Testimonials on Abundance & Prosperity

Testimonials on Abundance & Prosperity

I’ve been winning—little jackpots. Also, my grandson seems to feel better about going home after visits. That’s a great feeling.


Just love this program; listening for about 2 hours per day; and released stress related body fat. Also, my abundance is expanding: Received a couple substantial money gifts, gained unexpected clients/referrals, and a church accepted me as a consultant!


Just love this program; listening for about 2 hours per day; and released stress related body fat. Also, my abundance is expanding: Received a couple substantial money gifts, gained unexpected clients/referrals, and a church accepted me as a consultant!


On my first day of prosperity I found a small purse with my mother’s diamonds that had been lost for months. Also, my tumor markers for my metastatic breast cancer has gone way down!


I LOVE getting the daily emails on the work being done!!! The 21 Days of Healing and prayer is powerful. I feel more peaceful & confident. I have been showered with abundance in the past week that far surpasses anything I could have planned. It is such a joy & pleasure to participate in your program.


I was financially depleted due to health challenges. Now I’m receiving and earning nearly 20 times more, and my health improved. My mom asked me, “How come people keep giving you money?”


I was in a terrible mind state—couldn’t get out of my own way. The self-doubt, worry, fear and extreme fear of lack held me prisoner. On the 21 Days, my fears began to lessen and now they’re gone. If one pops up, they melt away as I listen to a recording.

I live a balanced and abundant life. The balance wasn’t easy. At first I gave myself guilt over having more “me time” to grow, create and expand my ideas for business and home life. But Ann’s continuous healing work has shed that guilt. I wake up joyful and grateful! My life is aligned with my beliefs. I have no worries, I know everything works out for me.


Blessings are abounding financially, and I’m sensing more clarity too. Found $300 in a drawer, $50 from clothing sale and a new car is ready for me.


I’m so blessed by Ann’s healing work. The 21 Days create opportunities for happiness and fulfillment!! That’s why my life is mostly comprised of Love, Peace, Health and Abundance! What else is there?


Thanks to your healing work, I feel better and I made some wonderful new friends! I feel prosperity.


A friend gave me a gift of money, and healers are offering me free sessions! I’m also feeling stronger and more connected –all since Ann cleared my ancestral line.


Ann’s program targeted prosperity. Saw it in my family relationships and with my relationship with myself, but now I see prosperity in the financial arena; opening new pathways for money to flow to me!


My food choices changed; friends are popping out of the woodwork; and abundance has increased in measurable ways!


Wonderful, just what I need, love in all my body cells and beliefs for $$$ abundance!!!


I have kept a very detailed daily journal and will edit and condense it quite a bit and tell you all the wonderful things unfolding in my life. The first 2 days I was generally happy and feeling lighter and brighter. I was constantly humming, whistling and singing little nonsense songs. I am normally a positive person but always very quiet!

On days 3, 4, and 5 I felt down again and had two restless nights. On each of the three days something small and very minor happened to make me suddenly cry. On day 5, I was able to stop in the middle of crying and realize I was feeling helpless and powerless, and why. I slept deeply that night. On Day 6, The Gift was given and I enjoyed the first bonus call. I was calm during the day, not lighter or happier, but not crying.

That evening, something amazing happened while listening to one recording included with the 21-Day program… on forgiving yourself for making bad decisions. I had previously bought that recording and had worked on a particularly upsetting issue with little improvement. That night, while using the recording I suddenly felt the energy shift and saw the entire situation from a different point of view. Before, I often remembered and replayed the situation in my head and felt a lot of guilt and pain in my stomach each time. Now, after the shift, I can hardly remember the situation. It feels like it is being pulled off to the left side of my mind. It is hard to think about it, and when I am able to, I feel no guilt, shame, remorse, or even anger. It is a neutral feeling, and after 10 years, such a beautiful change!
On Day 7 I felt happy and light even though the weather was not. I listened to the same recording on forgiving yourself for making bad decisions and I had trouble remembering that situation. I felt such peace over it all. So I am now working on another situation with less emotion attached. On Days 8, 9 and 10 I was upbeat and yet calm! I found myself humming tunes throughout the day. Day 11 arrived and with it a major incident (to me at least). Normally, I would have gone into tears and perhaps followed it with anger and felt very stupid but, surprisingly, this time; I just found it funny and laughed about it all evening.

On Day 12, the Shield recording was used. I then realized that no money had yet arrived at my doorstep but I remained positive all day and later listened to the second bonus call, which answered my earlier questions around money. I am receiving all sorts of abundance in my life! Day 13, Valentine’s Day, was another happy day for me. I was very pleasantly surprised with an invitation from my husband to go out for dinner. There are subtle but very positive changes in the way he is behaving towards me, and how I am reacting to him and his comments. Day 14 arrived and I was optimistic and calm. I was pleasantly surprised to find no weight gain after eating a huge meal last night. I then remembered that I had stumbled across yet another eating plan several days ago and had made a few easy changes to my diet hoping that this might be “the one” that helps me take off those stubborn pounds. I had forgotten to connect them until I was entering the day’s events in my journal.

As I was finishing this abbreviated version of my journal, I reviewed my answers to the three questions that we were to answer before the 21 days began. Another surprise! One of the things I had written for question #3 was to be more helpful. Yesterday and again today, I was given the opportunity to very easily and yet massively help someone much more than I ever expected. I had not made the connection until just now as I read my answers to the questions. What a wonderful idea to write the answers down to review later. I am realizing more and more the wonderful and huge impact that this is having in so many areas of my life. Thank you, Ann, from the depths of my heart!


I recently retired from my full time job to care for my Mom who has Alzheimer’s. On the last day of full time employment, I was offered a part time position, working 2 days from home and 2 days in rural clinics basically doing most of the same things I did in the hospital full time. This is a great arrangement because it allows me to fulfill my need to help with my Mom, and yet, give me a much-needed break on the two days I’m out of the house. I have been paying off my credit accounts as much as possible preparing for the inevitable time when my Mom’s needs may keep me from working at all.

Fortunately, I can take early social security retirement, but to do so I needed to reduce my outflow of that fabulous energy money. Two weeks into this prayer session, I got a mailer offering low interest for refinance. On a whim, I called and checked it out. Long story short, I close on my new loan in two days. My property appraisal went so smoothly I know God sent me an angel. I have tried in the past and have never had any success at getting an appraisal that reflected what I thought was the true value of my property. I have gone from having 2 mortgages–(1) at 14% and (2) at 10%, to one mortgage at 3.5%, and dropped from a 25 year term to a 15 year term.

I do believe that qualifies for the term “ABUNDANCE”. This alone brings my finances to the point where I can live on social security income alone when the need arises. I feel such a deep level of peace and gratitude. My life is not necessarily easy but extremely doable and enjoyable!