What do *I* do when I hit bumps in the road of life, feel down, or get in any way discouraged or unhappy?

As I wrote in my book "The Attractor Factor," I have several people I can call on for help and healing.

One of my favorites is Ann Taylor.

I've been calling on her for about eight years. I wouldn't keep going back if she wern't helping me. She might be able to help you as she has often helped me.


Joe Vitale

Star of the Secret

Author of way too many books to mention, including the bestsellers "The Attractor Factor," "Life's Missing Instruction Manual" and ooohhh so many more, including the head spinner, "Zero Limits" and the mega-hit, "The Key."

I use to plan my day around what I would eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Food was my life.  It was the focus of my day every day.

After working with Ann I can take or leave food.  This is a dramatic change. I use to be an emotional over eater. Well no more.  When I'm upset I no longer grab food. 

I've been eating smaller portions and have a feeling of being full.  My clothes are getting looser.  I love looking in the mirror because I have a better shape.  I really enjoy the satisfaction I have knowing I have a thinner body.

All this from one appointment with Ann.

Jenny Kyplain

"My business has really been affected by the economy over the past couple of years. My income has gone down by 50 percent. Although I've still been able to pay my bills, sometimes it's tough and it has caused me to start worrying about money for the first time in my life.

"Even though I believe in an abundant universe, no matter what audio program I listened to or meditation I tried, I couldn't shake my fears and worries about money. It was driving me crazy because I knew that we attract what we think about.

"Then I spoke with Ann Taylor on the phone. Ann asked me what my greatest worry or challenge is and I told her it was fear of not having enough money. Then I sat back and listened to Ann do her amazing payer work A few minutes later my fears and concerns about money had vanished. For the first time in months, I felt completely peaceful inside. Even though I didn't have all the answers, I knew that I was going to be alright. I knew that there was no need to worry because I would always have the money I need. I felt so free and uplifted.

"That was a little over a month ago and those haunting feelings of lack and scarcity have never returned. I can't tell you what this means to my overall feeling of wellbeing. It has had an impact on every aspect of my life."

Krista Jones

"Out of all of our speakers, we get the most people contacting us throughout our entire series — not just around the time when you speak Ann, but through the entire series — requesting to hear you again, requesting to have me send them the recording . "Is Ann’s package still available?" "I just love Ann" and "'Oh, my gosh. Thank you so much for replaying Ann."

"We get lots and lots of feedback from people. They absolutely love you Ann! You’ve created this incredible raving fan base and we just absolutely love having you on our summit. It’s a pleasure."

Rachel Karl
Project Manager
Jeneth, LLC & The New Wealth Experience


 I come from a very abusive back round and have tried several different forms of counseling, books, and self help programs over the years. Not to mention thousands and thousands of dollars. I was listening to you on a teleseminar about four or five months ago. After hearing your work and God work through you, I was moved and felt so much better.I started following you on the teleseminars just so I could hear your work. Because I felt so much better. Since then I have purchased the relationship CD,happiness CD, and the money issues CD. Just in that order. I have faithfully listened to ALL of them. I have noticed, felt, observed my life changing for the better everyday. I did not listen to the happiness CD for two days and my life was not so great by the second day. Needless to say I started right back to listening to your Cd's. I would also like to express that others have commented on how happy I look and how beautiful I am and that I look younger. I met a new client today and one of the first words out of her mouth was your beautiful. I felt so good and I felt like I was shining. Because I am. Words cannot express the thankfulness and how much your work has and is still helping heal my life.

Blessings in love & light,

Sherri Arter

"I was working as a contractor in Iraq when I started listening to Ann’s Meditation Recording. I was at an all-time low. I was terribly sick with a bacterial infection and I was stressed out because my job was in jeopardy. To top things off, the rebels were throwing mortars over the wall of the base several times a day. Alarms were going off every couple of hours warning us to take cover. Needless to say, it was a very tough time. But then I started listening to Ann's Meditation recoding and it really turned me around in how I felt. The negative thoughts disappeared. I felt calmer and happier. I started to feel better physically. And I stopped worrying—even when there were explosions happening all around me. It was just that powerful. You can bet I’m going to share this meditation with the other guys over here. Thank you!"

George High

"'I have so many CD’s that I’ve bought trying to get  state of calm within and nothing worked until I got Ann Taylor’s Peace, Serenity and Calm.   For instance, I had a lot of anxiety and stress yesterday.  All I had to do was listen to her recording and it was gone!!  I used to have trouble sleeping and now I sleep like a baby through the entire night all from listening to her 12 minute recording. 

Even though my life is very challenging and I have so many issues yet unresolved, I can count on the actual healing that the Peace Serenity and Calm provides to bring me the inner peace I so long for every time!"

Millie Miranda

"I had the pleasure of having a private healing session with Ann prior to having her on my radio show, and I was completely blown away by the results. Ann was able to help me clearly zone into one of my biggest limiting fears and I literally felt the intensity of the fear slipping away during our session until it was completely gone. There was joy, there were tears and now there is immense gratitude and respect for this incredible woman who has changed my life and will undoubtedly change yours if given the opportunity. Ann's gift of service to the world is one that shines brightly. She is now my go-to healer for life!"

Cari Murphy, MAPC, "Your Soul Success Coach"
International Talk Show Host and Best Selling Author of CREATE CHANGE NOW

I when first talked to Ann I had big worry about money running out.  Now when I think about money I have a deep sense of peace.  Ann asked God to empower me to really believe in myself to create the life that I knew I wanted the same as self-made multimilllionaires believe in their in themselves to create the life that they want and now I really do.  It seems so natural and normal to believe this way.  I no longer need other people's approval!  What a relief.  When God asked God to eliminate the need for other peoples' approval --what a relief!

I use to believe that life is a struggle.  Now life is a joyful experience with no struggle at all.  I now belive that it's fun and easy to make money where before I thought it was a struggle.  My self-confidence is through the roof thanks to my work with Ann. I no longer doubt myself which is huge for me.

I've done EFT, affirmations, subliminal recordings, none of these compare to the work that Ann does. The work that she asks God to do gets to the root of the issue and eliminates it.  The new way of thinking is so amazing in it's power.

Kyana Miner

"Within a week of listening the Panic and Anxiety recordings (twice only), I noticed that I felt lighter and that I was not concerned or worried about the future as I used to be. My reactions to people had changed drastically, I was less cranky and I didn't jump at people.

"Within a a week and a half, I had an event happening in my life that normally would have made me turn blue with panic. It wasn't until several hours after the event that I realized I was not reacting the same way that I would have in the past!

"The day after I listened the 'relationships' recording, I felt like I'd found nirvana. I found myself in a 'happy' state that seems to stick around whenever I'm not working or busy with chores. It's becoming part of me now!

"The same day that I listened to the 'intuition' recording, I won board games all night long playing with friends... the funny thing is that I was not even paying much attention to how I was playing, it was almost like someone else took over... and you should know that I have never been great at board games! Since listening to that recording I also seem to get a really 'clear' voice in my mind and I'm making very good business decisions. I had an inspiration for a speech that I had to make which turned out to be a great success!

"Ann is making a difference in my life. Thanks!"


I now have significantly more energy.   Before working with Ann I only had enough energy to get the bare minimums done and then lay down.  I was exhausted most of the time.  After two ½ hour appointments with Ann I feel motivated to go out and get things done.  I no longer procrastinate.  I’m really a ball of fire now.

I never felt appreciated by others.  After working with Ann I can now take in compliments as simple as someone saying `thank you’.   Before I’d think ya ya ya.  Now a `thank you` feels good,,,,,,,,,like a little jolt of energy.  I now feel that I’m appreciated for the contribution I make at work.  I know that my work matters.  This feels like the fuel on the fire that will keep me going.  The more appreciation I get the more I want to do.

I feel happier.  Ann worked on my self-esteem and I can feel the difference.  I now have self-confidence and believe in myself.  This really contributes to me feeling like a ball of fire too.

I’ve done EFT, Reiki, IET and read a lot of books and attended a lot or teleseminars.  Nothing changed until I worked with Ann.  These two ½ hour sessions changed my life in phenomenal ways.

Leslie DeMelis

After listening to Ann's recording that stops negative thoughts and emotions plus streams in positive thoughts from God I am experiencing profound optimism! I sure wasn't before.

I'm totally blown away by how I'm feeling.  I'm looking at very high end homes and life styles because of magazines we get at work.  Usually I'd have an attitude of this will never happen for me.  Well now, I KNOW it will happen!!!

There's is also a peace about me today that I'm not use to.

This is truly amazing to only have positive thoughts and such extreme optimism.

