Heal Relationship Issues

Do you secretly have loneliness and fear of loneliness but really don’t want anyone to know about it? How about fear of being alone

You can heal these issues plus so many more just by listening to this powerful recording.


"After listening to Ann's recording on relationships, I feel that mentally and emotionally a weight has been lifted. I feel very positive and hopeful about my future. It's amazing that I'm totally OK being by myself or being in a relationship. Before I felt that in order to be complete I had to be in a relationship. I was afraid that I'd never have a good one or I'd just end up being alone. Just before listening to Ann's recording I was struggling with letting go of an old bad relationship. Well, not any more. I felt even more of a shift the second time I listened to the amazing healing work on this recording! I was dumbfounded to be able to heal all these issues so quickly!"

-Karen Lindholm

stugglingcoupleDo you yearn to be in a relationship? This issue may be pushing one away. Just listen to this recording and it will no longer be there. You’ll feel so much better!

If you have fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, or fear of being hurt this is the healing work for you! How many times have these 3 fears kept you from the true intimacy you really want?


"The relationship recording eliminated the fear of rejection, abandonment and fear of being of hurt.  I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin compared to how I felt before. The wonderful thing about listening to these recording's of Ann's is that they deliver the healing with absolutely no pain.  The healing is a very pleasant experience.  I just keep feeling better and better as I listen to them."

-Selene Zeisler

happymotherdaughterMany of you were brought up in families where there was abuse and neglect. Often this creates a subconscious belief that this is love. Just notice if you attract either of these into your life. This is easy to heal. Just listen to the recording that does the healing work.

You may not even know you have self-loathing or self-hatred. What a breath of fresh air to eliminate these in exchange for self-love and/or something even better that God creates for you. Just listen to the recording!

If you have these issues, you’ll be feeling really different after the first time through!

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Ann Taylor, Founder of Inner Healing