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The next program dates will be announced soon!

Your Energy, Stamina and Endurance Will Be Increased by 20%!

This next work is very special, and SO important! During this program you will be empowered with 20% more chi prana life force energy. The amazing thing this is that this increase will last for the rest of your life! It will take about 3 days of me working with God to program it permanently within you. You cannot even begin to imagine what a profound difference this is going to make for you in your life on a daily basis.

God will work with you to also have your stamina and endurance increased by 20% permanently for the rest of your life. It will also take 3 days for this change to be programmed permanently as well.

Stamina is the energy and strength, physically and emotionally, to meet challenges and stay on an even keel. Endurance is having strength and energy without stress for the long term. Think of how much better you will be able to handle everything in your life when you have 20% more of each!

I know that this is sometimes hard to do when you're going through challenging times, but if you choose to ignore good health principles such as adequate sleep, a healthy and clean diet, exercise and put yourself under a lot of stress you may see a decrease in your stamina, endurance, and chi prana life force energy. It is important to continue a healthy lifestyle to keep up the positive effects of this work by God.

Here's what had a BIG PART IN CREATING THE MIRACLES that people experienced last month and God's doing it again to keep those incredible blessings manifesting in your life!!

As you may or may not know, 90 - 95% of your life is run by your subconscious mind. In other words, you are only 5 - 10% conscious and aware of what is creating your reality.

That's why, sometimes, it's so hard to make positive changes because you're unaware of what's creating the problem!

For 15 days of the program, I'll be working with God to create positive thoughts for you and instill them into your subconscious mind. These are thoughts that God knows you need more than any others at this time! You'll receive hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of empowering thoughts that God chooses just for you!

These will enable you to make positive changes in your life so much faster and easier!

Plus, God will heal the negative charge on the negative thoughts in your subconscious mind. Literally millions of them will be healed. God will also remove all the negative energy that these negative thoughts have produced, which is just as important as healing the negative charge on them! Then they will no longer have power to create negativity in your life.

When you swap out those millions of negative thoughts for positive ones you can expect the following:

This is truly an experience that will transform your life in miraculous ways!

Here's what Celeste had to say about her recent experiences:

"I have been on every '21 Day' program since its inception in December 2011. Over this period, numerous positive changes have occurred in my life.....However, your February work is truly the 'cherry on the cake.' I am handling more issues than ever before, yet there is ease and peace. I am also working better with people due to a shift in my attitude.

Whatever you are doing now, the change is very noticeable -much more than ever before!"


And here's what Barbara shared with us:

"The last session Ann did was profoundly different than all the previous 21 days of healing and prayer. I am so honored to be part of this experience."


Please read the testimonials at the bottom of this page from people just like you who have participated in the 21 Days and experienced incredible changes in their lives!

You'll Receive OVER 2,500 BRAND NEW Beliefs From God
That Will Change Your Life Forever!

Everyone wants success in many different areas and you truly can't have it unless you also have the underlying beliefs needed to create it! That's why these 2,500 new beliefs are so important!

They create a foundation under you that increases your ability to deal with every area of your life in a way that is far easier and so much more fun than it was before!

"The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen."
~ Frank Lloyd Wright, American architect, interior designer, writer and educator

Here are the 120 new beliefs in 18 categories you will be empowered with when you join:

  • 120 new beliefs that empower you to be grateful
  • 120 new beliefs to have more joy in your life
  • 120 new beliefs for compassion for yourself and others - this will feel so good to you and everyone around you!
  • 120 positive beliefs for healthy self-esteem
  • 120 positive beliefs for kindness to yourself and others - this really empowers you to live from your heart
  • 120 new beliefs to empower you with unshakable faith and trust in God to help you no matter what's going on in your life.
  • 120 positive beliefs for healthy relationships with people - friends, family, and coworkers
  • 120 positive beliefs that God knows you need to lower your stress level
  • 120 positive beliefs that will empower you to have financial abundance
  • 120 beliefs that really increase your ability to give and receive love

  • 120 new beliefs that empower you to take action on the guidance you get from God
  • 120 new beliefs to trust your intuition
  • 120 new beliefs to end the procrastination that holds you back from doing the things you know you should be doing
  • 120 positive beliefs for forgiveness for yourself and others - This is so important in moving forward in your life
  • 120 empowering beliefs for unconditional self-love - you can't love others unconditionally until you love yourself this way
  • 120 new beliefs to know that you are worthy and you deserve to have good things happen to you
  • 120 positive beliefs that empower you to have excellent health
  • 120 positive beliefs for good mental health -helps you enjoy life, cope with problems, and offers a feeling of well-being and inner strength.
  • 120 positive beliefs for good emotional health - you'll be much more in control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. These will help you keep problems in perspective.

PLUS, God will bless you with 300 new beliefs that God has chosen for you! This alone is worth the price of admission - over and over again!

Bernie Siegel Quote

Please read the testimonials at the bottom of this page from people just like you who have participated in the 21 Days and experienced incredible changes in their lives!

Here Are Some Miracles That God Will Create For You
During the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer!

Week 1: Manifest Miracles in Your Life!

For 7 days during the amazing 21 Days of Healing and Prayer, God will be creating beliefs within your subconscious mind that will empower you to have miracles in your life!

God KNOWS exactly which ones you need for this to happen and will be creating the beliefs that manifest miracles for you!

Here are the amazing miracles you can expect in your life from God doing this work with you:

Read about the exciting miracle John experienced after his first day in the 21 Days:

"I was expecting wonderful, magical, powerful, surprising things to happen during the next 21 days, but wasn't quite expecting it literally overnight!!

The last thing I did before I went to sleep last night was to activate "Believe That Miracles Happen to You," and to focus on the million dollars I need to bring a long term project to its next phase and I want the money next month - January.

I wake up this morning, open my email, and on one of the groups I belong to is a posting from someone who's looking for EXACTLY what we have AND they have a million dollars for financing AND they must spend it before the end of January! My partner and I will be making a presentation to them later this week.

Hello! And that's Day 1!? Can't wait to see what happens next." ~ John

Week 2: Experience More Love in Your Life!

I really want you to experience love in your life in a way that warms your heart and makes every day more enjoyable! Whether it's the love of your life, wonderful friends and family, or even strangers who you meet and connect with in that warm way - I want you to have it all.

In order to do this, you must believe differently or you will always attract the same result! That's because your beliefs affect your feelings and your way of thinking. Your beliefs give rise to your actions. What you believe to be true is true, or will become so. In other words, your beliefs control your destinations.

That's why God will be working on you to install so many new beliefs that God designs just for you so can have it all. God knows exactly what you need and will create these just for you!

You need to become that which you seek so that you attract it.

"Some of the biggest challenges in relationships come from the fact that most people enter a relationship in order to get something: they're trying to find someone who's going to make them feel good. In reality, the only way a relationship will last is if you see your relationship as a place that you go to give, and not a place that you go to take." -Tony Robbins

Here's what you can expect to have happen during the amazing 7 days that God will be working on you to experience love in so many different ways:

Here's what Priscilla had to say about her experience:

"I just wanted to express my gratitude once again to God and to Ann for being His 'go-between.' As someone whose life has been dominated by depression, even hospitalization, and negative thoughts for years, I can't express what joy it is to be filled with positive thoughts, optimism and love.

I feel, for the first time in decades, that anything is possible with God's love. Thank you so much, Ann - you have changed so many lives through your selfless prayers, and by 'introducing' us to God. I no longer feel alone."


Week 3: Improved Monetary Prosperity!

For 7 days in this program God is going to work on your monetary prosperity in a way that's new for the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer.

God will be eliminating negative beliefs about money in your conscious and subconscious mind, and installing positive ones that the Divine knows you need more than any others to create the monetary abundance that you desire.

Energy that the negative beliefs created will be eliminated, which is just as important as having the beliefs themselves removed. I've never done this before!

Here's what you can expect:

These are just examples of how this powerful work might manifest changes in these three important areas of your life. Anything is possible - when you are working with God on a daily basis there are NO LIMITS!

Here's what Beverly has to say about her financial abundance during the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer:

"I signed my husband up for the program, he's been on it for probably 8 months. I have noticed that things don't bother him as they used too, he would get down if he lost a client due to his competition, he is a broker of insurance, he doesn't let the nature of the business get him down for very long at all.

Things don't bother me either, I let go of stuff and I don't worry about finances like I used to. Believe me, we had plenty to consume ourselves with, in 4 months we will have paid off old taxes and debt totaling $83,000, that is huge and we are so excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel."


God wants 20 times more for you than you want for yourself!

If you do not change your beliefs - you will always attract the same results.

That's why each 21 Days of Healing and Prayer is so focused on creating new, empowering beliefs for you!

What you believe to be true is true, or will become so. Your beliefs control your destinations. Your beliefs affect your way of thinking and feeling. They give rise to your actions and have an impact on your perception of events!

The next 21 Days of Healing and Prayer dates will be announced soon!

Please read the testimonials at the bottom of this page from people just like you who have participated in the 21 Days and experienced incredible changes in their lives!

You'll Get an Email from Me Every Day!

Every day, I'll send you an email telling you about the work that God did on you the day before! You'll be surprised at how they will correspond with what you are experiencing!

"I realized how long it had been since I felt actual joy, and then today suddenly I felt very joyful and had many blessings, I came home and read my daily email and saw that Ann worked through God in the area of Joy in my life yesterday. It's amazing! I can't understand how this works nor do I need to, I just know that it does! Thank you Ann for all you do, I'm blessed to have attracted you into my life." ~ Meridith

Please read the testimonials at the bottom of this page from people just like you who have participated in the 21 Days and experienced incredible changes in their lives!

"I am so thankful I found you. I appreciate you. Your work has healed so many issues, being that I was a 12-incher. I am happy and peaceful and I cannot express the gratitude I feel for you and God. Wishing you the best always." ~ Sheryl

God Fills Your Cells with Love!

God will also be filling every one of those amazing cells of yours with God's pure unconditional love every day for the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer! This in itself is very healing. Your cells love it!!

Read what Maria had to say about how the 21 Days has changed her life:

"I am in gratitude beyond words of the ease, peace, harmony and joy that the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer has brought to me and my mother." -Maria

Here is Nat's experience with this powerful work:

Ann has been the best therapy for me because she has helped me validate myself more and focus more deeply within myself in specific areas thinking and asking for more in positive ways. God is a part of everything Ann does and, of course, has been the most powerful and surprising. I did not expect to have that door opened nor realized what I have been missing all these 50 years.

I love having God in my life everyday... talking to him... asking him for guidance... thanking him for my blessings... sharing everything I am grateful for... asking him for help... believing and trusting in him... having faith and being faithful... and just letting go and letting God when it's too much for me.

How The Process Works

I sit down every day and work with God on your behalf letting God know what is to be done for the next 24 hours. I always ask for what I requested and/or something even better! Also, I ask for the work to be done only if it's for your highest and best good.

For example, I will sit down and ask God to eliminate limiting beliefs you've either created for yourself, or have received from your mother, father, ancestors, or past lifetimes and replace them with positive ones that will empower you to live a happier life filled with abundance in all areas.

Then, God works on you for the next 24 hours with those requests! For many of these, God works on the consciousness you got from your mother and father plus your ancestors and past life times, which is a lot!

The next day, I send you an email explaining the work that God did on you the day before. In addition, you'll get to join me for three weekly calls where I will do special teaching and healing work, and answer many of your questions.

Plus, you'll be given over $600 worth of healing recordings that are invaluable in their ability to change your consciousness in a very positive way!

Please read the testimonials at the bottom of this page from people just like you who have participated in the 21 Days and experienced incredible changes in their lives!

I'll Teach You How to Use Prayer so you
can Manifest What you Want

I want you to be able to harness the amazingly powerful way of creating which exists in this world to manifest what you desire. To accomplish this I will be teaching you some techniques during each of our 3 weekly calls together.

I'll teach you how to pray for miracles to happen in your life with anything that you are requesting of God. Hint - you need to ask for them.

Plus, I will be teaching you how to manifest the love of your life, good friends, or the kind of employer you may want so that you can have exactly what you desire in relationships.

During our final weekly call I will talk about how you can use prayer to manifest monetary abundance.

I want to give you an understanding of how to pray in a way I've never taught before, so you can have lasting, powerful results!

Laura shared her experience with the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer:

"I thank god for putting you in my path. I cannot thank you enough for the transformation that my mother and I have experienced. I am deeply grateful for you and your gift. I have meditated for 12 yrs now and never had I been able to hold the state of bliss and grace for this long. I felt my dense body gradually being left behind as I glided into a new positive and creative energy."

"I have created a new relationship with money in which money is my friend and loves me :) I have made $100 plus have won $8 in the lotto. That may seem like little to others but for a being who has been unemployed for 7 months, I am grateful for what is. I have been able to witness how consciousness is fully supporting me through my 'unemployment' and reconnecting me with my love for writing and business."


The next program dates will be announced soon!

You deserve the best - and God wants you to have it!

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Start reading and listening now and to the bottom of this page to read the more than 100 incredible testimonials from people just like you who have experienced miraculous changes in their lives through Ann's 21 Day Healing & Prayer program.

YOU ARE HEALING YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY by being part of the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer. Because all of your ancestors going back 10 generations are being healed of all the issues the same as you are, all your relatives are also being healed because they have the same ancestors!

