Testimonials on Blessings

Testimonials on Blessings

I’ve been struggling for months. However, miracles happened today…My rear door on my SUV was leaking. I took my car in for repair. Well…amazingly they are covering everything! I commented that the car was really a mess and the agent said “no problem – I’ll have it cleaned inside and out” at no charge! I gathered my things and found a $100 bill! Also, Amazon sent a notice that they owe me $200 and it will be in my account!

How can it get any better than this? I now have absolute faith everything is changing and I am completely trusting that God is watching over and blessing me.


I received unexpected money in the form of a bonus from my work and a payment from an online store that I forgot about. Also, I’m not craving so much sugar!


You’ve helped me become closer to God. You prayed to God on my behalf and I prayed along with you every day … I felt better. Now I am healed! – Your help and prayer blessed me.


In my first 21 Days Program:

• Received an unexpected $400 Hanukah gift from relatives that never give gifts
• Received $2000 unexpected employment reimbursements.
• Offered a job that pays $500 more than I asked
• Overcame my fear of driving on the freeway
• Calmer and more positive!
• Much clearer vision of my life-purpose and the steps I need to take.

Believe it or not it all happened in 21 days! It was a remarkable experience!


The healing work blessed my mother, who lives on a fixed income. Through a revision, she’s no longer required to have flood insurance! This saves her enough money for a nice vacation every year!


My self-confidence is growing. Everything works out in my favor. People are more cooperative and kinder to me. My connection with God is stronger. I trust my intuition and stopped second guessing myself. I also feel lighter inside.


I feel like I’m in the flow of divine help. I had a painful dental issue. Didn’t have money to pay for extras, but the dentist did it all, free of charge! I needed deep cleaning, so they offered a medical credit card. What a blessing!


I had a really bad outbreak of shingles. But right in the midst of the outbreak, it all disappeared! I feel very blessed and look forward to more Miracles!


Blessings are abounding financially, and I’m sensing more clarity too. Found $300 in a drawer, $50 from clothing sale and a new car is ready for me.


Thanks for praying for good things to happen to me. My husband has to have therapy to learn to be a nicer person. That is a miracle!


Ann blessed us, declaring that we deserve good things to happen to us. I received a $100 tip. I giggled knowing I was blessed.


Ann’s timing is just right! Today she said I needed excellent mental health work. It was a Godsend.


I feel such certainty that my every desire will be fulfilled! I feel blessed, protected and on the way to non-stop wonderfulness. This is a huge shift in my outlook.


I feel fantastic! It is like the magic pill! I tried everything! God is the deal! And I am so blessed to be on your program…what a gift and a blessing.


I released almost all my stress. People are kind to me, and I rekindled an old friendship. These are blessings. Also, I’m not procrastinating on making decisions and loving it!


I’m about to undergo surgery and should be a little anxious, but I’m calm. The 21 Days does miracles for me! Your healing work feels like a personalized blessing.


The blessings in my life since I began the 21 Days:

1. Relationship with my mom healed, and no negative emotions about ex-husband.
2. Peace about situation with my children—that this is God’s will at this time.
3. Blessing of 3 – $100 tips during the holidays. Unexpected payback from a loan.
4. Relationship with God improved, receiving guidance and direction.
5. Faith that I’m able to financially care for myself, with less fear about money.
6. Got through a difficult time. Feels like the process of the butterfly…. and I’m ready to spread my wings and fly.


I got a free reading from a psychic. She told me to have faith in my spiritual gifts and go for it professionally, so I did. A group of readers and healers surrounded me with unconditional love like a family. I said, “There are no problems,” and I felt it deep in my heart and soul. I feel safe, powerful, happy, and blessed. My business is booming.


God blessed me with your healing work for healthy relationships. Just when I felt out of touch and unconnected with my friends, I received a letter from one; another called; and another friend emailed. You help me to keep my focus on God and aware of God’s responses. I’m healed of past wounds so I’m able to connect and enjoy healthy relationships.


