Testimonials on Adversity

Testimonials on Adversity

I experience calm and have inner peace during a challenging moment. This is wonderful!


Quit a good job to move home and care for my mom, with no plan, no money, and no job—but I no longer feel upset or scared. I feel peace, knowing and trusting God will work it out for good. The 21 Days is the reason I am calm during the most difficult situation ever. The program is a Godsend!


I have been your raving fan and a client of your work for 2 years now. I’m a victim of domestic violence. Despite everything that happened to me, I recovered in just a couple of days. My smile is back and I’m now able to cheer up and support the other women staying at the shelter.


I definitely am feeling a lot of inner peace. I am going through some stuff that would normally be rough, but I am feeling calm and optimistic.

The negative thoughts are definitely at bay! When I listen to the 29 minute recording to remove negative thoughts and feeling, I feel something in my head, like a buzzing, like my brain is getting jarred, yanked into the present moment over and over, but in a gentle way. Also, when my eyes are closed, they move around fast as if in REM sleep. I try to keep playing the recordings constantly, almost all day, as long as I can.


I had an operation and my recovery has been amazing. No one could believe how quickly I bounced back. I also have been in a couple of very difficult situations that have not affected me at all. I found more compassion for others, along with patience in trying times. The messages from Ann each day are so uplifting—like a huge wave or tsunami washing over me.

I felt love and kindness to myself and then the next day read how Ann had given us 50 gifts of feeling unconditional love to ourselves. These 50 gifts each day have been tremendous to receive. Ann’s prayers are getting more and more powerful and raise vibration like nothing else. Knowing how much she genuinely cares and wants the best for us makes me feel so loved and nurtured. This vibration has taught me to believe in myself and it has brought so many wonderful gifts and surprises. I have had unexpected gifts, love and support. It is so good to embrace each day with hope and inspiration.

I have sons but not a daughter. During Ann’s 21 Days, a lovely girl (by a miracle situation) came into my life. She lost her mother when she was 13. We fulfill that role for each other. We are so close, it is as if she were my own. On Mother’s Day she sent me a wonderful card and homemade chocolates. She wrote, “I know you aren’t my real Mum but you are to me and I love you.” There is a million more things I could say but for now, thank you Ann and thank you all at Inner healing.


I was a very needy person (trauma of separation from my husband). The 21 Days is helping me to stand on my own two feet and support my son and myself, and be calmer and more together. I’ve been trying for a long time to rent a place that was cheap enough and in a safe neighborhood, and hoping to reconcile with my husband.

• At the beginning of this 21 days I followed my intuition and found an apartment, moved the next day and two days later my husband moved in too.
• I put all my savings into a home study dog-grooming course and equipment and have been studying at night. Today I had my second “paying dog,” even though I’m still training.

I have found the emails, recordings and calls invaluable and cannot conceive a day without them now.


I want to let you know about the benefits I have been getting as a result of my participation in the 21 days of Prayer and Healing.

So I will begin with the first few days. If you remember I was the one who asked if things sometimes get worse before they improve. For me the first few days were really tough. I was tired, I physically felt out of sorts and my mood was all over the place. Based on your advice I stayed with it and kept listening to the recordings. With each day the whole thing began to lighten up. It still is like a roller coaster but there are more up days than down days everything seems to be brighter and shifting. I have been confronted with some long held deep issues and have found myself actually moving through them and letting go. It really has been great and even fun to see what is coming up next and all I’m doing is staying present as best I can and embracing and loving the moment.

I live in Colorado, and this summer my home was one of the homes that burned down during the forest fires. As you can imagine there is a ton to do just to deal with the challenges presented during that time and it seems for some time to come. I have spent almost 5 months dealing with the aftermath of the fire, the insurance company and the emotional upheaval it has caused my family.

Having said that, I would like to tell you about some MIRACLES that have occurred in my life since the 21 days began.

First, since the fire my wife and I are working on building a new house. We had some difficulties from our neighbors who are also building a home. They had broken ground on their house and were building in the wrong place according to the covenants. When they were notified they took a more aggressive posture and decided to fight to keep building where they were. All in all it just was not a good situation. This had gone on for 3 weeks and it looked like they might get approval to stay. Then on Friday Nov. 3rd I got a call from their builder notifying me that my neighbors were going to move their house at their expense and said they were sorry for the inconvenience. WOW!! They had no reason to do this other than to be good neighbors. What a gift.

Second, I have been dealing with my insurance company to get our claim settled for again nearly 5 months. I always thought this would be the easy part of any disaster I might be involved in. I sure was wrong; the amount of time and work on my part that is required to settle an insurance claim like this is enormous. Recently we were getting close to settling the claim and have struggled with the amount of hold backs available to prolong our claim. As an example there is as much as 35% of your claim that should be paid automatically but is only paid at the discretion of the Insurance Company, it is called if incurred payments. So to my point, I was called by my adjuster yesterday November 14th and told that he had a check that we had been expecting. I agreed to meet him and to my surprise he presented me with a check that settled my entire claim. No questions asked it was just settled. I was shocked and elated, I didn’t expect to see that money for months if at all.

There are more to tell, but I will stop here. Ann, your prayers are a gift, this has been and is an incredible experience for me. I love moving up the scale of consciousness and this 21 days has been an express pass for me so far. I’m still on the emotional roller coaster, each day is its own adventure but I am loving it and I feel great. I can’t wait to see and feel what’s next, “This or Something Better, So Thank You God!!”


I actually had no idea what to expect from this program, but I do believe in the power of prayer and now I can see some palpable results.

I had a difficult childhood, and a violent marriage/divorce released all those fear and anxiety. I had no controls over it! I was afraid to walk even in the daytime.

Ann’s work has an enormous calming effect on me, and gives me confidence, self-esteem and belief in myself that I never had before. I thank you for the gifts you have bestowed to me. It has brought sanity into my life.


Many thanks for the healing work you provide us with. I felt inner peace and ease from the very beginning of the 21 Days. As if a big load got taken away from me.

I feel wholesome and loved by the SOURCE.

When events or people irritate me, I deal with it a lot smoother than before and I get back to my inner peace and center faster.

I feel as if lots of unnecessary guilt and attachment has been wiped away and I am move in greater clarity.


My week was filled with high-stress moments yet I went through it all with a better attitude! A friend mentioned I seemed much calmer and not agitated at all. THANK YOU!

Personal growth and development is an on-going process and I intend to be a life-long student!


I want to express gratitude for the work and love you send all of us thru your prayers. I’m in a very grateful space today. I have gone thru extremely difficult situations since 2009, but I am coming out as a more grown and evolved person with more self-worth thru these experiences. My health has improved; started exercising more; more regimented; handling grief from the loss of my father better; and I’m working with a zeal to buy my new home.


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