Meditation Like You’ve Never Experienced Before


If you have trouble meditating... you've found your solution!

Almost everyone knows the many benefits of meditation, from relaxation to relaxedwomanoutsideweight loss, yet most of us don't do it because of the time it takes. Many teachers of this amazing process advise you to meditate at least 1 hour every day. Even if you spend that time each day you'll never receive the benefits that listening to this 8 minute recording will.

Read the list below to see the incredible benefits you get just by listening to this piece I've created for you. The alpha brain wave state is the state which all mediators are trying to achieve. Can you imagine actually being in the alpha brain wave state for 4 hours without devoting years to getting there? This recording does exactly that for you.

In addition, you will also experience a very peaceful brain that is calm and relaxed and will empower you to handle stress in a significantly better way.


"I have found nothing else that can compare with Ann Taylor's Meditation recording to instantly stop my monkey mind! It also is very helpful to me in getting a good night's rest. I just listen to the recording and it stops all the chatter!"

-Louis Szabo, France

With the turmoil and unrest that's all around us, you owe it to yourself and your mental, physical and spiritual health to listen to this 8 minute recording every day.

Just by listening to it, you'll acquire an inner peace that will astound you.

"I absolutely love the meditation recording. I have tried other meditation techniques, and I either feel I don't have the time, can't focus, or fall asleep. All I can say is--this works! I have always struggled with ADD/ADHD and after listening to this I find I can focus enough to get some productive things done. I also feel that it leaves me mellow and gives me space to be open to new ideas, and to percolate solutions."

-Gina, Virginia, US


Here's what to expect:

check Heal the negative charge on all negative thoughts and memories in each cell in the physical and etheric brain
check Calm negative thoughts in conscious and subconscious mind for the next 4 hours
check Heal all stress and trauma in every cell of your physical and etheric brain
check Imprint the DNA in every cell in your physical and etheric brain with calmness, serenity, peace and relaxation
check Heal the negative charge on all negative thoughts and memories in you've had in your conscious and subconscious mind over the last 48 hours
check Heal the negative charge on all negative emotions and feelings you've had over the last 48 hours


"I was working as a contractor in Iraq when I started listening to Ann's Meditation Recording. I was at an all-time low. I was terribly sick with a bacterial infection and I was stressed out because my job was in jeopardy. To top things off, the rebels were throwing mortars over the wall of the base several times a day. Alarms were going off every couple of hours warning us to take cover. Needless to say, it was a very tough time.

But then I started buddhalistening to Ann's Meditation recording and it really turned me around in how I felt. The negative thoughts disappeared. I felt calmer and happier. I started to feel better physically. And I stopped worrying - even when there were explosions happening all around me. It was just that powerful. You can bet I'm going to share this meditation with the other guys over here. Thank you!"

-George High, Georgia, US



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Ann Taylor, Founder of Inner Healing