The Shield

Negative energy will bounce right off of you!

Woman Free of NegativityStop being affected by negativity out in the world — it will bounce right off you when you listen to this recording!

Some of us are more sensitive to energy than others, but each and every one of us is affected in one way or another. When you interact with someone who is being very negative, that energy touches your consciousness, too. Well, not anymore!!

In this special recording I ask God to install a shield around you so that you no longer pick up on the negativity going on in the world. If you listen to this before entering a situation you know is going to be challenging, or visit with someone who you know to always be negative and down, you will no longer be brought down to their level and left feeling bad!


"Last week I went to my grandmothers 91st birthday lunch, and had to sit at a table with 5 people who I normally do not really get along very well with. Before I went to this lunch I listened to the shield recording 3 times. And the lunch went great!!! No problems and I did not get frustrated as I normally would have. Their negative energy did not pass onto me!"

-Diane from Chafe, Portugal

I intentionally made this recording short, just two minutes long, so you can easily listen to it anytime! After hearing this miraculous piece of healing work, negative energy simply won't be able to affect you!


"I was the supervisor of a very negative and volatile employee. A correction was needed in the timing of one area of the workload but my attempts to get the person’s cooperation were met with anger and extreme defensiveness. I prayed to God for guidance. Almost immediately I was shown a plan. The most important part of the guidance I received from God was to listen to the Shield recording before each and every meeting I had which this employee was a part of.

I had the Shield recording downloaded on my and always had my earbuds with me so I could listen anytime. The day for the big meeting arrived and I was so nervous. I listened to the Shield recording eight times before the meeting, and when I walked in I felt calm, safe and very clear about my presentation. The employee was polite, calm, and almost humble (something I had never seen before in this person). The person listened carefully and courteously and agreed, with no fuss, to make some changes.

After the meeting I felt energized and almost could not speak I was so surprised!!! WOW, that worked so well and all I had to do was listen to the Shield recording until I felt calm and safe inside!!!"

-Dawn from Lompoc, California


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Ann Taylor, Founder of Inner Healing