Testimonials on Aging

Testimonials on Aging

My life has dramatically changed since Ann began praying for me. The move to a new and lovely senior living center is complete. I feel secure here, with the sense that all is well for future years – I have a home. I am so grateful and so blessed for Ann’s prayer work.


I am 77 and my husband is 80. He developed stage 4 colon cancer and a lot depends on keeping the atmosphere at home happy and organized. I am not that healthy and often tired, and do my best, but not always successfully. Both of us are having memory problems.

A few days ago I realized that my memory was faultless, and my energy and moods were getting better and better. I knew it was yours and Gods doing and I am extremely thankful.


I recently retired from my full time job to care for my Mom who has Alzheimer’s. On the last day of full time employment, I was offered a part time position, working 2 days from home and 2 days in rural clinics basically doing most of the same things I did in the hospital full time. This is a great arrangement because it allows me to fulfill my need to help with my Mom, and yet, give me a much-needed break on the two days I’m out of the house. I have been paying off my credit accounts as much as possible preparing for the inevitable time when my Mom’s needs may keep me from working at all.

Fortunately, I can take early social security retirement, but to do so I needed to reduce my outflow of that fabulous energy money. Two weeks into this prayer session, I got a mailer offering low interest for refinance. On a whim, I called and checked it out. Long story short, I close on my new loan in two days. My property appraisal went so smoothly I know God sent me an angel. I have tried in the past and have never had any success at getting an appraisal that reflected what I thought was the true value of my property. I have gone from having 2 mortgages–(1) at 14% and (2) at 10%, to one mortgage at 3.5%, and dropped from a 25 year term to a 15 year term.

I do believe that qualifies for the term “ABUNDANCE”. This alone brings my finances to the point where I can live on social security income alone when the need arises. I feel such a deep level of peace and gratitude. My life is not necessarily easy but extremely doable and enjoyable!