Testimonials on Anxiety & Worry

Testimonials on Anxiety & Worry

I developed pancreatic cancer in December 2003 and survived. But, it triggered some serious health issues that scared me. I listened to the 21 Days recordings and immediately became calmer and the anxiety and panic attacks disappeared.




I’ve lived my whole life attracting people who needed my help; never wanting to be helped myself, and fearing they wouldn’t. All these complexities are vanishing.


My stress level is eliminated. I flew into a city and a situation left me with no one to pick me up from the airport. I was abandoned, yet remained calm. Your healing work kept me sane and not stressed. …and it led me to relocating here with a better job and great benefits.


My eating changed and I’m releasing pounds; I laugh out loud a lot; look for happy movies; released all my stress from my daughter and send her LOVE! The “icing on the cake”—my sense of peace and calm! I want to sign up for the next 21 Days.


I met with an intuitive guidance counselor. She affirmed improved/increased vibration; noted my career positivity; and decreased negative energy. I informed her about the 21-Days of Healing and Prayer. She recommends I continue. Yes, I am signing up again.

I ‘lost’ my new prescription eyeglasses. I accepted the incident and chose to move forward and not exert a lot of energy on something replaceable. This is HUGE growth for me. I felt no anxiety or frustration but calmness… and eventually found them.


Today, my ipad was stolen, but I was not anxious, mad, dramatically disappointed or revengeful. Woohoo! I kept reminding myself that I am making a choice not to emotionally go overboard, and to just be thankful.

Thanks for all of your prayers and requests to God to remove the old, false, and deficient and replace with the new, correct, and abundant beliefs. This is the real deal! I love being involved in such an outstandingly transformative experience and so grateful to God and to you for the healings and the blessings!


Thank you so much for your fantastic healing work. I had a challenge with my husband on the day you and God did the healing work to eliminate stress and trauma. The stress disappeared as quickly as it came. It is wonderful to experience your healing work with God. I feel wonderful. I feel so grateful.


I actually had no idea what to expect from this program, but I do believe in the power of prayer and now I can see some palpable results.

I had a difficult childhood, and a violent marriage/divorce released all those fear and anxiety. I had no controls over it! I was afraid to walk even in the daytime.

Ann’s work has an enormous calming effect on me, and gives me confidence, self-esteem and belief in myself that I never had before. I thank you for the gifts you have bestowed to me. It has brought sanity into my life.


My week was filled with high-stress moments yet I went through it all with a better attitude! A friend mentioned I seemed much calmer and not agitated at all. THANK YOU!

Personal growth and development is an on-going process and I intend to be a life-long student!


I work in health care and I am part of a very difficult and stressful project to build a new computer system for an entire health department. The day before the program started I had such a stressful day, probably the worst I’ve had in years. Everything went wrong; I found all kinds of mistakes that were made, we were behind with our deadlines, people were upset and pointing fingers, and I felt like I wanted to run. I did not want to go to work the next day.

So the next day I went into the office and I just had a calm, peaceful feeling. Everything I was worried about was dissipating. I met with my team, calm and stress free, and went over what we needed to do. It was a great day.

The following day I woke up full of joy, my husband in amazement at how I was laughing and being silly at 6 am. I was singing, giggling, and worry free. I went into the office and had a team of people who offered to help solve my issues. We had such a productive day, all stress free.

This was so amazing to me because in the past, in a similar situation I would be stressed beyond belief, would not sleep, and would end up getting sick and so on. Your prayers shifted me already and I am so grateful.


I want to thank you for your 21-day prayer program. I feel change is active in my life since this began…it’s visceral. I’ve been working on a project for a few years and am now in the beginning marketing stage. Previously I was experiencing so much anxiety about promotion, and about how my project would be received, but I now have ease and confidence in place of anxiety. Help is arriving in fun & unexpected ways, so I can see how this will be a success for me. The way feels very clear. It’s as if I “know” my success almost as a physical feeling. This surprises me since I thought success would be felt more on a mental and emotional level. My body and mind are filled with such energetic optimism whenever I listen to the daily recording for the program as I feel old stuff moving out of my entire being, from in and around me.


How lucky am I that I came upon your work. I feel stronger inside.

The company I work at is very financially unstable, and it could go under any week, but I feel that no matter what, I will be okay. I don’t know if I will be married to my husband for the rest of my life (dealing with his anxiety has been draining), but I am okay with whatever the future will be, and I stopped taking on his burden as my own. Your Miracle Prayer helped me with this last piece. Just listening to your voice is so calming. One of my favorites is the “Peace, Serenity, and Calm” piece for when I get early morning anxiety. It works every time!


I am so happy because my fear, anxiety and worry has now gone… It is absolutely wonderful to feel so peaceful and to know that everything will work out. I am so grateful for all your help.


Now I no longer have panic attacks. I’m optimistic about life, and not worried about money or finances. I have an inner sense that everything is going to work out. I am clear minded and not taking things personally. I am virtually unaffected by negativity…Your healing work changed my life. Thank you!


During your program, God released my major fears, taught me to forgive myself and others, and taught me how to more effectively release my traumas and beliefs that no longer serve me as well as those of my clients. God has shown me happiness and peace. I am laughing and enjoying so many more things. I just know that all is well and the people around me are responding the same way. My monthly income has gone from $0 as a student to $2,200 with two new jobs. THANK YOU, Ann, for being my teacher and mentor.


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