Testimonials on Connection to God

Testimonials on Connection to God

I’ve been struggling for months. However, miracles happened today…My rear door on my SUV was leaking. I took my car in for repair. Well…amazingly they are covering everything! I commented that the car was really a mess and the agent said “no problem – I’ll have it cleaned inside and out” at no charge! I gathered my things and found a $100 bill! Also, Amazon sent a notice that they owe me $200 and it will be in my account!

How can it get any better than this? I now have absolute faith everything is changing and I am completely trusting that God is watching over and blessing me.


My shoulder pain is almost gone! God guided me to someone who can help me reach my life-purpose. My trust and faith in God has increased.


Today my angels orchestrated a forgiveness with my husband that went straight to the core! I now have confidence in my Higher Self to guide and direct me to make good decisions.


You’ve helped me become closer to God. You prayed to God on my behalf and I prayed along with you every day … I felt better. Now I am healed! – Your help and prayer blessed me.


The 21 Day Program provides a firm foundation to trust that the greater work will get done and my life’s purpose will be fulfilled in accordance to divine timing and will.


It’s good to be reminded of my connection to God. I did everything I could, and now it’s time to hand it over to God. In the past I fought through everything. But now I take the lighter and more graceful approach. The 21 Days program is life-changing and helped me to swing into balance.


I feel God’s healing powers and the release from a lot of heavy “stuff.” My life feels easier. I experience a deeper trust that my life gets better … and my connection with God will only get stronger.


More than ever before, I have peace, trust and faith in God. I surrender all to God and receive my desires.
I’m at peace and filled with love, gratitude, and positive thoughts. It’s a beautiful cycle.


I’m feeling a steadfast faith and trust in God. I know God’s there for me every step of the way


I’m aware of a new level of connectedness. My thoughts frequently turn to “surrender” now. It’s a shift, or a trust in God that has gotten more tangible for me.


My life is full of the peace, love, happiness and good will. It all poured into my life, along with protection! You demonstrate God’s power! It has deepened my relationship with God.


My self-confidence is growing. Everything works out in my favor. People are more cooperative and kinder to me. My connection with God is stronger. I trust my intuition and stopped second guessing myself. I also feel lighter inside.


I had a wonderful shift with my ability to let go and let God. It’s easier to find my center and to live from the heart. I suffered from agoraphobia, but that anxiety has left me. I‘m able to go places without the dread! I feel more trust in God.


The healing work and divine guidance are changing my life! I love God with so much heartfelt emotion.


Ann’s Surrender prayer opened my heart. I had tears of gratitude and became consciously connected to God. I surrendered my life, my resistance, and myself to God.


My relationship with my mother is healed completely. My heart is opening up to more hope, faith and trust. I attract wonderful opportunities and people into my life each and every day.


Your call helped me become better about taking risks. I also ask God to please answer clearly.


I feel inspired. My connection with God is greater, and my sense of autonomy and well-being is healthy and open. I’m able to navigate hardship with grace. If I have a moment, I go to my Gratitude routine and recordings—especially Eliminating Negative Thoughts and Memories, Meditation, Shield, to name my favorites.


1. My attitude and stress level is so much better than those around me. I feel hopeful, and experience peace in times of chaos.
2. My faith has been renewed once again. I feel hopeful that everything will be ok and money will pour into my life again.
3. I’m so grateful for the relationship I now have with my mom, which had been a negative most of my life. I actually feel love and gratitude now and not the anger and angst I once felt.
4. Since that healing I’ve attracted more live into my life. Good things happen to me all day, every day. People say I shine and radiate. I have an incredible life of joy and happiness.
5. My passion for fitness and nutrition returned and I’m seeing changes both physically and mentally. I’m truly experiencing a mind, body and spiritual transformation.
6. I’ve recently run into past positive friendships on my flights. Crazy!!! To run into old friends while working the flight. Good people are coming back into my life, as well as meeting knew great people.
7. I was offered a very well-paying job the other day that I am able to do part time. So many positive changes are occurring all around me with in this past year as part of the 21 days.


