Testimonials – Pg 3


Thank you very much for this wonderful gift!

I just downloaded it and I have listened to it several times in like an hour and already my mind is quieter and I am more calm! Wow!

Thank you and Angels Bless You!


Yet again, I’m so grateful!!!!!! During the last program I was waiting to see a change in my finances, and then as soon as it finished, I am getting so many more clients and feeling so much more connected with them all. It’s wonderful. The phone is just reeling out text messages and calls from new people every day! I am feeling a real sense of being in my community with the service I provide, healing and birth support, a sense of being valued. All fear around time, commitment, lack of funds is all gone, I am just giving and giving, and the money is taking care of itself!!!!

Also during the program, I have finally let go of relationship addiction, which has really freed me up to be happy and express my love and sexuality with real joy and ease. I can see that has freed me up to be available for my work like never before, I am no longer wasting energy worrying about problems that never existed in the first place, and just being present and grateful for love.

Your work and God’s amazing generosity has completely transformed my existence and allowed me to become so much more of who I truly am. THANK YOU!!!!!


I believe the greatest contribution to my life from the most recent 21 days has just been in the past few days. Two days ago, I went to the home of my 52 yr old brother and found he had passed some time previously.

During all the ensuing chaos, I have found myself able to be open-hearted and peaceful in tending to all the details of a death in a way that was quite surprising. I experienced a depth of soulful presence I’d not felt before. I feel so grateful for all the preparation through Ann’s prayer. My deepest thanks.


Last month I received 2 small checks about $350 and I just received 2 more checks – about $900. I have recently got about $500 in new medical expenses and more to come. I feel supported by the Universe (God) the heavens are helping me pay for these. Thank you God and Ann. These are sources I would have never of expected.

I am listening as guided to the Wisdom and Discernment recording and all others to make right decisions on my health. I have heard the Angels telling me there is a blessing in disguise and am following my guidance. Thank you all. Without this program I would not be able to feel less stressed and carry on.


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