Testimonials on Feeling Calm

Testimonials on Feeling Calm

I was very distressed but feel so much better now, calmer, at peace, with much gratitude.


I woke up with a smile and the intention to have a great day! I’m happy and relaxed, and an overall feeling of gratitude is flowing through me.


I realized that I’m not crying any more for no reason! I was always sad. But now I’ve got peace and a feeling calm now.


I sleep much better and awaken feeling relaxed. One morning I woke with a positive thought about my mother which is a miracle. The second miracle is the feeling of relaxation I now have in my arms and hands. It feels so good and it’s with me all the time! The best miracle is that my blood pressure is perfect.


In my first 21 Days Program:

• Received an unexpected $400 Hanukah gift from relatives that never give gifts
• Received $2000 unexpected employment reimbursements.
• Offered a job that pays $500 more than I asked
• Overcame my fear of driving on the freeway
• Calmer and more positive!
• Much clearer vision of my life-purpose and the steps I need to take.

Believe it or not it all happened in 21 days! It was a remarkable experience!


I feel the profound power of the recordings change my energy and often calm deep fears and worries.


It’s good to have partners in prayer, for the highest good of all. Helps me to relax and trust more. I’ve come to rely on the certain knowledge that you are praying for me!


My panic attacks are gone and I can quickly get rid of negative thoughts using the recording. I have peace and calm now that I won’t be homeless.


I am so grateful for these 21 days. I’m a different person now, so calm and happy. I am so excited about my life every morning when I wake up.


I feel calm and grounded, with a deep sense of being helped by God. I’m stronger in my ambitions and dreams that everything is possible! My fear of lack of money has dissipated and I’m confident about my business.

When I listen to the recordings, my son hears them too—he is more loving, happier, singing again and more confident.


Now when a negative emotion surfaces, I listen to my higher self and feel more relaxed and at peace.


I experience calmness, inner joy, and a knowing that my life will be better than I imagine. My thoughts are positive, and it’s hard to bring up the very ugliness of the past. I am very grateful for Ann’s work.


Your prayer sure is powerful. I’m no longer having negative feelings/memories about my mother. Also, felt so unusually relaxed in all my cells today.


Gosh your voice calms me so much and brings me up from real despair! I’m calmer and more trusting.


I experience calm and have inner peace during a challenging moment. This is wonderful!


My overall level of calmness is greater and I’m way more confident in social situations. Things that used to knock me off course are not affecting me—that must be the resilience kicking in. I feel confident about my future.


I’m changing. I visited my family and felt calm throughout the stay. I didn’t get annoyed with my mother at the things that remind me of myself. Even the tension with my brother-in-law stopped. But the unusual reaction my dad had to something that happened convinced me that they are experiencing the effects of the healing work from the 21 Days.


Love what Ann does…I feel so much peace and calmness, even at times when I normally got upset …


I joined a yoga class because I felt a need for consistent exercise and enjoying it. The next day I saw Ann’s email the next day—great to see the direct connection between the healing work and my daily life. I’m feeling increased calmness and more peace of mind, it’s a great feeling.


My fears settled into calm well-being. I’ve learned something very important to center my spirit. I have gratitude now for my family and friends, and the surety of being supported in the universe.



I had a fortifying nap at noon…and slept the night through, even though I trouble with my sleep by night. But I read in your email that you put us in a state of peace and calmness.


My stress level gradually diminished until the angry me vanished. Even my children are acting much calmer.


Big changes! Before I had lot of anxiety and panic attacks—but now I’m peaceful and calm! I listen to the Meditation recording several times a day—and my cells rejoice every time! The feelings of peace, serenity, calm, and joy fill every cell of my body. It’s incredible!


I have an inner calm and know all is well. I listen to your recordings several times a day. If I’m unable to bring up a negative thought, but feel pain in my body—I focus on the spot and it goes away.


I felt a deep quietude. It’s even tangible. I have the (spiritual) confidence to surrender, and not worry. The awareness of my desire keeps increasing.


Feel a deep calm… which is a miracle considering what’s going on around me. I couldn’t go on without the help of the healing work.


Even though life became more devastating than any time in the last 65 years, I’m feeling calm. This is huge!


I’m REALLY feeling the healing work. My compassion is deeper for everyone around me. Things just don’t bother me as much as they once did. I’m CALM all the time. Sometimes, I can even hear your voice in my head clearing the negative charges.


I’m about to undergo surgery and should be a little anxious, but I’m calm. The 21 Days does miracles for me! Your healing work feels like a personalized blessing.


I feel calmer, more peaceful and I sense more wonder around me. I feel like I have a secret to smile about.


My life has been so much better because of the 21 Days of Prayer. Much calmer and less stressed!


I feel a better and calmer. And that’s great for me!


The 21 Days of healing and prayer:

– renewed my faith in myself
– helped me to be stronger in myself and not so sensitive to others
– helped me to forgive (huge!)
– helped me feel connected to the light world
– allowed me to feel a calm and peace……I haven’t felt this in years!
– gives me courage when I just want to curl up and disappear


I listen to your recordings every day. I’m so grateful to experience peace and calmness beyond words.


Quit a good job to move home and care for my mom, with no plan, no money, and no job—but I no longer feel upset or scared. I feel peace, knowing and trusting God will work it out for good. The 21 Days is the reason I am calm during the most difficult situation ever. The program is a Godsend!