A friend gave me a gift of money, and healers are offering me free sessions! I’m also feeling stronger and more connected –all since Ann cleared my ancestral line.


The biggest blessing is channels opened and blocks cleared. Also, my father has dementia, but God guided me to someone who knew what supplements he should take. In 12 hours he became responsive and interacted in conversation again! My father is back!!! It’s a miracle!


I am getting my faith back. Ann’s healing work guided me not to “give up.” I listen to a recording … and chase it away.


The 21 Days of healing and prayer:

– renewed my faith in myself
– helped me to be stronger in myself and not so sensitive to others
– helped me to forgive (huge!)
– helped me feel connected to the light world
– allowed me to feel a calm and peace……I haven’t felt this in years!
– gives me courage when I just want to curl up and disappear


Before the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer I lacked unshakeable faith and trust in God for my career, finances and relationships. Blessings and miracles quickly replaced the doubt. Best of all, my confidence and resilience continue to increase. Now there’s absolute knowledge that God is working with me and takes care of me no matter what. I feel calmer knowing my life is in perfect order.


I tried on my own to change my family to a more ‘prosperous outlook towards life’ without success. But your healing work surpassed all expectations. My family changed. They are much happier now. It shows anything is possible with prayer and God on your side. Thanks for restoring faith again.


My walk with God has gotten stronger because the unbelief and doubt lost its strong grip on my psyche. I’m more hopeful and I don’t wake up every day discouraged. What I read in the Bible now sticks to my heart, my prayer life is more honest, and I experience joy, rest, and confidence.


Life is getting lighter and I’m happier and more peaceful, and so is my family. And the most joy comes from what Ann describes as the feeling of ‘walking with God’…a blessing beyond price.

The Gift I received from your healing work: a book accepted for publication!


I’m paying more attention to God’s voice—wanting to know how and what God’s doing in my life. People notice something different in me. I was so happy to hear this!


Thank you for the massive work that Ann, our prayer warrior, is performing with God on our behalf! I have unshakeable faith that our lives will be transformed!


After the difficult time I had been through, it feels like balm for my soul. My connection with God became so much stronger, and my resilience too. My family is healing around me.


This is 6 months in the 21 Days. I can feel peace all the time. Also, I don’t know if my crown chakra opened, but I feel the space above my head all of the time. It feels like my connection is much stronger and in a permanent way. I can also tell that my vibration is higher—that was my biggest desire. I’ve been working on that for the last 2 years. Thank you Ann. It only gets better from here!


Thank you for your Love and for helping me to connect to God! You are an angel. I am very grateful for you.


I had some financial and legal issues hanging over my head for the last several years with little to no resolution. During the 2 months I have been in the program, the issues completely resolved themselves in a very benign and gentle way.

At the same time, an overwhelming crippling fear has been replaced with a feeling of hope and peacefulness. In fact, I can only describe it as a delicious spaciousness inside of me. I feel like I can handle whatever comes, and this is a wonderful change. The changes didn’t come with a lot of fanfare –they sort of snuck up on me. I am looking forward to future changes unfolding because I don’t think the process is complete.

Perhaps most amazing of all is how this process has changed my relationship with God. I use your ‘Surrender Prayer’ multiple times during the day and I listen to ‘The Quiet Mind’ at least once a day. The result has been an increase in my faith in God and a greater willingness to allow God to choose for me what is best in any situation, rather than me dictating what I think is best. It is all good, Ann, and many thanks and blessings to you for your wonderful work!


It is my 4th 21 Days of Healing and Prayer, and it is very powerful. I feel peace, happiness and relaxation—I’m so relaxed that my body now easily does all the yoga positions with grace. Suddenly my arms and legs were very flexible, thus difficult positions were not difficult anymore. Thank you for the Gift!

It was a very good idea to send a daily e-mail informing about the healing work just done. In this way I feel a closer connection to what happens, which I feel support the healing work.