Hundreds of people have written in telling us with amazement how their family members have changed to loving, kind and giving people who were anything but that before they began this program. Here's an example from someone who's only been in the current 21 Days of Healing and Prayer for 17 days:

"I have always had a difficult relationship with my father. In the past, when I have had to call him for one reason or another, I would put it off for days or even weeks. When it would finally come down to having to make the call, I would feel such a sense of trepidation and my nerves would be wracked to the point I would feel as though I were about to break into hives. However, this all changed once I joined the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer. I was able to call him without all of the nervousness and edginess and when I did get a hold of him, we actually had a pleasant phone call and he agreed to help me with the request I had for him! This is nothing short of miraculous! This sure has made a believer out of me of this process. I am really grateful!"


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Feeling safe on planet earth: Many people don't feel safe on this planet and some haven't for their entire lives. During the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer God will work on you to heal this issue. I've had many people who've been a part of the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer tell me that for the very first time in their lives they finally feel safe!

Judy's experience below is typical of what people are experiencing:

"The most prominent feeling I've felt over my life is not feeling safe! I use to have this low-level anxiety and fear of doing new things. I never felt grounded. Now, after the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer I feel relaxed and safe the majority of the time. What a big difference! My stress level has also really been reduced, and that's huge for me. I now feel confidence with the changes happening in my life. What a difference!"

Love and gratitude,

The intention of this program is to empower you to have the resilience and inner peace to make it through any of life's curveballs. After the 21 days are up you will feel more empowered, motivated, and successful than ever before! Another important piece of this program is that it will significantly improve your relationships.

We've had so many people from the previous healing and prayer groups report dramatic improvement in relationships with their families, friends, coworkers, and even people they didn’t think too highly of before starting the program!

And remember, health is wealth! According to Bruce Lipton, well-known cellular biologist and author of The Biology of Belief, 95% of all illness is caused by stress. This 21 Day program is absolutely a stress buster! In fact, previous healing and prayer group members report that they’ve been feeling less stressed thanks to a calmness and sense of peace that gives them resilience in difficult times. 

Jan Coe Intro

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Ann will not only tell you the secrets to being successful and prosperous, she'll actually empower you to have them!

So how will Ann change your beliefs, actions, and ways of thinking so you can live a fulfilling life? She's been guided to do healing prayer work for you every single day, for 21 days, in ways that will eliminate so many of the issues you're struggling with. This healing work will empower you with a new inner strength that will absolutely astound you.

Over the course of 21 days, Ann will ask God to do the following incredible work on you:

You'll feel significant changes taking place within you throughout this effortless 21-day program. By the end, you won't believe the difference in the way you think and behave! You will finally be empowered to take bold action that will create momentous forward movement in your life and bring in more abundance than you ever imagined!

Bonus # 1 – THREE EXCITING PRIVATE CALLS: Attendance to THREE one hour private events for you and the other participants in this 21-day prayer program. Previous participants are raving about these events! Ann does healing work right on the air that benefits everyone. Each and every hour is jam packed with amazing content that you be able to enjoy every week. These events are a great way to connect with Ann, and are an incredible opportunity just on their own!! $240 Value!

Bonus # 2 – YOU ARE WONDERFUL COLLECTION: This bonus includes 5 powerful recordings that will program you to know that YOU are wonderful, your mother thinks you're wonderful, your father thinks you're wonderful, your friends think you're wonderful, and that the people you meet think you're wonderful! When you feel wonderful the whole world looks brighter. You have a much better outlook on life. Your day flows much more smoothly and things just seem to go your way. But the best part is that you feel so happy! $67 Value!

Bonus # 3 – BE EMPOWERED WITH PASSION PACKAGE: After listening to these recordings you will you will be programmed with a newfound passion for life and empowered in a way that will add rocket fuel to your dreams! 7 incredible pieces of healing work will create a new consciousness in you that will empower you to have passion, faith and trust in yourself and you ability to create the life you've always wanted. $87 Value!

Bonus # 4 – HAPPINESS EMPOWERMENT PACKAGE: When you deserve to be happy you draw things to you which will fulfill that desire. This collection of recordings will eliminate unhappiness and replace it with new and empowering beliefs that will help you become a happier person! Now is the time to eliminate the lingering unhappiness that is bringing you down, and maybe without you even knowing about it. I know you will experience an increase in happiness that will make your life so much better!  $67 Value!

Bonus # 5 — MIRACLES COLLECTION: Everybody wants miracles in their life, and this collection of recordings is the ticket to getting them! You will create more miracles in your life because you believe in them and you know you deserve them. Just think of how much better your life will be when you begin experiencing more miracles! $77 Value!

Bonus # 6 — SPECIAL PROTECTIVE SHIELD RECORDING : During these 21 days Ann will also be asking God to install a shield around you so that you no longer pick up on the negativity going on in the world. After this shield is in place, the negativity will just bounce off... As an incredible bonus gift to you, Ann has created a special recording for you start listening to at the end of the 21 days that will keep this shield intact and going strong. $47 Value!

Bonus #7 — WISDOM AND DISCERNMENT PACKAGE: This collection of recordings will empower you to have the wisdom and discernment you need in order to be prosperous in all areas of your life.  You will be empowered with wisdom and discernment to make the right choices with money, the people in your life, the food you put into your body, the things that you buy, and so much more. Ann considers this to be one of the most important packages she’s ever put together. No one else can empower you to have the wisdom and discernment to make the best choices in your life like Ann can.  $77 Value!

Bonus #8 —YOUR OWN PERSONAL RECORDING - This incredible bonus is a special healing recording made just for YOU. This brand new recording will empower you to not only know that you deserve to have good things happen in your life, but to expect those good things all the time! You will be imprinted to know that God wants the very best for you… and so much more! $57 Value!

Bonus #9 — SKYROCKET YOUR SUCCESS WITH OPTIMISM: This collection of recordings will skyrocket your success by empowering you with optimism about your life, your future, and specifically your financial future. It will also eliminate any pessimism you may in those same areas! Just imagine how much more enjoyable your life will be after all of this incredible reprogramming!  You’ll see so many more opportunities in your life as many of your difficulties effortlessly disappear! $77 Value!

Bonus #10 —BE EMPOWERED TO MANIFEST MONEY - This powerful collection includes 4 pieces of healing work that will make it so much easier for you to manifest money! The belief that making money is hard will be eliminated and you will be empowered to enjoy the game of making money, to know that making money is easy, and to know you deserve to have opportunities come your way to manifest money! $47 Value!

These individuals are going through tumultuous times with an inner sense of peace and a knowing that everything is going to be just fine. They are finally finding relief from their financial fears and worries. They are people just like you, who are experiencing miraculous changes in their daily lives, and are even finding that those around them are changing too. Ann has been doing this kind of work for nearly two decades, and has never seen this kind of profound shift being experienced by partners, friends, and coworkers. It’s as if these individuals are a part of the healing group themselves! Not only are you helping yourself when you sign up for this miraculous work, but you are truly empowering the people around you to create positive change as well.

People often aspire to make big changes in their lives, but are usually halted from the get-go because the process of changing seems so daunting. Finally, here is an easy and effortless way to experience radical changes in your consciousness that will manifest positive outcomes in your life. All you have to do to begin seeing actual, tangible changes is sign up for this program. Ann and God will do the rest!

We are moving at such a fast rate that you need to catch up within to what's happening in the outside world. You can achieve this when God reprograms your entire lineage, going back on both your mother and father’s sides of the family. ALL negatively throughout your lineage will be eliminated and replaced with a different way of thinking and being that brings you up to date with this HUGE shift in consciousness that's taking place right now. 

God will also reprogram and eliminate the negative thoughts, words and actions you felt, heard and experienced from both your parents, going back to the time you were conceived until now. This will create a way of thinking within you that empowers you to be able to actively deal with the changes happening on the planet right now. These changes are happening so quickly they can make your head spin; don’t be left behind!

PLUS - your past lives will be healed of the negativity that has been plaguing you. I bet you've been puzzled as to why you feel and believe some of the things you do that are keeping you a rut. Maybe you’ve been unable to pinpoint where this negativity and these limiting beliefs are coming from. Well, I’m here to tell you that we can carry a lot with us from past lives. But, after the 21 days so much of it will be healed and replaced with what makes you have the inner resources you wished you always had.

I bet you are wondering what changes you can expect in the way you think and act! Here are just a few:

You'll be blown away by the changes that take place within you as the 21 days progress.  All the negativity that you got from your lineage or your parents, along with everything they said or did that wasn’t positive, will be reprogrammed to be positive.

Ahrisha's QuotePeople who are successful have a desire to bend over backwards for people. They have a desire to be of service and make a difference in other people’s lives. These people want to do the best job they possibly can – whether that job is mending shoes or running a multi-million dollar company. Successful people enjoy learning and growing. They see their mistakes as challenges to overcome, not threats to be avoided. These individuals are resilient and able to move beyond their setbacks, learn from them, and go on to do bigger and greater things. They never give up. Ann will eliminate the negative beliefs you have that are keeping you from being successful and replace them with positive ones that will empower you to think and act like a successful person!

Restore your faith and trust in God Ann will make sure that you have unshakable faith and trust in God by eliminating all the negative issues you have with the creator of all. When you have this kind of faith and trust you know that God has your back and that will make you feel so much safer. You'll know that God loves you unconditionally!! You will truly recognize and believe that there are no conditions on God's love.

Get rid of your negative beliefs about money Your negative programming about money will be totally eliminated. Beliefs like ‘making money is hard’ will become ‘making money is easy.’ Over the 21 days Ann will work to not only reprogram the negative beliefs and traits you got from your mother and father, your lineage and the world around!

Improve your self-esteem and love yourself for who you are Your self-esteem has a lot to do with your ability to manifest what you say you want.  If you believe that you don't deserve to have what you want it will make it virtually impossible for you to actually get it. When this negative belief is healed and replaced with a knowing that you deserve to have what you want it makes it so much easier for you to take the action necessary to manifest it. For instance, if you don’t believe deep down that you deserve to have a good partner who will truly love and respect you, then that person probably won’t appear in your life yet. This and many, many other issues will be healed and reprogrammed so that you can have the inner beliefs needed to take action to manifest your dreams!

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80% discount for your friends and family to join you in
the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer!

When you sign up for the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer you will receive a special code for two $50 vouchers which will enable you to invite two friends or family members who have never experienced this program to join you. This saves them $197 off the regular first-time participant price of $247. That's over 80% off!

The only restriction is that you must give your coupons to people who have never participated in the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer before. If they choose to join any future programs, they will pay the special $147.00 rate we offer to those who sign up for the second time and beyond.

This special $50 rate will be limited to the first 1,000 friends and family members who sign up. Be sure to encourage those you invite to go ahead and register quickly, so they can experience this amazing and empowering work from God and Jesus Christ before space fills up at the discounted rate.

In trying motivate us and make us better people our parents often made us feel inferior, not good enough, or weak. Parents who were abusive may have done this damage intentionally, but even loving parents with the best intentions can still be guilty of making us feel badly about ourselves and our accomplishments. Over time, this can cause a person to be afraid, stressed, and easily overwhelmed. By going back and healing those negative beliefs instilled by your parents you will become a significantly stronger person. You will have so much more inner strength. You may feel like a leaf tossed in the wind now, but soon you'll be able to handle whatever situations life throws at you with courage, grace and wisdom.

Plus, Ann will use her amazing healing gift to have God program your conscious and subconscious mind with positive statements that will send your self-esteem through the roof! Each one will be designed by God specifically concerning every significant relationship you've had in your life. This includes, but isn't limited to, your parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, babysitters, teachers, friends, neighbors, employers, and so many more!

Can you just imagine what it will feel like for all of those influential players in your life to have said very powerful and empowering statements to you throughout your past... Things like:

After 21 days of programming of all these positive statements you'll have an inner peace and strength that is like a fortress. Just think of the boost you'll feel to your self-esteem!

Many people are feeling uneasy right now and don't really know why. Maybe you're one of them. You can just feel that something isn't right. It's because energetically you are connected into other people's thoughts and feelings, and right now people are feeling unsure and apprehensive about so many different things. After this shield is in place, the negativity will just bounce off... and what a relief that will be! And as an incredible gift to you, Ann has created a special bonus recording for you start listening to at the end of the 21 days that will keep this shield intact and going strong!

the healing will continue

Some people started Ann's previous healing and prayer programs when they were hitting rock bottom. They might have been losing their jobs, losing their homes, or facing bankruptcy. After the healing prayer work they emerged from their struggles so much stronger than before, with more confidence, and ready to take life’s challenges head-on.

In order to achieve success and see powerful lasting results you must put yourself into new states of thinking and feeling. That's what previous participants of Ann’s 21 Day program have been empowered to do. They have been reprogrammed with a consciousness that empowers them to take new actions in order to see new and exciting results.

This program will be working hard to transform you 24 hours a day. While you are sleeping, eating, even brushing your teeth, the healing work is propelling you to make extreme forward progress. You don't need to do a thing except listen to the bonus recording and attend the live events. Ann will work with God every single day while you go about your daily life. It truly is the easiest way to make big changes in your life!