I understand animals deeply—that they are here to help us and many take on ‘stuff’ for their humans and carry their load. My mother’s cat has been diabetic for over 5 years… taking on a load and helping my mother by carrying sadness. But something phenomenal happened—the test shows the cat is no longer diabetic! WOW!!!

My mother had a huge transformation when my generations were healed on the 21 Days and her cat was healed of diabetes! The ‘cause’ of the sickness was no longer in my mother’s consciousness, so it also left her cat!!! Astounding!!!!!

Your Divine work with God is rippling out and touching so many generations and countless lives.

I feel totally blessed to be a part of your group, and amazed at my transformation through working with you. I have never been more in Love with Life!”


What an amazing message: “God also eliminated the stress and trauma that you have in the arteries, veins and capillaries of your brain.” I felt the importance of your words because of my health situation; that eliminating trauma would affect my arteries, veins and capillaries of my brain. Your healing work amazes me. I am eternally grateful for these blessings and healings.

Thank you for your daily messages and the healing work you are doing. It is changing the world one person at a time.


I went to a Masquerade ball that wouldn’t have been so pleasant before I started the healing work. I loved my creativity in making my costume, and everyone that wasn’t at the event did too….those I met on my way up to the top floor thought I looked fantastic. Once I got upstairs to the actual ball and the 900 guests…different story!

I tell you this because it shows how much healing has taken place. People were cruel, whispered about me, and laughed. But I was able to smile at them—not cry and go home, or get mad and tell them off! This is Huge! And when I was just about to give up, God showed up! I met a woman who smiled at me; and her husband took our picture.

I “danced like nobody was watching.” I was just thinking…my tribe is not at this party but if they were we would really have a ball!!!!

My mom told one of her clients, and this woman has never met me, but is blessing me with a free ticket to a Great Gatsby themed fundraiser. She promised an EPIC evening with wealthy people, and nothing like the one I experienced last week.

I write every day in my gratitude journal and the night of the ball I wrote way more than usual—pages of gratitude for that day!! TOTALLY a healing there!!!!


I LOVE getting the daily emails on the work being done!!! The 21 Days of Healing and prayer is powerful. I feel more peaceful & confident. I have been showered with abundance in the past week that far surpasses anything I could have planned. It is such a joy & pleasure to participate in your program.


This is my 4th month with you. I was an 8-incher up until a year ago when my life started changing dramatically for the better.

During your program, God released my major fears, taught me to forgive myself and others, and taught me how to more effectively release my traumas and beliefs that no longer serve me as well as those of my clients. God has shown me happiness and peace. I am laughing and enjoying so many more things. I just know that all is well and the people around me are responding the same way. My monthly income has gone from $0 as a student to $2,200 with two new jobs.

God has given me two surprise trips – to Peru and Aruba. Very powerful and unexpected things happened during each trip.

THANK YOU, Ann, for being my teacher and mentor.


I’ve been to Montreal to my Dad’s funeral. It was a beautiful funeral and I and my two nieces spoke. For me it was a miracle to get through my speech without breaking down and in fact standing tall and projecting my thoughts out into a funeral home room full of people. This was a miracle for me to do so without fainting and or totally breaking down in tears. It is remarkable to me that my father passed 6 days ago and I’m doing so well. There are emotions and moments of sadness too and there is also this most amazing peace that is with me as well.

I feel so Blessed to be going through what is usually such a traumatic experience with your prayers Ann. I know this will still be a process and one in which I have the amazing prayers and tools to see me through, vibrating on so much of a higher level to continue moving towards the fulfillment of my purpose. The sturdiness I have now is off the charts compared to what I began with 7 sessions ago. Thank God!! People notice my steadiness and grace.


I just want to say I am SO GRATEFUL. My heart is filled with joy as I look forward to another 21 days with you. I still send love every day to the January group. There is such a bond with us and I just know so many from this group have signed up again.

