We all want to be happy! It’s what most everyone wants more than anything! That’s why I created this recording that will empower you to be happy.

Happiness is really an inside job! Most people have a genetic imprinting for unhappiness which will be removed as you listen to this recording and a new imprint for being happy will be installed. You’ll also be empowered to know you’re worthy and you deserve to be happy. Whatever you believe you’re worthy and deserving of, you draw to you like steel filings to a magnet!


anncollins"I've been working pretty much around the clock for close to a week now getting only 4 - 5 hours of sleep a night. I find when I have to do that for more than a few days, I get what I would describe as "the blues". Not really depressed, but not very up. This morning I listened to Ann Taylor's recording about Happiness and I could feel "the blues" lifting as I listened. I'm still tired, but my energy level is definitely higher and brighter. I am happy! Thank you Ann for sharing your wonderful gift!"

-Ann Collins
founder of ExceedYourBest.com

During this recording you'll be healed of the negative charges on thoughts memories, emotions, feelings and reactions the nano second that you have them in your conscious and subconscious mind for the next 24 hours! Now that will be a treat. Research shows that 77% of the average person’s thoughts are negative.

How powerful this is for not only your happiness but how about for your general well being to boot!

While listening to this recording God will stream the feelings and emotions of happiness of being happy to your conscious and subconscious mind for the next 24 hours.

You’ll also be empowered in so many different ways to know that God wants you to be happy. A consciousness that imprints you to be happy will be created by God and installed in your DNA and so many other places to create happiness within you!

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What People are Saying


"I thought I was depressed due to extremely stressful circumstances in my life. Ann sent me the Happiness recording which I listened to only once and now I’m happy! I don’t feel depressed at all. I feel upbeat and I'm moving forward!"

-Shawn Dubois from Wimberley, Texas

"I listen to Ann's Happiness recording every day.  It gives me a much better attitude. I just generally feel happier."

-Selene Zeisler from Keizer, Oregon


"Thank you for your new Happiness recording. Your Happiness recording is truly making a difference for me. It is difference I can literally feel. I find it truly amazing that your recording affects me so profoundly. It seems that you actually remove the inclination to view anything from a negative standpoint. By using your new Happiness recording I am invigorated with positive life-giving energy. One of the best aspects of 'Happiness' is that it just seems to keep giving to me throughout the day.

I start my day with the 'Happiness' recording because I know it will feed me with joy all day long regardless of whatever the circumstances or what the news may be. It definitely prepares me to function more positively and efficiently. It also empowers me to make better choices. I literally feel the happiness, joy, and propelling energy now as I send this short note of thanks to you.

Thank you again Ann for sharing your life healing and life giving divine gift with me. Your divine gift is a blessing to the world."

-Mike Edwards from Nashville, Tennessee

"I have never been a really happy person until I listened to Ann's recording for Happiness.  People now say, 'what did you do? You seem so much happier.'

I sometimes listen to this recording 3 times a day. It's only 7 minutes long.

I feel happy all the time now. Overall, I feel happy even when there are issues like my car breaking down in the middle of the day.

Just listen to it every day - even several times a day and you'll be happy too."

-Cathy Buckley



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(Available in MP3 or CD formats)


Download your MP3 now

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I unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction with all of my products for 60 days from the date of purchase. However, If you are not 100% satisfied with Happiness for any reason simply contact my customer service team for a full refund or exchange - whichever you prefer.


Ann Taylor, Founder of Inner Healing