Testimonials on Feeling Safe

Testimonials on Feeling Safe

My biggest issues have been not feeling safe, abandonment and rejection. For the first time in my life I KNOW I am SAFE in the world. That alone is worth it. It has all shifted and I am so grateful feeling peace. I have more confidence in myself. I am learning to manage the money I have better. I am calmer and just know this is only the beginning of great things coming my way.

My daughter has been affected as well. She is standing in her own power and making good decisions for herself. She has made new friends and is well liked at her job by people who didn’t like her before. She is feeling safe in her life now. Such a relief for me to KNOW she feels safe, since she lives 1500 miles away.


I can’t thank you enough for hosting such a wonderful program…it has made a world of difference in me! I’ve carried around a mountain of baggage internally and was definitely a 12 incher! I got a feeling in my heart chakra at the same time every day that something was happening.

The program has left me feeling much ‘lighter’ and I really enjoyed the calls. I have never had a really strong connection with God – spiritual and definitely not religious but this has helped me so much in finding strength and security within my own skin (who I am) and not relying on or looking outside myself for that affirmation. I am so looking forward to the next session. Again, thank you for sharing your gift of helping others through your wonderful work!


Have suffered from depression and loneliness since I can remember. I feel safe on Planet Earth! It’s awesome to feel those issues are cleared and my true self can shine thru.


My life has dramatically changed since Ann began praying for me. The move to a new and lovely senior living center is complete. I feel secure here, with the sense that all is well for future years – I have a home. I am so grateful and so blessed for Ann’s prayer work.


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I am sooooo excited to share all the yummy changes I have welcomed to my life since Ann started praying for me and my co-receivers in the first 21-day prayer group! This new divine technology is HUGE!! Really powerful!

1) My happiness levels have increased exponentially! I live in Greece with the economic doom and gloom growing bigger every moment and I am as happy as a baby! People want to be around me all the time (family members, friends, people from work and even TOTAL STRANGERS start talking to me) as they find that they experience a sense of relaxation, comfort and ease in my presence! My phone is ringing a lot more frequently and I get invitations from friends all the time! I am very busy but I love this level of interaction!

2) I find it easy and completely natural to say NO when something doesn’t resonate with my truth. This is a HUGE transformation for me! I found it almost impossible till now. I mean, I couldn’t say the word NO! Now, it just flows out of my mouth in the most gentle and natural way, without me feeling guilty for making this choice. It feels great now to say NO when I choose it, as I am more truthful and authentic to myself and others. I feel like I’m able to RESPECT myself and others more! Feelings like guilt, obligation, feeling sorry for others and even myself, have disappeared!

3) I used to sleep with the television switched on during the last few years. It is in a different room, but still the noise would reach my bedroom. The reason I did this was a feeling of insecurity whenever I was alone at home. Now, I NEVER leave my television on when I go to sleep. In fact, I can’t stand it any longer! What freedom and what bliss to feel fully loved and protected! I go to sleep now with a big smile on my face and gorgeous thoughts dancing freely in my head! Delicious!

4) My beauty is shining through! I have been trying to hide my beauty and my femininity for years. I had been sexually attacked at school about 20 years ago, and since then I have been abusing my body and trying to be as ugly as I could! I was blaming and punishing myself for what had happened. Almost a year and a half ago I went raw (on a raw food diet) and I started reconnecting with my body. Yet, the progress I have made since Ann started praying for me is TEN TIMES bigger than all the progress that I have made during the last year and a half! People are impressed by my increased confidence, the glow of my skin. They find that my eyes are shining like stars, and that I move in a more feminine way, and a lot more! They all want to know what I breathe in my air and drink in my water!

5) I have been working on a business project with a partner of mine for the last 10 months and things were completely stuck. It was pretty frustrating and I felt a great deal of resistance on my part, as I did not particularly like the subject of the project. I wanted to go for something different and definitely bigger! And guess what! The project we have recorded was LOST and we got together last week and did it again! This time we chose a broader subject and we approached it in a way I absolutely LOVE! Things are running smoothly now and we are about to start profiting within the next ten days or so. Whooo Hoooo!

6) I am a journalist and I host a radio show for the cultural, public radio on weekends. My show was stopped a couple of months ago, due to the terrible economic situation my country (Greece) is going through. I was told that it would not be back until the end of May. Yet, out of the blue, my radio show was back on air about 3 weeks ago and I don’t even know how! All I know is that it feels amazing to have it back in my life so much earlier! Yippee!

7) I used to sleep for 4-6 hours at night. Now, I sleep a good 7 hours like a baby!

8) I love writing and during the last 2 to 3 weeks my muse visits me much more often! I get beautiful ideas and wonderful inspirations almost on demand! What a blessing!

I am ready for some more yumminess! I KNOW it’s coming my way! I FEEL it!
Oh, and I can’t wait for the next 21-day prayer program to start! Ann can do MAGIC!


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