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Ann Taylor

I’ve been very fortunate to have 2 careers I’ve been passionate about this lifetime. One was being a stock broker and the other is doing energy healing work.

I became a stock broker with A. G. Edwards & Sons when I was 30 years old. At that time only 2% of the stock brokers were female! I stayed in that career for the next 12 years. I truly loved being a stock broker. I lived ate and slept the business. I left that very successful career as a VP of Robert W. Baird, a division of Northwestern Mutual Life where I had broken the glass ceiling as their first woman in management.

Through Divine guidance I applied and got a job at Unity Village’s Silent Unity. This is their prayer ministry that operates 24 hours a day with three shifts of 25 people each. When you call Silent Unity a person on the prayer line answers and says: ‘Silent Unity how may we pray with you’. Little did I know how much I’d need this training for when God was to reveal my next passion and gift of the ability to do re-program people’s beliefs in a miraculous way.

Unity Village is in Lee’s Summit, MO where Silent Unity is posted a job for a development officer. My inner guidance said ‘apply for this job’ I made an excellent resume with letters of recommendation from people who I knew the people doing the hiring for that position would absolutely respect. This position is in their fund raising division. I would be calling on the people that were able to make significant contributions to Unity. I wanted this job and got it. The final interview was with Chris Jackson, Senior VP. Chris said ‘Did anyone look at your resume before they hired you in the Prayer Room?’ I said, ‘Chris, I was just following my guidance.’

As a Development Officer for Unity I became friends with some donors in Toledo Ohio. They called and wanted me to come to a weekend workshop that was taking place at their home. The purpose of this event was to get an attunement for healing. I had been around Roslyn Bruyere who’s quite a famous healer in her own rite and Ethel Lombardi who was also well known for her gift. I had no desire to be around another healer and certainly not to get an attunement. These people were very insistent that I come so I went.

I came home and started laying hands on people and getting results. As soon as the results were significant enough for me to charge money for them I did! I started out at $40.00 per hour. I still worked at Unity and had been promoted to Senior Director of Development and a member of Senior level management.

One Sunday a client of mine called on the phone saying she couldn’t come for her healing session. She said she was sick and we’d have to do it on the phone. I didn’t know squat about long distance healing. I didn’t even know it existed! I grabbed a teddy bear and asked Sally where did it hurt and then put my hands on the bear where she said she had a problem. Well a half hour later she was going to the mall and I had a long-distance healing practice. I called every one I knew to practice on them.

Ann with BernieSix months later I left Unity to do the healing work full time. That was 15 years ago. I’ve been on stage with Dr. Bernie Siegel, worked over 8 years with Joe Vitale plus been a presenter along side John Assaraf, T. Harv Eker and Marci Shimoff. I’ve worked with thousands of people in person. Most of my work is on the phone doing individual appointments and teleseminars. It doesn’t seem to make a difference whether it’s one person or hundreds. God works with each in the way that is appropriate for them to create miracles.

I never get tired of the miracles that happen when I work with people. I have hundreds testimonials on my site that talk about all kinds of healings. If someone has an issue such as worry about money it only takes about 5 minutes to heal it completely.

I now live in Asheville, NC. My healing practice spans the globe. I’m blessed with a wonderful team.

If you have issues you’ve been trying to eliminate you may be able to take care of them simply by listening to one of my recordings.¬†My gift enables me to record the healing work so that you receive the same benefit as if you were on the phone with me during an appointment. For instance, if you have fear of lack of money that’s covered in the recording `Heal Your Money Issues’ Just by listening to that recording, you will be healed of that issue plus many others!

Please sign up for my email list so that you’ll know when new recordings come out or I’m on a radio show or telesummit doing work with the entire listening audience which you’ll receive free of charge. Just go to the home page of this site and the form to sign up is right there.

It seems that the my healing gift is always gaining in strength and new ways of doing healing work. Especially in these last 6 months, the increase in effectiveness has been amazing.

I look forward to being of service to you. You deserve the best. God bless.