Katarina Berger

On a scale of to 10 my anxiety was a 10 when I first had Ann on the phone last Thursday.  After she worked on me it vanished.

I use to have depression — same thing happened. Ann did the work — or as Ann says God did the work and it's gone too.

I was haunted by negative memories from my past.  They played like a constant recording in my brain.  Now they are gone.  Before it felt like someone was trying to hurt me.  Now all that has completely disappeared   I have amazing peace.  I am so grateful.

Joan Hodge

I was experiencing a melt down when I didn't get a job offer that I really thought was going to happen My panic was going off the charts.  All I could see was the wall in front of me and I didn't know how I was going to get under or around it. 

I was thinking of getting an appointment with Ann when she sent me her Happiness, Joy and Bliss recording.  I immediately played it and played it again.  The panic lifted and I felt aligned centered and calm.  The feeling of hopelessness just disappeared.  I actually started to feel some happiness and joy. 

Now it's 48 hours later and I have work coming in.  I have had money come to me out of no where. I believe it was a result of a physical shift because nothing had been happening for months except dead ends before I listened to the recoding.

I listen to it several times a day now and I would suggest that you do that too.

Maureen Martin

I had no motivation to exercise until worked with Ann.  Now it's truly amazing how I need to exercise every day.  I just don't feel good unless I do.  Even my husband's amazed.  It's hard to believe that I now love to exercise after just one appointment with Ann.

Lynn Yannerella

I have been struggling with my weight for over 20 years. No matter what I did it seemed like I just couldn't lose the weight.

I worked with Ann and since then miracles have been happening. I no longer snack. Before I would graze all day. Instead I now eat 2 healthy meals and don't want. any other food. For instance I use to love chocolate and now it just doesn't taste the same.

I notice that my clothes are getting looser and I have more energy.

It still feels weird not to want the food. It's was such a habit for so many years.

Enough time has gone by that I now know this is permanent. If you have a weight challenge it can be eliminated just like it was for me.Just work with Ann.

Leslie DeMelis

I know from personal experience that Ann's techniques help people to heal in what appears to some to be miraculous ways.  I continue to recommend her to people because what she does works.

Bernie Siegel, MD
Author of New York Times best sellers 
Love, Medicine and Miracles and
Peace, Love and Healing plus many others.
Founder of E-CAP — Exceptional Cancer Patients

I had an appointment with Ann last week.  I was about ready to give up on worrying about being fat — just accept it and be that way for the rest of my life.

Ann eliminated the addiction I had to sugar. On a scale of 1 to 10 it was a 10.  Well no more.  I actually went down the candy and cookie isle and didn't want any!

We also did work on me no longer being overwhelmed and hopeless. The results are nothing short of sensational. I now feel that I'm in control of my life — whew!  I feel so much more at peace. 

I'm not hungry any more which is amazing.  I use to be hungry all the time.  This is truly a miracle.

I would fill that empty space in my heart and soul with food.  Now I'm ready to fill it with something else.

Pamela Allen

Ann, thank you so much for the gift you are bringing to humanity in these times.  I found you on The Living Energy Secrets by Deborah Thompson.  I ordered your special offer and I have been listening to your reccordings for over two weeks.  I begin to have a negative thought and poof it disappears like a bubble popping in my head! 

I am amazed as I begin to wake up in the morning I no longer have the negative thoughts and baggage that I HAVE CARRIED AROUND ALL OF MY LIFE!!!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 

Sharon Boyanowski

Thank you so much. I purchased your mp3, Heal Your Relationship Issues as I had suffered a bad break up in November last year.  I have listened to it half a dozen times and all my issues have gone.

Vicky Barber


My food cravings have been eliminated.  When I eat something high sugar or high carbs, I do not enjoy it.  I am eating a lot more vegetables which definitely taste great and satisfy me.  I have lost 4 lbs since our last call.

Leslie Demelis


I've had a weight problem all my life.  I've gained and lost hundreds of pounds.

I had an appointment with Ann, and she worked with God to eliminate my food addiction.  When she first asked if I was a food addict I didn't know if I wanted to own up to that.  Then I finally said sure.  Ann worked with God to heal the addiction to food.

Right before she did the healing work I was salivating over a turtle cheese cake.  Right afterwards - I could take it or leave it.

However, I had to try this out so I went to the store and bought all the sweets I'd normally want.  I bought apple pie, double chocolate chip cookies. canolli's and a poppy seed kolachi. This was 2 days ago.  I've taken exactly one bite out of the apple pie. The rest of its sitting on the counter. I have no desire for it. 

I want my normal food' which is fish and vegetables.  Of course I now like vegetables because Ann had God programed me to like them.  I'm was making all the same noises over the vegetables that I use to make over the sweets.......mmmmmm yum!

I just lossed 60 pounds before my appointment with Ann and I could feel myself starting to put them back on. Same old story.  Not any more.   I have tried so many other methods and non of them worked.

After working with Ann, I don't want any sweets at all  Just give me my lean meat and vegetables.

Lynn Yannerella

Normally I'd be panicked about money because of the situation that I'm in.  I'd be sick to my stomach with worrying about it.  After listening to Ann's money recording which heals issues concerning money a few times, I feel calm and have a knowing that it's going to be OK.  What a difference!

Cheryl Schmahlenberger

To see about purchasing this recording, please go to:


I have been experiencing intense nightmares for the past thirty years. I have tried various forms of help to alleviate my nightly terror in the past twenty years with no improvement until I did a session with Ann Taylor. In one appointment, Ann cleared away my nightmares permanently. I now sleep soundly without any disturbances on an ongoing basis.

Quite simply, Ann has a true gift in healing that clears away limitations easily, quickly, and best of all permanently.

Without hesitation, Ann will be the first I call when I need help.

Phoeby Sheldan
London, Ontario, Canada


I was thinking I might have to divorce my husband because there wasn't a connection there.  I didn't have any desire for him and I certainly didn't feel sexy.  Actually when I called Ann I was feeling sluggish, out of whack, fat and ugly.   This all changed after I had an appointment with her.  Even though I'm a plus size, I now feel sexy and HOT!  I use to feel that I looked pretty plain.  Ann had God reprogram me for feeling like I'm pretty and I now feel pretty!  I'm also feeling very self-confident. 

My relationship with my husband has really changed.  I've gone from feeling estranged from him to feeling like I have a loving companion.   Our love life is great too.  This is a miracle.   All this happened in only 45 minutes with Ann.  I highly recommend Ann to anyone who wants  miraculous changes in their lives.

Janice Duncan


For my entire adult life I've been really challenged with being organized and neat.  My papers and books use to be in a jumble all the time.  This created a lot of stress and overwhelm.   Well no more. I worked with Ann on this issues and I find it easily and effortless and even fun to be organized and neat.  This is a miracle.

Monica Moldovan


When I got discouraged with my leukemia because the markers were going up, Bernie Siegel, MD said he'd contact Ann to see if she'd work with me.  She said she'd be happy to.

During our first appointment we worked on so many different issues including empowering me to know that the leukemia was healed.  This disease had pushed me to a stressful place due to high anxiety. After our second session, that was completely gone.

I now know I no longer have leukemia.  People are commenting on how well I look.  This all happened with only 3 1 hour appointments with Ann. 

Gail Srebnik


Last week I bought your `Heal Your Money Issues' and 'Happiness' recordings and they have been very helpful to me. Since listening to them I have suddenly started making sales as a reseller for a product I've been trying to promote since last year!

Ani Onuorah

I wanted to thank you Ann for changing my life with your recordings.  I'm the biggest European fan and I'm telling everyone here about you.



I felt like I looked old and angry.  After all, I'm 56.  When I mentioned this to Ann she had God remove that belief and imprint with knowing that people see me as youthful and beautiful. To my surprise they do which made me feel the same way about myself.

I really wanted to try this out so I went out with no makeup on.  People still saw me as youthful and beautiful because that's what I believe and that's what I get.  This truly is breaking the cultural spell. 

Marureen Martin

Hello Ann,

I am writing to say thank you so much for our session this week, it has been so transformational for me, I am amazed, delighted and thrilled to be feeling so much more balanced, happy, peaceful, clear and able to move forward.

It has been a particularly amazing experience for me given that I do transformational coaching and therapy myself, as it has deepened my understanding of the change possible and the vehicles for that change. Thank you so much. I have been telling my friends and colleagues about you too, as I know they will benefit too.

I look forward to being in touch again, and feel so uplifted knowing your wonderful healing work is available to me.