Maybe you are already a successful individual wanting to give yourself that extra edge. Or maybe you are suffering deeply at this time - facing challenges you never expected would present themselves in your lifetime. Either way, this program will change your life. It will empower you to face life’s challenges with strength, grace, and wisdom. You will finally be able to take inspired action and begin the process of creating the life you’ve always wanted for yourself.

Robert Sheinfeld Quote

Space is limited! Ann can only take a limited number of people so she can ensure that everyone gets the maximum benefit. Registration is on a first come first served basis. When we reach the limit you’ll be put on a waiting list.  Don’t risk missing out on YOUR miraculous transformation!!

Discover what is included
in this MIRACULOUS program!
Over three and a half hours of
healing work from Ann and God:
  • At least 10 minutes of healing work every single day (and usually more!) for 21 days.
  • Ann will ask God's healing energy to focus on many aspects of your life:
    • Relationships with your family, friends, coworkers, partners, and even strangers!
    • Your finances and prosperity consciousness
    • Self-esteem and self-worth
  • This healing work will empower you to be happy and at peace even in challenging times.
$1,000.00 Value!

Ann takes a limited number of personal appointments at $2000 an hour!!

The Gift:
  • A special gift from God that will vastly improve some needed aspect of your life.
  • This gift is chosen by God — this is what God thinks YOU need most RIGHT NOW in your life!
$200.00 Value!
THREE exciting private events:
  • One hour content-rich calls
  • Ann answers your questions right
    on the air
  • Receive additional healing work!
$240.00 Value!
You are Wonderful:
  • Be programmed to know that YOU are wonderful.
  • God will imprint you to know that your mother thinks you are wonderful.
  • Be programmed to know that your father thinks you're wonderful.
  • know that your friends think you are wonderful.
  • know that the people that you meet think you're wonderful.
$67.00 Value!
Be Empowered with Passion Package:
  • Be empowered with the consciousness to be passionate about life!
  • Eliminate the negative charge in your negative thoughts and memories
  • Have trust and faith in yourself to create the life of your dreams.
  • Have the passion necessary to create the life that you want.
  • Be empowered with passion to make your dreams come true!
$87.00 Value!
Happiness Empowerment Package:
  • Be empowered to be happy.
  • Eliminate unhappiness.
  • Know you deserve to be happy.
  • Know that God wants you to be happy.
  • And so much more!
$67.00 Value!
Miracles Collection:
  • Believe in miracles.
  • Believe that miracles happen to you.
  • Know you deserve have miracles happen to you.
  • Expect miracles to happen in your life.
  • Know that God wants you to have miracles.
  • Have faith and trust in God to perform miracles for you.
  • You deserve a miraculous healing from God!
$77.00 Value!
Wisdom and Discernment Package:
  • A collection of 8 powerful healing recordings that program you with wisdom and discernment to help you in so many different areas of your life!
  • Ann considers this to be one of the most important packages she's ever put together.
$77.00 Value!
Special protective shield recording:
  • Stop picking up on negativity in the world — It will bounce right off you if you listen to this recording!
  • Start listening after the program ends to keep the shield that Ann and God created during the 21 Days going strong!
$47.00 Value!
Your own personal recording:
  • Be empowered to know you deserve to have good things happen to you.
  • Have a consciousness that expects good things to come into your life
  • Be imprinted to know that God wants the best for you
  • And so much more!
$57.00 Value!
Skyrocket your success with optimism:
  • You'll be programmed to be optimistic.
  • Your pessimism will be healed.
  • God will imprint you to be optimistic about your future.
  • All pessimism about your future will be eliminated.
  • You'll be imprinted to be optimistic about your financial future.
  • All pessimism about your financial future will be healed.
  • You'll be programmed to be optimistic about your life.
$77.00 Value!
Be empowered to manifest money:
  • God will empower you to really enjoying the game of making money.
  • You'll be imprinted to know that making money is easy.
  • The belief that making money is hard will be eliminated.
  • You'll be programmed to know you deserve to have opportunities come your way to manifest money.
$47.00 Value!
Total value of the complete 21 Days of Healing & Prayer program $2,043.00 Value!
Your investment in yourself..... ONLY

You save over

The best investment you make is the one you make in yourself!

Over the course of the 21 Days, Ann will be doing at least 10 minutes of healing work on you EVERY SINGLE DAY. That adds up to over three and a half hours! That’s over $1000 worth of her miraculous healing work!  When you combine that with the bonuses, you are looking at more than $2000 worth of extreme life-altering benefits from Ann! But if you sign up now you can save over 85% and radically change the course of your life for only $247!

The next program dates will be announced soon!

PS This is a once in a life time opportunity. Very few people get a shot at such miraculous change without lifting a finger!  If you really, really want the life of your dreams you need to take action now and purchase this incredible and unbelievable opportunity to have the life that you’ve always dreamed of having.

Registration has closed!

guarantee.gif 12080x12849

Simply put, this is an unbelievable value. PLUS, with Ann’s amazing 60-day 100% money-back guarantee you have nothing to lose! If you haven’t noticed a significant shift in your happiness and peace within 60 days from your date of purchase, you will receive a full refund! That’s how sure Ann is about this phenomenal program!

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Read about Christopher's experience in the 21 Days of Healing & Prayer:

"This afternoon-thru-evening Feb26 +8 GMT. A flood of gratefulness for experiencing the moment. It's difficult to describe such feelings & experience being somewhat sophisticated with words. The gratitude was of an expansion the increased beyond 'my limited scope of' what I can comprehend of physical reality.

A sense of gentle, yet flash-accelerated expansion came around the area of my solar plexus. Knowing the (prewrite) descriptor of a "flood of gratefulness" to write about was already leading to tears. Would it possibly impede my vision with a flood of tears during peak evening traffic (Taipei City Hall area)? It was as if the tears were metered just right with combined with a massive expansion. What a "just-right amount"(tears & expansion) injected in the moment.

The presence of a vastly higher intelligence(s) was easy to acknowledge. An exchange of thank yous followed. It reminds me of a cartoony event where we westerners beam smiles back & forth just as Japanese-cultured exchange a long marathon-series of bows (bowing gestures) of courteous thank yous.

It sure remade my Taipei urban traffic experience of petrol-diesel vehicles within a metropolis (concrete & tar-paved) in ancient lake-basin.

This was just a snapshot to capture the flavor for the "multitude of impressions per second" (this 'flicker rate' related somehow to increased matter of conscious awareness?). I wanted to share how pleased at such an extraordinary event. Thanks."

- Love, Christopher

Read about Joyce's experience in the 21 Days of Healing & Prayer:

"I want to thank you for your prayers. I have seen major changes in my response to outside forces and to remembrances from the past.

I look forward to listening to you each day because it does set me onto a calm path for the day. I'm almost 70 years old and I thank you for helping me to enjoy my last years carrying less baggage."

- Joyce

Read about Laura's experience in the 21 Days of Healing & Prayer:

"I thank god for putting you in my path. I cannot thank you enough for the transformation that my mother and I have experienced. I am deeply grateful for you and your gift. I have meditated for 12 yrs now and never had I been able to hold the state of bliss and grace for this long. I felt my dense body gradually being left behind as I glided into a new positive and creative energy.

I have created a new relationship with money in which money is my friend and loves me:) I have made $100 plus have won $8 in the lotto. That may seem like little to others but for a being who has been unemployed for 7 months, I am grateful for what is. I have been able to witness how consciousness is fully supporting me through my "unemployment" and reconnecting me with my love for writing and business."

- Laura

Read about Pricilla's experience in the 21 Days of Healing & Prayer:

"I just wanted to express my gratitude once again to God and to Ann for being His "go-between". As someone whose life has been dominated by Depression (even hospitalization) and negative thoughts for years, I can't express what joy it is to be filled with positive thoughts, optimism and love.

I feel, for the first time in decades, that anything is possible with God's love. Thank you so much, Ann - you have changed so many lives through your selfless prayers, and by "introducing" us to God. I no longer feel alone."

- Priscilla

Read about Sue's experience in the 21 Days of Healing & Prayer:

"Yesterday I had a day of overwhelming gratitude to God and in general! I could think of little else! It was a real and true celebration.

Realizing how great are my blessings and how grateful and truly thankful I truly am. And to you Ann and your wonderful team of Angels! Thank you so much!"

- Sue

Read about Nat's experience in the 21 Days of Healing & Prayer:

"Ann has been the best therapy for me because she has helped me validate myself more and focus more deeply within myself in specific areas thinking and asking for more in positive ways. God is a part of everything Ann does and, of course, has been the most powerful and surprising. I did not expect to have that door opened nor realized what I have been missing all these 50 years. I love having God in my life everyday... talking to him... asking him for guidance... thanking him for my blessings... sharing everything I am grateful for... asking him for help... believing and trusting in him... having faith and being faithful... and just letting go and letting God when it's too much for me."

- Nat

Read about Veronica's experience in the 21 Days of Healing & Prayer:

"I have been doing the 21 days from the start and I have been very pleased with all of it. My life has changed so much for the better and it is continuing to do so. I am more at peace with myself and more acceptance of who I really am. I can also see a big difference in my family, in their attitude and they are really prospering too, which is great. I love doing the 21 days and I know my life will continue to prosper in every way. I am so grateful for the 21days. I live for it. I send love and blessings to Ann and her team, and also to all the other people who are doing the 21days as well. I am looking forward to the April 21 days of healing and prayer."

- Veronica

Read about Lorna's experience in the 21 Days of Healing & Prayer:

"I can feel myself transforming within me...and, the exterior of my life is shifting happily...I can readily smile now, and say I'm doing great very easily. This is huge for me. To easily smile because of a happy feeling in me, and to say I am doing great without lying -- I was not sure it would happen. I have held off writing in case it was fleeting. But, it looks like it is here to stay for awhile (and, I guess as long as I keep making the effort to keep my mood/frequency up).

My confidence in myself has increased many fold, especially at work. I just seem to know what to say and do without the angst. Not that I don't have any angst over situations that occur, but I have this inner knowing about how to proceed - and, sometimes I am taken aback wondering if this is me. And, my speech, I believe is clearer. I feel like I am articulating my opinions more clearly. And, guess what else, I have a new job where I am surrounded by people I get along with and who have a similar mindset with regards to their approach to work. It is easy to work with these people. Work is becoming more fun, albeit I am on a learning curve. And, even more importantly, the opportunity resonates with who I am."

- Lorna

Read about Joan's experience in the 21 Days of Healing & Prayer:

"I have done lots of other "inner work" programs and Ann's 21 day is really one, if not the best I have done so far. It really makes a difference. I have been signing lots of months in a row.

To tell you one of the most amazing things that happened during these 21 Days programs, one month I was running out of money and I thought I couldn't be able to pay for next month's registration. Well I went to the bank for another thing and the teller just found out that there was another account in the bank at my name that had about 5,800$ without me knowing! It was really incredible and the amazing thing also is that I had gone many times before and they never had told me about it. I was really stunned out, I couldn't believe it! Just when I needed it more." ~ Thanks a lot!

- Joan

Read about Barbara's experience in the 21 Days of Healing & Prayer:

"The last session Ann did was profoundly different than all the previous 21 days of healing and prayer. I am so honored to be part of this experience."

- Barbara

Catlin's experience after one month in the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer:

"First I would like to thank you for your work. For months I've been sick with stress from work eating at me. Waking up with unbelievable stomach pains. Nausea every morning. Lost 25 lbs since Feb when I first started taking medical action for my issues. After 7 months of discomfort and pills my mom gifted you to me.

The first time I listened to you was on a Wednesday night at 11 pm the last week of Sept. I wanted to see what, "I was getting myself into." What an amazing transformation! That very next morning I woke up with no symptoms at all. I woke up refreshed and ready to go. I have never experienced anything like this before.

I am a new person thanks to you and your amazing gift. My health is slowly coming back. My stress at work is significantly less. I don't worry about work the next day anymore. I feel that is my biggest change related to work. I don't dread the next day. I just live the day as it comes. My biggest personal change is not letting things get to me. I'll get into a disagreement w my man and before the conversation is over I have no negative feelings about it. I move on quicker than I get frustrated. It's amazing to think of."

Thank you again. You just bring so much happy into my life that it brings tears to my eyes."

God has Blessed you,


"I got a job! I have been registered with 7 different employment agencies for the last two years. None of them were able to find me a job. (Of course, I have also been looking on my own, on the internet and walking in, leaving my resume' and filling out applications.) After the first week of being in your 21 days of healing and prayer, I had a job. It is truly a miracle. I am so grateful to have been included in your 21 days of healing and prayer. God bless you Ann Taylor! May all of these miracles come back to you a thousand fold!"


"I have had an increase in clients of work and a lot of referrals from co- workers. The amount of money I have has increased and I'm able to keep a lot more money as well. I also have a great sense of deep inner peace especially since I just went through a horrible break up. I am so look forward to the next 21 days. Thank you for all that you do. Many blessings and gratitude."


"I had a cancerous tumor at the back of my mouth, stage 2. Had radiation - successful but excruciating side effects [including] painful scar tissues [for 3 years]. Pain usually started in late afternoon, took strong medication for it- against my wishes. With pain - life is not normal. Every day had the pain in my mouth - a constant reminder.