This is my sixth time being a part of the 21 healing and prayer group. I’ve experienced so many blessings, subtle and profound. Relationships being even better- with my daughters & son, son-in-law.

One of the most important experiences for me is to have fear healed. I have used the prayer for many different fears, such as walking alone in a park. Having been abused as a child, there is always a tremendous fear that I would be attacked, or my daughters would be attacked. So this is a change for me, to be comfortable with walking alone while using wisdom to know when it is best for me to do so. I believe when the fear is healed, you can feel things as they truly are.

If it’s best not to do a certain thing, it’s because God guides you, not your fear clouding your judgment.

My confidence and believing in myself and abilities is definitely improving …I do listen to the recordings… releasing negative thoughts. I like to listen to the prayer, the shield, the meditation tape when anxious, happiness and miracle recordings.


I just want to say I am SO GRATEFUL. My heart is filled with joy as I look forward to another 21 days with you. I still send love every day to the January group. There is such a bond with us and I just know so many from this group have signed up again.

I continue every day to count my blessings. I am just so grateful and every day, blessings come to me which blow me away.

In the last live session Ann talked of Believing and Belief. During the 21 days I became so aware of Belief, Believe it is so and it is. Faith and Belief is the answer. I learnt during that time not to question, not to figure out how, stop the internal dialogue—just know it is already done. If it is asked from the heart and it is for your highest good, it is so. It is the way it is. God wants what’s best for us and even more than we want for ourselves. You tell us this Ann and it is TRUE.

God has always been a part of my life and I have always studied theology. But it is only since you, Ann—that I fully understand. I now truly feel at one with God and the God within me. This more than anything, more than all the rewards I have had. It means the most.

My diet suddenly changed, my body told me I had food intolerances and what it wanted. I listened and together we (me and my body) well, we’ve got it sorted.

These 21 days of healing and prayer, connects us to God and God’s miracles for us. I have seen how it has progressed and it just gets better and better. This is because of you Ann, and your trust and faith in what God called you to do—which you do unconditionally to the benefit of us all. It is phenomenal now. I know it will snowball even more. This is the beginning of what God will give you to do and what you will accomplish. You are wonderful, above ego and true love. I wish you luck and good health to sustain you as I know God will give more to you. Thank you so very much.


This past month I received several checks in the mail. I feel supported by the Universe. (God) the heavens are helping me pay for my medical expenses. Thank you God and Ann. These are sources I would have never of expected.

I am listening as guided to the Wisdom and Discernment recording and all others to make right decisions on my health. I have heard the Angels telling me there is a blessing in disguise and am following my guidance. Thank you all. Without this program I would not be able to feel less stressed and carry on.


I have been a participant for 6 months and have noticed that things are flowing for me better…I seem to be more connected which is huge!

I actually won some money last month – about $1000.00 and I feel that my vibration is raised. Things that used to bother me just roll off my back…amazing! I feel more than ever that God does have my back and he wants more for me then I want for myself!

The mini clearings are helpful and I can access them whenever I feel stuck in any area…and things are opening up more and more every day, and I am feeling the increased energy that 2014 is bringing to all of us, we just need to open up and allow God and our angels/spirit guides to point us in the right direction in our lives.


This is the 5th time I’ve done the healing. I feel unnerved and uneasy the first few days to week of the program. At that point, everything shifts and I feel much lighter and more peaceful. The healing deepens each time. I am definitely handling everything in my life with more joy and ease. I am finding my voice and am excited to see how this is manifesting. I know I will be able to bring this into the world and be of service. I am so grateful for Ann’s gift. It has helped open my heart and allow me to believe in miracles.


I can’t thank you enough for hosting such a wonderful program…it has made a world of difference in me! I’ve carried around a mountain of baggage internally and was definitely a 12 incher! I got a feeling in my heart chakra at the same time every day that something was happening.