Before the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer I lacked unshakeable faith and trust in God for my career, finances and relationships. Blessings and miracles quickly replaced the doubt. Best of all, my confidence and resilience continue to increase. Now there’s absolute knowledge that God is working with me and takes care of me no matter what. I feel calmer knowing my life is in perfect order.


Wow! The 21 Days of healing and prayer just keep getting better. The worry about money and the daily stresses were replaced with peace and calm is wonderful, but also I received a Gift for better health. For the first time I crave healthy food, and it’s affecting my lineage—my son called to say their changing the way they eat!


My friend noticed a difference in me! I’m feeling a lot more peaceful and I’m not ‘reacting’ to other people’s stuff.

I am in the middle of a stressful dressmaking commission, but I’m calmly working and getting it done. Wow! Your prayers are working!!


Thank you for the 21 Days! To have the feeling of calm, and knowing it will work out well, in the upset, is such a gift!

Jo Ann

I’m really enjoying the 21 Day program–I feel so much calmer!


My stress level is eliminated. I flew into a city and a situation left me with no one to pick me up from the airport. I was abandoned, yet remained calm. Your healing work kept me sane and not stressed. …and it led me to relocating here with a better job and great benefits.


My eating changed and I’m releasing pounds; I laugh out loud a lot; look for happy movies; released all my stress from my daughter and send her LOVE! The “icing on the cake”—my sense of peace and calm! I want to sign up for the next 21 Days.


I’ve a calmness and inner peace that I never had before. I love the daily emails. My relationship with money healed. I crave healthier foods. I’m trusting my intuition. I can’t wait for the next 21 Days to start!


I’m joyful, calm, stuff is just rolling off me. I push myself to do what needs to get done! Wow! … wonder what my vibration hit today?


I met with an intuitive guidance counselor. She affirmed improved/increased vibration; noted my career positivity; and decreased negative energy. I informed her about the 21-Days of Healing and Prayer. She recommends I continue. Yes, I am signing up again.

I ‘lost’ my new prescription eyeglasses. I accepted the incident and chose to move forward and not exert a lot of energy on something replaceable. This is HUGE growth for me. I felt no anxiety or frustration but calmness… and eventually found them.


I listen to your recordings on my daily runs outside and find them empowering and calming. Love the Relationship Recording.


I’m always supported wherever I am. I receive exactly what I need. I need only to open my eyes to recognize support is immediately around the corner, at the next moment, placed strategically to keep my experience in integrity, and sometimes I just ask and open to receive… feeling so much calm and peace.


I feel calmer. I’m working on myself to improve my financial situation. The daily emails and the calls combined with the many recordings is excellent.


I honestly cannot worry be fearful, nervous or worry anymore after Ann’s healing work on money. My job slowed down, yet I am calm and peaceful. Seems that whatever I’m doing gets done easier, quicker and more efficiently than before.

My self-esteem changed and I’m not beating myself up so much anymore. In the mirror I see the girl I was back in 2011, whom I loved so much. It was amazing!

I love for the Shield Recording. I feel so protected. It gives me strength to stand up to negative energy and stay calm.


I’m so grateful for the 21 days of healing and prayer –it’s my third time. Things keep getting better! I’m most grateful for the calmness, peacefulness and stress-free state of mind. I don’t worry about things as much as I used to. I believe things will work out smoothly and perfectly. It’s incredible how fast the changes occur during Ann’s program! This creates such ease for myself, my days at work, as well as towards dear ones around me. Thank you!

Also, a psychic/intuitive friend wanted to know what I was doing differently—she could tell that my vibration had risen much higher. Wonderful news!


I went to family reunion and was astounded… I knew that the 21 Day program had everything to do with the profound and beautiful changes I experienced.

My mother and I had a rough relationship. But this visit… I have never before in my life felt so calm and at peace with her, enjoying her, and radiating unconditional love towards her! I felt so appreciative and blessed for having her as my mom.

She had just returned from an overseas trip and bought me a lavish amount of gifts, and was so incredibly hospitable to me. I whispered to my partner, “I’m certain Ann Taylor has something to do with this!” 😉

Interacting with the other family members also felt incredible and so light; not an ounce of heaviness or angst within my being. I got an amazing sense of how all these relatives were blessed and their lives affected through their generations from my being on the 21 Days!!! I saw the bigger picture… wow!


I participated for several months last year. But it was only this past month it dawned on me that I no longer have any of my old fears about money, and that I no longer fear flying—which was quite intense. The healing work you did on me last summer created miraculous effects that I still feel today. I signed up for this one based on my inner guidance. Some really challenging events happened since March 1st and yet I have remained calm and peaceful. I am so grateful to be a part of this 21 Days. I love the daily emails, they give me such a sense of peace as well.


This is my second 21 days. The first gave me such a surge in energy. I started doing yoga again, walking on the treadmill or outside, and also doing more Spring Forest Qigong. I can’t believe the difference.

I listen to your recordings on my mp3 player every day. I have more peace and calmness, but I’m amazed at the peace I’m seeing in my husband who has health issues and beginning dementia. He seems better. Also, my grandson who has had much of his brain removed. He’s 14. He seems to be calmer and more normal. I listen to your “miracle” belief recordings. I never knew the 21 days would reach to my dear ones. I thought it was just to make me a better person.

God’s love is beyond our comprehension sometimes. I am learning to give unconditional love to myself and accept everything about me as being wonderful and perfect just as God wishes it at this time. Thank you for all you are doing. I feel your prayers and love.


