Testimonials on Confidence & Self-Confidence

Testimonials on Confidence & Self-Confidence

My new found self-belief and confidence has now ventured into starting my own business. I’m on my right life path and motivated to quit my job to pursue my passion. It’s exciting!


Today my angels orchestrated a forgiveness with my husband that went straight to the core! I now have confidence in my Higher Self to guide and direct me to make good decisions.


The 21 days program has made an impact in my life. I’m more confident, more optimistic and I know that things are working out in my favor—I expect miracles to happen for me!


With the Shield Recording to support me, I moved to where my sister lives so I can be by the ocean again. Your recordings give me courage, and helped me not be scared. Your healing work is priceless!


Each day you ask GOD to work on us, it feel like I’m wearing GOD’s invisible cloak full of love, peace, joy, or gratitude—like I’m granted immunity and invincibility for 24 hours on whatever you’re praying.


I feel calm and grounded, with a deep sense of being helped by God. I’m stronger in my ambitions and dreams that everything is possible! My fear of lack of money has dissipated and I’m confident about my business.

When I listen to the recordings, my son hears them too—he is more loving, happier, singing again and more confident.


Yesterday I played tennis and felt a major shift of unconditional love in my life. I felt more at ease and played with confidence. There’s a joy and excitement in life again. I was not sure why until I read your email that you had done the healing work.


My self-confidence is growing. Everything works out in my favor. People are more cooperative and kinder to me. My connection with God is stronger. I trust my intuition and stopped second guessing myself. I also feel lighter inside.


The 21 Days caused a major breakthrough for me. I moved beyond the 12 inches and found some light, self-confidence and self-esteem. I want to sign up forever!


I’ve been on a spiritual path for over thirty years. The 21 days helped me more than anything else to heal from a traumatic event that robbed me of self-esteem and self-confidence. My confidence is 100 times better than when I started!


I have been in a spiritual path for the last 25 years and nothing has come close to helping so quickly and easily as Ann’s 21 Days. I felt guided to sign up for training—I’ve wanted to switch careers for a long while! Plus, I want to use my talent for singing so I’m seeing a coach! I wouldn’t have done any of this had it not been for the 21 days program with the multitude of healing and beliefs I received! I’m happier and I’m also more intuitive now.


My overall level of calmness is greater and I’m way more confident in social situations. Things that used to knock me off course are not affecting me—that must be the resilience kicking in. I feel confident about my future.


I am so grateful for confidence. I’m ready to take charge of my life again and begin it with a fresh heart and spirit!


I feel I’m truly loved by God. I feel free and light. I also feel joy and peace because of the healing work. I have gained a lot of self-confidence.


I feel beliefs and attitudes lift off of me, especially when Ann goes back and clears my ancestors. I no longer react like I used to. My health is improving as well and I look forward to getting completely well. There is much in my life to be grateful for. My defective heart from birth has improved so much I no longer need a valve replacement operation. I am walking more and more each day. I’m feeling better about myself and more confident.


It’s helpful to be grateful when I don’t like the way I feel. I’ve been listening to the recording on self-confidence in making good decisions and that helps too.


Thanks to the 21 Days, I only had moments of sadness, grief, and missing my father. I know he’s guiding me every day—and his presence is pronounced in my life because he’s getting healed from Ann’s healing work too. I spoke at the funeral, and it was a complete breakthrough. I never could do that before. The healing work gave me a confidence that fascinates and humbles me.


I felt a deep quietude. It’s even tangible. I have the (spiritual) confidence to surrender, and not worry. The awareness of my desire keeps increasing.


The confidence in my abilities has grown this past year. I interviewed well for a job. He was impressed with my references. “People really do like me! I really am smart and good at whatever I do!” I listen to the bonus, shield recording, and Ann’s prayer daily. I’m excited each day. Every day is not always beautiful, but it’s so much better.


I have so much peace! Also, Suddenly I’m able to make big decisions at work. I’m confident, clear, and in control. I want to retain this state of mind.


The 21 Days of healing and prayer:

– renewed my faith in myself
– helped me to be stronger in myself and not so sensitive to others
– helped me to forgive (huge!)
– helped me feel connected to the light world
– allowed me to feel a calm and peace……I haven’t felt this in years!
– gives me courage when I just want to curl up and disappear


Before the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer I lacked unshakeable faith and trust in God for my career, finances and relationships. Blessings and miracles quickly replaced the doubt. Best of all, my confidence and resilience continue to increase. Now there’s absolute knowledge that God is working with me and takes care of me no matter what. I feel calmer knowing my life is in perfect order.