I continue every day to count my blessings. I am just so grateful and every day, blessings come to me which blow me away.

In the last live session Ann talked of Believing and Belief. During the 21 days I became so aware of Belief, Believe it is so and it is. Faith and Belief is the answer. I learnt during that time not to question, not to figure out how, stop the internal dialogue—just know it is already done. If it is asked from the heart and it is for your highest good, it is so. It is the way it is. God wants what’s best for us and even more than we want for ourselves. You tell us this Ann and it is TRUE.

God has always been a part of my life and I have always studied theology. But it is only since you, Ann—that I fully understand. I now truly feel at one with God and the God within me. This more than anything, more than all the rewards I have had. It means the most.

My diet suddenly changed, my body told me I had food intolerances and what it wanted. I listened and together we (me and my body) well, we’ve got it sorted.

These 21 days of healing and prayer, connects us to God and God’s miracles for us. I have seen how it has progressed and it just gets better and better. This is because of you Ann, and your trust and faith in what God called you to do—which you do unconditionally to the benefit of us all. It is phenomenal now. I know it will snowball even more. This is the beginning of what God will give you to do and what you will accomplish. You are wonderful, above ego and true love. I wish you luck and good health to sustain you as I know God will give more to you. Thank you so very much.


Infinite Thank You’s for this treasured gift of the 21 Days of Healing & Prayer! Wow! My husband and I both signed up for this and the shift for us has really kicked in this past week! We’ve been experiencing incredible Miracles of Love, Joy & Passion that I’ve dreamed of us having together! Laughing, Dancing, growing deeper & deeper in love & respect for each other; sharing the deep Love that’s been there all along!

We both feel so lucky and blessed that we have been able to experience these 21 Days together! Such a treasured Gift in our lives for us, individually and together, for our families and our Circle of Love, and for the Universe!


I didn’t know what my life was going to be like, but I just kept running in my head the words from the daily meditations and shield, etc. I would have a thought of being absolutely homeless but it was replaced with all those phrases …”you have abundance, you have no fear or worry about money” etc. So I just gave up the fear! I kept thinking, “God wants more for me than I want for myself”….well that absolutely what came true!

Something I could never have known would happen, happened. I got a windfall as they say, and now I really NEVER need to worry about money! I never saw it coming, but I surrendered absolutely, saying to myself “God really loves me, He won’t let me down, I just turn it over to Him….people will think I’m a fool but I will”… I had no job, no source of income! But now I am so blessed, I am sooo happy…and I want to thank you.

The work you did on me for three sessions kept me in this higher state that helped me and my whole family through a very difficult and emotional time. I will be signing up again! I want to see what else God has in store for me!


I wanted a shift in my finances. I am overjoyed to report that I was hired for a new job with a compensation structure of nearly $9,000 more a year than my current job. What an incredible blessing this new job is.


I feel so Free, fearless, joy, peace and better than I have in a long time. I am in the NOW and see my future with bright eyes and open heart. My sense of self-worth is so strong. I am confident in myself and ready to take on new and exciting projects.

I have been receiving so many gifts: little ones, big ones, material ones, energetic ones, invitations, opportunities, meeting new people, etc. The abundance and money issues are working in a positive way.


All my life I have had a deep fear of rats. I literally freak out when I see one. A rat literally walked into my garden. I just watched it and was calm. I let it move on without freaking out. That is major for me. It hasn’t stopped me from going outside, like it would have.

I have had done or learned every therapy system and structure there is and I must say that this is the first thing that has ever helped with my rat phobia. The work you do is a true blessing in my life.


Thank you for your amazing prayer work and support during these 21 days of healing.
I have experienced incredible results: much less worry and anxiety, more joyous moments, I achieve things more easily, and feel much happier!

I am coming out of this inner healing session with renewed hope and anticipation. Good things will happen to me and I will reach my goals! I also experienced a sense of community that was lacking in my life and I am really grateful for that.

