Completely reset the course of your life with Ann's 14 Days of Healing & Prayer

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The new 14 Days of Healing and Prayer is going to give you miracles like you've never experienced before.

God, Jesus Christ and other Divine beings will be working on you in a way that will astound you with the positive and miraculous changes you will experience that make your life easier in many different areas.


jesusJesus Christ will be forgiving your negative karma 12 hours a day every day for the 14 Days.

This is a major blessing in Your life that will open space for you to have issues that you've been struggling with eliminated that previously seemed stuck like glue. Or your life may just simply get easier and better. I've seen both happen!


God will work one hour every day for the 14 Days on you to eliminate an issue or issues and to give you a new consciousness that God knows you need at this time. The Divine knows what you need more than any one on earth does so this major work by God is a profound blessing and will change your life in miraculous positive life giving ways. This is like Christmas every day! You have 14 gifts coming from God! Here is what you may experience:

  • A major positive shift in some area of your life
  • Minor positive shifts could occur in many areas of your life
  • A challenge you've been dealing with for years may get much better or disappear
  • Something very positive that you've never expected could happen


At some point or another, all of us experience worry, a state of anxiety and uncertainty over actual or potential problems, which gnaws away at us and causes much stress. During the 14 days of Healing and Prayer, God or some other Divine force will eliminate many of your worries! This will be such a blessing to many of you who are suffering and afflicted in this way. Many people from previous programs no longer have this problem – what a huge blessing!!


Wisdom is more than just your own personal knowledge and experience. It is a divine knowledge. Wisdom is a special type of information that’s far superior to how we normally operate. For example, if I am upset about something and get wisdom about the situation, the whole problem simply evaporates. I know that when I ask for and receive wisdom, I can expect a win-win solution that is in alignment with God’s will and is in my highest and best good, and the highest and best good of all. You will be blessed with wisdom like this in 14 different areas of your life. This powerful divine information will provide you with the internal compass to make the best decisions for yourself and attract much better experiences to you in each of those 14 areas. This is going to empower you to be able to create a more rewarding and fulfilling life! I'll be working with Divine forces to give you wisdom every day. You'll receive one of the following blessings of this grace, which I'll tell you about in your daily emails from me:

  • Wisdom about what you eat
  • Wisdom about what you spend your money on
  • Wisdom about who you choose in a love relationship
  • Wisdom that empowers you to choose friends who support you
  • Wisdom that you need to have inner peace
  • Wisdom that you need to have a positive attitude about your life
  • Wisdom that empowers you to love yourself
  • Wisdom that empowers you to like yourself
  • Wisdom that empowers you to trust God
  • Wisdom that empowers you to trust the guidance you get from God
  • Wisdom you need to be grateful
  • Wisdom you need to take good care of yourself
  • Wisdom you need to exercise
  • Wisdom you need to forgive yourself

I'll be talking about wisdom - what it is and why it's so important to have it - during our calls together. Obtaining this wisdom will save you so much hassle and aggravation, plus it will turbocharge your enlightenment.


If you want the easiest and the most satisfying life you can have you must follow the guidance you receive from God or other Divine sources.

When you connect with the Divine in such a way that you rely on God's direction you no longer make bad choices. This empowers you to stay on track for a life that is far better in all areas and the best it can possibly be.

Without Divine guidance you are much more likely to make bad choices you regret. We have all done this! When you are connected in such a way that you can rely on God's direction you are in for a life that is much more rewarding and satisfying.

During one of our calls I will explain that you do have a life plan, and teach you how to follow your guidance to make sure you stay on that divine path!

In order to have success in all areas of your life, you have to trust and follow your intuition! You must have trust in God to help you and faith in God to help you.

During the 14 Days of Healing and Prayer God and other Divine forces will work with you to have faith in and trust in God to help you.

I will work with Divine forces, so you can receive beliefs and knowings that empower you to:

  • Trust God to help you when you need it and ask for it
  • Have faith in God to help you when you need it and as for it
  • You will also be empowered to know that you are worthy and you deserve to have God help you

Those 3 are what you need in order to begin receiving and using Divine guidance from God.

Then, I will work with Divine forces on your behalf for you to have the following very empowering work done:

  • Trust the Divine guidance you get from God
  • Know that you are worthy and you deserve to receive Divine guidance from God
  • Have faith in God to give you Divine guidance when you need it


Gratitude is the greatest secret to magnetizing what you want to you in incredibly fast ways!

When you are grateful - and you will be in this 14 Days -  it feels fabulous and what you're feeling grateful for will be drawn to you in amazing ways.

You'll be aligned with the truly miraculous force of the Universe to bring to you what you desire! It doesn't get any better than this! Plus, joy is such a high vibration and as you experience it in this program your spirits will soar and so will your ability to manifest the good things that you want in your life!!

The 14 days will make it so you have gratitude in your life. In order to be happy, you really have to be grateful. Otherwise, you won’t be the kind of happy you want to be.

When you’re grateful, it enriches and rewards your life. When you have gratitude, you feel much more blessed by life. When you are in that state, it creates happiness. The more you are grateful for, the more you draw it to you. It’s a magnetizing energy that brings what you are grateful for to you, and more of it. This is just one of the laws of the universe. A byproduct of being grateful is that you are happy!

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