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lovelikerespectLove, Like & Respect Yourself

These are three characteristics that everyone needs in order to have good self-esteem. Not only will you love yourself, you’ll be empowered to know you’re worthy and you deserve love. Whenever you know that you’re worthy and deserve, you attract it to you! You’ll also be imprinted for knowing you’re worthy, you deserve respect and for others to like you. Learn More


achievegoalsAchieve Your Goals

Many people want to set goals and follow through and achieve them. If it was so easy to do this, everyone would be doing it. Contrary to what a lot of people are teaching you, we’re not all born with the same abilities. That’s why I’m using self-made multimillionaires as the model for how I request from God what I want for you. They do set goals and have all the attributes that you’ll be imprinted with.
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focuspositiveFocus on the Positive

This recording is meant to empower you to have a much more positive outlook on life. Every time you play it the work will go deeper and deeper truly becoming part of who you are. Pretty soon it will feel normal to expect everything to go your way.
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exciteenthuspassionExcitement, Enthusiasm and Passion

Who doesn’t want to have excitement, enthusiasm and passion? As you listen to this recording every day these wonderful feelings will build within you. You’ll also have the negative charge on all negative thoughts and memories healed that you’ve had over the last 3 days in your conscious and subconscious mind. Believe me, this is a lot. Learn More


MeditationMeditation Like You’ve Never Experienced Before

Almost everyone knows the many benefits of meditation, from relaxation to weight loss, yet most of us don’t do it because of the time it takes. Many teachers of this amazing process advise you to meditate at least 1 hour every day. Even if you spend that time each day you’ll never receive the benefits that listening to this 8 minute recording will. Learn More