Warmest regards,
Karen  Ross

Hello All

Just wanted to tell Ann that I listened to Blog Talk Radio with Anita Pathik Law and Ann was the guest.  I was skeptical, but kept saying after the first clearing — "wow, I really can't feel this worry anymore".  It was amazing. I bought the bundle and then listened to as many blog talk shows that she was a guest on and then purchased the "amazing" offer and just today booked an  appointment.  For the past few days, I can't describe how peaceful and optimistic I've been.  Sometimes, I just smile for no reason.  I've been wanting to start a business and couldn't get some blocks out of the way and have tried several ways to do so and now they are all gone.  I'm so excited to start working with Ann on a personal basis.  I have been recommending her to everyone I know.  Her work is truly amazing and indescribable!  My life changed and I didn't even realize it needed changed this much.

Sheryl Ann

After listening to Ann's 'Intuition' recording several times I was blown away when I trusted it and it worked.  I really feel like I get guidance now and as I follow it everything seems to fall into place. 

I also listen to her 'Happiness' recording and when I do, I feel so happy.  When I listen to parts of her 'Healing Money Issues Teleseminar it really changes the way I would have negatively responded in a situation.

My boss says I’m lucky!  Business just falls into my lap which I attribute to listening to her 'Lucky' and 'Miracles' recordings.

I’m attaining all my goals. Actually I listen to all of Ann’s recordings. 

I only had to listen to 'The Relationship' recording once and all the issues that pertained to me where healed.  On that recording it heals fear of rejection and abandonment to name a few that I had and now they’re gone.

Get's Ann's amazing recordings at:http://www.innerhealing.com/products.html

Chris Zurek

PS Listen to a piece of Ann's healing work for free at
http://www.innerhealing.com. Click on the green buttons to the right.

I’d like to thank you for everything.  Our first appointment was THE BEST and I could feel the difference a few days after it.  I feel lighter, happier.  I had the best b-day in my whole life!   I enjoy life now, I have fun.  I bought all of your recordings and I’ve been listening to them every day.  Your healing work is amazing!



I use to have a fear of losing everything.  I use to live in fear, worry and anxiety every day.  Now I think there must be a solution and I will find it. I'm now inspired to take action to make my life different.  All this from working with Ann.

Monica Moldovan

Most of my life I've worried about money.  I've always had issues with money whether it was there or not. Before calling Ann I really had a lot of fear about my husband and myself being able to have enough money to live on.  

After my appointment with Ann I could hardly believe the difference.  I don't think about money in a negative way any more.  I just know it's going to be there when I need it.

I've also been happy and upbeat all the time.  I wasn't a negative person before our appointment.   I can only say that this is so very different for me.  It's wonderful to feel happy and upbeat all the time.  Amazing!

Betty Kidder

For years I've had a major fear of getting cancer.  I worried about it and visualized myself with all the ramifications of the disease.  I could see my hair falling out and me actually dying.   After 10 minutes with Ann I have no fear of cancer.  It seems such a remote possibility.  It doesn't seem real at all.  It almost seems silly that I would get cancer.

Rebecca Metro


When I first talked to Ann I had big worry about money running out.  Now when I think about money I have a deep sense of peace.  Ann asked God to empower me to really believe in myself to create the life that I knew I wanted the same as self-made multimillionaires believe in their in themselves to create the life that they want and now I really do.  It seems so natural to believe this way.  When Ann asked God to eliminate the need for other peoples' approval  it was gone. What a relief!

I use to believe that life is a struggle.  Now life is a joyful experience with no struggle at all.  I now believe that it's fun and easy to make money where before I thought it was a struggle.  My self-confidence is through the roof thanks to my work with Ann. I no longer doubt myself which is huge for me.

I've done EFT, affirmations, subliminal recordings, none of these compare to the work that Ann does. The work that she asks God to do gets to the root of the issue and eliminates it.  The new way of thinking is so amazing in it's power.

Kyana Miner


I've tried EFT, subliminal tapes, affirmations, feng shui, positive thinking and read over 20 books on personal growth.  Nothing got me moving ahead until I worked with Ann.

Some of the things that she had God imprint me for were drive, self-discipline and ambition.  What a difference these three have made.  Compared to how I was, I'm now on fire concerning my work.

Working with Ann eliminated my procrastination. Before I felt like giving up.  Now I'm excited, passionate and know I can really make a difference with my business.

Christine Winders

Since attending the teleseminar on 'Trusting Your Intuiton' and listening to the recording several times, my intuition is spot on without me needing to think about it.

This teleseminar and recording has brought me to a new level where that doubting voice of the ego is no longer there.   In each moment I know what's for my highest good.  I no longer question it nor feel like I need to get the opinion and the approval of others.  This is a huge difference!

Lynn Stanyard

To get this recording go to:http://www.innerhealing.com/divine-audio.html

I called Ann with the fear of rejection, fear of abandonment and fear of being hurt which I've had for years.  I didn't think it was possible to heal these in less than 10 minutes.  Surely I'd have to make several appointment to do this.

Well not only were these healed in less than 10 minutes, every time I think of them I just feel very carefree and lighthearted.  I'm blown away by the difference.  This is amazing!

Christine Carr

I purchased your recording `Heal Your Money Issues' and listen to it regularly.  It is making a big difference.  For the first time in my life, I'm feeling much better about money.  Since I started listening to you and healing these issues I have become so much more successful at work and have been able to save money.  For someone who usually going month to month and never has any money left over, that's pretty incredible.  You are truly turning my life around.

Katarina Berger

To purchase this recording please go to: http://www.innerhealing.com/money-cd.html 

"Ann, you're great. After our session together, not only do I feel the drive  and ambition of a self made multimillionaire but I have an amazing 'certainty'  about it occurring that I've never had before.

I'm noticing a big shift in my thinking, actions, and activities.  Especially where self-discipline is concerned.  I cannot thank you enough and look forward to doing more with you."

Jim Donovan, author

When I listen to Ann's 'Happiness' recording every day I feel happy.  People have noticed the difference They also say I look younger!  It dosn't matter what's going on around me, I just feel happy.

Maria Ellis
Go here for `Happiness' recording:

When I had my appointment with Ann I felt desperate about money.  I had fear of lack of money, I worried about it and I also believed that there's never enough money.

I felt a huge need to get out there and produce an income yet I didn't have a clue how to do it.  Being 54 years old made me feel like a huge clock was ticking concerning my financial freedom.  Now, in exactly one week from my appointment with Ann I now feel like I have choices.  It feels like an adventure.  I no longer have any anxiety about my future.  It feels fun and adventuresome to stretch my boundaries and limits to create that income.  I can't wait to see what I'm going to manifest!

I have much stronger sense now that I'm being guided to my life mission and purpose.

Several years ago I had depression and contacted Ann.  It's amazing how fast it disappeared and is still gone.  Hurray.

Every time I do a piece of work with Ann either as an individual appointment or teleseminar, miracles happen.  What I really notice is my mind just can't go back to the old limited ways of thinking and those stressful thoughts are completely gone   I've really tried to bring up the old and I just can't find it no matter how hard I try.  They are gone and my new life that is filled with excitement is before me.

Stephanie Wright

After my session with Ann, I walked into work yesterday and wasn't thinking about all the food available in the office.  Before I would have eaten 3 or 4 of the small candy bars and a doughnut if they were there..  For lunch, I'd have a sandwich.

Late in the afternoon I'd grab another small candy bar.  Then for dinner I'd have a piece of chocolate cake and a big glass of milk.  Every day I really looked forward to the chocolate cake!

Ever since my appointment with Ann, I no longer crave sweets which is a miracle.  I actualy went to the store and walked right past my favorite chocolate cake and bought a salad and a roasted chicken for my dinner. l had no desire for the chocolate cake. Truly a  miracle.

I use to unconsciously eat by grabbing what was handy and not giving any thought to it.  Today I opened my refrigerator and as I looked at the grapefruit I thought, that's what I want.  This was a very conscious action for me.  Another miracle.

Mary Nielsen

Ann, your meditation recording which is only 5 minutes long, gets me into such a deep place that's truly amazing!  If I add just 5 minutes of quiet time and bam, I'm there in a very quiet space!  I've listened to other meditation recordings that are more expensive and I have to listen to them for a whole hour.  There's simple no conparison in the results that I get with yours and it's only 5 minutes long!  I go into a much deeper trance and so fast!  It's truly a miracle.  Anyone interested in meditating but doesn't want to spend years practicing to get a quiet mind needs to buy your meditation recording.

Ethan Musonlini

When I work with Ann I know I'm going I'm to get life-changing, measurable results.  I've done seminars, read books, listened to home study programs, done hypnotherapy...you name it, I've done it. The difference is night and day concerning the results I've achieved with Ann

I have spent years working on financial issues. In a combination of Ann's Money teleseminar and the 2 sessions we did together, I no longer have any money issues.  It's amazing what the recording of the Money teleseminar does.  Every time I hear the part where my most negative belief about money is healed, I can feel it being done.  I wish every one could listen to this recording in the challenging economic times we're having!