I truly enjoyed all the conference calls, and particularly the lesson on effective prayer.
Indeed I have prayed a lot but never heard from God and now I know why.

I am now very committed to continue the work by listening every day to the recordings and flushing out any accumulating negativity. Again, many thanks for your work, your dedication and your kindness.


Despite my job frustration and exhaustion, everything went smoothly after I started the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer. I felt peace and very blessed. And now, even my financial worry is gone! It’s about a month since the shift and boy am I happy! It’s a miracle!


I first encountered you on a teleseminar. You shared your work and I immediately felt a shift. The negative thoughts dissolved from my consciousness. It was exhilarating!

The 21 Days of Healing and Prayer program has enhanced my life in tangible ways:
• First, it is now effortless for me to engage with people (I once had trust issues). Now, I love being with people and I truly trust and care for all. My relationships with my family, friends, store clerks, people on the street, everybody—are harmonious and joyful. It is so beautiful!!
• Second, I am self-confident now and believe the best for my life and my future.
• Third, I am experiencing great success at school and in my career advancement. I declared a new major, and a job opportunity (which is of great pay and of great interest to me), effortlessly floated into my life. I was also recognized for my academic achievement.
• However, the most important gift you have given is the comfort of daily inner peace. Even when things appear less than rosy, I know all is well—I know that God is working through my life according to my greatest and highest good. I thoroughly enjoy life now and am able to spread and share this joy with others.

Your work is a blessing from God. Thank you for being a channel of peace.


Because of the 21 Days, problems are easier to deal with and unexpected blessings are cropping up! I remained relaxed during a long dental surgery. Three days later I performed (I’m a singer). Instead of worrying and panicking because of my puffy face and considerable discomfort, it was one of my best performances ever! I was INSIDE the music rather than criticizing myself constantly. I really enjoyed myself! I got lots of great feedback and more work from that performance.

I received an unexpected e-mail from a television produce to do a short film! I had thought about returning to my acting career, and this was an unexpected boost! A few weeks ago I might have found excuses not to do it, or been afraid I wasn’t good enough… all that’s gone, vanished, wooosh!!!

I have been having SO many business ideas it’s ridiculous – I carry a notepad everywhere now, because inspiration strikes at all times! I write songs and found a songwriting partner (something I’ve been seeking for years). I feel brave and courageous in a way I’ve never felt before.

Good things are happening every day, my relationship with my family is improving (and it was already good!) and I am attracting new people and situations… I am slowly regaining my lost self-confidence and it feels wonderful.

Natalia from London

Thank you so much. I can already feel the changes with the 21-day prayers, your blessings and the work from God. It is amazing. Also, thanks for the incredible downloads. Wow is all I can say. Thank you!


I went to bed and had a dream about a horsefly with the most beautiful translucent wings. As I didn’t understand this dream when I awoke, I asked God what he wanted me to know. I found out later that although I was healed there was something still there. I just looked up and said, “God, whatever that is you need to heal, heal it now because I really can’t take anymore. As soon as I said that to God, a feeling of calm came over me like I have never experienced before. I felt it immediately after I said that, so all I could say was, “Thank You Lord God.” Please extend my deepest gratitude to Ann for her work. It is so appreciated.


I’m all excited about my gifts, and I had a great singing workout yesterday. I also decided this time to just go about my day, and work. I’m not going to sit on the couch thinking I should slow down, or be specifically lazy, just so far that it feels good. Thank you all so much; it is incredible how much care and love I feel. I feel so blessed.


I just wish to thank you for the many blessings you are sharing with us. Your love and sincerity resonates in your work. I feel a warm tingly sensation (that I know is God embracing me) when I listen to your broadcasts and recordings. I have tried many holistic avenues in search of peace, healing, and abundance, and feel that this time I will actually receive them.


Today was my first day off the energy shifting rollercoaster. For the last three days I have cried at anything I saw or heard was loving or heart warming.