This is my second 21 Days of Healing and Prayer. I am so grateful and happy for your work. God has lowered my stress levels—I noticed how I now handle situations bravely without my heart jumping into my throat. I stay calm and happy. Wow, I am no longer stuck in a previous state of being! I’m making amazing progress! I have so much confidence for similar situations in the future!

I listen to the daily recording & shield recording once a day, the meditation 2-3 times a day, and other recordings vary according to what I feel necessary.

I feel inner peace. I don’t worry as much, and my work seems to go very smoothly. I’m happy and in a positive shift towards calm and peace.

I also want to send my deepest gratitude for Ann for offering the healing work for 21 days. The calls and emails are always so very positive and inspiring. The daily emails of the work God has done, helps me to understand the precious things that are happening, making the “invisible” more concrete. I appreciate that, thank you!


For years I had a gut-wrenching fear that I was going to crash every time I was in a car, but suddenly it was tamed. What a relief! Thanks for the 21 Days!

I also was in a state of internal frustration and stuck because I was in a job that was easy for me on many levels, and was OK money without any challenge–except to my patience. I was trapped in the job. It felt worse the more spiritual work I did. I have been asking for inspiration to figure out my next steps in a practical way. And, I was fired due to very odd political reasons.

It was a surprise, but I felt relief, and calm. In the past I would have felt a strong degree of anxiety, that things were “up in the air”, or not in a good way. But now I feel comfortable spending some time working on myself. I feel everything will be OK, that the Universe is regrouping for my next best step when the time is right.

I KNOW my vibrant internal trip has been initiated and smoothed along by your prayer work. Learning that you were in the “infantry” at Silent Unity, I am not surprised at your prayer power. I have told many people about SU through the years, and I always say, “These people really know how to pray!”


I was a very needy person (trauma of separation from my husband). The 21 Days is helping me to stand on my own two feet and support my son and myself, and be calmer and more together. I’ve been trying for a long time to rent a place that was cheap enough and in a safe neighborhood, and hoping to reconcile with my husband.

• At the beginning of this 21 days I followed my intuition and found an apartment, moved the next day and two days later my husband moved in too.
• I put all my savings into a home study dog-grooming course and equipment and have been studying at night. Today I had my second “paying dog,” even though I’m still training.

I have found the emails, recordings and calls invaluable and cannot conceive a day without them now.


I am feeling a lot calmer and more accepting of myself than before. I feel that I have let go of a lot of negative feelings and situations in my life and I’m at the threshold of a new start in my contribution to the world. My weaknesses have been placed before me, but I am not beating myself up about them anymore. Even though I am not sure where I am going, I am at peace about the process of becoming. Thanks for all your help.


About a month ago I got sick. I could not work because of building renovations (increased use of chemical fragrances) and feared losing my job, becoming homeless again or worse . . . If I had not been in the 21 Days, I don’t know that I would have had the emotional courage to advocate for myself at work, and remain calm and compassionate toward myself and my work situation. I felt loved and supported . . . and had a peace about it.

Here’s the good news . . . my company agreed to allow me to work from home due to my illness–no change in pay or benefits and they moved all the computer equipment into my little apartment so I could continue to work and survive!!!

Now I’m not so afraid. I have hope and a feeling of happiness coming through–feel safer. It feels like the sun is starting to shine again.

This is a miracle and a gift, and I am so grateful . . . surely, this is God’s grace in my life. I have a new-found feeling like I am coming home to myself . . .

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Words are not enough to express the gratitude I feel for your help and this sudden turn of events. I feel as though I am being given a second chance in life and will be able to heal.


I am a big fan of yours and so grateful to you! My life has been on the up and up since I found you two years ago. I am so calm and peaceful. My old ‘monkey mind’ habits are a thing of the past. Little miracles have been happening all the while, including nice new friends and fun experiences coming into my life, when before my life was stagnant! (I think I was a twelve incher!)


I am so grateful for your work. I can feel how much my vibration has gone up this 21 Days. I am calmer, more focused, and getting tasks done instead of starting and stopping part way through. My career has opened up with two new ventures, and I am hearing and following my guidance much better.


It has been a wonderful 21 days. I have been so well and so loved and cared for. The offers of love, help and support I have received have been amazing beyond anything I could imagine and from the least expected people as well. I don’t think I have ever felt so loved.

I was scheduled to have an operation today but it was postponed 2 weeks because there are others in the unit so sick that their operations are a matter of life and death. I am well, beyond words and can easily wait for mine. I also know everything happens for a reason and that the timing is for my highest good.

I wanted to tell you that after Ann’s request for us as a group to send unconditional love to us all, I woke the next morning filled with an overflowing of love and healing, it continued all morning. It has given me such joy and happiness to send this back to everyone and I will continue this. It is a special group as Ann said, there are no coincidences in life—only divine planning and order.

Other good things have happened to me too, my house had legality problems from a builder and there did not seem any end to the worry. The complications were enormous without much hope. The most amazing break though happened. Out of nowhere, from a source that never would have been thought of, the final and legalizing paperwork is granted, and will be finalized in 8 to 10 weeks. This in itself is beyond words.

I hear the stories of peace and calm and of things that worried us no longer do so—that is so, so true. It is such a good feeling to not have that pain, that little stab—there is nothing there other than a feeling of standing on the outside and simply observing the situation. This is priceless, things just don’t hurt anymore.