Lynn Stanyard

I'm really happy go lucky because of listening to the :`Lucky' recording. When I first got it I listened to it 4 times and since then, once a day.

I have been exposed to my parents who are very depressed about the economy and the stock market.  Just being around them depressed me too about these issues.  The `Lucky' recording has completely reversed this!  What happens with the economy and the stock market no longer bothers me.  I know that what ever happens, I'll be fine.

I keep saying `I feel so lucky' which feels really natural to me.   I feel very happy.  The luckier I feel the happier I am.  I can only say listen to this recording often and you'll feel happy and uplifted just because you exist.

Mayah Olivas

PS Purchase `The Lucky' recording on the products page:http://www.innerhealing.com/products.html

Hi Ann,

My Father is dying of cancer.  I hadn't spoken with him in several months and then only briefly. I wasn't planning on attending his funeral.

I'd suffered for 50 years with anguish, pain, anger, frustration, and insecurity, from his abusive and cruel treatment of me as a child and young boy.  It was verebal abuse...not physical... but that can be the worst kind.  It destroys you.

That's been my burden... the thing that has caused me such difficulty in my life and I didn't have tools to work with or any understanding of how to deal with it and make my life better.... or normal.

Today, after a 12 minute session with you, I walked away from a lifetime of suffering.... 12 minutes... I'm still in shock.

This afternoon, a couple of hours after our session, I spoke with my Father for an hour on the phone and made plans with him for a trip home, a long visit, and a healing for both of us.

12 minutes.... I"m still in shock!

Today was one of the most restful and peaceful days in my life.  I'm relaxed, the anger is gone, the bitterness and anxiety is gone, and I am at peace, content, and happy.

12 minutes?! How could it be?  Seems impossible.  It was a miracle!

You have such a talent... so easy to talk with and it was surprisingly easy to open up those deep wounds and talk to you about my childhood experiences.  It all came out.  The session was simple, it was over in a flash, and I cannot find the words to describe how the result washed over me and how I could feel the peace and joy fill every pore of my skin. It was a remarkable experience...life changing... and I am deeply grateful to you for your wonderful blessing, and to God for bringing me the release that I desperately needed.

My life has changed... it was only 12 minutes. But how long does a miracle need to be?!  I guess that would be 12 minutes.

Thank you Ann

God Bless You

Chuck Rolfe

The healing work that you did on me was phenomenal.  Not only did I feel that any negative associations on the subject of money in my life were changed and that any residual fears about lack were healed, but within the two week period following your session, I received more income than in the previous 2 months! The best part — I expect this to continue and get more. Thank you, Ann."

Jim Donovan, author, Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Several months ago I was laid-off due to the economy and I had been increasingly worried and anxious about my financial situation.  After listening to your CD on attracting luck, I immediately felt better (and purchased all of your other CDs)..  I have listened to all of your CDs several times for the past week and I can’t tell you the difference it has made – my anxiety is gone, I feel calm and I am certain that I will find a great job.  Thank you!!!

Jennifer Guy

"Since working with Ann, my business is booming! Yeah!"

Peggie Arvidson

By listening to Ann's recording on 'Money' my income has skyrocketed.  People are coming to me wanting to do real estate deals and I live in Florida.  I'm closing multiple transactions every month.  One of my secrets to getting these many transactions is that I always thank God ahead of time for miracles.  Listening to Ann's recording on 'Miracles' really helped me with this.  The deals are coming easy to me and that's the best part.

Maria Ellis

You can get the 'Money' and 'Miracles' recordings by going to: http://www.innerhealing.com/products.html

Before the work with Ann I had a lot of fear of lack of money and worry about money.  It was with me at all times.  After Ann did the work with a group of us over the phone it disappeared!  I feel so much lighter.

I now have a knowing that things are going to work out!  This really amazes me.  I'm happier and have a sense of peace and joy.

Louise P. Porter

I listen to your `Happiness' recording at least every other day and the `Relationship' one at least twice a week.  I believe they are directly responsible for transitioning from a love relationship to a close best friend relationship with the same person in an instant.   I've always wanted to remain close friends with past loves. By listening to the `Relationship' and `Happiness' recording, I've achieved this dream.

Since working with Ann I feel very positive about my life and my future.  I have self-confidence which I can only term as miraculous.  I had a lot of heavy baggage which Ann eliminated. I feel so happy and on top of the world.  Life is really easy which is amazing.

Warren Cole

I used to let life happen to me because I was accustomed to struggling for everything. After working with Ann during a 15 minute consultation, the struggle is gone. Now I feel like I can create easily from a positive place

Treva Perkins

"I used to have a low-level churning feeling inside like being upset all the time. I've had this all my life. After working with Ann, it's gone!! Now I have a sense of calm and peacefulness.

The greatest miracle of all is that I no longer have any anxiety! On a scale of 1 through 10 my anxiety was at a 12 — off the charts. I've had anxiety most of my life. When I had the session with Ann it immediately stopped and it hasn't returned.

Another miracle is that I drove on the freeway yesterday. Before working with Ann driving on 4-lane highways made my heart feel like it was jumping out of my chest. I also had a huge amount of anxiety. Wow — now I'm driving peacefully on interstates!

I've been through therapy for years. I've done many emotional and spiritual healing programs plus techniques with minimal results. I've done EFT, affirmations, meditation, journaling to name a few. I am blown away and amazed with the results I have experienced working with Ann!"

Selene Zeisler

"PS Listening to Ann's `Happiness' recording every day gives me a tremendous lift. It really sets up my day to be very positive throughout the day."

After working with Ann on my sweets addiction I was at an event where they were available,  For the first time I felt that I was in control of whether I ate them or not.

I taught my son how to make crème brûlée yesterday and I didn't have any. I was offered an oatmeal raisin cookie today; turned it down!

Warren Cole

My husband and I have both listened to the 'The Lucky mp3 every day and  sometimes twice a day.    We both have noticed spontaneous moments of  happiness.  It makes it feel easier to be happy.  It is quite a bit of  fun because suddenly it isn`t an effort to feel happy, lucky or  optimistic about life.   I also notice how much easier it is to feel  grateful.  Before I had a book where I would sit down and think and  write out all I felt grateful for.  Once I started writing it started  to flow.  However, now I don`t feel the need to write in my book  because it is so spontaneous and easy now to notice and enjoy feelings  of gratitude- all in the moment.  IT really just flows so much easier  now.  I plan to keep on listening to the mp3's I have on a daily basis.

Thank you Ann.  I also have done a few individual sessions and I see  my thoughts and my reactions to my thoughts changing quickly.  Instead  of wishing I hadn`t said something and catching myself AFTER the fact,   now I am noticing myself before the thought and changing it in the  moment.  This is big for me as it has been a pattern for a long time.

Susan Lauber

It's amazing the shifts I experienced from one day to the next working with Ann on changing my diet.

I no longer drink shakes just because they are handy.  I now eat fresh fruit and vegetables, yogurt, curd cheese, nuts, almonds, and  I always eat when I feel hungry.  I have an incredible abundance of energy so everything is much easier to do and I'm much more productive. I'm also losing weight without even working at it — what a great side effect!

I listen to the 'Happy' and 'Miracle' and the 'Lucky' recordings once or twice daily.  They immediately shift my energy to the postive. I feel they are rewriting my subconscious  beliefs absolutely effortlessly — and all I have to do is listen.

I attended both your teleseminars and listen to the recordings weekly.

"Money just found me" after listening to the 'Miracles' recording.  I had a phone call the next morning which brought me $4,200.00.  And this isn't the only miracle I've experienced.

I cannot thank you enough for the amazing healing work and I'm looking forward to so much more!

Heike Lorenz


I've struggled with depression all my life.

Since my first session with Ann, it's disappeared!

When something comes up that would normally trigger depression it dissipates and not from anything I'm doing.

I had penalties by the state for $30,000.  Two days after my first session with Ann, I got a phone call to say these penalties had been reduced to $3,900.00. 

My general outlook and optimism have dramatically shifted — and I mean dramatically!  I'm more positive than at any time in my life! 

I can tell you that the healing work continues long after I've hung up the phone with Ann!

William Suiter

Before the work with Ann I had a lot of fear of lack of money and worry about money.  It was with me at all times.  After Ann did the work with a group of us over the phone it disappeared!  I feel so much lighter.

I now have a knowing that things are going to work out!  This really amazes me.  I'm happier and have a sense of peace and joy.