My walk with God has gotten stronger because the unbelief and doubt lost its strong grip on my psyche. I’m more hopeful and I don’t wake up every day discouraged. What I read in the Bible now sticks to my heart, my prayer life is more honest, and I experience joy, rest, and confidence.


I was obsessed with all the things that I do wrong because I keep losing jobs! But this time I took action and wrote a cover letter. As I proofed it, I said, “Wow, I really have a lot of good experience! This looks good! I should be proud and confident.” And confidence swept over me. Later I discovered that you had facilitated ‘forgiveness of myself.’ It’s wonderful!


I can be FREE from my inner issues. I’m very positive. I feel a sense of freedom; of control over my life. I started holding myself erect.


I feel so clear in my head now and physically strong. What a difference! I don’t have mind fog and can recall things I learned years ago. It’s remarkable, and a boost for self-confidence.


An update on my changes on the 21 days: I called an agency to follow up with a potential speaking opportunity. The person unexpectedly asked how much I charged. Given this is a state agency, I expected to speak for free. It took some courage, but I said I charge $300. Clearly, I am responding to the new beliefs that were installed. Thanks!


Quiet Mind is the best! It works for me! I had been quite angry and irritated due to work and family “slights.” I was FRIED! …and feeling low confidence!

Quiet Mind took it all down to just about “O” charge!! I was happily shocked as I do listen to the Daily, and the Meditation and the Shield. Quiet Mind is a GHOST BUSTER!!!!! THANKS!


I went to a Masquerade ball that wouldn’t have been so pleasant before I started the healing work. I loved my creativity in making my costume, and everyone that wasn’t at the event did too….those I met on my way up to the top floor thought I looked fantastic. Once I got upstairs to the actual ball and the 900 guests…different story!

I tell you this because it shows how much healing has taken place. People were cruel, whispered about me, and laughed. But I was able to smile at them—not cry and go home, or get mad and tell them off! This is Huge! And when I was just about to give up, God showed up! I met a woman who smiled at me; and her husband took our picture.

I “danced like nobody was watching.” I was just thinking…my tribe is not at this party but if they were we would really have a ball!!!!

My mom told one of her clients, and this woman has never met me, but is blessing me with a free ticket to a Great Gatsby themed fundraiser. She promised an EPIC evening with wealthy people, and nothing like the one I experienced last week.

I write every day in my gratitude journal and the night of the ball I wrote way more than usual—pages of gratitude for that day!! TOTALLY a healing there!!!!


I LOVE getting the daily emails on the work being done!!! The 21 Days of Healing and prayer is powerful. I feel more peaceful & confident. I have been showered with abundance in the past week that far surpasses anything I could have planned. It is such a joy & pleasure to participate in your program.


This is my second 21 Days of Healing and Prayer. I am so grateful and happy for your work. God has lowered my stress levels—I noticed how I now handle situations bravely without my heart jumping into my throat. I stay calm and happy. Wow, I am no longer stuck in a previous state of being! I’m making amazing progress! I have so much confidence for similar situations in the future!

I listen to the daily recording & shield recording once a day, the meditation 2-3 times a day, and other recordings vary according to what I feel necessary.

I feel inner peace. I don’t worry as much, and my work seems to go very smoothly. I’m happy and in a positive shift towards calm and peace.

I also want to send my deepest gratitude for Ann for offering the healing work for 21 days. The calls and emails are always so very positive and inspiring. The daily emails of the work God has done, helps me to understand the precious things that are happening, making the “invisible” more concrete. I appreciate that, thank you!


I signed up for my third “21 Days.” Thank you for the love and support. I feel more confident than ever that I can meet my challenges. One thing that I noticed is that when I need information or some healing / balancing, the information arrives so quickly — it’s amazing –it just suddenly appears. The fact that my family is getting healed (without even knowing what I’m involved in) is icing on the cake.


This is my sixth time being a part of the 21 healing and prayer group. I’ve experienced so many blessings, subtle and profound. Relationships being even better- with my daughters & son, son-in-law.

One of the most important experiences for me is to have fear healed. I have used the prayer for many different fears, such as walking alone in a park. Having been abused as a child, there is always a tremendous fear that I would be attacked, or my daughters would be attacked. So this is a change for me, to be comfortable with walking alone while using wisdom to know when it is best for me to do so. I believe when the fear is healed, you can feel things as they truly are.

