Peace, Serenity & Calm

This Recording Will Empower You to Live in the Flow 

After you listen to this recording you will be blown away by how much calmer and more peaceful you feel from within. This will allow you to much more easily access your Divine Guidance.

You will also be empowered to no longer make reactionary decisions that stem from a place of negativity. Instead, you will take thoughtful, deliberate actions that are filled with positive energy and forward motion.


"I have so many CD’s that I’ve bought trying to get state of calm within and nothing worked until I got Ann Taylor’s Peace, Serenity and Calm. For instance, I had a lot of anxiety and stress yesterday. All I had to do was listen to her recording and it was gone!! I used to have trouble sleeping and now I sleep like a baby through the entire night...all from listening to her 12 minute recording.

Even though my life is very challenging and I have so many issues yet unresolved, I can count on the actual healing that the Peace Serenity and Calm provides to bring me the inner peace I so long for every time!"

-Millie Miranda from Santa Monica, California

This new recording makes use of new and advanced techniques to make an even more powerful impact on your life. In particular, Ann will ask that God address issues back through your lineage. This increases the effectiveness of the work immensely!

In this recording God will:

check Heal the negative charge on all negative thoughts and memories that you bring up
check Heal the negative charge on negative thoughts and memories that you've had over the last 3 days in your conscious and subconscious mind
check Heal the charge on all the negative reactions you've had over the last 3 days

Then, you will be imprinted with:

check Peace
check Serenity
check Calm

Next you will have the most negative emotion that you are currently experiencing in your conscious and subconscious mind healed. This feels so good.

Last, and really the very best part of this recording, is that your brain waves will be put in the alpha state for the next 2 hours. This is the brain wave state that meditators strive for years to obtain and you'll have it instantly!

"Thank you so much for the wonderful gift of Peace, Serenity & Calm. It is truly a blessing. I use it every day and it does make me feel calm, which is important in this crazy world right now! Your work is so amazing and it has changed the way I feel and think. I am no longer depressed and I have hope! You are AWESOME!" 

—Lynda from Auckland, New Zealand


By listening to this 12 minute recording every day you'll find yourself much more in the flow of life. And listening daily is cumulative. Meaning the effects build up stronger and deeper with each day that you listen. You'll find yourself able to do so much more in a focused and directed state with a lot less stress. You can't beat that in only 12 minutes a day!!

Yours now for only $37!





I unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction with all of my products for 60 days from the date of purchase. However, If you are not 100% satisfied with Peace, Serenity & Calm for any reason simply contact my customer service team for a full refund or exchange - whichever you prefer.


Ann Taylor, Founder of Inner Healing