Louise P. Porter

Ann created the consciousness that allowed me to let go of my parents and to forgive them.  I tried to do this before without any success.  It's truly freeing to be able to forgive.

This was huge!

Robin Gardner

"Have you been struggling with a 'limiting belief' or emotional issue/pattern that just won't go away, yet it drags your quality of life down?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I've got some exciting news for you. As you know I've committed to improving my own quality of life in any way I can, and to sharing what I discover and use with you.

Well despite the 'light years' I've traveled since discovering The Invisible Path to Success and the tremendous results I've produced using it, I still have old emotional baggage I need to release, buttons inside me that get pushed and instantly send me into anger, rage, frustration, etc. I also discover beliefs I need help releasing as well.

I recently discovered a woman who has been a huge help to me in such issues. Her name is Ann Taylor, and she does some amazing emotional healing work.

I've done 7 sessions with Ann over the last 6 months. In each session, I asked for help with a specific issue I've been struggling with. After each session, of just an hour (or shortly thereafter) I got instant and complete relief. Emotional buttons got 'disconnected,' Patterns got broken. I started reacting differently in so many situations.

In many cases, I'd been struggling with the specific issue all my life, and yet now it's gone!

It blew me away and it's tough to do that these days. I'm extremely grateful for the help Ann gave me (and continues to when I need it).

Clearly it was time and part of my movie to get relief, but Ann was the one who helped me do it. Maybe she can be that resource for you too! I figured I had to write to tell you about Ann.

If what I've said strikes a chord within you, and you're in search of relief from the impact of an old belief or emotional issue, please visit Ann's website or call her today for a 15 minute consultation.

There's no risk, no obligation, just touch base with her and see how you feel about her. Tell her or her assistant that I sent you and they'll take extra special care of you!"

Here's the information:

Ann Taylor: www.innerhealing.com

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.


I listen to the recording of Ann's Money Teleseminar three times a week. I feel very peaceful about what's going on in the economy. I have friends who are extremely fearful about the economy. Being around them doesn’t upset me at all.

Ann was my mother and father during this event in a very powerful way. After speaking the consciousness that I'd never heard from them concerning money she had God imprint it. This really became my new reality about my parents concerning money. There's really no way to describe how powerful this is as I listen to it on the recording of this event.

Christine Winders

I've struggled with depression my whole life and even during the times when I felt good, there was always this `thing' deep within me. After one session with Ann the depression and this uneasiness are gone. I just can't find any of this anymore. I feel more centered and peaceful. I've also noticed that I'm no longer so concerned about what others think of me. This is a huge relief. Now I can go forward with the life I choose for me. I'm feeling clear and strong about who I am.

Stephanie Mills

Thanks so much for the one-on-one session the other day. I truly believe this has cleared an issue that I've been carrying around for some 25 years (and have been trying to get rid of through different healing modalities and therapies for most of that time, I should add). I had pretty much given up hope that anything would ever heal the 'issue', as nothing else I tried had made any lasting internal change. You really must be some of magician as it is truly magical how your work, well, works!

I also adore all your recorded products and am still surprised each time at how — despite the initial protestations of my conscious mind (how on earth could this possibly work from a recording, etc..) — this also works like a dream. I can actually physically  feel it working in my heart area, sort of like a tingly, warm, expansive sensation. I listen to the recordings most days and am very grateful that you have made your work available in this way. More please! ;-)

Many thanks again for your warmth, kindness and for sharing your healing gift.

Warmest wishes, Louisa

Several days ago I worked with Ann on eliminating the fear of lack of money which was a 10 in severity on a scale of 1 through 10. It is completely gone. Every time I check in to see if it's gone what comes back is, "Everything is going to be OK. . . it's all right. There is just nothing to worry about." What an amazing difference!

Darcy Volden Hoag

I have a new level of confidence in being able to talk about myself to obtain consulting work from a decision maker. This is a significant difference — when I did it before, I had to make myself do it. Now, I do it with ease. This is huge! I worked with Ann 15 to 20 minutes to heal many different issues to now feel this way. I'm grateful!

I now feel comfortable 'on my feet' speaking up and presenting my skills in a way that gets me the job. Before I'd have to really talk myself up to do it. Another miracle Again, I'm grateful!

Ann did some work with me that forever changed the conflict around money that I got from my parents. I used to have this negative feeling in my stomach that was always there when I would think about money and now it’s gone. I’ve done EFT, affirmations, forgiveness – you name it to get rid of this issue with little results….and hurray, it’s gone. I have a peace and calmness about money that is phenomenal! Whew — am I grateful!

Jane Lovas


Before working with Ann I use to really procrastinate and dread sitting down and paying bills even though I had more than enough money to do so. After Ann worked with me to eliminate fear of lack of money and worry about money I was able to sit down and pay my bills without dread, anxiousness, and fear and worry that after paying my bills I wouldn’t have any money left.  All these are completely gone. I just sat down and did it.

Ann W. Collins

I use to be addicted to sweets.  I thought about them all the time.  I struggled about eating them or not and usually I'd eat them and then feel guilty.  After my session with Ann,  when sweets are around I can easily pass them by.  I no longer have any emotional struggle with them whats so ever.  I don't have any craving, desire nor do I fantasize about sweets.  I feel very much in control. 

Selene Zisler

"Ann worked with me to eliminate my most negative self limiting belief. Ann told that it would not even be necessary for me to identify the negative belief or the source of the negativity. She assured me that God knew and that is all that would be needed. Ann also told me that God would replace the most negative and self limiting with a positive belief. She said the positive belief would be God’s will for me and in my highest and best good.

The process was very interesting, enlightening, and fast! Upon completing the work with Ann acting as the facilitator I immediately felt lighter. It was strange, I just somehow felt lighter. It was as though something had been lifted from me. Initially, that was my observation. At that moment it was not possible for me to know how it might benefit me if at all.

Within less than an hour the wondrous benefits started flowing to and through me. Thought revelations started coming to me which had previously been blocked. It was as though my mind had been cleared of 'clutter.' I guess that was the negative belief having been removed with Ann’s help. Suddenly, complicated and previously confusing issues were clear with solutions where there previously were none. The credit must go to Ann as the facilitator to free my mind for more."

Thank you Ann! Thank you God!

Mike Edwards

It wan't too long ago that I wasn't working out.  In fact, I just didn't like to exercise at all !  After one short session with Ann I'm working out and really enjoying it!  I'm stunned at the difference!

Before I go to bed, if I haven't exercised, I just go and do it without any procrastination or dread.  I do it becuase I enjoy it and want to do it.  What an amazing difference!

Warren Cole

As a result of working with Ann I now have better self-esteem. I have much more self-confidence. My guilt, shame and unworthiness have disappeared. Ann imprinted me with a consciousness created by God to replace these issues. This empowered me to have a sense of freedom and peace.

I used to wake up in the morning rehearsing all the negative talk from interacting with my former husband. Now when I wake up I’m peaceful and no longer replay the negativity.

85 percent of my negative self talk has been removed. Work related opportunities have opened up and the flow of money is increasing.

All this plus so much more came about by working with Ann. I had a 15-minute consultation and a ½-hour appointment that achieved these miracles.

I am so confident in Ann’s ability to heal that, as therapist and healer myself, I have recommended her to clients as well.

Shawn Dubois

"After listening to Ann's Happiness recording I feel happy inside and my smile is very real. All my life I've felt like I was wearing a mask to be happy. Well, not anymore. I genuinely feel happy. Listen to Ann's recording and you'll be happy too."

Jane Lovas

"Ann has a special gift. She works at the deepest levels to transform your negative beliefs and thoughts into ones that take your life to a whole new positive level. What she does is profoundly effective. I've had miraculous experiences of transformation with her!"

Marilyn Gordon, BCH, CI


I had an obsession of cancer coming back into my life. I had had cancer of the thyroid and I just couldn't get it out of my head that the cancer might come back. It played like a broken record to the degree I didn't have any inner peace. In one session Ann got rid of it completely. Praise the Lord!

I started experiencing depression. I just wanted to come home from work and pull the covers over my head. I lost interest in being social and in my hobbies, too. In one session with you, Ann. the depression was lifted. I had more energy. I was out doing things. I was having fun with my singles group again. My life was restored to even better than before I had the depression.

I was looking for a job and always seemed to not be at the right place at the right time. It seemed like the position was always filled by the time I found out about it. I worked with Ann to be at the right place at the right time. We also did some work on work-related issues which truly were holding me back. Those issues were keeping me from obtaining interviews for the job I wanted. Once again, after only one session with Ann to eliminate these issues, I had an interview for the position I knew I wanted and I got it!