About 2 to 3 weeks ago, while working at the computer and listening to Ann's recording -I perked up to hear these words - something to the effect of pray for a miracle healing from the top of your head down to the toes of your feet. Then in the afternoon, recall coughing - and then realized couldn't feel the pain inside my mouth. No more medication for pain. Instantly gone! THIS IS REALLY A MIRACLE HEALING FOR ME. Doctors said that it might disappear in about 5 yrs. or never.

I thank you, I thank you Ann for your work - can't find the words to express my unbelievable miracle - never know when a miracle will come in your life but it will always appear. I still find it so hard to believe as I lived with the pain every day for so long and the medication, always had to have it in my purse."


"So much has happened since this 21 days have started. My business is booming!!! Clients are coming out of the woodwork and new people keep showing up. Before this 21 days my business was sluggish. The results I am getting with clients is absolutely incredible. People are releasing old stuff just by talking and being in the room with me. People like me and have asked me to speak at their groups. This is the outward manifestation since I started this program.

I am so grateful for you being there and the work you are doing. The miracles on the inside of me are amazing. For the first time in my life I KNOW I am SAFE in the world.

Physically I am detoxing big time and feel like I am in a fog. I have had a few physical issues that are disappearing.

Just letting you know the great things that have happened since this 21 days have started."


"Wow it really does just keep getting better, I have to say that Ann's work has been the most profound gift in my life and I am so truly grateful.

Not only is it so wonderful not having to worry about money again, or worry about all the daily stresses, the emotional charge has gone from these issues and replaced with peace and calm and even a flippant don't know don't care whatever scenario, but the added tremendous gift of better health.

This is the first time in my life that I actually really love, enjoy and crave healthy food over a nice dessert for instance, fast food makes me shrug. I have stopped drinking alcohol too and I am my ideal weight. Instead of salivating in the bakery window I find myself salivating at the abundance of fresh and colourful vegetables and fruit. Apart from bananas, I used to eat fruit as though it was a punishment."


"Hello, I just want you and Ann to know that my sales went from around $10,000.00 for the month of January and February of this year to over $101,000.00 for the month of March.

I am so grateful to God for you all. I wish all that money was mine, but the company gets over 90% of it but I know that God will allow me to open my real estate and print shop back up again and I will be making this kind of money for myself, not someone else. I am an insurance agent and I am asking God to increase my sales so I will have the money to work for myself again."


"After close to 30 years of smoking cigarettes, I no longer smoke them! I'd been wanting to let it go but knew there was something underneath it that I was using cigarettes to cover up, and I wanted to handle that first and just always knew the smoking would go when I'd let go of whatever it was.

I always used the organic and no chemicals in the papers, no filters, etc. I truly enjoyed them but was just kind of getting tired of doing it and it was interfering with my life...stopping to smoke, and trying to find a place to smoke, etc.

One day my body wouldn't inhale it anymore! It just wouldn't go in at all, it would cough when I tried to inhale! This went on for two or three days and I puffed a little without inhaling, and would put the cigarettes out. I thought it was pretty silly to keep trying when God was making it so easy to let go! I was so grateful it was so easy. Thank you again Dear Ann!!!"


"There was such a huge change in my life when I did the 21 days of healing with Ann last year, I got an amazing job after being made redundant after 23 years of service, I got a $15k increase in salary and a full use company car, I brought a new horse which I did not think would ever be possible after my previous horse passed away last year, my depression has lifted, I am more outgoing socially and now after 18 years alone, I am starting to get interested in dating again!

Holy smoke! As you can imagine I am very excited to see what shows up for me in 2013 after Ann's wonderful healing work!

A BIG huge thank you and much, much gratitude to you and Ann for everything you do, you are indeed a blessing! I would be lost without this work."


"I had listened to your first recording a few days back and when you got to the section about focusing on something that has a negative charge for you, before you mentioned not to use physical things, I had focused on my severe allergies as you did the prayer.

Almost immediately my allergies mostly subsided and now I can actually smell sometimes -- something I wasn't able to do even with the most potent homeopathic or potent Western anti-allergy medicines. Wow!

(I mentioned this to my acupuncturist, and she thinks that I probably pulled back some when you mentioned not to use physical things and that she thinks that if I were to listen to it again with full commitment to the allergies that it would probably get the bulk of the remaining.)

A big thank you also from me, from the bottom of my heart!"


"Life is unfolding magnificently thanks to Ann's miraculous work!

I know that people love success stories: So here is mine:

I had my first 4 figure day online! I woke up on the 25th to see more than $1500 waiting for me in my paypal account! It was an amazing feeling to experience! I just wanted to let everyone in our group know that the money WILL start rolling in inevitably if they stay happy and focused. What can I say? Money loves joy!"


"I recently had abdominal surgery and had my bowel resected due to adhesions. I had trouble recovering as this was my third operation.

I was worried about going back to work soon and not feeling normal, especially when eating ... appetite not quite there... but mostly feeling odd (best way to describe it) when I did eat.

Suddenly I had a huge supper and I have been eating well and hungry ever since! I commented to my husband that I haven't felt this 'normal' in a long time!!

To eat and feel it go down normally is a miracle for me!! My worry about going back to work has decreased considerably as I know I will continue to heal fully.

So many thanks to God and Ann! Can't wait to do more of the 21 days!"


"Thank you darling Ann you are such a blessing in my life. I know for sure that I will always be a part of this 21 days family. So many miracles have happened to our family since the first day. I am a single parent and was not sure if I could afford it, but the Lord spoke to me and told me to step out in faith, this is for real. Ann you are truly an anointed Child of our Lord. After, signing up I received some money that I was owed, a situation with my tax return was resolved, and I was able to reconcile with a family member who did me wrong. I was able to forgive my husband for walking out on us for over 2 years. The list goes on. I love you Ann and love our Lord for doing this through you. I will be with you next month. Be blessed."


"Something awesome happened that I'd like to share. I have been praying, in the way Ann suggested, to double my income without increasing my hours. My husband was just offered a part time job that would meet or exceed my request. I have been part of this amazing program since it began. I can say with 100% certainty, before this I would NEVER have been able to ask for this, let alone receive it! Thank you does not begin to express my gratitude. There really are no words for the experience of this work."


"I have been working on releasing my fear of having too much financial abundance. Thank you for your help with this. Last night we got a phone call about my husband's business and he got a huge order for some products that was completely unexpected. The person called us late at home, around 9 pm. What a gift. After just being downsized from my job of 20 years, we are reliant on his income now. I so appreciate all you are doing as it is transforming our lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


"Couldn't wait to read about what you asked God to do yesterday.....I had an amazing experience. I was returning to pick up my dog after work, and the tire light came on the control panel. Went to my lovely tire store safely (I've driven over 40,000 miles in the past year) and they said I had literally worn 3 out of the 4 tires out. They were able to get me a price I could afford for the 4 tires and install them, THEY HAD TIRES ON SITE....I was on my way in 45 minutes.

Thank you Ann, for praying to GOD. Thank you God, for the work/deposit I had put into the bank yesterday morning, WHICH COVERED THE TIRE COSTS.....Unbelievable, and so very much appreciated.

Much love and Many thanks for all you do, ANN, With gratitude." -Julie

"Since I have started the 21 Days with Ann it has been amazing! I found a great foster home for my kitty, and the lady has bent over backwards to help me.

I was just told this morning that I have job that starts tomorrow that is with a temporary agency. This job is to last till end of the year. I also this close to start an internet business with an individual who is mentoring me. YAY! It is amazing! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" -Leisa

"A small note to let you know how INCREDIBLY HAPPY I am with the healings. The energy is so wonderful. I feel surrounded by a deep peace. It is so strong, it has never been like this at the beginning of the cycle. Also, I WORK. It's not just bliss, but the work happens in such a natural, quiet atmosphere. I worked on my coffee bizz for the first time with such quiet self confidence. Simply no worries surrounded the work.

It's not that I think I will be successful at this fair/festival, but I will go there without expectations and total ease. No attachment to the outcome.

And I feel true happiness and love towards the people I meet, in a no-nonsense way. I think I communicate more directly and clearly, and people are treating me very kindly. All new experiences and they make me so happy." - Annemieke

"I woke up feeling a lot more peaceful today. I am not reacting so much, I am allowing other people's stuff to flow over me. I am in the middle of a dressmaking commission which has been stressing me a bit, but today I sat down really calmly and got on with it. I am half-way there so I will crack on and hopefully have it almost finished by tomorrow night!

Thank you so much! One of my friends on Skype has definitely noticed a difference in me. Please carry on, I wish I had done it last year when I first heard you on Darius. Have a great weekend and huge thanks for all the prayers they seem to be working!!" -Tessa

"Thanks for doing this work. I could feel presence of something peaceful inside of me, and the last few days I've seen my family change as a result of the prayers. They are much happier now. I was trying to bring about change in my family to adopt a prosperous outlook towards life, but had not been very successful earlier. This work has simply surpassed all expectations, it shows anything is possible with prayer and God on your side, thanks for restoring faith again. Please continue doing what you do, God bless!" -Kunal

"When I began The 21 days of Healing and Prayer June of 2012, I definitely did not have unshakeable faith and trust in God to help me in all instances. I had many doubts about my career, finances and relationships to name some of the majors. Those doubts began to quickly be replaced with events that were in stark contrast to doubt, being blessings of expansion and miracles on each of those fronts. Best of all my confidence and resilience continue to increase exponentially.

Now with each and every new session I enroll in my faith becomes more solidified to the extent where even glimpses of past habitual doubts are quickly dissolved by the absolute knowledge that God is absolutely working with me and in so being, will take care of me no matter what.

- Ann I cannot describe how much more peaceful my life continues to become and I love how you wrote 'Feel how the world inside of you and in front of your eyes is becoming calmer and more empowered!' That is indeed how I feel, calmer and empowered to manifest more of my heart's desires. I love how I know that my life is in perfect order and especially because my connectedness to God is ever expanding. Amazing and true that each day I have an abundance of love flowing from within being reflected back in numerous ways. I feel so very Blessed to have the opportunity to be in this program!!" - Cory

"I didn't know you did this healing on procrastination until just now, but guess what? I had written most of a book in 2011 but never really got it ready for publication. Procrastination took over me. Yesterday, for no reason, out of the blue I started revamping it. I got over 25 pages done. I had no idea where that motivation came from but now I know.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! As a former accountant and finance person for 25+ years, this is a totally new path for me. Thank you for your help and gifts. I will forever be grateful!" -Dawn

"I'm back with Ann after a brief absence and I'm so very happy to be back! This afternoon, after a terrific morning call with Ann, I received word that we had qualified for COPES care with NO COPAY (it was going to be between $400-$500 a month) and Medicaid which will help with all the recent medical bills my husband has incurred. What a huge weight off my shoulders. I now have 125 hours of respite care a month (almost overwhelming), which I'm sure I will need as my husband (who turns 90 this month - I'm 62) becomes more dependent. It will also give me some extra sleep time and the ability to finally get things done that I've been putting aside for months because I simply did not have the energy to do them. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

I have seen so many changes from being in this program last year...I could not have made them without you - I've tried. Thank you, Thank you!" - Joan Hathaway-Sheldon

"Wow, it really does just keep getting better, I have to say that Ann's work has been the most profound gift in my life and I am so truly grateful. Not only is it so wonderful not having to worry about money again, or worry about all the daily stresses, the emotional charge has gone from these issues and replaced with peace and calm, and the added tremendous gift of better health!

This is the first time in my life that I actually really love enjoy and crave healthy food over a nice dessert for instance and fast food makes me shrug.

I have stopped drinking alcohol too and I am my ideal weight. Instead of salivating in the bakery window I find myself salivating at the abundance of fresh and colourful vegetables and fruit. Apart from bananas I used to eat fruit as though it was a punishment.

While listening to how the 21 days affects families too, I now realize with a jolt that it has affected my son and my granddaughters and daughter in law too! My mother is more positive too, she is such a beautiful soul, but takes on the world and its woes, but she has changed, her beliefs are changing and she is 87.

I hardly ever watch TV and I never watch the news, I am strong in this without the need to justify it. I have learned to say no, I can stand back if I know it isn't for my highest good, I always said yes before when my heart said no.

What a gift. In fact the list is endless. I am so optimistic about my future and even at 65 I have so much still to do with a passion like never before! I wanted to take the time to tell you how grateful I am, how loved I feel and I thank you with all my heart." -Christine in England

"Today I have experienced a wonderful feeling of love for myself and for my husband.

I strongly feel that money is coming easily and effortlessly to me. I am not worried about money anymore I have full trust that money is here whenever I need it.

I have full trust that clients for coaching will come to me. Today I am putting a flyer on my Volvo and on our old-timer Morris for marketing.

My students are telling me that they feel very good when I am talking with them. They say that they really enjoy talking to me and listening to what I say to them. After the lesson and coaching they feel good and happy.

It is wonderful for me to have this kind of life. This is all because of the wonderful healing you are doing on me. I am a different person full of joy and fun life is fun and joy. Thank you thank you Ann for your wonderful work.

