Testimonials on Forgiveness

Testimonials on Forgiveness

Today my angels orchestrated a forgiveness with my husband that went straight to the core! I now have confidence in my Higher Self to guide and direct me to make good decisions.


I harbored resentment for my husband. When I received the message to forgive myself and others, I did not know what to do with the resentment which I had found so “useful.” But your Surrender Prayer helped me.


I felt a difference and realized it’s the healing from past lives. I forgave my dad. I thought I had, but now I really forgave him. I feel like a 1000 pound weight lifted from my shoulders.


Your healing work helped me send healing energy to people. It feels amazing to do this. I feel like a 50 year depression has lifted, gone, poof… I also forgave my dad, something that only happened because of your healing work.


I was suddenly overwhelmed with thoughts of kindness and forgiveness about things that happened in my youth. The sadness and guilt lifted. I felt free! Then I read your email that you prayed for kindness.


My Gift: I received a divine ‘message’ that my parents asked for my forgiveness. I really needed this. It’s been decades since they died…but now all is resolved.


A feeling came over me that happened a while ago. I said, “I forgive myself”…something I never do. I felt peace. After that experience, everything seemed brighter and clearer. 2 hours later, I read Ann’s email … about forgiveness.


I want to forgive myself and others. My husband wants our relationship to heal. It’s all happening because of your work with the Divine.


It feels good to be “heard’ and “cherished.” I finally stopped being resentful about past abuse and forgave myself. We are all ‘just where we are on the journey’ and ‘it is what it is.’


I was obsessed with all the things that I do wrong because I keep losing jobs! But this time I took action and wrote a cover letter. As I proofed it, I said, “Wow, I really have a lot of good experience! This looks good! I should be proud and confident.” And confidence swept over me. Later I discovered that you had facilitated ‘forgiveness of myself.’ It’s wonderful!


God spoke, “Step out in faith.” I am a single parent, but after signing up, a tax situation was resolved; I reconciled with a family member who did me wrong; and I forgave my husband for walking out on us. All in one month!


I couldn’t forgive myself—so I listened to the recording ‘Eliminating the Negative Charge.’ I feel so peaceful. I felt annoyed /angry / resentful with someone at work but after listening to a recording, I became totally accepting of this person.


I was at my granddaughter’s birthday party and my ex-husband and his wife were there. It was the first time in over 30 years that I had no energy or emotion about my negative past with him. When he was leaving he put out his hand, but I gave him a hug and his wife a hug. I feel good and so grateful to you!


This healing work is very empowering. I can feel it everywhere in my life…for myself and the others I forgive. This is wonderful peace. I am grateful that I choose what I want in my life.


This is my 4th month with you. I was an 8-incher up until a year ago when my life started changing dramatically for the better.

During your program, God released my major fears, taught me to forgive myself and others, and taught me how to more effectively release my traumas and beliefs that no longer serve me as well as those of my clients. God has shown me happiness and peace. I am laughing and enjoying so many more things. I just know that all is well and the people around me are responding the same way. My monthly income has gone from $0 as a student to $2,200 with two new jobs.

God has given me two surprise trips – to Peru and Aruba. Very powerful and unexpected things happened during each trip.

THANK YOU, Ann, for being my teacher and mentor.


The miracle I wanted to report is Wonderful and I am so grateful! I ran into a person from my past that was very influential in my life… In a bad way. It was my ex-husband’s mistress. Their relationship broke up our marriage, family and closed down our family restaurant. I always thought about what I would say to her when I saw her in person.

That opportunity came when I saw her on Valentine’s Day at a coffee shop. I had absolutely no emotions when I saw her! I said to myself, this is my chance. Yet there was nothing I felt that I needed to say to her! I had no animosity and really the story had no hold on me!!

I didn’t even tell my sister until days later and just told my mom today. I mentioned it as a “matter of fact” and couldn’t access any feelings… They just weren’t there! I had forgiveness in my heart. Wow! God is so good and so is Ann Taylor’s 21 day Program! I pray the miracles just keep on coming!


Since starting the healing prayer I have stopped worrying about the negative comments from my family.

I had a problem with my sister and how she treats me. This sister has been destroying my self-esteem for years! I called her for a short, sweet call – usually I would cry and dwell on her behavior for the next several days – but I didn’t this time. I knew I was experiencing Ann’s healing prayers. I forgave my sister, and I’m at peace with myself. I am moving forward with my life – THANKS for all your help Ann.


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