Testimonials on Feeling Supported & Grounded

Testimonials on Feeling Supported & Grounded

No longer am I a prisoner of my past. I’m looking ahead and wanting to simply enjoying living life. I feel protected and guided.


Incredible, I have a new sense of me. Like my personality is taking shape. I feel very responsible in a nice way for what I do. I never felt this grounded before.


I feel calm and grounded, with a deep sense of being helped by God. I’m stronger in my ambitions and dreams that everything is possible! My fear of lack of money has dissipated and I’m confident about my business.

When I listen to the recordings, my son hears them too—he is more loving, happier, singing again and more confident.


Little by little there is more ease in my life that’s so good a great relief. There’s a feeling of being protected that comes with your program. I love your emailing us all every day to let us know what you’re up to with the 21 days for us. The details blow me away. The unconditional love in all our cells feels magical.


I’m always supported wherever I am. I receive exactly what I need. I need only to open my eyes to recognize support is immediately around the corner, at the next moment, placed strategically to keep my experience in integrity, and sometimes I just ask and open to receive… feeling so much calm and peace.


Thank you for sending the daily emails. I find the sweet energy and the positive messages very supportive and loving–I appreciate you and the messages very much.

I am grateful for everything that is happening and the wonderful support in my life. I am gaining more insight into how I need to handle things I want healed in my life. Old memories came up, but I realize much of the pain I hung unto was not even mine to begin with.


Thank you for the recordings. I have listened to them every day – almost always when I awake. They are centering, grounding, uplifting, and such a joy to look forward to.


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Thank you for all you do to facilitate such positive changes in my life. I realize that the prayer work makes me say “yes” to life instead of “no” or “maybe.” And “yes” you may, “yes” you are, “yes” you have, is coming back to me from the universe.


Thank you so much for your prayers on this 21 day journey! I did something that I never thought I would do. I stepped out in total faith and made a huge step … and I felt at peace doing it!

I continue to feel a greater sense of peace and centeredness, even through some major business hurtles. Thank you for all your healing prayer work, and for God’s great grace. I just feel so grounded now, in a way that I never experienced before.


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