Ann’s prayers work, all the recordings. I am filled with passion for my future and I know it will all happen, I am so excited and so optimistic.


I am very excited and I feel honored to be with you again. My life has changed immensely miracles are happening every day.

Money is beginning to come in more and more which is a miracle. Thank you dear Ann and dear God for making my life so wonderful.

People are making me aware of my gift which I can give to the people. I am good at emotional life coaching. This dream of mine was nearly gone, but now others recognize the gift in me.

I feel calm and peace when a challenge turns up. After a short time I have forgotten about it. Which is wonderful for me and also very important.


The prior 21 Days (October 2012) was amazing. I felt a gentleness, and a calmness. I focused on the details of money, which was interesting for the 1st time. Up until then I generalized yet I have excellent credit rating and almost zero debt, which is something I’ve worked diligently the past several years to have. I was hoping an income would appear from the stock market. At least I am holding my own with it…up a little/down a little, but only a little. I am investing many hours per day actively trading, and studying more as well. I’ve never minded ‘moving my feet’ and working for it, yet I find myself chanting ‘more money/less work!’

I also came home to absolutely knowing that money and spirituality are not at odds with each other. This time it came home to me in a way that fills me with joy to actually experience it deeply. Spirituality is my first priority always, and to absolutely know that my money is part of that spirituality is a blessing to me. Also my connection with Babaji and Mataji has deepened in a way that is beginning to touch upon bliss, something I’ve long desired! So much more I am experiencing each and every moment of the day and night…I don’t know how to put it in words yet…when I do I’ll write you. It’s all blending into one me. “My spirituality” is me / “My money” is me…these are not separate boxes…I am me and I am living and experiencing an ever-increasingly joy-filled life. It’s much easier to pray now, too, thanks to you.

This 21 Days has begun bringing increased joy and confidence. It has also presented some past beliefs. One thing keeps nagging and reappearing in different thoughts and images. The thought is that if I earn “too much” “too quickly” “too easily” in the stock market (or doing anything else, not just the market) then I would be “doing something wrong” and “someone” will get me in trouble and stop me. I hear of others doing very well, and I’m happy for them, and they are not getting in any trouble for earning so much. It’s something I’ve dragged along from the past into the present, and it totally doesn’t make any sense in the real world. I logically know I’m doing nothing wrong and its okay for me to have money to sustain myself, and have some fun too. My financial goals are actually very modest when I hear others achieving large amounts (I’m thinking $3000/mo would sustain me), and I think it’s affecting how I set my financial targets too.

It’s really nice hearing from others in the group during your weekly calls. I feel we are all so connected and involved in the journey together. I may never see or know anyone, yet I will always remember what each one felt like as part of each group during these 21 Days.

Thank you Dear Ann for everything that you do!!! I send you deep gratitude and loving appreciation.


I’m experiencing a growing sense of calm, peace and well-being.

And I experience soooo much gratitude.


I believe the greatest contribution to my life from the most recent 21 days has just been in the past few days. Two days ago, I went to the home of my 52 yr old brother and found he had passed some time previously. During all the ensuing chaos, I have found myself able to be open-hearted and peaceful in tending to all the details of a death in a way that was quite surprising. I experienced a depth of soulful presence I’d not felt before. I feel so grateful for all the preparation through Ann’s prayer. My deepest thanks.


Wanted to let you know how much Ann’s work has helped the intense stress that I’ve had for the past couple of weeks. It definitely was what got me through –even played Ann’s meditation recording DURING a medical test procedure in order to calm down. It’s a girl’s best friend (like diamonds!!!)


My biggest issues have been not feeling safe, abandonment and rejection. For the first time in my life I KNOW I am SAFE in the world. That alone is worth it. It has all shifted and I am so grateful feeling peace. I have more confidence in myself. I am learning to manage the money I have better. I am calmer and just know this is only the beginning of great things coming my way.

My daughter has been affected as well. She is standing in her own power and making good decisions for herself. She has made new friends and is well liked at her job by people who didn’t like her before. She is feeling safe in her life now. Such a relief for me to KNOW she feels safe, since she lives 1500 miles away.


I really feel healed and relieved now. I found inner peace, calmness and serenity. Thank you.

The recording, which “helped” me most, was your recording “eliminating anxiety.” I listened to it lots of times! It really eliminated my anxiety.

I feel that I am myself again! I live my life to the full! Full of energy, ideas, confidence, faith, happiness, laughter, gratitude, love and good health. The sun is in my heart and soul!


I actually had no idea what to expect from this program, but I do believe in the power of prayer and now I can see some palpable results.

I had a difficult childhood, and a violent marriage/divorce released all those fear and anxiety. I had no controls over it! I was afraid to walk even in the daytime.

Ann’s work has an enormous calming effect on me, and gives me confidence, self-esteem and belief in myself that I never had before. I thank you for the gifts you have bestowed to me. It has brought sanity into my life.


I am happy to report that even though there’s more drama with my X and son, I have kept calm. I believe the Shield recording, meditation and daily recording are protecting me from negativity. I deal with it, and it’s gone! This is amazing! In the past I would stew for days, cry, think it was somehow my fault, have anxiety and fear—but not anymore!

I have a knowing there’s a better future for me. I am safe! I never felt safe my whole life till doing this work. I am so grateful to God and Ann.