I feel good and Grateful." -Traudi

"Before this 21 Days my business was sluggish. Now, my business is booming!!! Clients are coming out of the woodwork and new people keep showing up." -Nancy

"My monthly income has gone from $0 as a student to $2,200 with two new jobs. God has given me two surprise trips to Peru and Aruba. Very powerful and unexpected things happened during each trip." -Elizabeth

"I have been showered with abundance in the past week that far surpasses anything I could have planned." -Susan

"I am experiencing great success at school and in my career advancement. I have declared a new major, a job opportunity, which is of great pay and of great interest to me, effortlessly floated into my life, and I have been recently recognized for my academic achievement!"
- Kyah

"I am overjoyed to report now that I was hired for a new job at a wonderful non-profit organization that creates charter schools in multi-cultural communities, at a compensation structure of nearly $9,000 more a year than my current job. You know, I had been praying for and wishing to hit the lottery jackpot, but I do know now what an incredible blessing this new job is. God bless you!" -Simone

"Since becoming part of the 21 Days I got hired for a great job after being unemployed an underemployed for two years! My husband and I finally sold our house, for a higher price and with better terms than anything we'd been offered previously, and it went so smoothly! And just recently, my boss was traveling and asked me to speak with a reporter on her behalf. My quote made the front page of the Wall Street Journal! Can't wait for tomorrow! Life is great!!!" -Elida

"I closed on a $300,000 business deal and put $30,000 in my pocket in a week!! Then when Facebook was going public I closed on several million dollars of FB stock!!!" -Scott Steele

"While participating in the 21 days, I found a great car that was an upgrade from my old vehicle and it cost me the EXACT amount of money that the insurance company offered me for my totaled car! I found a great luxury apartment that is more conveniently located for my children than my old house, and their lives have become richer and more fun as a result. I offloaded and released a LOT of old items/clutter/stuff that no longer served me when I moved. And, I was just offered a new job opportunity that could potentially increase my income by 50-100%. So, life is is BETTER...and life is EASIER! I give Ann's work the credit for making the transition from one life to another so easy...and practically stress free." -Kelly

"I close on my new loan in two days. My property appraisal went so smoothly I know God sent me an angel. I have gone from having 2 mortgages, 1 at 14% and another at 10%, to one mortgage at 3.5% and dropped from a 25 year term to a 15 year term. I do believe that qualifies for the term "ABUNDANCE"! This brings my finances to the point where I can live on social security income alone when the need arises." -Joycelyn

"I had my first 4 figure day online! I woke up on the 25th of March to see more than $1500 waiting for me in my PayPal account!" -Rene

"We finally sold our apartment! This is a total miracle, as it's been on sale for 3 years. This will pay half of our debts and ease our lives a great deal. I have tried everything to sell this and it just didn't move, nor could we rent it. It was a financial burden. During the 21 Days, one person walked in, said yes and 2 weeks later we handed over the keys!" -Susan

"My adjuster called yesterday to say that he had a check that we had been expecting. I agreed to meet him and to my surprise he presented me with a check that settled my entire claim. No questions asked it was just settled. Needless to say I was shocked and elated. I didn't expect to see that money for months, if at all!" -Jim

"After the 21 Days I went from the frustration of part-time jobs and interning for two years, to a number of interviews in a short period which culminated today in accepting my first salaried professional position in my field, since I left to complete my MA 3.5 years ago." -Blaze

"I LOVE getting the daily emails on the work being done!!! It makes the program much more real getting informed on the intent & progress each day. I feel more peaceful & confident. I have been showered with abundance in the past week that far surpasses anything I could have planned. It is such a joy & pleasure to participate in your program." -Susan

I just finished participating in Ann Taylor's '21 Days of Healing and Prayer.' I must say I was a little skeptical at first... but not anymore. Her prayers have changed me. I am happier. I feel at peace, despite a very hectic life and all of the chaos happening in the world. I feel better physically. Plus, everything just seems to be falling into place for me. Ann's prayers, in which she installs hundreds of new positive beliefs and eliminates negative beliefs, work! I highly recommend Ann Taylor. She is amazing!

Ross Pittman, Founder and editor of

Being part of the 21-Days Prayer & Healing Program since February has made such a difference to my stress level & allowed me to experience a level of peace that I could not have imagined. Ann's Prayer work has assisted me to hold it together with everything that is going on in the life of 2 of my loved ones & the huge impact that is having on my life mentally, emotionally & financially! I will be re-signing for as long as I can in order to get through this!

Love, light and many blessings.


I just wanted to let you know that I am feeling a lot calmer and more accepting of myself than before. I feel that I have let go of a lot of negative feelings and situations in my life and am at the threshold of a new start in my contribution to the world!

Thanks for all your help!


I LOVE getting the daily emails on the work being done!!! It makes the program much more real getting informed on the intent & progress each day. I feel more peaceful & confident. I have been showered with abundance in the past week that far surpasses anything I could have planned. It is such a joy & pleasure to participate in your program.


When I first started the program, I was only going to do one month - that was 5 months ago! Each month I continue to get better and healthier mentally. I look at the world differently and my thinking has changed as well. I think one of the biggest changes has been that I just don't worry about things like I used to, and my stress level is much lower. I know I am a much better person for joining your program. I look forward to the continued self exploration & all the positive changes that are happening in my life!


I have been in a couple of very difficult situations that have not affected me at all and have found more compassion to others along with patience in trying times. The other day I felt such love and kindness for myself and then the next day read how Ann had given us 50 beliefs of feeling unconditional love to ourselves. These 50 beliefs each day have been tremendous to receive.

Ann's prayers are getting more and more powerful and raise our vibration like nothing else. Knowing how much she genuinely cares and wants the best for us makes me feel so loved and nurtured. This vibration has taught me to believe in myself and it has brought so many wonderful gifts and surprises. I have had unexpected gifts, love and support from nowhere, It is so good to embrace each day with hope and inspiration. Love and abundant blessings to you all.


I signed up for the April 21 Days, which will be my 3rd series in a row. I just wanted to say thank you for the love and support. I feel more confident than every that I can meet my challenges. One thing that I noticed is that when I need information or some healing/balancing, the information arrives so quickly, or I am lead to a new healing modality - it's amazing - it just suddenly appears. I feel more loved and supported than ever. The fact that my family is getting healed (without even knowing what I'm involved in) is icing on the cake. Thank you!


As the 21 Days come to an end I just need to say Thank You! I have had so many openings and shifts, this experience has been amazing. There have been days that I felt a shift within myself and the next moment peace. The most important for me is my family members (brother and son) that have had no clue about it and watching them change just reinforces the process. I will be signing up for the next 21 days! Thanks again!


I had to write to you first to thank you and to tell you that I am so happy with this 21 days because though I have been living very intense times in my life I have not been affected, and that really impresses me. I have not been affected as it would in the past and have been able to keep calm.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Bless you for all this help! I am optimistic no matter what. It is incredible how I am feeling, happy and at peace!

I love you so much for being in my life.

Light and Love,


I have to write in to send a huge "Thank You!" I'm noting many positive changes! I was thinking that I must set aside some time today to pray to eliminate my fear around my visit to a workman's compensation doctor tomorrow, based upon a terrible experience years ago with another doctor. But, as I was thinking this, I realized that I'm no longer afraid! Thank you, and thank you, God! No matter how I try to relive my experience and the various aspects that I might still have a negative charge around, it's simply not possible! Wow! I'm amazed!

Also, I have a remarkably improved and actually amicable relationship with my mother. I never dreamed that would be possible, in a million years, so to speak. This is a really, really, really big shift for me. I suppose this must be my "gift" from the last 21 days program. I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful gift. Truly, nothing else has worked to heal our relationship, and believe me, I had tried and given up. Plus, my Mom is experiencing positive changes as well. This is truly miraculous! Thank you!

I could go on and on. One more example, though, is that I've found that I am no longer influenced by others' beliefs and desires so that I question myself. Now, no matter how forceful or well-reasoned is their argument, once I am secure in my mind and heart of what is best for me, I am no longer swayed to please others instead of myself. A new me! Thank you!

Silvana L.

I've now been with you since the end of January 2012! WOW!! This has been a miraculous year! I am a new person inside and out. GOD'S work through you has changed my life immeasurably!!!!

I haven't had a bad day for months and months. Certainly things have gone wrong, even days with one thing after another going wrong. I just move forward to the next moment. I guess I have to say I live in the here and now. I worry about nothing. My life is easy and joyful. I know everything will be fine. I am sooooo grateful for God's peace and grace that has been instilled within me.

Working hard has been disconnected. I simply just work now. My physical energy stays steady throughout the day. This is a big change from a year ago.

The miracles I and those around me have received are amazing. I can't count all the gifts everyone has received this year. My trust in knowing these changes for all of us have been special gifts through the 21 Days work is absolute. I have NO doubt!

Thank you!!

Patti P

At work the other day (I am in sales in fine jewelry with Macy's) I was sailing in our department. I had the most sales for the day and it was easy! Everything just flowed easily!

Thank you Ann and everyone at Inner Healing, I hope to sign up again for the next healing, so happy I found you...


Beverly M

I am loving this program so far! I find myself peaceful and things are coming together easier.

Love all the recordings!! Walked in the bathroom at work today, looked in the mirror, and found myself repeating one of them.


My life is changing, and every day it is getting more and more wonderful. When I have a challenge it doesn't stay long with me it blows away like wind. That is wonderful. I don't have any fear what people think, and say. I feel very strong and confident about myself. I feel I am wonderful and know I can do anything I put my mind to.

I feel the good times are really coming my way.

I have a good relationship with a family member which was not so before. When I think about my ancestors, about my lineage, my father, my mother and all the people related to me, I feel love for them and know they feel love for me. It is incredible to have the feeling they are supporting me in everything I am doing, to create the life of my dreams. I strongly feel they think I deserve the best. And I believe I deserve the best, too. I feel strongly my baggage is getting less and less I feel lighter and lighter every day.

My life is full of wonderful surprises every day.

In Gratitude and success,


I feel lighter and more joyous and am being inspired every day to focus more on my business and the new holistic changes I have been guided to make to my hypnotherapy practice.

I’ve also noticed some changes in the relationship I have with my parents. They have been phoning me much more regularly and seem a lot happier in themselves. They are visiting me over the holiday period. In fact, I’m going to have a house filled with family, so hopefully these changes will continue to be magnified and everyone will all get along peacefully and merrily during the break!

Once again, I want to tell you how grateful I am for all the healing work you have been doing on my behalf.

Cherie S.

My heart is overflowing in Gratitude for all the extra blessings and miracles that have occurred in my life since beginning the 21 day sessions six times back from now. Most recently my relationship with a relative improved so drastically I'm still startled that we got here after a complex situation that arose over time and then seemed absolutely hopeless to me to resolve. Divinity maneuvered things with the help of the prayers that we would be smack dab in the same place at the same time many months back. It was awkward initially, but what followed can only be described as God at work. We quickly regained a new relationship that is currently filled with Love and Gratitude for the other. Actually it is better than it ever was!!

There are also other relationships in my life smoothing out and or going out, bringing in others in their wake. Waves of bliss have filled me often and laughter has increased. I know that everything is going to be more than fine somehow and I don't need to know the how because I'm in a deep knowing that it IS ALL going to work out perfectly. It's not that I don't have any moments of concern anymore, it is that I know if I do that they will soon be replaced with peace and an excitement of what is going to evolve in the future.

I feel that I don't have to take care of the future, or even the now but for the things I will and want to do for my everyday life that come more effortlessly as well now after these 21 days sessions. At this juncture I've decided I want to be with these sessions as long as they go. Each one brings my life more in balance and the sturdiness inside that I'm continuously developing is more than I could have ever hoped for. There is so much icing on the cake of the 21 days. This truly is the rocket fuel that is continuously raising my vibration to such heights that all the old concerns seem so far behind me. Optimism fills me in this Gratitude as I notice that even yesterday when I heard my elderly father fell yet again I noticed I was fine. I wanted to see that he was fine but again knew that everything was in play to work it out. Today while speaking to my step mother, I realized that she is taking more steps to insure his future is safer. Just a short while back she actually was so exhausted and overwhelmed with her own plate of life I wondered how this would all roll out. Today I know that she's being affected by the 21 days as well as she is now taking bigger steps than she ever has before and seeming much more calm in the face of it all.

Financially while still working through tremendous debt and striving to bring in a bigger salary I've noticed that since the first 21 days I've quadrupled my income. I wasn't making very much money when I began at all and now I'm slowly starting to get on my feet and notice how much brighter my now is financially even amidst what could be considered very worrisome. I use the negativity audio frequently and many others actually because they do bring forth more miraculous results.

I really wish everyone could have the opportunity of your work Ann. I have no doubt that your prayer work is the not only the leading edge but the edge for other's to stand upon and not even be concerned to jump into. This is the vortex of Love. I believe it's all Love and Ann your work is the Biggest Love I've known thus far. It takes care of ourselves and everyone we love and even others who are on the periphery of our lives. How miraculous is this? Very.

In Love and Gratitude,


I don't know what Ann was healing on Sunday, but almost all members of my family had a "breakdown", crying and screaming, asking for more love...?! I was peaceful as I knew something good was happening with the energy. I still don't know the outcome of this, but it seems that the energy hit the right people - my children and my husband (finally). This is my 6th healing and prayer now I can observe it on my family - cool! So it does work!


I am so grateful to be part of your 21 days of prayer and to you Ann for being God’s instrument and making this work available for us all.

I am not worrying about anything now. I find it almost impossible to worry.