I’m now seeing the shifts in those around me. My mom, who lives with me and has Alzheimer’s, actually asked nicely for something instead of ordering me or demanding me to do something for her. She’s been very difficult and there’s been a lot of adjusting on my part. It has brought out resentment in me from my childhood that I had put behind me, or so I thought.

My sister and I own a fitness club together. It’s been hanging on by a thread for 6 years, and nothing seemed to help. She’s doing your 21 days with me and has signed up a new member everyday since we started.

You have been healing my life with God’s love for at least 3 yrs., bit by bit. I was only able to make 2 purchases of your work. The rest has been the blessing of you sharing your gift so freely on the programs you do. I just knew God would help me pay for this, and he is.


My response to the energy is shifting. I have worked with being with the energy and my resistance is lessening. I still have some pain but not as often and I am letting much more healing energy in. My vibration is rising, I am expanding, and I am learning to receive. I have had some delightful moments of connection with you, simply enjoying your energy and presence. I have received the message that the resistance pattern is healing and will be resolved. I need to stay with it and it will happen.

On the 10th, 2 days after I asked God to heal my lineage and past lives of sexual violence it was done. I heard, “If you really want all to be healed you can have it now.” I said, “I do want it.” Then I heard, “It’s done. All sexual violence is cleared from your system.” I feel certain that I have been given this gift of total healing. I’ve asked for healing of the trauma and experience of the past 8 years. This healing has already begun. I am so grateful that I will no longer have to carry this. What a blessing to know I have learned the hard lessons of this experience and I won’t have to do it again!

I do healing work and I have received some excellent guidance that is helping me expand my awareness and increase my capacity in working with others. Your energetic example is leading the way for me to connect with this most pure, divine healing energy that flows through you.

I did make a list of issues I would like to have healed that seems rather mundane now that I’ve received these extraordinary and unexpected gifts. My belief is that healing these deep and structural issues will then allow the healing to flow easily to money, work, family and other issues on my list. I haven’t seen that yet but I believe I will. The foundation is being laid. Many thanks to you Ann, for doing this work and for sharing your gift with those of us who are drawn to you.


I am having some big energy releases, clearings and shifts, largely related to my blood family and my karmic levels, etc. This has been so helpful to me that I wish to “stay in the positive and healing flow” of this energy work, so that I can better manifest some of my creative project dreams this year and have much more ease and grace regarding my financial earnings, cash flow and overall support (ie: “less stress and way more ease and grace!”). I am finding Ann’s unique style of healing work and the timing of it all to be a true blessing for me at this time.

Thanks again for all of your fantastic communications and customer service, I am truly grateful to have connected with Ann, her work and all of you for this leg of my journey. May you be blessed and prosper in all ways.


Thank you for answering my plea for help.

I enjoyed hearing Ann Taylor, and receiving some of her blessings. She had said on the program it might take a few days for things to change…a few days later I felt as though something had been lifted from within me. Before this I had been feeling depressed, and thought I’d have to take med’s to help me get rid of it, but now it’s gone!!!!!!!!!!!! POOF!!!!!!!


Just wanted to let you know my HAPPY heart center is still as big as it can get! You have been healing me with your gift from God for a few years now, but this has been miraculous. It is continuing to change my life in many ways.

The blessings continue all around me for my friends and family. Yes, they are still jaw dropping! They continue to be things that are simply unexplainable, as they are things we know aren’t possible in the natural world. Thank you really isn’t enough for all the gifts and blessings you ask for us. You are a gift from God to us!


During your program, God released my major fears, taught me to forgive myself and others, and taught me how to more effectively release my traumas and beliefs that no longer serve me as well as those of my clients. God has shown me happiness and peace. I am laughing and enjoying so many more things. I just know that all is well and the people around me are responding the same way. My monthly income has gone from $0 as a student to $2,200 with two new jobs. THANK YOU, Ann, for being my teacher and mentor.


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