Trust Your Intuition

Without exception, every successful person trusts their intuition!

How many times have you said, "I knew that was going to happen," or, "I knew I shouldn’t have done that!" Basically, what happened is you didn’t follow your intuition! 

The whole purpose of this recording is to empower you by imprinting the following check points into your DNA and conscious and sub-conscious mind to trust your intuition. After listening to this recording, you'll be amazed to the degree you trust and follow your Divine guidance.


"I recently experienced a corporate reorganization which resulted in my layoff. Stress, anxiety and depression are normal feelings during times of uncertainty, however after listening to Ann's Intuition recording, I instantly felt that all is well. I now have the feeling of expectancy that things are going to work out for my good and a knowingness beyond any doubt that I will find a job that is better than any I have had thus far. Having these feelings of expectancy and knowingness provides me with great peace of mind. What a Blessing! Thanks Ann."

-Kayla Wetsel

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Follow Your Own Path. Mix Medium collage of yellow flowers and a snail.

I have an amazing healing gift where I work with God to change your consciousness on so many different levels. If you haven’t experienced this before you’ll be stunned at how miraculously the transformation takes place.

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of studying the world’s religions at Unity Village in Lee’s Summit, MO. Through this I learned that all of these have fundamentally the same view of God as a loving presence that really wants nothing but your highest and best good. But how many of you really believe that with all your heart? I know I sure didn’t. Now, thanks to this gift, I sure do.  

That’s why the very first belief that you’ll be imprinted for is:

check Knowing that God loves you unconditionally and only wants what’s for your highest and best good.

"After listening to Ann's recording on 'Trusting Divine Guidance', I feel a real difference. I know what I need to do with no longer having any doubts or second guessing myself. I just know what I need to do in every circumstance in my life and I do it!"

-Maria Ellis

God will never call you to do something that harms another. God will always guide you into a solution that’s win-win and the highest and best good for all concerned. In order for you to receive this Divine guidance or intuition you need to have faith and trust in God. That’s why you’ll be imprinted with:

check A consciousness that empowers you to have faith and trust in God.

Once you really know this on a genetic, plus conscious and subconscious level you’ll feel so much better about trusting your intuition.


"I've been through therapy for years. I've done many emotional and spiritual healing programs plus techniques with minimal results. I've done EFT, affirmations, meditation, and journaling to name a few. I am blown away and amazed with the results I have experienced working with Ann!"


-Selene Zeisler

Each of you has a negative belief about God somehow, somewhere that is holding you back from letting go to God. You don’t have to have a clue what that is. God does. That’s why God will:

check Remove, on a genetic level, the most negative belief you have about God and replace it with a positive one that God knows you need more than any other belief in order to trust God.

Every time you listen to this recording, another negative belief will be eliminated about God and a positive one put in it’s place. WOW – what a relief that’s going to be! 


"Since attending the teleseminar on Trusting Your Intuiton and listening to the recording several times, my intuition is spot on without me needing to think about it.

This teleseminar and recording has brought me to a new level where that doubting voice of the ego is no longer there. In each moment I know what's for my highest good. I no longer question it nor feel like I need to get the opinion and the approval of others. This is a huge difference!


-Lynn Stanyard

womanthinkingWebster’s defines intuition as, "quick and ready insight" and "the act or process of coming to direct knowledge without reasoning or inferring." It’s a way of sensing or knowing the truth without explanation.

There are many ways to experience intuition. For some, it’s a feeling — a gut feeling. For others it’s a knowing, and for some, synchronicities. There is no right way! The important thing is that you trust it.

Because trusting your intuition is so very important you’ll be imprinted to:

check Trust your intuition to guide you to what you need to be doing and how you need to be doing it.

Sometimes you don’t know if it’s your intuition or just a thought. You don’t really want to know that it was the whisper on the wind 3 months ago that you were suppose to follow. That’s why you need to really know when you’re receiving guidance which will be done with the following imprint:

check God will create a consciousness for you to know and recognize when you are receiving Divine guidance.

Marylingordon"Ann has a special gift. She works at the deepest levels to transform your negative beliefs and thoughts into ones that take your life to a whole new positive level. What she does is profoundly effective. I've had miraculous experiences of transformation with her!"

-Marilyn Gordon, BCH, CI
Board Certified Hypnotherapist & Founder of

Whatever you believe you’re worthy of and you deserve, you draw to you.

check God will imprint you with a knowing that you’re worthy and you deserve to receive Divine Guidance.

You’ll also be imprinted with:

check Expecting to get clear guidance from the Divine.

When you’re in an optimistic state of mind, Divine guidance seems to come much easier so God will:

check Remove any imprinting you have for being a pessimist and imprint you for being an optimist.

Whatever you expect you also draw to you so God will imprint you:

check To expect everything to work out for your highest and best good.

Next God will imprint you to be:

check Insightful and to have wisdom.

When you’re insightful you may have a clear and deep perception of a situation. Wisdom can be defined as the trait of utilizing knowledge and experience with common sense and insight. Isn’t it wonderful to know that every time you listen to a recording of this event, the imprinting will change slightly so your insightfulness and wisdom just keep growing?


"I've tried EFT, subliminal tapes, affirmations, feng shui, positive thinking and read over 20 books on personal growth. Nothing got me moving ahead until I worked with Ann."

-Christine Winders

And finally, if you second guess yourself it may be very unsettling!

check God will remove the DNA for second guessing yourself and replace it with a new consciousness that empowers you to no longer do this. What a relief!

Now this is where some more magic comes in. You’ll be amazed as you listen to the recording of this event. Part of my gift from God is to be able to record work and have the healing continue as you listen to it. Because you‘ll hear me leave the healing open-ended in many ways, something new and wonderful may happen every time you list to the recording!

Buy now for only $30!
(Available in MP3 or CD formats)


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