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Have Your Worry and Fear about Change, the Future, and the Unknown Eliminated!

In today’s world change is happening faster and faster. Most of us can only speculate what the future holds. All of this leaves a big question mark in people’s minds which stirs up fear and worry about the unknown. Listen to the following 6 recordings to have inner peace concerning these issues. You’ll feel much more peaceful and in the flow when you do. Learn More

Have Your Worries and Fears about Money Eliminated!

After you listen to and heal from all these issues concerning money, you’ll feel so much more peaceful inside. You’ll be able to make far better decisions concerning your finances. It’s much easier to take constructive action concerning creating money when you have a consciousness that supports you in doing this. Learn More

Be Empowered to Have Wisdom and Discernment

It’s amazing what a difference you will see in yourself when you have wisdom and discernment. You react completely differently in situations. In fact, you won’t react, you’ll just act.

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Heal Your Money IssuesHeal Your Money Issues

One of the gifts that I have is that I can record a piece of healing work, like I did with this event, and it is as effective as doing the healing work live on the phone! If you missed my Money Teleseminar and Live Webcast on January 27, 2009 you can still receive the healing that participants in the event received!
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We all want to be happy! It’’s what most everyone wants more than anything! That’s why I created this recording that will empower you to be happy.

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