If it’s best not to do a certain thing, it’s because God guides you, not your fear clouding your judgment.

My confidence and believing in myself and abilities is definitely improving …I do listen to the recordings… releasing negative thoughts. I like to listen to the prayer, the shield, the meditation tape when anxious, happiness and miracle recordings.


My biggest issues have been not feeling safe, abandonment and rejection. For the first time in my life I KNOW I am SAFE in the world. That alone is worth it. It has all shifted and I am so grateful feeling peace. I have more confidence in myself. I am learning to manage the money I have better. I am calmer and just know this is only the beginning of great things coming my way.

My daughter has been affected as well. She is standing in her own power and making good decisions for herself. She has made new friends and is well liked at her job by people who didn’t like her before. She is feeling safe in her life now. Such a relief for me to KNOW she feels safe, since she lives 1500 miles away.


Thank you so much for my amazing journey Ann. I really feel the big shift. I am experiencing miracles happening to me.

Today my husband said sorry for the first time in many years. I was so surprised that I was shaking.

I feel that my life is unfolding into a wonderful life.

My husband says more ‘yes’ to invitations than ever before. He is a lot friendlier and happy with himself and the family. I am very self-confident and I feel that money is easy and effortlessly coming to me.

I am not being blamed so often nowadays as in the past. That is great for me. I feel very happy and grateful that I have made such a big shift in my life.


For many years I have had a difficult time being around people, and I feel this has been getting better. I found myself talking with people more than I ever would have before and found myself feeling more comfortable in situations where I was around multiple people. For me this is a very exciting thing and I want to continue in the 21 days of healing.

The changes I have been feeling already make me feel like I just want to continue on this journey to feeling better. If you have any suggestions as to how many months this might take, I’d like to seriously consider purchasing them now. Thank you very much for the work you do, I am so very grateful.


I really feel healed and relieved now. I found inner peace, calmness and serenity. Thank you.

The recording, which “helped” me most, was your recording “eliminating anxiety.” I listened to it lots of times! It really eliminated my anxiety.

I feel that I am myself again! I live my life to the full! Full of energy, ideas, confidence, faith, happiness, laughter, gratitude, love and good health. The sun is in my heart and soul!


I actually had no idea what to expect from this program, but I do believe in the power of prayer and now I can see some palpable results.

I had a difficult childhood, and a violent marriage/divorce released all those fear and anxiety. I had no controls over it! I was afraid to walk even in the daytime.

Ann’s work has an enormous calming effect on me, and gives me confidence, self-esteem and belief in myself that I never had before. I thank you for the gifts you have bestowed to me. It has brought sanity into my life.


I am on the 21days and Energy is rolling so to speak! Yeah, apart from the changes in the manner people are treating me, I woke to an absolute blissful feeling/sensation in my Heart.

I am so grateful for the amount of confidence I am gaining. The melt down of my fears and worries, are the end of my struggles… my anger has vanished and the growth of my faith in God is huge and rock solid!!!


I feel so Free, fearless, joy, peace and better than I have in a long time. I am in the NOW and see my future with bright eyes and open heart. My sense of self-worth is so strong. I am confident in myself and ready to take on new and exciting projects.

I have been receiving so many gifts: little ones, big ones, material ones, energetic ones, invitations, opportunities, meeting new people, etc. The abundance and money issues are working in a positive way.


I was at the airport waiting for my flight while listening to the 21 Days Bonus Call. It felt like I was having a private session with you. It felt really good.

Since listening to your recordings and because of your prayers, I have been more intuitive, happier, more peaceful, confident and creative. I listen to your recordings every day, 2 to 4 times most days.


I am one of those 12 inchers. I experienced improvements in my courage to stand up and speak up for myself without creating fear in myself and animosity from others.

I have been partially paralyzed from polio at age 3 and am now using a walker as apparently post polio has been gradually setting in, but your prayers have lessened my anxiety about that.

Relationships have improved and unpleasant memories and feelings have pretty much lost their “charge.” People have offered to help me at a rate that has blown me away, and I’m finding it easier to accept it without feeling like a problem. Thank you so much!

I listen to your Calm, Peace and Serenity prayer often. Thank you again for your easy, no hassle, and magical healing help.


Thank you so much for the great 21 Days of Healing and Prayer. When a challenging argument comes up I speak for fairness. The feeling of guilt is gone. I stay calm and don’t take on any negative energies from the argument. It is wonderful.