Yesterday I got a surprise check in the mail! Woo Hoo! I am doing better than any time in my life.


Since you came into my life, my life has improved in many ways: more money, more love, more peace and calm, more clarity, better meditations, really cool people coming into my life, new and awesome life management tools to add to my ‘life management tool kit,’ improved relationships with myself and others.


This week I had a situation with a close friend that was very abusive towards me and for the first time in my life, I responded calmly and clearly. I did not take on any of their energy, by way of stomach ache, guilt and anxiety. I stood calmly in my power and spoke my truth kindly and left it at that. It is amazing! Normally I would go on about it for days and suffer, not sleep, etc. and I did none of it. I saw clearly that it really had nothing to do with me. Hallelujah ……

I am happier than I have been in years and my husband and I are laughing instead of arguing.

I feel that someone has my back and it’s really wonderful. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


My week was filled with high-stress moments yet I went through it all with a better attitude! A friend mentioned I seemed much calmer and not agitated at all. THANK YOU!

Personal growth and development is an on-going process and I intend to be a life-long student!


I am one of those 12 inchers. I experienced improvements in my courage to stand up and speak up for myself without creating fear in myself and animosity from others.

I have been partially paralyzed from polio at age 3 and am now using a walker as apparently post polio has been gradually setting in, but your prayers have lessened my anxiety about that.

Relationships have improved and unpleasant memories and feelings have pretty much lost their “charge.” People have offered to help me at a rate that has blown me away, and I’m finding it easier to accept it without feeling like a problem. Thank you so much!

I listen to your Calm, Peace and Serenity prayer often. Thank you again for your easy, no hassle, and magical healing help.


Thank you so much for the great 21 Days of Healing and Prayer. When a challenging argument comes up I speak for fairness. The feeling of guilt is gone. I stay calm and don’t take on any negative energies from the argument. It is wonderful.

I feel very self-confident, courageous. I trust that God wants the best for me. I feel that people really like me … that people really want me to be in their life… that I am smart… I can do anything I put my mind to … and I don’t worry anymore. The bonus recording is fantastic. I listen to it more than once a day. Thank you Ann, you are an Angel. I feel good and happy.


I have had an estranged relationship with my older brother and his family for many years that I included in my 21 Days list to be resolved. In the first week I received a call from my brother. We talked for three hours. Thanks for being used by God to do this work.

I also feel very relieved about everything in my life … that everything is going to work out for the best. And that’s big! In the past I would worry internally about everything so much. Now I am not able to bring up any worry at all in my mind.

A large sum of money showed up too! Keep doing what you do to help others!


The energy shifts are phenomenal. It can be very turbulent at times, I can be very tired and angry, but then it clears.

I also noticed that I am not worried as much. Whatever you prayed feels very calming. Thank you.


I appreciate all the various prayers on making decisions! I listen to them every other day! The amazing healing you do on your calls is continually helping me to eliminate fears. I listen to these every day! I listen to ‘Peace, Calm & Serenity’ every day too. I so appreciate this! My heart opens more to love. I also thank God for melting away the fears of getting hurt in a relationship!!

I was doing my accounts, and as the figures continued to turn ‘red’ … I felt very calm, and reacted to this situation in a way I would not have done before! They were just figures without any ‘charge’ to affect me. How great is that?

There are moments when I catch myself having ‘doubts’ about my financial situation ever improving, but then I hear your voice saying, “God wants 20 times more than I want for myself”… then I breathe it in!! It’s wonderful!


All my life I have had a deep fear of rats. I literally freak out when I see one. A rat literally walked into my garden. I just watched it and was calm. I let it move on without freaking out. That is major for me. It hasn’t stopped me from going outside, like it would have.

I have had done or learned every therapy system and structure there is and I must say that this is the first thing that has ever helped with my rat phobia. The work you do is a true blessing in my life.


Business in Australia is on the downturn, so my work place was cutting back my hours. But I listened to Ann’s recordings and the next day my boss said that someone finally paid an overdue bill, so they’re paying my childcare fees for the school holidays ($250). I was so amazed! But the next day my boss gave me a bonus of $1500, for all my overtime. WOW! This is huge! One of my major issues was money, but not anymore.

Being on the 21 Days is also making me feel calmer, more peaceful, and stress is limited.


I can’t imagine what my life would be if I hadn’t been led to you. The first 21 days I really didn’t have the money to join but I felt very powerfully that I needed to. At that time I was consumed with thoughts of lack, lack of money, lack of business, lack of confidence, lack of EVERYTHING. I was totally consumed with the mind chatter of lack. The first 21 days I was exhausted, and in fact things got a little more difficult until about the 3rd week, then I started to feel the shift – I was definitely a 12 incher! The weight of lack has lifted and I felt an inner calmness that is wonderful. What’s more, I saw the shift flow throughout my family.

When the next 21 days came up, I said to myself, why do I need to invest more, if what Ann does lasts a lifetime? Then I listened to someone on the call who was on her second or maybe even third time and I realized, of course you should do more than one because you have more than one layer you need to peel away. My life has really been transformed. I have such calmness, clarity, faith in myself, excitement for the unknown and am eager to see what’s in store for me.

My business has picked up, the confidence in myself to really step out of my comfort zone is tremendous, and the people I am meeting just seem to be falling into place to help me grow my business and be supportive of me, it’s incredible.

