative things just aren’t there…I am even trying to bring them up. I feel as though I am digging, I find the box where all of this negative stuff was in, only to find the box is now empty. I feel the space from these places, but it is now just space. It feels odd, in the most wonderful way. Tears of gratitude are falling on my face as I write this. I know these will continue to dissipate as I have purchased your recordings and have listened to your telecasts. I am a single parent of two children; my life has been filled with much pain, abuse and struggle. At this moment I do not have a clue how my life will unfold or how I will get there. I am in a place of total gratitude for this space I am now feeling.


Just wanted to let you know my HAPPY heart center is still as big as it can get! You have been healing me with your gift from God for a few years now, but this has been miraculous. It is continuing to change my life in many ways.

The blessings continue all around me for my friends and family. Yes, they are still jaw dropping! They continue to be things that are simply unexplainable, as they are things we know aren’t possible in the natural world. Thank you really isn’t enough for all the gifts and blessings you ask for us. You are a gift from God to us!


I’m so grateful for all the work you’ve been doing for me. I am a totally different person now. I’m full of patience, which is really important for me because I work in a school. I have never been so happy in my whole life. I’m full of joy and happiness. My life is much easier now. I have much more confidence in myself and my life is getting better and better every day. I see my life from a different perspective. I have much more gratitude for everything I receive in my life. I had lots of trauma in my life but now I think I’ve been cured.

People are treating me in different way now, they are much more polite to me and more helpful.

I have the impression that it’s a turning point in my life and it’s like total rebirth and I have a feeling that everything will work out for me. I’m feeling such gratitude for all your work! I want to mention my eating routine–everything has changed for me. I’m eating only green stuff, and my body doesn’t want to eat sugary food or drink alcohol. I know I have a problem with candida in my body, but now I’m feeling much better. I’m full of joy, and I have more energy than ever before. Everything is much easier for me, and I’m much more focused and creative, and I’m really, really happy.


In addition to receiving your daily prayers, Ann, I have also been listening to the Miracle Prayer daily. After looking for a job in my home state for over a year, today I was offered a position, which will allow me to be reunited with my husband and my dog. I am overjoyed! I feel God restoring my marriage and helping our financial flow!


In week 2 it just keeps getting better and better! My relationship with my daughter continues to improve. She said I had been bitter, mean, and controlling, and she feels like all that is gone now, and I do too. I know it is due to the work that you have been doing, Ann.

In my work, my decision-making has also improved. I made the decision to sell some machines connected to my business which I was not currently using, and which I was paying storage on each month. A business broker called me out of the blue with a business proposition. I had the strength to turn down his deal, but asked him to sell my machines for me. Three days later he texted me with an offer for the exact amount I wanted. We were both stunned by how quickly it sold as in this business it can often take months. I see the results of your work all throughout this entire episode.

I also want to say that I absolutely love the meditation recording. I have tried other meditation techniques, and I either feel I don’t have the time, can’t focus, or fall asleep. All I can say is–this works! I have always struggled with ADD/ADHD and after listening to this I find I can focus enough to get some productive things done. I also feel that it leaves me mellow and gives me space to be open to new ideas, and to percolate solutions.


I had my first 4 figure day online! I stayed happy and focused and the money came in! 21 Days of Healing & Prayer is the best investment I ever made! Now I know that I can make, receive, or attract as much money as I choose. I’m living in my personal power. Thank you Ann for empowering me so profoundly!


I think you are just a breath of fresh air, as you are truly one of the most genuine healers I’ve worked with. Thank you for working so hard for us, it really is so appreciated.


Ann’s 21 Days of Healing and Prayer is deeper than anything I have ever come across. I have used every single modality and learnt and taught many. This is really going to the core of me and I am forever grateful.


I am so happy because my fear, anxiety and worry has now gone… It is absolutely wonderful to feel so peaceful and to know that everything will work out. I am so grateful for all your help.


This is my 9th or 10th time in the program and it just keeps getting better. I have been eating much healthier. I broke a Starbucks addiction without batting an eye… so awesome! I am so grateful to and for Ann!


Your work is healing my life, and healing my heart. I am sooo grateful to you! Being in your 21 days group (6 times now) has been the best thing I ever did for myself! I feel different about myself. My foundations are restored—I feel supported, much more balanced, resilient, and at peace. My heart is opening more and more, and there is a renewed interest in, and love for life and the future!


I would like to say how grateful and blessed I feel since starting your monthly 21 days 6 months ago – my life has been transformed and continues to transform!

Highlights were:

  • I survived (along with all other passengers and crew) a plane emergency where there were problems on take off and the engine went on fire (I was in the seat watching it) as we came in to make an emergency landing. 24 May is now my “lucky to alive day” and I plan to do something special for me each year on that date.
  • I received a wonderful two-week holiday as compensation. Four of us fly from Scotland to California on 7 February for two weeks in business class with all 5 star accommodation paid for by the airline.
  • I was successful in gaining a new contract for work (I’m self employed) after 15 months not working. I love my new contract and the people I work with
  • My husband Graham went to work in Norway which is the first job he has had in his life that he has loved doing (He’s now 50)
  • Graham organised an amazing surprise weekend away in Bergen, Norway, booking flights, a wonderful hotel and a day trip round the fjords. He’s never organised anything before!
  • My family is closer to me and invited me for meals and to stay weekends (something that has never happened before with two of my brothers).
  • I won a bottle of champagne in a raffle and was given a bottle of champagne as a STAR employee of the quarter.
  • Money is flowing more freely into my life (I won £50 in a charity bonus ball competition and received £200 compensation from an airline delay last month).

I’ve started to exercise and to cut down on my chocolate and sugar consumption (this one is early days – I’ll keep you posted) .

Thank you Ann for your amazing work – I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings.


I felt compelled to write you just a brief note of gratitude for being a part of the 21 days of prayer for the past 2 years. I learned a lot about prayer, being thankful, and the power of a group to raise consciousness. Especially with the guidance of a Master teacher like Ann.

It has been quite a ride to watch how the group has grown and gets better and more improved with each offering. Thank you for including me. I listen each day to Ann’s recordings: especially Meditation, Serenity and Peace, Daily Prayer, Removing Negativity, and Shield.

Marc Paul

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