A one-on-one appointment with Ann will change your life!

Ann Taylor is a world-renowned energy healer and the founder of Inner Healing, Inc. Over the past 17 years, Ann has used her healing gift to empower tens of thousands of people in 95 different countries to miraculously eliminate fears, worries, and limiting beliefs that have haunted them their entire lives… all within a matter of minutes! She has worked with and is endorsed by Dr. Bernie Siegel, Joe Vitale and Robert Scheinfeld to name a few.


Ann was a very successful stockbroker for over 12 years and a VP of a Fortune 500 company when she was guided to change her life path and discovered her amazing ability to heal. Over the past 3 decades Ann has been committed to personal and spiritual growth, learning new concepts and techniques that empowered her to be of service and make a contribution to humanity.

Ann has a gift for creating instantaneous miraculous changes in consciousness at a deep and profound level that is unlike anything else available today. What is unique about Ann is that her gift reprograms you with a new consciousness that makes it so that the original limiting belief never returns. Those issues will never be issues again. No one else can replicate Ann’s results in permanently eliminating limiting beliefs, bad habits, and negative emotions. Her gift will create these transformative miraculous changes whether heard live or recorded – one on one or with thousands of people at a time.

Her healing work is legendary.

“It’s like having an itch you can’t scratch – you know something is wrong because of the results that you’re seeing in your life but you just don’t know what to do about it.” Many people have felt the same way before they worked with Ann. Here’s what Robert Scheinfeld has to say about this type of experience with her:


Often times people are unaware of the issues that are keeping them from attaining the life they desire. And many times they don’t have the beliefs and attributes that they need to achieve their desired outcomes. For instance, let’s say that you really want to believe that you can have what you want but have trouble knowing that for yourself. All you have to do is spend 20 minutes with Ann on the phone and she’ll work with God to reprogam your consciousness so you do —- with no reservations!

Ann has a 20 year history of creating miracles in people’s lives easily and effortlessly

If you want an effortless and easy way to reprogram your consciousness in a way that adds jets fuel to your forward progress then having an appointment with Ann Taylor is your answer.

Ann also has an intuitive gift that client’s have often commented on. During a session she’s able to listen to you and discern the issue that needs to be eliminated or imprinted for you to get the results that you want.

Anything you want to believe Ann can program into your consciousness in a matter of minutes.

If you’re results oriented and want to greatly hasten to speed of your forward momentum to creating the life of your dreams then you want an appointment with Ann.


Read the following case study to see how Ann’s gift helped Peter turn his business around:

Peter Jennings

“When I first contacted Ann, I was stuck in a rut; frustrated because nothing was being accomplished in my career. After 2 recent sessions I completed my business plan, which I had been procrastinating for about 6 months. Business plan in hand, I easily obtained a line of credit, which allowed me to cut ties with an individual that I preferred not to do business with, yet to whom I had felt beholden. With this line of credit to fund the start up of the business I no longer feel any concern about money. I can now focus on my business in ways that I never have before. These two sessions with Ann have catapulted me into a new way of being, empowering this new state of thinking and being, or as some say, consciousness.

Before my 3rd appointment with Ann, I was feeling kind of ‘blah’ about my business. During our session Ann’s work, which she does with God, empowered me to feel very excited and enthusiastic about the business and feel as if it’s a done deal. I know that things will fall into place. It’s amazing how one hour with Ann changes the way I feel about my presenting the work that I do to the public. I’m excited and know I can’t fail! I’m excited about contacting people. I’m quite surprised about how good I feel. I know people will be quite accessible through the relationship skills that were just acquired with working with God through Ann.

I live in the Czech Republic and had toyed with the idea of learning the language. Learning to speak Czech was daunting and frustrating; in fact I kept putting this off due to my lack of enthusiasm. After working with Ann, I’m excited and enthusiastic about learning Czech. Hurray! I know I can learn it! I feel like it’s going to be a lot of fun. What a difference 5 minutes with Ann makes!

I’ve gotten more done in the 3 weeks since our last appointment than I have in the previous 3 months. I know I’ll get more done in the next 3 months, more than I have in the last 10 years. Words are so limited in trying to explain the exhilaration and enthusiasm I feel about my life and work.

After this third appointment I know I can’t fail. Ann not only changes my consciousness or the way I think about something, but the truly amazing thing is that the emotions are added. This truly is a rocket ship to creating the life of my heart’s desire.

Will I be making another appointment with Ann? You bet! We have one scheduled 2 weeks from now that will empower me to reach for the moon. If I feel daunted in any way, Ann’s amazing ability to turn this into passion and exhilaration is amazing. Don’t hesitate. Call her and make 3 appointments that, I know from personal experience, can and will change your life.
Thank you, Ann, or as Ann’s says, ‘Thank you God!'”

When Ann asks God to create a new belief or habit, she’ll also ask that very positive emotions be imprinted, and this positive energy turbocharges the results you get. For instance, when you get imprinted for ambition she’ll ask God to put the emotions of passion and excitement along with it. This makes a huge difference in the changes that you experience!

“Most of my life I’ve worried about money. I’ve always had issues with money whether it was there or not. Before calling Ann I
really had a lot of fear about my husband and myself being able to have enough money to live on.

After my appointment with Ann I could hardly believe the difference. I don’t think about money in a negative way anymore. I just know it’s going to be there when I need it.”

Betty Kidder |


Ann’s rate is $2,000 per hour. Yes, after a one-hour appointment there will be very obvious changes in your life! Click below to take the first step towards creating a life filled with abundance.