I am so grateful for you Ann! I could pray all day long and never get to where I want to go. I am a self-motivated person. I do my affirmations and visualizations daily. I'm always focusing on the good and do my best not to think negative.......and yet, I couldn't move past the issues mentioned. When I would work with you Ann, miracles truly would happen.

Kayla Wetsel

When I first did some work with Ann I was angry with my husband not only because of the affair he had but also because of the toll it was taking on his health. His health issues were a constant reminder. As I worked with Ann, the anger vanished never to reappear.

I felt helpless, trapped, betrayed and not good enough plus many other negative feelings that typically go along with having your husband have an affair. Some of these were rejection, abandonment and hurt. The trust and respect were gone along with my marriage.

After working with Ann where she imprinted me with forgiveness amongst many others things, I could forgive him and a good degree of trust and respect have returned. Ann worked with me on many different issues. So much so that my marriage is better than it’s ever been. I am so very grateful!

Carolyn Smith

"Ever since the webinar that I attended of yours last Tuesday, my brain feels unusually "blissful". Much to my surprise I don't have any of the concerns that were bothering me! I really like myself — I feel really good being me. I've waited so long to feel this way!

Old negative patterns seem to be losing their grip so much so that old negative memories are slipping away.

I'm beginning to feel very positive about money! For the first time I feel that I can look forward to making  more money!  I've never felt this way before.  I'm able to trust myself more in using money.  I'm no longer worried about losing it.  I no longer believe that I have to work really hard to make money. I feel more in the flow to manifest it.  This is miraculous!"

Chris Russell

To order the recording that will heal you of your 'Money' issues, please go to http://www.innerhealing.com/money-cd.html

Before I worked with Ann, I was mostly an emotional eater. I’d eat when I was upset, concerned about a loved one, mad at my husband, celebrating, and for no reason at all. I’d eat cookies, chips, and ice cream, whatever was around, whatever I could eat in the car before I got home. Hunger had nothing to do with it. I had given up on too many diets to count, hypnosis CD’s and EFT. I was embarrassed about my weight and frustrated with a lifetime of diets.

After three (3) half hour sessions with Ann, I finally feel normal. There is no dieting. I no longer focus on food, what I can grab, what will fill my emptiness. It’s normal for me to go to the grocery store and buy healthy foods making sure I have good stuff to feed my body. It’s even normal for me to exercise! It still feels weird and yet very, very good!

We had my favorite 'Sunday Buns' at a luncheon with the family, I had NO DESIRE for them! When wrapping the leftovers, I certainly could have had at least one, no one would have known. NO DESIRE. I now grab a handful of blueberries when I reach into the refrigerator instead of chocolate. Chocolate was ALWAYS my first choice! I have chips and cookies around the house. I don’t even give them a thought!

I don’t know if I have lost any weight yet, but I can tell you it is such a relief not to feel like everyone is looking at me like a number on a scale. Ann helped me to remember my joy and people around me are responding to that. I am different inside; the outside will match soon enough. I am quite sure that in the not too distant future, I will be shopping for a whole new wardrobe. I’ll keep you updated!

Bridget McGee


After working with Ann the other day on food, I was convinced it would never work. I mean, after all I’ve been working on this challenge for 10 years!

My biggest food craving was chocolate. I have no desire for chocolate and if you knew my desire before this, you’d say this was a miracle! My other cravings were for cinnamon gummy bears and hot tamales which are either on my desk or within easy reach and I no longer desire them. Another miracle!

I used to snack every night because I’d eaten so good during the day that I deserved it. I haven’t had the slightest desire to do this at all! I used to obsess about food – well no longer! WOW.

Now I’m really drawn to healthy food. I have no desire for fattening foods at all. Hurray – I’m now in control of my food rather than it being in control of me!


When I booked an appointment to work on my issues with money I had been trying to heal them for quite some time with techniques such as EFT and affirmations to no avail.

As I worked with Ann and her gift I was relieved when I no longer had issues such as:

  • Constant worry about money
  • There is never enough money
  • I have to work long hours to get money
  • I don’t deserve to have more money
  • It’s hard to earn more money

and more concerning money and my career.

Before this time with Ann, I could never understand it when people would say that money’s not a problem. Now I do! These issues no longer exist for me.

I have peace about money and I know it’s there. I used to say there’s nothing to worry about but not believe it. Now I know this to be true! I no longer have any negative emotional charge around money.

Jane Lovas

"Ann's talents are truly miraculous. She has helped me dissolve negative beliefs faster than I ever thought possible and even implanted new empowering beliefs I never had before. Every session is nothing short of true joy. I feel blessed to have come across her."

Kindest Regards,

When I had my first appointment with Ann, I sent her 2 pages of single spaced negative beliefs which I didn't imagine she could handle in one session. I thought for certain she was going to say it would take 5 sessions to get these all done. Can you imagine my surprise when I redid the list for our second session — just a few days later — and had only half a page! When I read the beliefs that didn't apply anymore they felt foreign to me....as if they belonged to someone else.

Now after the second session, in which we concentrated on money, I feel entirely different about this issue.

I had to really dig to come up with the issues I had about having more than enough money (had no idea they even existed in me!). I was shocked when I uncovered 13 different strong beliefs that were holding me back. They are now completely gone!

I was extremely happy when I wrote a contract later that same day for a sum 4 times more than I had asked before. I didn't hesitate to ask for this sum and I expect to get it.

It was truly amazing to me when Ann asked me to remember negative memories that she had erased in me. Because erase them she did. I really struggle to remember them at all!

Ann has helped turn my health around (no more foggy brain!) and freed me of blocks preventing me from attracting more than enough money. I thank you Ann for all you’ve done for me and thank God for your gift.

I now feel God and I are in control and not all that heavy luggage of my past I was carrying around. I'm happy to say I travel much lighter these days ;D

Liz Pabon

On a workday morning, I normally wake up to a high pitched alarm, tired and crabby.  I usually hit snooze 3 to 10 times before grudgingly getting out of bed to head for the shower to fully wake up.

But the past four nights I have listened to Ann Taylor's A QUIET MIND meditation CD as I go to sleep. Well, maybe 'listen' isn't the right word... cause I actually have been falling asleep to it...yet, I know that what I needed in that CD message, got through to my heart, soul, and subconscious mind.  Because I have been awakening BEFORE the alarm, feeling rested and ready to start my day with peace and contentment in my heart, a new level of feeling positive in my soul, an energy in my physical body, and a hopefulness for what this new day has in store!

Thank you Ann for this miracle!

Joy Smiley

February 26, 2008


I used to have lots of negativity around money which to my amazement is gone. Now I have faith and trust that the money will come from my business. I have incredible clarity about what I want. I really don't know how it’s all going to come about but I know and believe it will. This is a far cry from how I began my first session with Ann where I was full of fear, worry and anxiety. I can hardly remember those negative feelings.

There were times with my ex when I would get upset and all worked up about different situations. After doing healing work with Ann concerning these negative feelings I had just such a incident with her. There were no negative feelings. I was calm and had the event in a positive perspective. I also felt compassion for her. This positive approach with her made all the difference in the world. She was open and receptive to working things out. For someone who’s experienced the confrontational situations with her that I have, this was truly a miracle!

Steve Levy

February 20, 2008

I've struggled with depression my whole life. Even during the times when I felt good, I had a constant uneasiness that never left me. After one session with Ann, I can't find any trace of the depression or uneasiness. I'm also no longer concerned about what others think of me. This is a huge relief. I can go forward with the life I choose for me. I'm feeling clear and strong about who I am.

Stephanie Wright

February 1, 2008

I recently experienced the sudden and unexpected death of a dear friend. He was vibrant and in the prime of life and his passing was very difficult to accept. I was feeling grief, sadness and an extreme sense of loss. Fortunately, I had my first appointment with Ann the day before the funeral. We worked on grief, sadness and the extreme sense of loss along with the sudden death of my dear friend. I found my self in a very peaceful state at the funeral. I was a 'rock' emotionally and mentally. Imagine my surprise when I was supporting everyone at the funeral. I was so thankful for my new consciousness about death and the ability to handle this death with such ease.

In the past few months I have attended 7 funerals and each time I am more amazed at how I am able to accept death. My new consciousness is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you Ann and thank you God for this new gift.

Colleen Lilly

January 25, 2008

Recently I experienced the most significant challenge of my life, other than losing my mother, which was the possibility of losing my husband.

As I worked with Ann we’d examine the way I was feeling. Fear of loss, anger depression. — lots of fear and worry were present. As I worked with Ann to install many different and empowering beliefs and attitudes created by God, all these disappeared. I was so much calmer going though this than I ever thought possible. Everyone commented on this. Ann worked briefly on my husband as well.