What I have noticed the most so far is how calm I feel. I used to have a lot of anxiety running in the background, and a feeling of not being safe especially when I was away from home or just out shopping. This has completely gone now and I have also stopped biting my fingernails, which is a habit I have tried to overcome for years.

Many blessings to you and thank you

Lyn H.

I am losing count of the times I have signed up. Four or five I'm not sure.

I received the sweetest message from my daughter yesterday. She said "Hi Mom I just had to call and tell you Thank You. You are amazing. I love you. I don't know what I would do without you." Her voice cracked at the end.

This brings tears to my eyes still.

I'm happy and content. I am full of hope and passion.

I attended a seminar last week and took a leap of faith and bought into their sales pitch. I know without a doubt that I will be a Millionaire. I will be able to help others and spend more time with my family.

I was a 24 incher. I was sooo far out there. I am happy and know that God looks out for me.

In loving gratitude,

Josie Galindo

I have certainly been able to feel positive changes in the last half of the 21 days! Just a general feeling of not worrying that much about my life and a feeling of safety - both have been big issues for me before. I filled out the questionnaire again without first looking at the first one I filled out a month ago, and looking at them both side by side really reveals great change :-)

The general tone of my writing the first time was much more low vibration and filled with worry and that heaviness is not present in my new assessment. In the old my fears rated 5-6 and my worries rated 7-8 but in the new assessment my fears are only 4 and my worries rates 2-3. A huge change:-) And my overall satisfaction with my life leaped from 6 to an 8!

Huge improvements in just one month! I am definitely going to do it again - multiple times I think - because I think it is so important for both me and the world. I really believe that if I raise my vibration, it raises the vibration of my friends, family and my partner - and the world and its other inhabitants, and that excites me even more than my own change, because I want to live in a world that is great for everyone and that feels safe to live in. And I want to have an incredibly positive feeling about this world when I one day will be a father to children who will also be a part of this world!

I am just happy and baffled at the same time! It is really the most effective thing I have done yet. It is like God leads me to more and more effective modalities - maybe because my vibration keeps getting higher, I can attract the next level of work I have to do for myself.

Thank you! :-)

Esben M.

I am on my 4th 21 days and truly can't imagine what my life would be if I hadn't been led to you. The first 21 days I really didn't have the money to join but I felt very powerfully that I needed to. At that time I was consumed with thoughts of lack: lack of money, lack of business, lack of confidence, lack of EVERYTHING. About the 3rd week in, I started to feel the shift! The weight of lack was lifted and I felt an inner calmness that was wonderful. What's more, I saw the shift flow throughout my family.

When the next 21 days came up, I said to myself, why do I need to invest more, if what Ann does lasts a lifetime? Then I listened to someone on the call who was on her second or maybe even third time and I realized, of course you should do more than one because you have more than one layer you need to peel away. My life has really been transformed. I have such calmness, clarity, faith in myself, excitement for the unknown and am eager to see what's in store for me.

My business has picked up, the confidence in myself to really step out of my comfort zone is tremendous and the people I am meeting that just seem to be falling into place to help me grow my business and be supportive of me is incredible. I have a very difficult relationship with my mother and usually just seeing her phone number come up on my phone makes me ill. The last time she called I had no ill feelings, had a good conversation with her and was so grateful not to have the negative feelings normally associated with her.

I could go on and on Ann, as you have truly changed my life. You have brought light into an area where there was none. I am grateful for the light, for you and your staff, and of course God. You have helped to keep me in forward motion in my life.

Many, many thanks & blessings,

This is my third time in the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer, and I have listened to the Wonderful recordings, including the recording that Your Father Thinks You Are Wonderful, probably about five times. I listened to them Saturday morning and then later that day I was having an intense phone call with my Dad, who is not typically very complimentary to me. During this call, he said, "You have such a wonderful personality . . . Everyone who knows you thinks you are so wonderful!"

Wow! He has never used the word "wonderful" with respect to me, and now twice in one day. I could feel the sincerity in his voice.

C.P., Los Angeles

I feel my Gift came today! My brother has not spoken to me for 2 years. I dreamt the other day that he was hugging me and saying sorry and kissing my cheek. As you can imagine I was touched but could not imagine it happening.

Today I was at my parents' house when my brother walked around the corner. We looked at each other and he said, It's been a long time. We hugged and said we had missed each other. We went inside and carried on talking over tea. I don't think we have ever hugged as much as we did that day! Thank you. I felt SO much love for my brother.

Love & Light,

I came home today absolutely knowing that money and spirituality are not at odds with each other. Spirituality is my first priority always, and to absolutely know that my money is part of that spirituality is a blessing to me! "My spirituality" is me / "My money" is me...these are not separate boxes...I am me and I am living and experiencing an ever-increasingly joy-filled life. It's much easier to pray now, too, thanks to you!

Dawn Sampson

I wanted to send you infinite 'thank yous' for this treasured gift of the 21 Days of Healing & Prayer! Wow! Reed, the love of my life, and I both signed up for this and the shift has really kicked in for us this past week!

We've been through a tumultuous time in our relationship over the past few years, especially this year. The past week we've been experiencing incredible Miracles of Love, Joy and Passion that I've dreamed of us having together! Laughing, Dancing, growing deeper and deeper in love and respect for each other!

We both feel so lucky & blessed that we have been able to experience these 21 Days of Healing & Prayer together! Such a treasured Gift in our lives for us individually, together, for our families and our Circle of Love, and for the Universe!

Infinite love, gratitude & thank yous to you, God and your team!


I just want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to do the 21 days of healing and prayer once again.

I have noticed a few changes going on, this second round of healing.

- I have been very happy. Things do not bother me as they used to. I very quickly forget things.
- My relationships are much better.
- Last week I went to my grandmothers 91st birthday lunch, and had to sit at a table with 5 people who I normally do not really get along very well with. Before I went to this lunch I listened to the shield recording 3 times. And the lunch went great!!! No problems and I did not get frustrated as I normally would have. Their negative energy did not pass onto me.
- I am such a changed person.
- So much more joyful and happy!
- I have had no fears of not having money. I now say to myself that god will help the money show up in some way and really believe it!!!!!
- My relationship with my husband is sooo much better!!
- I feel powerful.

I have been using muscle testing, to confirm that all those things like fear and panic are actually gone. And they are GONE!!!!!!! It's great!


I just wanted to thank you for your amazing prayer work and support during these 21 days of healing.

I have experienced incredible results: much less worry and anxiety, more joyous moments, achieving things more easily and feeling generally much happier.

I am coming out of this inner healing session with renewed hope and anticipation, believing that good things will happen to me and that I may reach my goals. I have also experienced a sense of community that was lacking in my life and I am really grateful for that.

Again, many thanks for your work, your dedication and your kindness.


At the top of this 21 days (my second) I all of sudden had no work - YIKES! But I did not panic, as I knew something was going to happen.

One day I felt the urge to email a client of mine who was supposed to move her office either to another location in the city or to another state. I just wanted to see where she was going. I listened to Ann's recordings and prayed to God before I sent her an email.

She emailed back in a bit of a panic that she was moving at the end of August, her office was a mess, and she needed help organizing things. I offered my services immediately, named my fee and created a new freelance job for myself that will keep me busy through August at least! I am also loving being an organizer. A Miracle of birthing a new job!

Thank you!!


I just wanted to let you know of the massive changes in my world! Business here in Australia is on the downturn, and the architectural company I work for has been cutting back our hours massively. Then, I listened to Ann, and the next day my boss told me that a client who owed some money finally paid off their balance. So my company is now paying my childcare fees for the school holidays ($250). I was so amazed! And THEN, the following day, my boss announced that I am also getting a bonus of $1500, for all of the overtime I worked this year!

WOW! This is major in my world, since one of my major issues is around money. I also feel calmer, more peaceful, and stress is limited.

Thank God for you.......

Heartfelt thanks,


I am now allowing myself to be present in my own life, and my sessions with clients are getting better as I am opening up more, and being more congruent in my truth. I feel that my healing gifts and intuitive gifts are getting stronger as well! My relationships have also improved with my family. I have let go of people who I thought were friends, and I am allowing the people who are there for my highest and best to come in. I am back to focusing on my book as well. I feel like the "kinks" are being smoothed out and away, and I am ready for my next steps! Thank you!


I had to just stop today to let you know just how my life is changing. I have had an estranged relationship with my older brother and his family for many years. I received a call two nights ago from my niece who I lost touch with about 15 years ago. She left me a message on my cell phone of which I just recently purchased (amazed she had that number). She told me her father (my brother) has been looking for me for the last 3 years. She brought him on the call and we all talked for three hours!!

I have also felt very relieved about everything in my life, that everything is going to work out for the best. I use to just worry and worry internally about everything so much, I am not able to even bring worry to my mind now!

I must say that I was kind of skeptical in the beginning, but I knew deep inside that this was something that I could not pass up. Well, since I begin this a large lump sum of money that I was expecting for a long time has arrived. Keep doing what you do to help others.

Stay full of joy,


I am really feeling the possibilities of healing in places I have worked on for YEARS!

I did see a big change yesterday regarding my relationship with my husband when I needed his help with something. Sometimes I get nervous and then he gets controlling and very stubborn in this kind of situation. I began going through old pictures in my mind of outcomes and it didn't feel very good. I just kept looking at them and saying, It doesn't have to be that way. I want to feel safe and supported.

He came to me and said he realized that he needs to be cooperative and open to what I need and let go of his stuff. Things worked out really well with the situation that I needed help with!

In Divine Love and Friendship,


Thank you for your wonderful work during the 21 Days of healing and prayer. The past three week significantly shifted my relationships, especially my difficult relation with my husband, giving us a more positive note after a bit of a crisis we had. I feel that tons of negativity I had toward him is gone and I am so much lighter and happier, laughing more often, and simply feeling calm, happy and fulfilled.


I signed up to this with skepticism as I have done a lot of things to try and change my money stuff (affirmations, vision boards, EFT etc) but I usually only manage to cover immediate bills with very little for any luxuries. I come from a pretty poor background with sometimes even food supply being an issue, and I realize much of this is still stuck in my consciousness/cellular memory. I have been a single mum for a lot of years and am very resourceful and clever with money but still find myself always pulling back and restricting myself because of budget issues.

The last two weeks have been .....VERY surprising. I put an old damaged vehicle on Ebay I would have been happy to get $500 for. It sold for $2225! I had a bathroom renovated by a 'dysfunctional' family member over Christmas and he basically left it untiled and without a shower, but I can now get it finished. My home business, which was previously struggling along, did $1000 last week! And I put in my first invoice for a very short hours (5 hrs per week) but pretty lucrative cleaning contract last week. This will cover the mortgage every month!


Ann, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you do. Before the healing work began I was without work or income. Today [two weeks later] is my first day at my fabulous new job as Director of Residential Sales at a chic new hotel in New York. My new employer called me last week to say they needed me to start immediately. I know your healing work brought this opportunity to me.


In the last 3 weeks I have changed so much. I have great trust now that money will be always there and that I deserve great financial abundance. My money worries and fears are magically gone. I feel very comfortable in my skin and I truly love myself in ways more than I used to. Last weekend I felt such a wonderful feeling of heart opening and connection. WOW! There were many times in these three weeks when I was really emotional. I guess that I sometimes repress my emotions, but I now can allow them to be without judging them. And I am a published author now! To be exact: a 2 days old author. Sooo happy! The ball is rolling already! :-)

You all at Inner Healing are so wonderful! Thank you very much for everything you are and do!


I recently returned from Iraq and was on course to start a new business when I began Ann’s Days of Prayer. I was anxious about starting because I had never run a business before. I also started an Amazon business  to provide me with a side income.

About two weeks after Ann started doing healing work on me, my Amazon business started making sales and I started taking a bigger interest in it. By the third week, I was making more money than I had imagined and I became totally focused on the Amazon business.

My anxiety about replacing my income started to fade ansd I became passionate about my work for the first time in many years. I worked 12 to 14 hours a day - loving every minute of it!  Now things are going so well that I plan to work my Amazon business fulltime and I am confident it will replace the income I made in Iraq.

I attribute my newfound confidence, passion, and peace of mind to Ann Taylor’s Healing and Prayer program. I am amazed at how easy it was for me to transition into my new life and new job. Ann's work has brought me closer to God and now I see nothing but great things in front of me. I can't thank you enough, Ann! Your healing work has drastically improved my life.

George H

I want to thank you so much for your wonderful work. Since your healing and prayer program, I have signed a contract with a very high integrity publisher and am finally living a dream I have had for many write some books. I know he was God-sent.


THANK YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART!!!! My progress is so DEEP in me - I realized listening to the replay from last night’s call that you did with everyone that I'm not feeling the usual stress and my "buttons" aren't being pushed by the loved ones that pushed them a few weeks ago.  In fact - my husband, after 21 years - surprised me with a day out on our anniversary – and he was also loving  - this is new - I know it's the work going on in me.  THANK YOU!!!!!!

Our planet is so blessed to have you and your team!! Love - tons of love & gratitude!!!


"Thanks Ann for the daily prayers for all of us. I am feeling the prayer’s effects on me in a calm and peace within. It is like I have a protective shield around me and negativity cannot touch me. Little irritations that bothered me before are not bothering me so much anymore. My business is really picking up and sales are great. Money is flowing to me and I am so grateful! Blessings to you."