I feel very self-confident, courageous. I trust that God wants the best for me. I feel that people really like me … that people really want me to be in their life… that I am smart… I can do anything I put my mind to … and I don’t worry anymore. The bonus recording is fantastic. I listen to it more than once a day. Thank you Ann, you are an Angel. I feel good and happy.


At the top of this 21 days I suddenly had no work – YIKES! But I did not panic. I work freelance and the phone can ring at any time or not.

I felt the urge to email a client of mine who was supposed to move her office. I just wanted to see where she was moving; across town or out of state. She emailed back in a bit of a panic that her office was a mess and was moving in six weeks, and that she needed help organizing things…..I volunteered immediately, named my fee, and created a new freelance job for myself that will keep me busy for a bit. I love being an organizer. I forgot to mention that I listened to Ann’s recordings and prayed to God before I sent the email to my client. A Miracle of birthing a new job!


Thank you for the 21 day journey. I love being prayed for every day. I feel ‘supported’ by your prayer work. It’s given me new confidence and peace. You are a role model and I truly appreciate the care, honesty, effort and commitment that you put forth in this program.


I am excited to be part of the 21 Day program again. I have so much more confidence. I speak up instead of suppressing. Yippeee!!

I’m also not bothered by things that would take me down before. I don’t even worry about what people think about me anymore. I’m ok in my own skin!! I wake up feeling warm and fuzzy after a good night’s sleep with great plans for the day.


I first encountered you on a teleseminar. You shared your work and I immediately felt a shift. The negative thoughts dissolved from my consciousness. It was exhilarating!

The 21 Days of Healing and Prayer program has enhanced my life in tangible ways:
• First, it is now effortless for me to engage with people (I once had trust issues). Now, I love being with people and I truly trust and care for all. My relationships with my family, friends, store clerks, people on the street, everybody—are harmonious and joyful. It is so beautiful!!
• Second, I am self-confident now and believe the best for my life and my future.
• Third, I am experiencing great success at school and in my career advancement. I declared a new major, and a job opportunity (which is of great pay and of great interest to me), effortlessly floated into my life. I was also recognized for my academic achievement.
• However, the most important gift you have given is the comfort of daily inner peace. Even when things appear less than rosy, I know all is well—I know that God is working through my life according to my greatest and highest good. I thoroughly enjoy life now and am able to spread and share this joy with others.

Your work is a blessing from God. Thank you for being a channel of peace.


The healing work Ann does is just incredible! Worry and fear left me! Wow! Now I feel confident, at peace and joyful most of the time!

When Ann asks us to bring up any negative memories in our life—I couldn’t find any! That’s miraculous!


Because of the 21 Days, problems are easier to deal with and unexpected blessings are cropping up! I remained relaxed during a long dental surgery. Three days later I performed (I’m a singer). Instead of worrying and panicking because of my puffy face and considerable discomfort, it was one of my best performances ever! I was INSIDE the music rather than criticizing myself constantly. I really enjoyed myself! I got lots of great feedback and more work from that performance.

I received an unexpected e-mail from a television produce to do a short film! I had thought about returning to my acting career, and this was an unexpected boost! A few weeks ago I might have found excuses not to do it, or been afraid I wasn’t good enough… all that’s gone, vanished, wooosh!!!

I have been having SO many business ideas it’s ridiculous – I carry a notepad everywhere now, because inspiration strikes at all times! I write songs and found a songwriting partner (something I’ve been seeking for years). I feel brave and courageous in a way I’ve never felt before.

Good things are happening every day, my relationship with my family is improving (and it was already good!) and I am attracting new people and situations… I am slowly regaining my lost self-confidence and it feels wonderful.

Natalia from London

I participated in the 21 Days of Healing & Prayer and want to report some results.

1) Lost 9 lbs in less than a month!
2) Job responsibilities changed and lightened
3) Restored relationship with my son
4) Feel 100% more confident and happier at work

You mean so much to me, and I appreciate your prayer work.


I’ve never been this engaged and committed with business as I am now.

I’m finding all the RESOURCES are a blessing from God! THANK YOU! Your recordings help me a lot in making decisions. I’m much more confident and trusting in myself.

Your inspiration and motivation caused a SHIFTING in me!!! I have a new ATTITUDE! No more procrastination or self-sabotage! And, I’m HAPPY FOR NO REASON!!

I love you for helping me to see and to be the best of my true self.

I’m so deeply grateful for having God operating in my life through you in really unexpected and MIRACULOUS ways.