The program has left me feeling much ‘lighter’ and I really enjoyed the calls. I have never had a really strong connection with God – spiritual and definitely not religious but this has helped me so much in finding strength and security within my own skin (who I am) and not relying on or looking outside myself for that affirmation. I am so looking forward to the next session. Again, thank you for sharing your gift of helping others through your wonderful work!


Finally sold our apartment. This is a total miracle; it’s been on sale for 3 years. This will pay half of our debts and ease our lives a great deal. A financial burden has lifted.

For the first time I am starting to feel connected to life. I am finding that I’m not in fear and stress about things. I am taking things as they are and find myself saying, “Oh, it’s ok, everything will turn out well” and actually believing it. Before, I would say that to people whilst shaking inside.


Thank you for this wonderful gift! I have always longed to know God’s love. For the first time in my life, I really feel what it feels like to love purely and unconditionally. I am so grateful!

If one focuses on the impact of love and its capacity to bring miracles into being, then miracles become an expected part of life.


I woke up feeling so extra positive and hopeful and full of ideas of how to further use my gifts and talents. I feel so blessed to be so connected to God on the 21 Days. I’m getting to see how closely connected I’ve always been and how much more I can be. Completely realizing myself as One with God and at peace!!


I am on the 21days and Energy is rolling so to speak! Yeah, apart from the changes in the manner people are treating me, I woke to an absolute blissful feeling/sensation in my Heart.

I am so grateful for the amount of confidence I am gaining. The melt down of my fears and worries, are the end of my struggles… my anger has vanished and the growth of my faith in God is huge and rock solid!!!


Thank you so much for the great 21 Days of Healing and Prayer. When a challenging argument comes up I speak for fairness. The feeling of guilt is gone. I stay calm and don’t take on any negative energies from the argument. It is wonderful.

I feel very self-confident, courageous. I trust that God wants the best for me. I feel that people really like me … that people really want me to be in their life… that I am smart… I can do anything I put my mind to … and I don’t worry anymore. The bonus recording is fantastic. I listen to it more than once a day. Thank you Ann, you are an Angel. I feel good and happy.


Since Ann prayed for me I began feeling changes inside myself. I am a more positive person, and not so depressed, nor am I holding on to the things that keep me back.

As more and more time passes I feel myself shifting, really absorbing Divine Wisdom.


The 21 Days has brought me more clarity of thought and intention …sharpened inner guidance on which direction to go next …re-connected to the books I am writing … I have more respect and cooperation from my teenage son. Thank you for your work. I listen daily to recordings.


Just before starting the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer, I did something that made me very upset and I became extremely sad, depressed, and suicidal. I felt I could never do the right thing no matter how hard I tried. I listened to the recordings and it settled me a bit. But on the first call, Ann did a prayer for ‘sadness’ and it left me. Ann cleared it all away!

The next day I listened again, there’s no more sadness in me. When I listened to the part about money worries, I couldn’t bring up a single bit of worry! For as long as I can remember I had worries about money and in one prayer Ann cleared it all away.

Ordinarily I would have gone to pieces if I heard my mother-in-law had cancer, but I remained calm. I am amazed! I have never felt this peaceful, centered and strong in the midst of such ordeals.

Also, I feel so connected to God now. I ask for guidance all day long and add “Thy Will Be Done.” I know deep within that God knows what God is doing and I feel so good.

Ann could charge $147,000 for this program and it would be underpriced! God truly guides her in her prayer work!


Thank you so much for your prayers on this 21 day journey! I did something that I never thought I would do. I stepped out in total faith and made a huge step … and I felt at peace doing it!

I continue to feel a greater sense of peace and centeredness, even through some major business hurtles. Thank you for all your healing prayer work, and for God’s great grace. I just feel so grounded now, in a way that I never experienced before.


Wow! I love the bonus daily recording, and kept yawning and breathing deeply all the way through it. I listened to it a second time right away, and it is so powerful. I can feel my heart being energized and opening, and an expansion of my whole being. I feel so great; calm, aware, vibrant and alive. Thank you so much. This is the beginning of something truly awesome, I can feel it.