I have a very difficult relationship with my mother and usually just seeing her phone number come up on my phone (I don’t even have her as one of my contacts) makes me ill. The last time she called I had no ill feelings, had a good conversation with her, and was so grateful not to have the negative feelings normally associated with her. Knowing I can talk to her as I would my neighbor is such a blessing.
I could go on and on Ann, you have truly changed my life, you have opened up my box and brought light into an area where there was none.


I am so happy to have done the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer. I feel good every day. I am very happy. People are glad to have me in their life! The people on the roads are very polite and respectful.

I don’t worry about anything anymore. I feel light and serenity. When a challenge comes up, it doesn’t bother me anymore—I stay calm and peaceful. It’s wonderful.

I make clear boundaries for myself. I speak up for fairness and kindness at the right moment. I feel so grateful for all you have done. Life is so much easier for me now.

My authenticity and natural talents are coming more to the surface now, because the blockages are being healed.


Last week my father was hit by a car while riding his bike, and died. The news was devastating. Yet, while my family was screaming and falling apart, I experienced peace and calmness. God brought you into my life during this difficult time and I am so grateful. Thank you for the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer.


I am so grateful for your prayer work. I had deep major shifts happened in me:

1) I am so much more peaceful and calm inside.
2) The biggest shift: divorced, alone, neglected, and yearning for love for a long time before your healing session started…and now feeling my heart filled with unconditional love for me, my family and the world.
3) People respond to me in new ways. My son asked how I was feeling…He just doesn’t do that!
4) The Gift: I’ve fooled around for years on the piano, but never got anywhere. Suddenly, I’m playing and singing simple songs. It delights me. It’s in my consciousness that I’ll be playing to give happiness to others, and that’s new.
5) My painting seems more inspired—looking at it lifts my spirits.
6) I’ve been thinking ‘abundantly.’ I can feel a difference.


I just completed my first 21 Days. The great gift I received is that I feel so much HAPPIER with so much more PEACE. This feeling of peace and calmness stays with me all the time! This is huge, because in the past I’d been challenged with recurrent episodes of minor depression. It’s all gone!

It’s an amazing gift Ann offers to the world. It is so invaluable!


During the 21 Days I was calm while driving home in a snow storm—not nervous at all! I knew it was Ann’s work.

Also, my money blocks were cleared! First, I won $500, and the next day a basket of organic groceries! Thank you for changing my entire life.


Just before starting the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer, I did something that made me very upset and I became extremely sad, depressed, and suicidal. I felt I could never do the right thing no matter how hard I tried. I listened to the recordings and it settled me a bit. But on the first call, Ann did a prayer for ‘sadness’ and it left me. Ann cleared it all away!

The next day I listened again, there’s no more sadness in me. When I listened to the part about money worries, I couldn’t bring up a single bit of worry! For as long as I can remember I had worries about money and in one prayer Ann cleared it all away.

Ordinarily I would have gone to pieces if I heard my mother-in-law had cancer, but I remained calm. I am amazed! I have never felt this peaceful, centered and strong in the midst of such ordeals.

Also, I feel so connected to God now. I ask for guidance all day long and add “Thy Will Be Done.” I know deep within that God knows what God is doing and I feel so good.

Ann could charge $147,000 for this program and it would be underpriced! God truly guides her in her prayer work!


Just completed 21 Days of Healing and Prayer. You mentioned measuring our emotional stuff on a 12” ruler and I guess I had around 10 inches! I can feel an incredible shift!

In the last 20 years I tried lots of other ways to heal my depression and anxiety. I am so grateful to you Ann, because I feel lighter and calmer.

I know there are more layers to heal, so I am signing up for another powerful 21 Days as soon as possible! It’s right for me!


WOW! What a gift you bring to me! The inner quietude and feeling of “ahhhhh” is a meditator’s dream come true! I feel a general sense of well-being, feeling safe in the world!

Any issues with others are either not there, or have zero charge—they just don’t stick! Now my interactions with others are filled with laughter. My mind doesn’t get stuck on issues, which frees me up for better action, more fun, and a greater ease of being!
My intuition is a stronger voice, and accurate. More gets done with much less effort…. my actions are more deliberate and successful!
Even my finances improved, with the potential to earn much more.


Wow! I love the bonus daily recording, and kept yawning and breathing deeply all the way through it. I listened to it a second time right away, and it is so powerful. I can feel my heart being energized and opening, and an expansion of my whole being. I feel so great; calm, aware, vibrant and alive. Thank you so much. This is the beginning of something truly awesome, I can feel it.

I’m so looking forward to this whole experience with and through your amazing personal connection with God. Thank you so much for sharing and giving so much of yourself.


I went to bed and had a dream about a horsefly with the most beautiful translucent wings. As I didn’t understand this dream when I awoke, I asked God what he wanted me to know. I found out later that although I was healed there was something still there. I just looked up and said, “God, whatever that is you need to heal, heal it now because I really can’t take anymore. As soon as I said that to God, a feeling of calm came over me like I have never experienced before. I felt it immediately after I said that, so all I could say was, “Thank You Lord God.” Please extend my deepest gratitude to Ann for her work. It is so appreciated.


I’m seeing miracles all around me! My mom who argues about everything hasn’t argued for 2 days and seems to be much calmer than before.

My son admitted today he is stressed over his health and is willing to work on it. His wife, who has been so stressed with his health, her job and what’s been going on with her children, hasn’t been able to eat food for a month. She’s been living on liquid supplements but was able to make herself eat a few bites of real food for the last 2 days.

