Feeling Lucky

Do You Want to Feel Lucky?

feelingluckyEveryone wants to feel lucky. How many times have you heard someone say, “I’m the luckiest person in the world” and wanted to feel that way too?

When they are experiencing this it’s because they feel that so many wonderful and powerful things are happening. In their life everything is going their way.

Listen to this recording and you’ll feel lucky. And by feeling lucky it will help draw those things to you that genuinely make you say "I feel lucky!" And it will certainly raise your vibration, too.

Here’s what you’ll receive when you listen to this recording:

check God will remove any belief that you have bad luck and replace it with one that empowers you to feel lucky
check You’ll be empowered to know you’re worthy and deserve good luck
check God will imprint you with a knowing that God wants you to have good luck.
check You’ll be imprinted in a way that empowers you to consider yourself to have good luck
check God will imprint you with gratitude and appreciation for your good luck.
check God will empower you to expect to have good luck.
check You’ll be imprinted to feel fortunate for all the good things you have in your life.

"My husband and I have both listened to the Lucky mp3 every day and sometimes twice a day. We both have noticed spontaneous moments of happiness. It makes it feel easier to be happy. It is quite a bit of fun because suddenly it isn’t an effort to feel happy, lucky or optimistic about life. I also notice how much easier it is to feel grateful. Before I had a book where I would sit down and think and write out all I felt grateful for. Once I started writing it started to flow. However, now I don’t feel the need to write in my book because it is so spontaneous and easy now to notice and enjoy feelings of gratitude - all in the moment. It really just flows so much easier now. I plan to keep on listening to the Lucky recording on a daily basis."

-Susan Lauber




"I'm really happy go lucky because of listening to the Lucky recording. When I first got it I listened to it 4 times and since then, once a day. 

I have been exposed to my parents who are very depressed about the economy and the stock market. Just being around them depressed me too about these issues. The Lucky recording has completely reversed this! What happens with the economy and the stock market no longer bothers me. I know that what ever happens, I'll be fine.

I keep saying 'I feel so lucky' which feels really natural to me. I feel very happy. The luckier I feel the happier I am. I can only say listen to this recording often and you'll feel happy and uplifted just because you exist."

-Maiyah Olivas
Founder of MaiyahOlivas.com

I can’t wait to hear from you about how this recording has made you feel lucky and what positive experiences you've had as a result of this!

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