"Problems are becoming easier to deal with and unexpected blessings are cropping up! I had dental surgery last Tuesday - I was relaxed, even made the dentists laugh a lot and later they told me I had been a really good patient. The surgery was long and left my face puffy and with considerable discomfort, and I had to perform 3 days later (I am a singer), and instead of worrying and panicking, it was one of my best performances ever! I was INSIDE the music rather than criticizing myself constantly. I really enjoyed myself! I have also got some more work from that one performance, and lots of great feedback.

Then, last night I received an unexpected e-mail from a television producer friend I haven't seen for a couple of years. She is doing a short film and wants me to be in it! I was thinking of returning to my acting career, and this was such an unexpected boost! We are filming in a few days. A few weeks ago I might have found excuses not to do it, or been afraid I wasn't good enough... all that's gone, vanished, wooosh!!!

I have been having SO many business ideas it's ridiculous - I carry a notepad everywhere now, because inspiration strikes at all times! I have been writing songs, found a songwriting partner (something I've been seeking for years - and he lives in the same street as me!!!) and feel brave and courageous in a way I've never felt before.

I left my job in a corporate office on March 16th to pursue my creative talents, and when I saw the 21 days started on the same day I just had to sign up! I am SO happy I did. Good things are happening every day, my relationship with my family is improving (and it was already good!) and I am attracting new people and situations... I am slowly regaining my lost self-confidence and it feels wonderful.

So thank you for the fantastic work you all do!

All my love and thanks,"

"I am more excited about your healing and prayer program than I have been about anything else I have tried, and I have been quite the self-help junkie for the past 5 years.

I listened to an interview of yours last week about money issues, and ever since, the pain in the pit of my stomach and the worry about what's going to happen in the next month (as I had been focused on how much money was in the bank while I look for a job or a way to make income), completely went away.  GONE.  I can't even remember HOW to worry....I can't pull up those thoughts at all....and the pain in my stomach (which I finally got in touch with through some other tools before I found you) doesn't pop up out of nowhere anymore.  I just have this sense of peace even though on paper I haven't "figured it all out" just yet.

Something tells me I'm going to be a rock star once the program is complete in December.  And what perfect timing!!!!!!!!  2012 here I come.  :)

This is coming from someone who thought prayer was hard and even "creepy" when I was growing up; who was completely unconnected to the divine; clueless to spirituality; and had no idea about doing inner work, until I was in my late 30s.  I'm 41, and all I can see right now are shiny, bright days ahead despite the people all around me who are worrying themselves to death (maybe quite literally), and the ideas and inspiration keep coming the more I release all of the negativity and false beliefs. This is a miracle in and of itself, b/c I grew up learning that worry was normal; lack was inevitable unless you were "good enough" to figure out how to make money; and that self-deprecating "jokes" were hilarious and a protective way to knock yourself down before someone else could do it because surely "they" were going to do it.

I'm excited to see what happens at the end of your program ...  I have a feeling I'm going to accomplish more than I even set out for.

THANK YOU for what you do ... coolest thing ever, and it clearly works.  I'm having my 8 year old daughter listen to the radio recordings...putting an end to the dysfunction and giving her every single chance in the world to live a BIG, amazing life, rather than having to undo "stuff" when she's 40 is my biggest wish right now, though I'm certain these days that it doesn't have to be a's completely possible and doable."


I am so happy to have done the 21 Days of Healing and Prayer. I feel good every single day and am happy and smiling! I feel light and serene and don't worry about anything anymore. When a challenge comes up I stay calm and peaceful. Things don't bother me anymore. Life is just so much easier now! I feel so grateful for all you have done."


"I can't begin to tell you how much this whole process has changed me. I am opening up to myself and God again and it feels wonderful. I also no longer worry about my son. I am trusting that he will receive all that he needs to create his life. I feel like I am somehow regaining a part of me that was so lost and hurt that I couldn't find it. I love and appreciate all that you do."


"I joined Ann's 21 day prayer program and I can't wait to join her again for the next one. I AM A NEW PERSON! My life is changing miraculously everyday and divine magic unfolds in every moment! This is the best present I have ever offered to me! All locked energies that kept me stuck for years are unlocked now and I finally remember who I really am! THANK YOU!"


I have been a participant in three of Ann's 21 Day Healing sessions and my life has completely changed. I have a sense of peace, I am calm and I no longer am panicked about my future. I know that I can do anything I put my mind to and if there are road blocks, I can handle them with a clear mind, making good decisions. Her gifts are amazing and I am so blessed to have found her. Thank you Ann. Blessings.


The healing work that Ann is doing is just incredible! Wow is all I can say. I can feel a lot of the worry and fear leave, and I feel confident, at peace and joyful most of the time. I listened to the weekly call yesterday, and when Ann asked us to bring up the negative experiences in our life, I could barely find any! That was miraculous to me! I can't wait to see what happens next!

Love from Ingjerd

For all my 61 yrs I'd been dogged with a deep inner sadness, but where it came from I didn't know. This morning, whilst listening to the replay of this week's call, I found I couldn't access the sad feeling... not an inkling of it. Instead I feel an inner peace, and notice I've a lively twinkle in my eyes. Now I love my life! This is a Miracle. Thank you God, Ann and the Team...for the new Gift you've given me. In its place are inner feelings of kindness, peace, compassion and joy which are to be shown, shared and enjoyed with others. I'm looking forward to radiating these much needed Gifts.

Much gratitude and thanks,

I just completed the 21-day program and one of the greatest gifts is that I feel SO MUCH happier in general and SO MUCH MORE at peace. I have this feeling of peace and calmness that stays with me all the time.

This is huge. In the last few months, it's been challenging for me and although I never had any real depression, I had recurrent episodes of minor depression. Now, those are gone!

So I want to thank you Ann and your wonderful team that you so love, for this amazing gift that you offer to the world. It is so invaluable!

Lots of love and heartfelt thanks,

I was in the 21 day group that just ended, and last night I signed up for the next session. I am so grateful for all the things that happened during the first 21 days. I think I was one of those people who didn't realize how much better it was possible for life to be until things started changing. I didn't achieve all of my goals for the session, and some of the things that improved weren't even on the list, as I didn't think they could be changed. New positive people came into my life. My relationship with my daughter, her friends, my friends, and my sister improved. Things for my daughter have improved as well. She is a college student, and lives in a townhouse, which I own, with 3 roommates. There had been a lot of tension between the roommates, but all that is smoothed over, and they are all getting along well and cooperating with each other.

I made more money. I sold some business assets that were just gathering dust in storage. Even my health improved. The dark circles under my eyes are almost totally gone, and when I went to get my hair cut, the stylist marveled at how much healthier and thicker my hair was this month.

I now feel at peace almost all the time...and the few times I let something get to me to the point where I was hurt or angry, I just go listen to some of your recordings, and I am back on track in no time. I look and feel 10 years younger, and people have been commenting on that. I had hoped to begin work on weight loss, and discovering what I want to do next in life as I have outgrown my business. But truly, I couldn't have asked for more in 3 short weeks. I think this might be the best money I ever spent.

Thank you again--
with much love,

I have just completed the 21 days of healing. I can definitely feel a shift, which is truly incredible, as I have tried lots of ways of healing my depression and anxiety for the last 20 years. I am so grateful to you Ann because I feel lighter and calmer. I know there are more layers to heal so I am signing up for another 21 days as soon as I can! I found this program much more powerful than any healing you have done before. The 21 days was obviously right for me!

With much love and gratitude,
From Mandy

I just wanted to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart for the 21 days of Healing and Prayer.

I was inspired to sign up and ohhhhh my goodness am I glad I did! The past week has been one of the most difficult weeks of my life. My father was killed. He was hit by a car while riding his bike. When I heard the news I was devastated but I also had so much peace and calmness. My whole family was screaming and falling apart and I did not experience any of that. God has brought you in my life during this difficult time and I am soooo grateful.Thank you.


I have been in two of your 21 Days of Healing and Prayer programs. In December I had just been through a quite harsh burnout at my corporate job - long term accumulated frustration finally crashing in. So I was feeling pretty exhausted and fragile at that time. When I bumped into this healing and prayer group opportunity I just signed up immediately. Can't explain why, really, as this was not like me at all. But I thought, "Well, can't hurt, right" and had no big expectations.

Despite my life situation everything was going very smoothly for me after I started the program. I was feeling very peaceful and also blessed, as there always seemed to be the right answers available to my ponderings - right book, teacher, teleseminar etc - when I needed them.

Financial issues kept triggering me pretty badly, though. Very understandable, as I was leaving for a sabbatical with no preliminary financial savings put aside. This continued until the last Monday of the 21 days of Healing and Prayer group. Suddenly the worry wasn't there anymore. No indications, no goodbyes, just gone. And it still hasn't come back! It's been about a month since this shift.

All I can say is that this has been amazing. No longer having those fears has freed up so much energy which I can now use in so many so much more clever and beneficial ways. Such a huge, wonderful, and colossal difference.

In my bookkeeping that counts as a miracle. My poor (extremely rational and critical ;-D) mind is totally clueless. But boy am I happy.

So thank you, thank you, thank you!

Best regards,

While doing the 21 days of healing and prayer work with you I was changed in so many wonderful ways: mostly on the inside.

And now it is all coming out and I am amazed to see these changes with my eyes.

I had no contact with a relative of mine for several years. Out of the blue she added me as a friend on Facebook, greeting me for my birthday and we had several conversations after that. We also plan to meet. WOW, it is wonderful!!! The same week a friend of mine contacted me to attend my yoga classes. We have both known each other for years, but we had a difficult time with each other a long time ago and the friendship was gone. Now we meet and laugh and have a lot of fun together. She really likes me and I like her too. Friendship is soooo sweet!

A relationship that is very important for me is now moving into a place I wished it to be for 3 years now. I am so deeply grateful for these blessings in my life and I say "Thank you God , for the wonderful Ann and her help!" every morning before listening to my daily recordings which I LOVE! It is more than phenomenal!!!!!! :-)

The work is really going on as you said!

The next great thing is that I am no longer at my previous job! Yeaaaaa!!! I'm no longer getting up at 5.30 a.m. to go to do something I don't like. This is huge for me! Now I expect to start teaching yoga in a company. Everything is arranged, I am just waiting for the call to start.

I really can't count all the blessings in my life and even less can I express my appreciation, joy and gratitude!

Ann, you are magnificent! God, your blessings are more than we can ever dream of! THANK YOU!!!


The 21 Days of Healing and Prayer program has proven extremely worthy by enhancing my life in tangible ways. First, it is now effortless for me to engage with people (I once had trust issues. At the lowest point, I completely cut out people, so I could avoid hurt. Through the healing, I recognized that this was merely a false protective shield, which isolated me from true joy.). Now, I love being with people and I truly trust and care for all. My relationships with my family, friends and all others (store clerks, people on the street, everybody!) are harmonious and joyful. It is so beautiful!!

Second, I am self-confident now and believe the best of my life and my future. Third, I am experiencing great success at school and in my career advancement. I declared a new major, and a job opportunity, which is of great pay and of great interest to me, effortlessly floated into my life, and I have been recently recognized for my academic achievement. These changes truly are only the tip of the iceberg though. I feel so blessed and grateful each day, because each day enfolds with increasing joy.

However, in truth, the most important gift you have given is the comfort of daily inner peace. I feel at peace even when things may appear less than rosy. I know all is well. I know that God is working through my life and that all is occurring for the greatest and highest good. I thoroughly enjoy life now and am able to spread and share this joy with others.

I know that God answered my prayers by introducing me to your work. Praise our Father for his glorious and everlasting love!

Blessing and light,

People who normally were unkind or inhospitable became more helpful. I became less worried about money. I became more peaceful and felt like my life was really beginning. I felt more acknowledged and appreciated by all, honored by others and I now feel like I don't have to try so hard to be appreciated. My insights and visions are sharper and clearer and I am receiving more direction. My passions are coming back in creative avenues and spiritual work which are unveiling what my future career will be by using my gifts.

I am very thankful to Ann for all her work and for propelling me in my life at this time. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

Your whole team is a blessing.


Thank you so much Ann for having the gifts you share. I have wanted to stop my caregiving job of 9 years but was scared to without another job to replace it with. Soon after the healing started I was told of a part time job teaching kids to weave at a summer school. I got hired. Then I was told about another opportunity to teach weaving and get paid even more. I haven't applied yet although I know I will get hired when I do. I now have more confidence in who I am and the gifts I have. Ann you are so right - I do have many gifts. I'm stepping up to the plate more to use them. I'm feeling really great.


With all my heart, Thank You! The following may not seem to some like tangible results, however, I've been diligently working toward some of these states of being for decades! The inner quietude and feeling of "ahhhhh" is a meditator's dream come true! Otherwise there are things that are stirred up in the world at large by the inner conflicts and those take time to resolve again and again, until that inner state is achieved. WOW...what a gift you bring to me! Thank you, Ann...Thank you, God ! ! !

*general sense of well-being, feeling safe in the world.

*any issues with others are either not there, or have zero charge on them for me. What once might have taken days/or even weeks to let go of in my mind, now it just doesn't stick. Needless to say my interactions with others contain more laughter and no more issues.

*I find myself being more quiet in conversations listening more, speaking less.

*The internal focus is stronger, and external focus diminished.... more actually gets done in the physician world with much less effort....actions are more deliberate and successful !