We are now back together and happier than we have ever been in our 29 years of marriage.

Beth Strickland

January 23, 2008

With a looming court date involving my daughter, who is so very precious to me. I felt overwhelmed, terrified, and really worried. I had tremendous anxiety – so much so it was hard to breath. Fear of impending doom seemed very real.

I worked with Ann on all these feelings. It’s amazing how fast they disappeared. I now feel hopeful where before I felt hopeless! I have a sense of being cared for by God instead of abandoned. My body is now relaxed where before it was tense. I'm centered, grounded and peaceful. I am happy! It's a miracle!

Janine Wiltshire

January 23, 2008

Working with Ann has expanded my consciousness and raised my vibration. Problems dissipate much faster. I no longer have a negative reaction to situations that before would have really set me off. I feel extremely grateful in every cell of my body. I am very happy!

Sara Atala

Janurary 21, 2008

Before I worked with Ann I’d just dwell on negativity concerning my husband — I mean hours.  I couldn't get my mind off of it no matter did. That ruined my life. After working with Ann I woke up happy the next day and have been happy ever since. My relationship with my husband has greatly improved. I'm really happy about this and so is he!

Barbara Huntington

February 12, 2008 update from Barbara Huntington


I just wanted to let you know that it is still working. I have had a wonderful time with my husband and it is great to not have the negative and critical thoughts that were constantly with me prior to our sessions. You do great work. I don't know how you do it, but it works.

Barbara Huntington

January 15, 2008

Ever since I worked with Ann and she started me on a program that would empower me to be in the highest alignment appropriate with my destiny flow, my life hasn’t been the same. I wake in the morning with old limiting beliefs gone and knowing new ones are taking their place.

Colleen Lilly

January 3, 2008

Before working with Ann I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning. I felt lost and unmotivated, depressed and full of fear and in a lot of emotional pain. I didn’t have too many people to interact with.

Now I easily get out of bed and look forward to my day. I’m excited about my future. I’m happy and have joy which is a far cry from how I felt when I first contacted you. What a miracle worker you are! All this happened in only two appointments with you Ann.

Now I feel love in my heart. I’m no longer depressed. Doing the healing work with you Ann was a very enlightening experience. I felt love and comfort just by hearing your voice. Suddenly people are starting to come back in my life.

I never thought I was going to find someone to help me. You were answered prayer. What a spirit of warmth you have Ann. I am grateful. I look forward to working with you again as I go through my life and experience different challenges.

All the best,


"When you spend an hour with Ann you'll be surprised at what happens ... Surprised because, quite likely you've never felt that way before .... She may have given (installed) you with a new consciousness that you've never had and you now feel empowered in a way you've never felt .... It feels good ... It's new ... Exciting! .... Another interesting feeling is the strange sensation of trying to find the issue (the feeling of the issue) that you worked on together and not being able to find it .. And this may have been an issue that has preoccupied you your entire life! ... It's a wonderful experience ... I highly recommend spending time with Ann ... It may just be the most valuable hour of your life ..."

Kevin Willis

"P.S. After using the Quiet Mind CD, I found that I had better clarity and focus in my thoughts during the work day … before using the CD, trying to grasp an idea or thought was like stirring up a flock of birds at the park ... the birds were like my thoughts, flying all over the place, complete chaos, and I couldn't grab a single one ... after using the Quiet Mind CD, ideas and clarity come to me like calm birds landing on my shoulder ...

... when I started with Ann I was thinking I was asking her to help me eliminate resistance and emotional blockages ... as it turned out, it wasn't that I needed to eliminate something, it was that I needed to ADD something … I didn't need deprogramming, I needed RE-programming ... where I saw myself as a computer with faulty software, I was actually a computer with MISSING software... Ann was able to 'install' the program I was missing and once I had it, things fell into place for me ... it was if I all of a sudden woke up and had the answers ..."

Dear Ann,

I am writing to you in great gratitude, joy and awe. It's also my hope that I can write just what someone needs to read in order to call you.

In the two sessions we've had together, we've had to work on a major health concern that has developed for me. As a result of our sessions, I feel confident and joyful regarding my physical healing. But that is just the beginning. In two hours' time, you have healed my childhood and several of the greatest issues I have dealt with most of my life. I don't call this magic, I call it a miracle. I know that you connect on the highest spiritual level to heal in a way that I could not have imagined possible. Years of psychotherapy, spiritual study and meditation did not yield a fraction of the healing which so beautifully and easily came through you.

One barely has to believe or understand what you do to be healed in the deepest, most profound level by you, Ann. As you say, all one has to do is breath, and you and God do the rest. I urge anyone who is reading this to reach out to you. This is a taste, I believe, of the kind of healing that will take place in the future, when mankind has evolved further. But we can access it now!

I would compare other methods of healing to yours as traveling on roller skates versus going by rocket ship. You are a great blessing to all of us, and I look forward to our remaining sessions and to helping others through recommending you to them, as well as to the good I now know I will be able to create in the world.

God bless and bless and bless you!

With great love,

C.J. Sang

I recently worked with a very demanding and negative client over a period of about two months. After I was done with the situation, I realized it had really pulled me into a state of anxiety and depression. I hadn't talked to Ann in a while and when we spoke on the phone, she immediately could tell by my voice that I was depressed. I've had different times in my life where I've fallen into funks like that and I eventually come up out of them, but it takes some time.

Well, that morning on the phone with Ann she says "Let's get rid of that depression!" I was all for that! I probably worked with her for no more than 10 minutes and the depression was COMPLETELY GONE. I don't mean I felt a little better. I felt lighter and absolutely happy. It was like all of the negative charge I'd been feeling had been neutralized and replaced with a peaceful calm.

Since then, I've most certainly had stressors in my life and situations that are upsetting, but I feel overflowing with gratitude and walk around in a state of relaxed joy. And I don't have to work at it. I would most definitely call that a MIRACLE!

Ann Collins

Ann, as we discussed I had some known but mostly unknown roadblocks that were preventing me from moving forward on my new venture.

Our session allowed me to clarify my goals, plans and actions that I needed to get unstuck and to get the ball moving in the right direction. The session brought powerful forces to my aid to enlighten the path and direction that I should take as well as invisible forces propelling me forward with a clam and confidence that I needed.

As you know I was a skeptic but am now a believer. Thanks for bringing your unique and special talents to my rescue.


Kenneth R. King

Marketing @ Work
Practical and Affordable Solutions to Help You Business Prosper

"I fly a plane and over the last year or so, before I make a business trip, I notice a certain level of anxiety as I go to the airport. Often, actually always, I have a fit of coughing for no apparent reason. This is hardly a situation that keeps me from functioning as a human being, but it has been very clear to me that something is going on outside my awareness. Something in my subconscious mind has been producing this effect. On Friday I was headed to a 'new' city to meet with a 'new' client and the stage was set for more anxiety than normal for me. I had absolutely no coughing and my anxiety level (which would normally be in my awareness) was at least very low if not completely gone. The contrast of this trip compared to any other trip I can recall in recent times was very striking.

As I mentioned earlier, this was hardly an incapacitating situation for me, but the contrast was quite striking. It also underscored what Ann had explained to me about her work, which was that through her work when your 'stuff' disappears, you forget you ever had it."

Greg Hayne
Roof Management
PO Box 1344
Fairfield, IA 52556
(641)-469-6464 voice
(641)-469-6982 fax
(641)-919-5072 cell
191*103*29306 nextel dcid

"P.S. - Ann, I just got back from the trip I mentioned and learned something else from our work....not exactly related to the trip. My wife commented on a change in me. I have, for the last several years, really had a lot of discomfort on Sundays. The internet calls them "Blue Sundays" and suggests this is because we are dreading the start of the work week. Moni commented that since I started working with you that these seem to have disappeared. She is right. Thanks!"

"Dear Ann,

I want to thank you so much for helping me. Each time I didn't think it could be done, it was done!

First, my fear of heights. We worked on that together for only a short while, and then you told me it was gone. I smiled and nodded, while inside I was thinking, 'Yeah, right!' I decided to test myself. To my surprise, and the total amazement of my husband, I crawled along the edge of my roof and cleaned out my gutters! Piece of cake! I felt like shouting out as I sat on my roof and looked out over my neighborhood, 'This is SO COOL!'

My skepticism was still present though. I chalked that one up to the power of my mind, not wanting to give credit anywhere else. Then we had the sessions on my shoulder. I had told you about the many times I had been to the doctor. How I had had painful procedures and drugs with side effects, and had given up. The medical treatments were worse than the original problem! I had resigned myself to just tolerating it. You said, 'Let's just fix it once and for all.' Again I thought, 'Yeah, sure, ok.' But I went along with you, just to be nice. Well, my shoulder pain that had been around for six years was gone within days. Completely gone.