I wanted to let you know that I’ve been having a great week. I’ve been listening to the special bonus recording first thing in the morning and in the evening as well and my days have been full and productive.

I went to the gym after work for a good workout. In the tanning room, and upon looking at my body with all the dimples and jiggly bits in the full length mirror, “You are beautiful,” just popped into my head and made me giggle and think of the movie ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’. Then after my shower when I was blow-drying my hair, “You are magnificent” made me smile at myself in the mirror, and this time it sounded like your voice, Ann. At home washing up a few dishes before making dinner and before my son arrived, “You are dynamic, taking care of so much,” came into my consciousness and I felt such a deep feeling of thankfulness and gratitude for the beautiful life I have. I get to do a few dishes in the quiet of my home in the late afternoon…just me and the dog in the house. I feel so blessed at 54 years old and really treasure my solitude. I’ve always known that my 50’s would be a great decade. I really do feel that my best days are ahead and I look forward with excitement and a real sense of place in the world.

Your healing work, Ann, is permeating my whole being and affecting out into my life. My son is a very balanced, calm young man. He’s always been such a blessing in my life and I’ve raised him as a single mom.

Thank you Ann for your prayers. They are acting on me in a very positive, substantive way as a catalyst to zoom me forward in my evolvement. I know the future holds unlimited possibilities for me, only limited by my own beliefs. Thank you for amping up my vibration and my everyday energy. No one can dampen my happiness and sense of belonging these days.

Bless you for the gifts you bestow through your healing work and letting yourself be God’s instrument. Your sunny personality and wonderful lighthearted laughs are just what a lot of people need these days, including me!


After 7 months of not working, today I was offered a wonderful project with a company I worked for ten years ago. They want me to start immediately and the president welcomed me back! I’ve been feeling stronger and more independent lately.


I want to thank you for your 21-day prayer program. I feel change is active in my life since this began…it’s visceral. I’ve been working on a project for a few years and am now in the beginning marketing stage. Previously I was experiencing so much anxiety about promotion, and about how my project would be received, but I now have ease and confidence in place of anxiety. Help is arriving in fun & unexpected ways, so I can see how this will be a success for me. The way feels very clear. It’s as if I “know” my success almost as a physical feeling. This surprises me since I thought success would be felt more on a mental and emotional level. My body and mind are filled with such energetic optimism whenever I listen to the daily recording for the program as I feel old stuff moving out of my entire being, from in and around me.


In the last 3 weeks I’ve changed so much. I have great trust now that money will be always there and that I deserve great financial abundance. My money worries and fears are magically gone. I feel very comfortable in my skin and I truly love myself way more than I used to. Last weekend I felt such a wonderful feeling of heart opening and connection. WOW! There were many times in these three weeks when I was really emotional. I guess that I sometimes repress my emotions, but now I can allow them to be without judging them. And I am a published author now! To be exact: a 2 days old author. I have written a book! So happy that the ball is rolling already!


I’ve received compliments at work on occasion but this was almost weird but in a nice way. I had a fellow come up to me with a coffee and a donut and tell me that this was for me because he didn’t have a chance to talk to me the other day. He is on an extended sick leave and visits occasionally. He is not a staff member and the plant I work at is pretty big, so to me it was a big deal that he did this out of the blue. Next was the guy that was walking behind me down a hallway. He told me I was a beautiful woman…again, out of the blue and not in a suggestive way. He’s an older guy so that’s not an issue. Next was a staff member who commented on my perfume, which I told him I wasn’t wearing, so he complimented my shampoo. This was all before 11am; I start work at 8:30.

When I got home my daughter told me that she was complimented and had been asked out by a few boys. As we were talking she got a text from a young fellow wanting her to spend time with him. You have to understand that my daughter is in grade 12 and has had problems of bullying from boys. She has some great friends but was nicely weirded out by the events of the day. I have noticed some changes and they are all very wonderful since starting this program about a week ago. To me it’s like an adventure, waiting to see what’s going to happen next. This is so much fun.


I am sooooo excited to share all the yummy changes I have welcomed to my life since Ann started praying for me and my co-receivers in the first 21-day prayer group! This new divine technology is HUGE!! Really powerful!

1) My happiness levels have increased exponentially! I live in Greece with the economic doom and gloom growing bigger every moment and I am as happy as a baby! People want to be around me all the time (family members, friends, people from work and even TOTAL STRANGERS start talking to me) as they find that they experience a sense of relaxation, comfort and ease in my presence! My phone is ringing a lot more frequently and I get invitations from friends all the time! I am very busy but I love this level of interaction!

