Be Empowered to Have Miracles

This recording empowers you to have miracles!

What this seems to do is give you a booster for all the other work that you experience from listening to the other recordings. A miracle is a change in consciousness and a collapse in time as defined by A Course In Miracles. Here's what God will imprint you with as you listen to this recording:

check To know you’re worthy and you deserve to have miracles happen to you in all areas of your life
check To expect miracles to happen in all areas of your life.
check To know that God wants you to have miracles in all areas of your life.
check To know that miracles happen to you every day in all areas of your life.
check To know that miracles are normal and natural happening to you in all areas in your life.

God will create for you a consciousness:

check To recognize and accept when you receive miracles.
check Of gratitude and appreciation for the many miracles occurring in all areas of your life

"When I listen to the Miracles recording I feel happy and upbeat. I have a positive outlook on life. I expect miracles and acknowledge them when they happen. I find myself saying 'that was a miracle.’"


-Karen Lindholm


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Ann Taylor, Founder of Inner Healing