I’m so looking forward to this whole experience with and through your amazing personal connection with God. Thank you so much for sharing and giving so much of yourself.


I went to bed and had a dream about a horsefly with the most beautiful translucent wings. As I didn’t understand this dream when I awoke, I asked God what he wanted me to know. I found out later that although I was healed there was something still there. I just looked up and said, “God, whatever that is you need to heal, heal it now because I really can’t take anymore. As soon as I said that to God, a feeling of calm came over me like I have never experienced before. I felt it immediately after I said that, so all I could say was, “Thank You Lord God.” Please extend my deepest gratitude to Ann for her work. It is so appreciated.


I just wish to thank you for the many blessings you are sharing with us. Your love and sincerity resonates in your work. I feel a warm tingly sensation (that I know is God embracing me) when I listen to your broadcasts and recordings. I have tried many holistic avenues in search of peace, healing, and abundance, and feel that this time I will actually receive them.


Yesterday, someone who was in my life over 40 years ago contacted me. It was so totally out of the blue, and I believe that I was supposed to speak with him so I could tell him that I was sorry for not being very kind to him when our relationship ended. He said that he had thought about me a lot over the years. I was only 18 at the time, and very naïve, so I haven’t beaten myself up over this, but would think of him from time to time and wish I could apologize because I had gone off to college and moved on with my life without properly ending my relationship with him.

SO…God worked through you to bring healing to a situation that needed to be resolved in my life. It’s such a blessing to know that you are praying for all of us each day.


I have been listening to you for almost a year. I AM happy and so grateful to God for everything in my life. Every day when I wake up I thank GOD for the best day of my life.

Last December I opened a business on Marco Island. I am a holistic healer and do body work. I was visiting with the lady giving me a manicure/pedicure and I told her what I was doing and she mentioned her boss was opening a new Salon/Spa. She happened to be there that day and I was able to speak with her. She made the comment, “when you walked in I really liked your energy, normally when I am here, I am working on the computer, but today my computer isn’t working”. Atta boy GOD!!!!!

That morning when I woke up, I asked God, “If this is what I am meant to do (having a healing business), please give me a sign, so that I know I am following my path.” I believe I met the lady that day and her computer didn’t work, because it IS GOD’s PLAN for my life.

I now have the opportunity to have a space in the new Salon/Spa and will pay a percentage to her for my space. She will do the advertising and bring in the clients.


Just wanted to let you know my HAPPY heart center is still as big as it can get! You have been healing me with your gift from God for a few years now, but this has been miraculous. It is continuing to change my life in many ways.

The blessings continue all around me for my friends and family. Yes, they are still jaw dropping! They continue to be things that are simply unexplainable, as they are things we know aren’t possible in the natural world. Thank you really isn’t enough for all the gifts and blessings you ask for us. You are a gift from God to us!


Last month I received 2 small checks about $350 and I just received 2 more checks – about $900. I have recently got about $500 in new medical expenses and more to come. I feel supported by the Universe (God) the heavens are helping me pay for these. Thank you God and Ann. These are sources I would have never of expected.

I am listening as guided to the Wisdom and Discernment recording and all others to make right decisions on my health. I have heard the Angels telling me there is a blessing in disguise and am following my guidance. Thank you all. Without this program I would not be able to feel less stressed and carry on.


I have been a participant for 6 months and have noticed that things are flowing for me better…I seem to be more connected which is huge!

I actually won some money last month – about $1000.00 and I feel that my vibration is raised. Things that used to bother me just roll off my back…amazing! I feel more than ever that God does have my back and he wants more for me then I want for myself!

The mini clearings are helpful and I can access them whenever I feel stuck in any area…and things are opening up more and more every day, and I am feeling the increased energy that 2014 is bringing to all of us, we just need to open up and allow God and our angels/spirit guides to point us in the right direction in our lives.


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