Testimonials on Cells

Testimonials on Cells

All my cells burst with energy every day! An issue I had with my neighbors for over a year, completely resolved yesterday. I’m at peace and so grateful for your prayers.


The ‘Empowered with Passion’ recording infused me with joy. Especially the long recording where you and God work at changing family programming. It transformed feelings of being unwanted I got lingering in my cellular make up. I’m thankful the lineage gets healed back into sacred functionality without fear, shame or blame.


People comment that I looked different, like a new person, and my consciousness changed, too. GOD really did fill my cells with unconditional love—it was evident in my live blood analysis. It’s truly amazing!


Your prayer sure is powerful. I’m no longer having negative feelings/memories about my mother. Also, felt so unusually relaxed in all my cells today.


I’ve been overwhelmed with my workload, and concerned about my health. When I read that you did healing work on my cells, I immediately became more relaxed. If felt good to know God was assisting with that right now.


Yesterday’s healing work brought a feeling of bliss, as though I’m floating in a sea of peace. My spirit feels freer, light and happy. I’m excited for what happens next. My cells are dancing in pure love. Also, I’m thrilled that my family and friends are getting this too!


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