A Quiet Mind

Here's what you’ll experience when you listen to a Quiet Mind:

check You'll be focused right here in the now moment...a feat many try to obtain but can't
check Creativity will increase
check Serenity and a deep feeling of relaxation with very little mind chatter

People who have trouble sleeping have used this recording with success because it shuts out everything that’s keeping them awake and relaxes them so it’s easy just to nod off.

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rickhendrie"When I listen to the Quiet Mind CD, I become calm. I have an amazing ability to focus on what I need to do today. Distractions just melt away! I’m aware when negative impulses show up, particularly from the past. When this happens, I’m able to see them, understand them and shift to something that’s more positive and powerful easily and effortlessly. All this happens by listening to this remarkable CD!"

— Rick Hendrie
Former Senior VP of Marketing at Unos Pizzeria


joevitale"Beautiful! Consider it an audio flower that opens gently and softly massages your brain so you can relax, let go, and finally feel the inner peace you long to have."

— Dr. Joe Vitale
Best-selling author of The Attractor Factor, Life’s Missing Instruction Manual and Spiritual Marketing and star of the hit movie, The Secret


kimbrophy"Before I listened to Ann’s CD, A Quiet Mind, I had a constant chatter in my brain which I couldn’t seem to turn off — ever! On the very first time I listened to this magical recording, my mind was absolutely quiet. I was living in the 'now moment' which is very unusual for me. Like – maybe never. Would I recommend this CD? Not only do I recommend it to people, I give it to the ones I love very much. BUY THIS CD!"

— Kim Arthur
Founder of Two Bitches & A Broom


kennethvogt"When I listen to the Quiet Mind CD, all the chatter in the back ground ceases. I’m able to focus on what I’m doing with thoughts that I’m choosing. Each time I listen to the recording, it becomes easier and easier for me to eliminate the background noise and create a quiet mind.My creativity has always been there but difficult to access through the muck of the thoughts going on in the background. As I listen to A Quiet Mind I find it so much simpler and faster to access my creativity. I also find that as I listen more and more this also becomes much easier to access."

— Ken Vogt


"It is with appreciation that I share my experience from Ann Taylor’s CD addressing A Quiet Mind. For years my rest has been plagued with an endless array of "unfinished to-do lists." These lists frequently present as a complicated fabrication of my imagination waiting only for a brief moment to flood my consciousness.

Rest and sleep are often betrayed by videos unrelated to any true reality in which I am director and star. Until I listened to Ann’s CD, I had no clue that my adult life was a series of manufactured sequences in which I replayed these events, added emotions and false responsibility. No wonder I found rest to be short lived. In listening to Ann’s CD, as I followed the simple guidelines, I found my mind was attentive yet relaxed. My body followed this same gentle direction. The CD focused my attention, persuaded my thoughts to subside and allowed a calmness to permeate my body.

How simple yet profound to go thru the day and recall the comfort in a quiet mind. Thank you, Ann, for your willingness to share your Divine gifts."

— D.H.
Asheville, NC


stevesiebold2"Listening to Ann Taylor’s A Quiet Mind is an effortless way to create space between your thoughts and access your inner guide. You already have everything you need to make your life work. Ann’s program will help clear the clutter that’s blocking your access to the answers you’re seeking."

— Steve Siebold
Author of 177 Mental toughness Secrets of the World Class and former chairman of the National Speakers Association's Million Dollar Table

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(Available in MP3 or CD formats)


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Ann Taylor, Founder of Inner Healing