2) I find it easy and completely natural to say NO when something doesn’t resonate with my truth. This is a HUGE transformation for me! I found it almost impossible till now. I mean, I couldn’t say the word NO! Now, it just flows out of my mouth in the most gentle and natural way, without me feeling guilty for making this choice. It feels great now to say NO when I choose it, as I am more truthful and authentic to myself and others. I feel like I’m able to RESPECT myself and others more! Feelings like guilt, obligation, feeling sorry for others and even myself, have disappeared!

3) I used to sleep with the television switched on during the last few years. It is in a different room, but still the noise would reach my bedroom. The reason I did this was a feeling of insecurity whenever I was alone at home. Now, I NEVER leave my television on when I go to sleep. In fact, I can’t stand it any longer! What freedom and what bliss to feel fully loved and protected! I go to sleep now with a big smile on my face and gorgeous thoughts dancing freely in my head! Delicious!

4) My beauty is shining through! I have been trying to hide my beauty and my femininity for years. I had been sexually attacked at school about 20 years ago, and since then I have been abusing my body and trying to be as ugly as I could! I was blaming and punishing myself for what had happened. Almost a year and a half ago I went raw (on a raw food diet) and I started reconnecting with my body. Yet, the progress I have made since Ann started praying for me is TEN TIMES bigger than all the progress that I have made during the last year and a half! People are impressed by my increased confidence, the glow of my skin. They find that my eyes are shining like stars, and that I move in a more feminine way, and a lot more! They all want to know what I breathe in my air and drink in my water!

5) I have been working on a business project with a partner of mine for the last 10 months and things were completely stuck. It was pretty frustrating and I felt a great deal of resistance on my part, as I did not particularly like the subject of the project. I wanted to go for something different and definitely bigger! And guess what! The project we have recorded was LOST and we got together last week and did it again! This time we chose a broader subject and we approached it in a way I absolutely LOVE! Things are running smoothly now and we are about to start profiting within the next ten days or so. Whooo Hoooo!

6) I am a journalist and I host a radio show for the cultural, public radio on weekends. My show was stopped a couple of months ago, due to the terrible economic situation my country (Greece) is going through. I was told that it would not be back until the end of May. Yet, out of the blue, my radio show was back on air about 3 weeks ago and I don’t even know how! All I know is that it feels amazing to have it back in my life so much earlier! Yippee!

7) I used to sleep for 4-6 hours at night. Now, I sleep a good 7 hours like a baby!

8) I love writing and during the last 2 to 3 weeks my muse visits me much more often! I get beautiful ideas and wonderful inspirations almost on demand! What a blessing!

I am ready for some more yumminess! I KNOW it’s coming my way! I FEEL it!
Oh, and I can’t wait for the next 21-day prayer program to start! Ann can do MAGIC!


My life has indeed transformed to one that is filled with joy and peace most of the time. There were times when my anger and frustration were triggered and remembering that, it surfaced so that I could release it. I was able to clear it in the fastest time ever. Recently, within 30 mins, I was able to shift my experience of anger and frustration to joy and peace. It was a truly wonderful experience for me. Best of all I had noticed another shift in another area of my life which I find to be truly incredible.

I always have a great anxiety each time my children sit for their exams. About two days ago, my son came back from school and told me that he was not able to answer the questions as his mind went blank. He could not remember what he had learned. To my surprise I was not at all anxious and worried. I spent a few minutes talking to him with no anxiety at all. I was calm and I could even joke with him. The next day, he had asked me to accompany him while he studied. He expressed his worries and concern about the next exam he was sitting for in a few hours. I suggested for him to listen to your recording on Self-esteem. While listening he fell into deep sleep. When it was time for him to leave the house, he was calm and very much at peace. When he came back from school he told me that he was able to answer the questions easily and was very happy.

There is definitely less stress in my life now. So much so that my asthma (which I have suffered from for 15 yrs) has left me. However on the day of the 4th Bonus call, I had a digestive disorder. I was in great discomfort, my stomach had bloated and I ate every now and then like I had a hunger pang. Soon after listening to the call, I had my 1st asthma attack since the 21 days of prayer started. My fear has been that once the 21 days of prayer is over, my asthma would return. I will continue listening to the recordings with the hope that the fear will be removed totally and completely and I am able to breathe once again fully and deeply at any time of the day and night.

With all of my heart, I Thank You for your work of miracles to help all of us shift with Ease and Grace.


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