One of my other sons has been out of work for 18 months but got a temporary job for the next 5 weeks.

I’m very peaceful and calm inside and out, and feel happy for the first time in forever. The annoyances with my mom’s ways are less and less each day. My finances have started shifting also.

Thank you is not sufficient for what you are doing for me, my loved ones, and everyone else who was blessed to find you. We are so blessed with your gift from GOD and the way you share so freely.


After each of the weekly calls ends I have a wonderful feeling of peace and calm. One of my long time goals/intentions is to achieve a consistent state of being in peaceful, happy calm without having to remind myself to be that way. It just occurred to me that I might be there already. Today was certainly very much that way all day without having to do anything to be that way.

Work is progressing smoothly and efficiently. It just gets easier and easier. I was able to help with an upset situation at work today that went very well, smoothing out hurt feelings in the workplace and providing an interim solution. What was so nice about the situation was that I just presented a potential solution and in doing so the hard feelings surrounding the issue dissolved for those involved. I didn’t really “do” anything. This happens a lot in my work, it now feels like it is working at a much deeper and “softer” level. The other shift I have noticed, was that I did not “hook” into the feelings that other were having. It was like I was aware of their feelings and emotions but not connected to them. It is much easier to feel loving in a situation when not feeling the upset others are feeling in the same situation.

My business goals feel achievable rather than just goals I know I can meet eventually. I never give up – even when I am not getting very far. Today I was practicing speaking into the recorder in preparation for doing teleseminars. The thing that really struck me was that I was not judgmental at all about the sound of my voice on the recorder. It actually was quite ok. That’s new!! I’ve been stuck in planning and learning new business platform models for two years, and it seems I have now moved into the implementation phase with a bit more consistency. That should move things along a bit quicker in that area.

Getting around on crutches is getting easier. I started driving this last week and drove to a client today. Driving today felt very “soft” and “smooth”.

The 30-day prayer group really uncovered my resistance to acceptance of my physical body and released a lot of frustration in not being able to get around easily. I was meditating with the goal of healing my heel in a week. Nine weeks later… it is what it is. I love my foot a whole lot more than I did when I broke my heel. That’s progress! If God really wants 20 times more than I want for myself, then that is really big.


2 days after the program started I called about teaching weaving to children at our local center and the lady was thrilled to have me work with the kids. I have accepted this temporary job. I have been a caregiver for 9 years, waiting for a way to get out and move on to something else. I stopped being myself, and didn’t have anything else I thought I could do. House cleaning came up, which I also do, but that wasn’t what I wanted. I was also told about a resident program near me, for artists to work with children in our schools, so I am looking into this. Yes, this really rings true. I have talked with my boss, and now next month I will go from 3 days to 2days, and by June I’ll go to 1 day. I feel my confidence is higher, and even though this is part time work, I know more doors are opening for me.

I am calmer with my partner when we don’t see eye to eye about situations, and I don’t get so bent out of shape easily. I am speaking my mind more easily with love and acceptance of who I am, and allowing him to be who he is without so much judgment, and less judgment of myself also.

At work, my boss is changing also and getting things accomplished that were hard for her. Working with my co-workers has been easier, allowing them to be who they are and just loving them. Also knowing I’m not there forever is wonderful. I am so blessed. Abundance is definitely more than just financial, and I am recognizing so much.


I have kept a very detailed daily journal and will edit and condense it quite a bit and tell you all the wonderful things unfolding in my life. The first 2 days I was generally happy and feeling lighter and brighter. I was constantly humming, whistling and singing little nonsense songs. I am normally a positive person but always very quiet!

On days 3, 4, and 5 I felt down again and had two restless nights. On each of the three days something small and very minor happened to make me suddenly cry. On day 5, I was able to stop in the middle of crying and realize I was feeling helpless and powerless, and why. I slept deeply that night. On Day 6, The Gift was given and I enjoyed the first bonus call. I was calm during the day, not lighter or happier, but not crying.

That evening, something amazing happened while listening to one recording included with the 21-Day program… on forgiving yourself for making bad decisions. I had previously bought that recording and had worked on a particularly upsetting issue with little improvement. That night, while using the recording I suddenly felt the energy shift and saw the entire situation from a different point of view. Before, I often remembered and replayed the situation in my head and felt a lot of guilt and pain in my stomach each time. Now, after the shift, I can hardly remember the situation. It feels like it is being pulled off to the left side of my mind. It is hard to think about it, and when I am able to, I feel no guilt, shame, remorse, or even anger. It is a neutral feeling, and after 10 years, such a beautiful change!
On Day 7 I felt happy and light even though the weather was not. I listened to the same recording on forgiving yourself for making bad decisions and I had trouble remembering that situation. I felt such peace over it all. So I am now working on another situation with less emotion attached. On Days 8, 9 and 10 I was upbeat and yet calm! I found myself humming tunes throughout the day. Day 11 arrived and with it a major incident (to me at least). Normally, I would have gone into tears and perhaps followed it with anger and felt very stupid but, surprisingly, this time; I just found it funny and laughed about it all evening.

