Testimonials on Animals & Pets

Testimonials on Animals & Pets

My dog was hurt and being with him has been a journey for me—bringing up my own traumas and vulnerability. It’s been healing for me to know that I deserve excellent health. Today my dog started to walk again! I know that God, through this program, has carried both of us. It’s helped me to open my heart deeper and deeper—I’m finding a well of love flowing within me.


A few friends supported me in my dog’s transition into the “Light.” I felt God’s amazing Love fill my heart and soul and God took the “Trauma” from my cells in my body!! I could feel your healing work!


My yellow lab had a sore on her back leg for a year. The vet had no success. She’s old and getting into the car was so difficult. I asked God to send help… and then overheard a man talking about a vet making house calls! The vet took care of the wound. My dog also sits next to me when I play the recordings. I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES! She’s 13 and her limp is gone, her leg is healing and she’s playing with her toys again!


I understand animals deeply—that they are here to help us and many take on ‘stuff’ for their humans and carry their load. My mother’s cat has been diabetic for over 5 years… taking on a load and helping my mother by carrying sadness. But something phenomenal happened—the test shows the cat is no longer diabetic! WOW!!!

My mother had a huge transformation when my generations were healed on the 21 Days and her cat was healed of diabetes! The ‘cause’ of the sickness was no longer in my mother’s consciousness, so it also left her cat!!! Astounding!!!!!

Your Divine work with God is rippling out and touching so many generations and countless lives.

I feel totally blessed to be a part of your group, and amazed at my transformation through working with you. I have never been more in Love with Life!”


When I started the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer, I couldn’t wait for changes to occur in me! Well, I had changes! My kitty avoided sitting on my lap … but the past 2 weeks he hasn’t left me alone when I sit down. He’s always right there on my lap!!

Also, after my mom passed away in 2008, drinking became a regular habit for me, but now I stopped having a desire for alcohol!

Thank you, Ann. I am so grateful for your prayer work on my behalf.


I had to make the horrible decision of having my 18 and a half year old Staffie pass over the Rainbow Bridge. He’s been my absolute soul buddy for sooo long, and had always hoped he’d have a peaceful transition, preferably not by “my choosing”. He was getting old and weaker … in a nutshell, his “marbles” were all there, but his body was going kaput.

Finally, he stopped eating. I could have shoved pills down his throat “for me to feel good” but I knew that this was his sign of letting me know, that this was it, the end of his line … so I followed through with his wishes. The guilt started coming in with; “Is this my ego?’, “Is this my heart talking?”, “Am I doing the right thing?”. All these humanly, yucky thoughts … so I had to keep getting back to “what Brutus wanted”. Usually with this amount of stress, I would have a huge outbreak of cold sores, but I have not even had ONE! Not one, Ann … do you know how WOW that is for me?

So anyways, what I’m really trying to tell you, is that because of your prayer work; I stayed calm, I stayed positive, I “had” to trust my instincts, I talked to angels/God, and kept thinking of good times, and letting Brutus know he was going to a happy place. I really had unbelievable courage and strength to go through all this, especially having to phone the vet to help him go.

The most amazing of this wonderful story is this; I kept asking him, “Brutus, show me a rainbow so that I know I’ve made the right decision”. No rainbow, no rainbow, so I start to feel guilty as expected. On his last morning, I go to his bed to give him another cuddle, and low and behold, the sun shone on the angel crystal I have hanging outside, which ricocheted on to the indoor mirror, which ricocheted right smack in the middle of his forehead between his eyes. A RAINBOW!!! OMG, how beautifully amazing is that? After that Ann, all I could do was say a zillion thanks for my confirmation, and giving me the 100% knowing that everything was going how it was meant to be.

The vet came to the house, and Brutus was already sleeping in my lap, and didn’t even open his eyes when the needle was put in. It was the most beautiful experience, and he has the most amazing red flowering Hibiscus on his grave. When we all sat down there were heaps of monarch butterflies and one dragonfly that just kept circling, and circling, and circling in front of us. There were birds, and calm, and my husband, so supportive and loving. It was just fantastic.

For something so dreadful, it ended up so beautiful, so thank you God and thank you Ann. I know within my beautiful dear heart, you helped me/us with all of it, and I am so grateful. I’m so calm, and I still go for my daily walks with my Brutus next to me in spirit, and I sing along, glowing with pure love for everything I see, feel, and hear.

Even though it was such a tough time I went through, I feel OK! I feel better than OK, I feel great! You’re never getting rid of me Ann; I’m going to have you in my life always … You ROCK! You are THE BEST! Your Prayers WORK…to which I want to say a gazillion thank yous to you and God. Together we’re making a difference!


I just wanted to let you know that I had to say goodbye to my beloved yellow lab this past weekend. I was so very upset and decided to listen again to the second call, where you did some work with a woman who had lost her son, and I asked that it work for me and my grief for my dog. And doggone, if it didn’t help miraculously! My husband is still grieving but I truly have moved on. Thank you so very, very much!


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