Heal Your Money Issues

When you purchase this recording you'll be healed of:

check Fear of lack of money
check Worry about money
check Fear of impending doom
check Fear of the future
check Fear of change
check Fear of the unknown

"When I work with Ann I know I'm going I'm to get life-changing, measurable results. I've done seminars, read books, listened to home study programs, done hypnotherapy... you name it, I've done it. The difference is night and day concerning the results I've achieved with Ann. 

I have spent years working on financial issues. In a combination of Ann's Money recording and the session we did together, I no longer have any money issues. It's amazing what the Heal Your Money Issues recording does. Every time I hear the part where my most negative belief about money is healed, I can feel it being done. I wish every one could listen to this recording in the challenging economic times we're having!"

-Lynn Stanyard



check God will create a shield that is placed around you so you no longer pick up the negative thoughts that people are thinking.  This will allow you so much more inner peace!
check You'll have your genetic imprinting for being a pessimist removed and replaced with a consciousness that empowers you to be an optimist.  An optimist produces 10 times more than a pessimist does.
check God will your most negative belief and replaced it with a positive belief that is Gods will for you.  Please know that God wants 20 times more for you than you want for yourself.
check God will eliminate the belief that there's never enough, never enough money.

"I noticed the day after your webinar on money that my heart was calm. This hasn't happened in a long time! It was like I had no worries or worries over money. People around me were speaking of the economy, etc., and it did not faze me. I even went to an internet website to read the news and that did not upset me. I was amazed and still am!"

-Guy Williams

check Rich people believe that making money is easy and that's exactly what you'll be imprinted for - Making money is easy!
check You'll be imprinted with a prosperity consciousness. This will be different every time you listen to the recording.
check The most negative belief you have about money will be eliminated and replaced with a positive one that God knows is for your highest and best good. Every time you listen to the recoding the negative belief will be different that's eliminated and the positive one will be changed to what is for your highest and best good.


"By listening to Ann's recording on Money my income has skyrocketed. People are coming to me wanting to do real estate deals and I live in Florida. I'm closing multiple transactions every month.  One of my secrets to getting these many transactions is that I always thank God ahead of time for miracles. Listening to Ann's recording on Miracles really helped me with this. The deals are coming easy to me and that's the best part.

- Maria Ellis


"I purchased your Heal Your Money Issues recording and listen to it regularly. It is making a big difference. For the first time in my life, I'm feeling much better about money. Since I started listening to you and healing these issues I have become so much more successful at work and have been able to save money. For someone who usually going month to month and never has any money left over, that's pretty incredible. You are truly turning my life around."

-Katarina Berger

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Ann Taylor, Founder of Inner Healing