But even still, some skepticism remained. I guess I'm just a hard sell. It just seemed too good to be true. But I had seen enough results by this point to keep going.

The most recent sessions we worked on were about exam anxiety. As you know, I am in the process of taking a series of very difficult professional exams. My biggest hurdle has always been the stress associated with them. Have I studied enough? Am I smart enough? Can I do this? After working with you in the weeks preceding my last exam, I finally became a true believer. This was the 6th exam, and one of the more difficult ones. I couldn't believe it: I walked in completely relaxed. I breezed through every question, which has never been the case for me, there's always one or two that I have to guess on. I finished the exam early and felt so good about it I wanted to cry … I didn't even care if I had passed; I knew that I had done my very best! Of course I did pass … it was icing on the cake.

I still don't know how it works, but to be honest, I don't CARE how it works! … It WORKS! It worked even when I didn't think it could possible work. I can't thank you enough. My hope is that others will take a chance, and put their skepticism aside … there is nothing to lose but fear, pain, and stress!

My best wishes to you, Ann, as you continue to share your gift."

Traci Christian
4737 Lone Elm
Shawnee, KS 66226

"When I first contacted Ann, I was stuck in a rut; frustrated because nothing was being accomplished in my career. After 2 recent sessions I completed my business plan, which I had been procrastinating for about 6 months. Business plan in hand, I easily obtained a line of credit, which allowed me to cut ties with an individual that I preferred not to do business with, yet to whom I had felt beholden. With this line of credit to fund the start up of the business I no longer feel any concern about money. I can now focus on my business in ways that I never have before. These two sessions with Ann have catapulted me into a new way of being, empowering this new state of thinking and being, or as some say, consciousness.

Before my 3rd appointment with Ann, I was feeling kind of 'blah' about my business. During our session Ann's work, which she does with God, empowered me to feel very excited and enthusiastic about the business and feel as if it's a done deal. I know that things will fall into place.

It's amazing how one hour with Ann changes the way I feel about my presenting the work that I do to the public. I'm excited and know I can't fail! I'm excited about contacting people. I'm quite surprised about how good I feel. I know people will be quite accessible through the relationship skills that were just acquired with working with God through Ann.

I live in the Czech Republic and had toyed with the idea of learning the language. Learning to speak Czech was daunting and frustrating; in fact I kept putting this off due to my lack of enthusiasm. After working with Ann, I'm excited and enthusiastic about learning Czech. Hurray! I know I can learn it! I feel like it's going to be a lot of fun. What a difference 5 minutes with Ann makes!

I've gotten more done in the 3 weeks since our last appointment than I have in the previous 3 months. I know I'll get more done in the next 3 months, more than I have in the last 10 years. Words are so limited in trying to explain the exhilaration and enthusiasm I feel about my life and work.

After this third appointment I know I can't fail. Ann not only changes my consciousness or the way I think about something, but the truly amazing thing is that the emotions are added. This truly is a rocket ship to creating the life of my heart's desire.

Will I be making another appointment with Ann? You bet! We have one scheduled 2 weeks from now that will empower me to reach for the moon. If I feel daunted in any way, Ann's amazing ability to turn this into passion and exhilaration is amazing.

Don't hesitate. Call her and make 3 appointments that, I know from personal experience, can and will change your life.

Thank you, Ann, or as Ann's says, 'Thank you God!'"

Peter Jennings

"To all those who seek healing…

For over thirty years I have worked with some particularly fine counselors untangling, understanding and hopefully clearing emotional and 'viewpoint' issues in my life. These issues led to, sprang from or complicated some very serious physical health concerns over the years that finally left me bed-ridden and in pain the majority of the time over three and a half years suffering with sever Chronic Fatigue and Immune Disorder Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

Always believing there was a way to health - and the medical doctors not yet being in a place to provide clear help…or even understand what was happening to me and the rest of the thousands suffering from cfids, I found wonderful health-care practitioners in acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, cranial sacral and other energy therapies that all helped support my process toward well-being, however, having lost so much ground over the decades, I wasn't able to sustain being up and about my life…and I still carried much of my old familiar and unwanted 'baggage' - until I began to work with Ann Harcus.

Thankfully I was able to remain comfortably resting at home as we did our sessions by phone. It was such a blessing to need only hang up the phone, close my eyes again and continue to relax, soaking up that amazing energy when we were finished - rather than jump back to that heady, linear consciousness required to drive a car.

I still can't explain it…how Ann's special gift works. I admit to having always been a skeptic. I don't know exactly when some things changed. I know the very moment other things changed. The fears, the worry, pains, old attachments, sorrows and anger...my life was weighty and crowded with them. They seem to have drifted away and I've rather forgotten about them.

I find remarkable these clear and fertile places now where I've been able to grow a richer, fuller life, far more deeply spiritual. This has finally, happily brought me to the threshold of being 'selfful'. The adventure of moving back into my life has been exciting - and sometimes challenging. I've been thankful to be able to call on Ann's continued help to fine tune and polish the creation and enjoyment of the life I have so long sought…and while I could so easily jump in the car for an appointment now if she were down the street…I just love cozying up in my own peaceful place and hearing Ann's sparkling and healing voice on the other end of the line. Thank you, Ann."

Donna Aldridge
International award-winning painter, writer and teacher with works of art in 25 countries. www.aldridgestudios.com

Hi Ann,

Ever since our session last week, life has been great.  The negative habits I had been living for years are gone and I am confident that I will not do them again. I just feel unstoppable, happier and more excited about my life than I have ever been. I know that I will achieve all that I want and more. Peace, Love and Prosperity,


"Have you been struggling with a 'limiting belief' or emotional issue/pattern that just won't go away, yet it drags your quality of life down?

Did some fear get triggered in you as a result of the terrorist attacks last month?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I've got some exciting news for you. As you know I've committed to improving my own quality of life in any way I can, and to sharing what I discover and use with you.

Well despite the 'light years' I've traveled since discovering The Invisible Path to Success and the tremendous results I've produced using it, I still have old emotional baggage I need to release, buttons inside me that get pushed and instantly send me into anger, rage, frustration, etc. I also discover beliefs I need help releasing as well.

I recently discovered a woman who has been a huge help to me in such issues. Her name is Ann Taylor, and she does some amazing emotional healing work.

I've done 7 sessions with Ann over the last 6 months. In each session, I asked for help with a specific issue I've been struggling with. After each session, of just an hour (or shortly thereafter, after listening to a tape of the session), I got instant and complete relief. Emotional buttons got 'disconnected,' Patterns got broken. I started reacting differently in so many situations.

In many cases, I'd been struggling with the specific issue all my life, and yet now it's gone!

It blew me away and it's tough to do that these days. I'm extremely grateful for the help Ann gave me (and continues to when I need it).

Clearly it was time and part of my movie to get relief, but Ann was the one who helped me do it. Maybe she can be that resource for you too! I figured I had to write to tell you about Ann.

If what I've said strikes a chord within you, and you're in search of relief from the impact of an old belief or emotional issue, please visit Ann's website or call her today for a 15 minute consultation.

There's no risk, no obligation, just touch base with her and see how you feel about her. Tell her or her assistant that I sent you and they'll take extra special care of you!

Here's the information:

Ann Taylor: www.innerhealing.com

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance."


I was feeling very down, anxious and out of sorts affer having several conversations with hiring managers that weren't hiring.

This morning the first thing I did was listen to the recordings that Ann's done on `Happiness' and `The Millionaire Mind'. WOW!  The feelings of being out of sorts, down and anxious  were really lifted.  I'm now feeling clear, confident and much  more positive that all is well.   I'll continue my job search today with optimism and hopefulness that I will find a better job soon.


"I've been working with Ann for 2 years now. She helps keep me clear, happy and healthy. If anything surfaces—an issue, a block, a problem—I get an appointment with Ann. Within just minutes of talking to her, I can usually feel the shift. We've worked on health issues, trauma issues, emotional issues, financial issues, and even played with energizing ads, books and businesses. If I call her with a cold, I can usually feel the cold begin to leave while on the phone with her. If I call with a limiting belief in the way of my taking action, I can usually feel the belief begin to dissolve while still just talking to her. Some things I'm still working on and others I'm still waiting on, but all in all, when Ann tackles a problem, I can feel it lighten. Ann's an angel, a treat, and a delight."

Joe Vitale

#1 Best-Selling Author of "Spiritual Marketing," "The Attractor Factor," "Life's Missing Instruction Manual" and too many others to list!


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