*My intuition is a stronger voice inside, and accurate.

*My astrologer noted that this year I have a transit that will bring up any self-hatred and self-loathing, and it is important to clear this now otherwise my future will be muddied by it. I've been experiencing your work on these issues, and l can't find either self-hatred or self-loathing any more - gone! What a huge relief!

*Certain natal chart influences I feel no more. The earlier years were difficult for me also, yet I feel no more influences from these ! ! ! What my astrologer noted that might be difficult in transits feel so mild I barely notice them - some I notice not at all.

*These things I've listed might not seem tangible or measurable to some, however these are things that, up until now, I've struggled with and took me hours/days of inner work/meditation to handle. Now my mind doesn't get stuck on anything which significantly frees me up for better action, more fun, and a greater ease of beingness.

*I've received some increase in money and I now have a direction and course of study with the potential to earn much more.

*The above is also including issues I brought in from past lives to deal with now. I feel them absent as well.


Just like some of the people that you worked on last time I got quite down, a bit pessimistic, but then out of nowhere it vanished! I am feeling optimistic now for a great future. The biggest thing that is happening is that my family dynamics are subsiding and everything at home is much more peaceful. I also have more faith in myself and more confidence!

Blessing to you Ann, Krista and all the staff.


I’ve purchased a lot of programs over the years and I finally hit gold when I discovered you, Ann. Your recordings have helped me get rid of a lot of baggage, and now you’ve gone to the next level with your [healing and prayer] program. You just get better and better.

Here are some changes that I’ve noticed after 2 weeks:

* I have always put other people’s wants and needs ahead of mine, but now I find myself putting my needs first and then other people’s. That is so amazing. It’s so wonderful to feel worthy and deserving of good things and to feel just as good as other people. It’s a dream come true for me.

* I’m also feeling more confident and a few times I’ve had the knowing that something was going to happen for me … AND IT DID happen. How cool is that!

* I’ve also caught myself 3 times now, changing how I think and act when confronted with a certain situation, and getting a positive result instead of the usual negative result. That is such a HUGE change!

* I’m also much happier now. So many things that used to bother me don’t bother me now.

Thank you so much, Ann, for all that you do, and especially for your [healing and prayer] program.

Love and blessings,

I must say that I continue to feel such a sense of joy, patience, a sense of ease and peace since doing this healing work.  I do feel the strength of the prayers you are saying for me every day.  This time of year can be so stressful and chaotic and I do not have a lot of those feelings this year.  When I do have a sense of panic or anxiety they are fleeting.  I am able to quickly regroup and be back in the present.  I am so thankful for that.

Thank you so much,

Suddenly I have more confidence. I am making decisions that are really supportive of myself, my goals and my desires. And I was able to recognize, confront and disarm my negative thoughts and blockages that came up – quickly and readily. I was also able to easily deflect the negativity directed at my by some family members, and even feel compassion for what caused them to behave so.

Going into the New Year I truly feel as though I was am able to let my authentic-self emerge from the shadows. It’s a wonderful feeling to truly accept oneself – value, appreciate, love and trust oneself.

Thank you. My life has been blessed by the work you do.


Thank you so much Ann for the prayers every day. I feel blessed, comforted and supported. Happiness galore! This is the best money I've ever spent on myself. Getting the unconscious beliefs to light is the best healing ever for all thoughts. I thank God for gifting you. I appreciate you following this path, thank you.


Thank you so much for your prayers this past month.  Last week I began to notice how amazingly calm I have been.  I seem to easily go into "overdrive" at the drop of a hat, but how that has changed!  I was rushing, big time, the day before Christmas and even though I became stressed out for a few minutes, soon after I noticed I was so very calm.  This is AMAZING and A-Typical!!  I am so happy.

I thank you so much for being the vehicle between myself and God.


Thank you to you and your team of beautiful angels that work with you for everything you are doing for all of us. I feel so much lighter and brighter, like a big dark cloud has been lifted. Up until recently I was very stressed, unfocused and scattered, overwhelmed by everything. Now I am much more peaceful, focused and my energy is rising. There is also a great feeling of safety and security knowing that there is a reason and purpose in being where I am and doing what I'm doing. Thank you for being the beautiful person that you are. Thank you for helping God to help us and for all the healing we are all receiving.


WOW WHAT A WEEK!! I had many challenges to face this week, unexpected challenges and I did not have the panic or anxiety that normally sets in. I was able to approach everything with a clear head and heart. It was so refreshing. As someone mentioned last week, it is no longer a crisis. It just is. I am so blessed and grateful for this and for you Ann. Thank you so much.


Now because of your powerful work I am starting to expect miracles and they are happening!!  Thank you, Ann, and thank you, God.


I'm experiencing incredible calm and clarity.........even with people who I don't feel are acting out of love.

Janine Cavasar

I have been a part of the healing and prayer program for three weeks now and I have this feeling that everything will somehow work out and be okay. Maybe I can handle this to a degree because I have survived difficult financial times before, but I strongly believe I have this faith that everything will work out due to your healing work.  By all accounts, I should be overwhelmed and be on the verge of a complete nervous breakdown. I am so appreciative for the work you do.


What has changed for me in the few days you’ve been doing the healing and prayer program is that when I wake up in the morning, I don't have the feeling of "fear" of "what is going to happen today" anymore. I get out of bed easily, when before I didn't want to get up at all! This is huge progress and I believe that in another week things are going to be even better!


Thank you and bless you. Miracles continue my daughter quit college over a year ago because she did not want to go further into debt when there were not teacher jobs at the end of schooling. I could not afford to help her she had a few jobs but 11 months ago got a wonderful job. With the healing and prayer program going on for me she recently got a promotion her boss is going to pay for schooling and she is getting a huge raise this is not normal this is Exceptional I am so happy for her and grateful to all of you and God for the wonderful things that are coming the 20 % more than I ever wanted is coming and WOW!!!! So Happy!!!!


Thank you, Ann! Being part of the healing and prayer program is wonderful. The week before last week's call I had an increased feeling of confidence and "can do anything". I've had an increase of or rather deepening feeling of peace and well-being overall. I have started to write regularly and am making progress on my book.

This past week, instead of 1,000's of ideas flooding my thoughts for business strategies, the ones that will best serve my goals, vision, customers, etc.. have risen to the top. I can easily let the other ideas go as they do not really apply to me. I have less frustration facing others resistance to voicing a positive thought. It had been really aggravating me that it was aggravating me. I feel more focused and on track without any sense of urgency. Everything is as it should be. I feel like I can make a difference in helping others. I know I can make a difference!

Love, Peace & Happiness


I am happy to report that since the healing and prayer program my two children are starting to finally play together. It’s like the jealousy they used to have is diminishing and giving space for fun!


Hello Ann and everyone - Happy New Year. The call was amazing.  I have been doing healing work for a while but Ann's work has been different. The mind chatter has stopped, negative thoughts about myself are gone, and I know the best is yet to come. 4 years ago I had a near death car accident with over 11 injuries from broken wrist, shattered foot and ankle, steel holding my toes together, steel shoulder over 100 stitches across my forehead and right eyelid, orbital eye fracture, 4 fractured discs in neck and back, I do not have the vision in my right eye, and my right arm has nerve damage in the front deltoid so I have become 80% left handed.

I feel that any PTSD I had left is gone. I now love myself as I am and am dating! My divorce was final 4 months after my car accident. There were negative voices from my ex - he was abusive in all ways and now I know that I am a wonderful good beautiful woman that deserves the best. I believe the best is coming for me and I will be happy. I am singing and dancing a little every day.

Thank you God and Ann and all who are helping. I am also sharing this with others in my family and seeing relationships blossoming with love. I feel my fear is gone and I am Grateful every day. Bless you All. Miracles keep coming big and little. For the first time in my life I feel grounded and the emotional wreck is gone! My sister and others in my life have noticed. Also, I am attracting men like crazy and they don't care about my scars. Woo Hoo! New Year, New Everything!


About 18 days into the prayers Ann was saying for us I was getting discouraged from no results! Then a miracle happened! I lost my ferocious need to escape from myself and the world in the evenings! I escaped by overstuffing myself with food and sugar (which added to my insomnia), burying myself in novels and drinking wine. while I had a limit on the wine which I stuck to, I had long been wanting my desire to drink to disappear.

On about day 19 the desire to drink disappeared, I am not overstuffing myself with food nearly as much, my sugar craving is much reduced and I am sleeping noticeably better. Sleep is still a problem, but now i am hopeful that it will continue to improve. Tears come to my eyes as I try to think of a way to say "thank you".


I want to thank you for your healing prayer work. The biggest change I have noticed is a marked reduction in anxiety and basically no worry or fear about the future and all the challenges in my life--that is HUGE. I've also had some days where things just flow--parking spaces open up, the radio has just the right song or someone is talking with exactly the message you need to hear, and everything just works so smoothly that you feel supported by a loving universe.


Please thank ANN with all of my heart. I was blessed with something I did not expect - ever!  My husband became attentive and loving - first time in 20 years. He is also remembering and hearing me more. He is laughing. Also, we did not get a buyer for our house BUT got a great renter - it's a step in the right direction. Now we won't have to lower our price and can wait. I am much more peaceful, less anxious and more positive. Ann is truly a "Godsend" to me and all - looking forward to more works in the future. I thank God daily for Ann and all of her support team!!

With love,

This is right up there with the best work I have received from you. The difference here is the changes reflected in those around me. Much of your work I have felt inside but this has resulted in more visible changes in my external life and the people around me. . My husband has said and done things (positive things) that just about cause me to faint. The same with things at work. I'm getting things done that I have struggled for years to do and I feel better about it while I get it done. Yes!!!!  I feel so much better about it all!

Jan Coe

Thank you so much Ann! God in Heaven! I could type a book about the 'whirlwind' I've been on! (all for good!) Met the love of my life, after being single for all my 48 years! I even went to elementary school, high school, AND the same small college with this wonderful man, and we never even had an interaction! So to think of all the places I've worked and lived overseas and being in Phoenix for the last 20 years... and this man is a manifestation from virtually "my own back yard!" And he's providing me with open arms, and open door, and an open heart!

Things are now coming together. Wow... I'm breathless, speechless and full of joy!


I am feeling less stress and anxiety. I tend to be a little on the "high strung" side and have been working on this for the past year. This healing work is helping to calm me, to feel and sense of peace and to go with the flow. To stop being so critical of myself and just "let go.”


Ann, I want to say “thank you” for the sacred prayer you say every day for me and the others. I am so grateful because it is changing my life…and it’s only been a week! The day after you asked us to write down all the things that are not going well in our lives and put it away until the program was over was just amazing. I got up that morning different. I could sense an alignment in my body that was not there before and it was at that moment that I knew things would be different. I listen to your prayers every day to lessen the worries and they are indeed helpful. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


I wanted to let you know that I feel everything that I am intending and praying for feels like it's manifesting quickly. I have been focused on an inner healing of a dark sabotaging energy that has been with me my whole seems to have left me with ease & grace. A true miracle.


Thank you so much for praying for me daily!! I have become stronger, more self-confident and not so worried about what others think of me. It is truly a blessing!


I have felt an overwhelming calmness at a time of year that normally would flare up anxiety. I thank you for this gift. I've also had enormous changes in my reaction and worry and empathy. I find myself compassionate but not heart wrenched and worried.


I am very grateful that I decided to participate in this program. I can say that I am experiencing less stress during the holidays and also I feel happier and more joyful and loving, in general.


I want to express my profound thanks for your prayers! Such awesomely wonderful gifts deserve absolutely profound thanks! I do mean that the peace, joy and love that now inhabit my heart are the gifts of your prayers. I have been presented with what would normally have been very stressfully situations that have simply dissolved in peaceful encounters. You are a blessing in my life! I thank you for sharing your gift with me and God for loving us all!


I must say that I continue to feel such a sense of joy, patience, a sense of ease and peace since doing this healing work.  I do feel the strength of the prayers you are saying for me every day.  This time of year can be so stressful and chaotic and I do not have a lot of  those feelings this year.  When I do have a sense of panic or anxiety they are fleeting.  I am able to quickly regroup and be back in the present.


In this last week our air conditioning stopped working,  the lawnmower broke, my hubby's cellphone started acting up, we had to rip up our bathroom floor, had a black beetle bug infestation in our lawn, the cold water tap won’t turn off,  bills are coming in left right and centre, and I am NOT perturbed at all!!! I honestly don’t care. I am so calm and so at peace. Usually my husband’s ranting and raving sends me into a bender as well, but now I am not affected by it! I am so calm it’s almost eerie ... but I LOVE IT!!!

Sooooooooo many things you mentioned on the call are happening for me as well, and this is I love listening to the replay, as it helps me put two and two together and KNOWING that it is YOUR prayer work creating all this for me.

The last couple of days I’ve been really thinking about what I really want for my life.  I am asking myself what makes me happy to have, want, and do. Usually for me my whole life has just been about following my family’s wishes.

Some days I wake up singing and whistling, just so deliriously happy with my life :) Man how lucky am I to have found you! THANK YOU ANN, for coming into our lives, I am just soooooooo grateful to have found you, sooooooo grateful for your prayer work that TOTALLY WORKS!!! No doubt about it, no ifs whats or maybes ...