On Day 12, the Shield recording was used. I then realized that no money had yet arrived at my doorstep but I remained positive all day and later listened to the second bonus call, which answered my earlier questions around money. I am receiving all sorts of abundance in my life! Day 13, Valentine’s Day, was another happy day for me. I was very pleasantly surprised with an invitation from my husband to go out for dinner. There are subtle but very positive changes in the way he is behaving towards me, and how I am reacting to him and his comments. Day 14 arrived and I was optimistic and calm. I was pleasantly surprised to find no weight gain after eating a huge meal last night. I then remembered that I had stumbled across yet another eating plan several days ago and had made a few easy changes to my diet hoping that this might be “the one” that helps me take off those stubborn pounds. I had forgotten to connect them until I was entering the day’s events in my journal.

As I was finishing this abbreviated version of my journal, I reviewed my answers to the three questions that we were to answer before the 21 days began. Another surprise! One of the things I had written for question #3 was to be more helpful. Yesterday and again today, I was given the opportunity to very easily and yet massively help someone much more than I ever expected. I had not made the connection until just now as I read my answers to the questions. What a wonderful idea to write the answers down to review later. I am realizing more and more the wonderful and huge impact that this is having in so many areas of my life. Thank you, Ann, from the depths of my heart!


I work in health care and I am part of a very difficult and stressful project to build a new computer system for an entire health department. The day before the program started I had such a stressful day, probably the worst I’ve had in years. Everything went wrong; I found all kinds of mistakes that were made, we were behind with our deadlines, people were upset and pointing fingers, and I felt like I wanted to run. I did not want to go to work the next day.

So the next day I went into the office and I just had a calm, peaceful feeling. Everything I was worried about was dissipating. I met with my team, calm and stress free, and went over what we needed to do. It was a great day.

The following day I woke up full of joy, my husband in amazement at how I was laughing and being silly at 6 am. I was singing, giggling, and worry free. I went into the office and had a team of people who offered to help solve my issues. We had such a productive day, all stress free.

This was so amazing to me because in the past, in a similar situation I would be stressed beyond belief, would not sleep, and would end up getting sick and so on. Your prayers shifted me already and I am so grateful.


How lucky am I that I came upon your work. I feel stronger inside.

The company I work at is very financially unstable, and it could go under any week, but I feel that no matter what, I will be okay. I don’t know if I will be married to my husband for the rest of my life (dealing with his anxiety has been draining), but I am okay with whatever the future will be, and I stopped taking on his burden as my own. Your Miracle Prayer helped me with this last piece. Just listening to your voice is so calming. One of my favorites is the “Peace, Serenity, and Calm” piece for when I get early morning anxiety. It works every time!


I’m so grateful for your wonderful work. I’ve been feeling like I did as a young woman…back to my old self, is the way I’d put it. I’ve also found myself really calm and centered, and taking actions that I’ve been procrastinating about.

I’ve also had an interesting shift with my brother (I’m 69 and he’s 65) who hasn’t connected much recently, and not usually in a loving way. I received a wonderful loving message from him saying, “I love you.” This makes my heart so happy…it feels like a true healing on some level.


I have experienced some wonderful changes in the past few days. I have more energy and I’m getting things done with an ease and speed that I haven’t had in years. I am feeling love and more patience. I think I had a lot of bad energy to move out of my life.

One of the things I noticed most is I’m willing to give up desires that were so important before. Now, I’m asking God for only those things that are in alignment with his will for my life. What a feeling of peace. I also use the shield in the mornings to protect me from the negative energies of people around me. SWEET!


During these 21 plus days I have noticed so many wonderful changes to my life. Besides being happier and more positive, I have been able to resolve several emotional issues around feeling helpless, abandoned, lonely, guilty and even angry. Wow! I find myself reacting to emotionally charged memories and daily situations in a whole new way and with humor instead of self-criticism or anger.

My husband also has changed. He has become much more caring and attentive. He surprised me with a dinner out on Valentine’s Day and more recently he is telling me he loves me again. I haven’t heard that in decades! Things and events that I desire seem to just appear. Even little stuff that I had forgotten from years past is gently coming into my life. This energy work has had a huge impact in so many areas of my life.


This is my second 21 days. The first gave me such a surge in energy. I started doing yoga again, walking on the treadmill or outside, and also doing more Spring Forest Qigong. I can’t believe the difference.

I listen to your recordings on my mp3 player every day. I have more peace and calmness, but I’m amazed at the peace I’m seeing in my husband who has health issues and beginning dementia. He seems better. Also, my grandson who has had much of his brain removed. He’s 14. He seems to be calmer and more normal. I listen to your “miracle” belief recordings. I never knew the 21 days would reach to my dear ones. I thought it was just to make me a better person.

God’s love is beyond our comprehension sometimes. I am learning to give unconditional love to myself and accept everything about me as being wonderful and perfect just as God wishes it at this time. Thank you for all you are doing. I feel your prayers and love.


I absolutely love the meditation recording. I have tried other meditation techniques, and I either feel I don’t have the time, can’t focus, or fall asleep. All I can say is–this works! I have always struggled with ADD/ADHD and after listening to this I find I can focus enough to get some productive things done. I also feel that it leaves me mellow and gives me space to be open to new ideas, and to percolate solutions.


I believe the greatest contribution to my life from the most recent 21 days has just been in the past few days. Two days ago, I went to the home of my 52 yr old brother and found he had passed some time previously.

During all the ensuing chaos, I have found myself able to be open-hearted and peaceful in tending to all the details of a death in a way that was quite surprising. I experienced a depth of soulful presence I’d not felt before. I feel so grateful for all the preparation through Ann’s prayer. My deepest thanks.


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